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DIRECT MARKETING … That is Proven To Increases YOUR Sales

I’m glad you found us and you will be too I promise you that! We have a very long track record with …

Consulting, direct response mail – long copy sales letters – short sharp powerful and effective sales letters -higher conversion websites – email campaigns that actually get read – turnaround geurilla marketing that saves businesses – strong honest, direct and NO B.S. marketing advice and of course we boast almost SEVENTY YEARS direct marketing experience when we pull all of our Orange Beetle heads together for you!

So if you are you ‘Googling’ for a direct marketing company that will deliver you high impact results? You’ll be glad you found us because, that’s exactly what we do – deliver knockout results for clients just like you.

“Alan … you won’t believe it. After we talked (for 10 MINUTES!) and you advised me to make those changes in less than 24 hours I sold 14 units. That’s a total turnover of $69,958.00 … with one single email, in 24 hours , with your advice. Thanks, worth every penny”

Greg Milner, CEO Salon Marketing Services.

We make your magazine adverts, direct mail letters, post-box mailers, and seasonal or annual marketing campaigns, look and read incredible, we position you perfectly, we research every detail and deliver you turnaround, high yield, sell-like-crazy campaigns of course … You get a huge increase in sales!

If That’s What You Need … We Deliver Direct Marketing That Sells Your Stuff … It’s Really That Simple!

  • Our direct marketing consultants have created gigantic 54% business turnarounds with marketing campaigns
  • Our direct marketing copywriters have crafted letters that have had jaw-dropping 47% response rates
  • Our designers have created attention-grabbing graphics that delivered £15,400 in sales over 72 hours
  • We create fliers that have literally saved businesses from potential failure
  • We will deliver webpages that sell your stuff like crazy with a rock star look and feel with all the bells and whistles required and more

What Direct Response Marketing Services Do You Need Help With?

  • Advice on what to do and where to step next?
  • How to create direct mail or even how to start direct mail?
  • How to get online and start selling your retail goods from a website?
  • How to use social media and is it actually profitable?
  • You want the 3 fastest ways to increase your business right now with no fluff, no games just results?
  • You need to know how to get high on Google or other search engines?
  • You want to understand the best way to build your business faster with low investment strategies?
  • You need to understand how to brand your business so your buyers never forget you?
  • You’d like advice on how to become premium and position yourself with less clients and higher bills?
  • You want to know why your adverts fail while others convert like crazy?

And you know what’s really nice? You’d be surprised how fast we can do these things.

We Can Deliver END-TO-END MARKETING … From Concept to Delivery To You or Final Delivery of Your Campaign. So If It’s a Direct Mail Sales Letter … We’ll Even Stamp It and Make Sure It’s Mailed.

Let me give you a quick example.

Lets say you are thinking about a Direct Mail campaign? That means we would then carry out the following (and more)

  • Buyers mindset
  • Buyers buzzwords
  • Buyers triggers
  • Buyers conversation
  • Buyers iMind
  • Buyers wants and needs
  • Buyers response thinking
  • Buyers solution

Then we

  • Create the copy (words)
  • Design and layout the letter
  • Source a targeted list of joint venture endorser
  • Design the envelope
  • Mail-out the campaign
  • If you need a million letters mailing out … we can deliver.

We Can Deliver End-To-End ANYTHING Direct Marketing If That’s What You Require

Or You Might Simply Want a Direct Marketing Agency That Can Create

  • Direct mailers – front-end offers and back-end offers with powerful strategies built in for on going sales … We can deliver end-to-end sales letter systems, copy and strategies.
  • Magazine inserts that demand action
  • Newspaper adverts that actually get read
  • Glossy brochures that do all the selling for you
  • Webpages that feed your buyers search and ask for the sale
  • Email, social media or any online campaigns
  • Massive amounts of traffic that is actually targeted

So you get… more paying business, more spending clients, more daily sales, and much more response to your marketing. Is that what you’d like from a direct marketing agency? That’s what we do, we mastermind, we research, we agree, and we deliver direct marketing that gives you a strong return on your marketing investment with Orange Beetle Direct Marketing.

“Alan … you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet.. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself”

Jay Conrad Levinson

Or Do You Just Want To Talk About MORE Results Using Our Experience?

Thats fine because we have clients that have …

  • Driven miles in snow to consult with us
  • Flown from Finland
  • Flown from Scotland
  • Flown from New Zealand
  • Flown from Sydney Australia
  • Flown from San Francisco
  • Flown from Namibia

And More To Get Good Solid Advice on The Best and Quicker Ways To Get Better Results from Their Business

And Clients Have Flow Us To

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Ecuador

Some of Our Results Can Be Pretty Mind-Blowing … Look At These!

  • Roy Carter increased his sales by 2,300%
  • Nicola Cairncross saw a leap of 900% in sales.
  • Ste Winder saw an increase of sales by GBP £74,000
  • Greg Milner went from sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400!
  • Stephen Pierce sold over a million dollars US from a single webpage
  • Brett Fogle sold over a million dollars of product from his new sales page.
  • Kevin Lewis increased his sales by $2.4million from zero!
  • David Lee went from struggling entrepreneur to sales of over $300,000 in a single weekend.
  • Alison Redwood managed to walk away from her corporate job into a brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage)
  • Robert Mc Holl had a 47% response rate from a direct mail campaign.
  • A Jay Abraham UK campaign pulled in just under £200,000 from a single marketing campaign using a fax mailer.
  • Mark Anastasi went from NO SALES to just under $500,000 from a single sales page.
  • Mike Brescia has a long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4%.
  • Steve pulled in £15,400 in just 3 days and then went onto creating over £60,000 in new sales
  • Wayne saved tens of thousands from a new business after consulting
  • George slashed over £30,000 in 30 minutes consulting time

Direct Marketing Consultants and Marketers That Have a Track Record Of Delivering!

We have

  • Online experts that can deliver targeted traffic surges … Like the Guitar Company online we have taken to sales of £5 Million on peak months from a start-up using targeted traffic.
  • Offline strategists that can show you how to leverage, recover and build business using anything from explosive direct mailers, funky fliers, endorsement strategies, simple speaking strategies, number one expert positioning, powerful memorable branding and over 200 different masterful and proven ways to grow your business fast!
  • Direct mail specialists
  • Webpage conversion specialists
  • Copywriting specialists
  • Design specialists
  • Video (TV Ads and more) specialists
  • Lead generation specialists
  • Social media experts, TV and Radio experts, SMS experts and more. To be honest experts in ANYTHING direct marketing – if they don’t work here, we know them and have access to even the most elusive insider secrets of direct marketing.

Extra Marketing Services We Can Also Offer You …

  • In-House Direct Marketing Training Where Our Team Work With Your Team
  • Mastermind and Brainstorming Sessions For Problem Solving
  • Marketing Overhauling Your Current Campaigns For Maximum Response
  • Our Mighty JUGGERNAUT … Traffic and Conversion Consultancy
  • DVD Training For Home or Office Sessions
  • Direct Mail Critiques from Envelope to Copy to Delivery
  • OrangeJuiceBox Mastermind Sessions Designed for Those Aiming To The Next Level
  • Powerful Direct Response Copywriting Services

Almost Everything Direct Marketing We Can Deliver – Just Ask Us!

Are you convinced enough to pick up the phone and speak yet?

Just in case you’re not here’s a few more things worth knowing because when you know these you’ll understand why your ‘Googling’ for a direct marketing company will end here as you have found a marketing team that not only delivers but cares enough about you and your business to make your sales a number one priority.

I am the owner here, Alan Forrest Smith.

I first began direct marketing in 1986. I have created incredible results for most of my clients (of course I’ve had a few bloomers as well). In those years I have travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Asia, USA and many more speaking and working with companies on their direct marketing. I’ve wined and dined with the likes of Jay Abraham and Jay Conrad Levinson and literally dozens of well-known marketing experts. That’s nearly 27 years in direct marketing. (I am the guy the experts come to when they need advice)

My experts share nearly 40 years in total of expertise. Of course not all are dinosaurs like myself we have young, fresh, talented rock stars also working behind the scenes keeping up to the minute with things like, social media, APPS, tablet marketing, SMS marketing and a whole lot more. If it’s happening in marketing I can assure you it’ll be happening in Orange Beetle.

Although We Boast Over SEVENTY YEARS Direct Marketing and Business Experience … We know We’re Not a Global Ad Agency So We DO TRY HARDER!

I’d love my team to lovingly handle all of your direct marketing.

My only priority here is to make you more money with your business! Shall we do that together? I’d love to, I’m in if you’re in.

We Can’t Wait To Hear From You – Here’s What Happens When You Contact Orange Beetle

Do You Know What You Need From Us? … If Not Don’t Worry … We Will Advise You Accordingly

Is it just advice and consultancy or is it end-to-end services? If you are not sure what you need and would like to talk it through simply call us on the number at the top of this page. If no one picks up we are either creating marketing for our clients or have popped out to our Costa for a quick coffee and simply not around to grab the phone but most of the time, we pick up. If not this time – leave a message and we will get right back in touch with you.

Once you have filled out the form, it arrives in our Orange Beetle inbox. A senior consultant (me or one of my gang) will read it and then within 24 hours we will get back in touch with you to arrange some time to have a chat before we move forward with anything.

Once we have agreed your bespoke plan of action, given you a clear quote, a time and deadline is agreed, contract exchanged and we get on with creating whatever its going to take toy help you make more success with your business.

Rough quotes and deadlines can only be given after an initial consultation… We cannot offer quotes without a chat.

Finally – For Now … Freaks & Geeks …

We are direct marketing freaks here. We watch a movie and talk about the adverts. We buy magazines and discuss the Ads. We pay £1,000s for books, courses manuals and only employ the best at what they do. We sit and rip out cool ads and then stick them on our office walls to drool and admire the genius of the un-named creator of the ad. While thew world sits and talks about the news, we sit and talk about layouts, graphics, fonts and any new discoveries made that day from researching and staying on top of all things direct marketing. I even paid £200 for an old battered book all about direct marketing from 1938 and took it on holiday to read on the beach. Like I say … we are direct marketing freaks but pretty fanatical about what we do.

Your success, your service, your sales and our relationship with you and your company is an absolute priority.

Lets make your next campaign something really special together.

In your service,

Your direct marketing consultancy experts @ Orange Beetle.

You definitely have a fantastic way with words, I can’t wait to work with you in the future

Simon Grabowski

It takes more than mere words to make one’s copy work hard. But Alan knows that. Well. I’ve referred clients to him for a while now, and his copy is absolutely fabulous — with startling results, too! If you need killer copy that kicks, I recommend Alan, hands down.”

Copywriter Michel Fortin

“Alan… about the fax mailer: I sent a fax mailer to the same group of people in March and received 3 replies and when I sent the one you wrote for us the other day I received 74 replies.

George, JayAbraham

… the copy you wrote for me was excellent … I am a center of influence and have recommended you on my coaching calls to potential clients …

“If you need potent direct response copy that’ll haul in the orders, give Alan a shout. He’ll treat you right and give you some great copy.”

Marlon Sanders