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HAPPINESS – A few years ago I had an epiphany about business.

It was this.

Business is part of life, life is business and life is also time.

I like to be happy.

Helping others with their results makes me happy. I felt happy when one client took his start-up to just over £7 million following my advice. I also felt happy when I helped a client magic up £1.2 million in car sales. I also felt happy when a recent client went and bought himself a new rolls Royce.

Results in life make me happy.

And I don’t want average or OK or struggling. I want the best at the best of times with the best that can be done. I believe the human being is amazing and this reflects in your business and in what we give to others.


I am extremely careful with who I work with because some clients can make me as miserable as sin due to the fact that they don’t and wont listen and settle for mediocre for the reason that they like to stay in control.

I have my fees and to most they are high. Yet if you want the best at what he does and a person that is only interested in results – these are my fees! I do not negotiate and am happy to say no to clients. This is happiness.

So first… Happiness is my objective as a consultant. If you are happy, I am happy and we create the universe together through huge value exchanges with our customers.

Also I’m an old dog when it comes to marketing. My first brick and mortar business was in 1985. If it failed no one got fed. That principle has never left me. I don’t think the human being has changed in marketing yet habits have changed dramatically. Marketing is nothing like it was. Marketing as most know it is dead. The web changed everything yet even then most get that wrong.

I love the web. It gives you the edge when used right. It gives you a level playing field against your multi-million-billion competitors or any competition but – only when done right!

Also I can’t work with people that feel doing as little as possible will create a huge difference. Hard work is hard work yet hard work can give you the greatest feeling in the world when the results roll in.

Get rich quick doesn’t exist… don’t ask me!

Average sucks. I don’t believe in average and refuse to accept it at any level.

If you want me to partner with you it better be a deal we can both smile at, shake hands with, eat dinner over and rejoice at the outcome otherwise it’ll sound average and I simply won’t be interested.

Anyway here’s a little more history for you below.

I consider myself a breakthrough Direct Marketing Specialist. I take the word ‘specialist’ more than serious but over thirty years of successful experience allows me to use that word.

See the old VW below? That used to be my car.

I used to drive a very cool, head-turning 1976 1303S Volkswagen Beetle in bright 1976 VW Orange that stood out like a sore thumb!

The first time I thought about using the name Orange Beetle for my business was when a client rang me whom had been referred to me. He asked on the phone, “Are you direct marketing specialist that drives the old Orange Beetle?”

That was me hence – the very memorable – Orange Beetle.

Direct Marketing Specialist

I fell into direct marketing in 1985. I had my first brick and mortar business on the high street so I had to learn to sell my services or sink. My first life in those days started as a hairdresser and salon owner.

By 1991 I had taken on a 2000 sq. ft salon. It was huge and I need to fill it fast! After a lot of fails, I discovered Direct Marketing and low-cost, higher return marketing. I was probably the first and only hair salon in the UK to use direct mail. We sent out around 500-1000 pieces a week for 17-years! The results were incredible.

I became a master of words, headlines, offers, targeting, data splicing and getting backsides on seats, positioning and spending money! By the mid-nineties, my business clients began asking me who did my direct marketing. Then they began to ask me to create theirs. I did three huge direct mail campaigns for an accountant, a beauty product and a car showroom.

  • The cars – £1.2 million in sales
  • The beauty company – over £800,000 in sales with a record breaking 47% response rate
  • The accountant sold hundreds of resounds of accounting software from the letters I wrote for his company.

OrangeBeetle went actually went live 1999.

By 2003 some of my marketing clients were the likes of Jay Abraham and many corporations that were now contacting me via  the web. I sold my  salons and went full-time into direct marketing, direct response consulting, copywriting and more.

By 2005 I was getting invites to work with and teach others globally. I had become an expert on higher converting words supported by strong strategies and positioning. This took me around the planet around six times teaching over 25,000 business owners direct response marketing.

Today, I work mainly with smart clients that demand a true direct marketing specialist with results driven experience rather than simply another marketing guy.

I am also a published author of many books that can be found online in major retailers.

I rarely work with more than two clients per year so I can keep the quality of my work and partnerships as high as possible. This is a bespoke partnership based on payment, barter, commissions and other agreed exclusive partner deals.

As a very respected direct marketing specialist my fees reflect my premium, no nonsense work

Some claim I am the best at what I do.

My services rarely cost my clients money due to huge returns on investment.

I have developed something I call AFS METHOD.

This is too simple for most marketing people that believe bells and whistles should be added to everything. This is stripped back and bareback marketing that goes back to the root of your whole purpose for being in business. Once we know that I can deliver results. It’s proven. It’s targeted. It’s powerful and it is all about your results!

That is why I am a true direct marketing specialist.

I’m for hire.

Today I live with my wife in Cheshire’s golden triangle at a village called Hale, Greater Manchester.

Alan, how do we get started with creating a strong strong strategic direct response copywriting systems with you?

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If we are we can start working out a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward for your business.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
  • Viber: 07793069486
  • Email:
  • Skype: orangebeetle

My timeline – for the curious or just plain nosey

I’m from Scotland, I have two brothers and it all started in…



Born in Edinburgh just after my big brother who was born the year before


Man on the moon and I watched it on a really bad TV but we didn’t know it was really bad because all TVs were really bad then


My youngest brother arrived whom I like to push and beat up of course


Aged 10 years I started my first business sewing trousers for prison wardens (sounds weird – not really my dad was a warden and we had an old sewing machine felt logical – actually it does sound weird reading this)


I started a small business painting bicycles for 50 pence a throw. The bikes looked terrible but who cared we were 70’s retro kids believing we were all going to be living on the Moon by 1999


Age 15 I got distracted by Punk Rock and girls and girls and more girls. Why does that happen – All these years later I’m still distracted by girls!


I walked out of school with no qualifications and turned yellow with Hepatitis 1979 I became a landscape gardener that hated gardening


I started a home cleaning business while at college studying to be Vidal Sassoon


Thirty years ago I first registered as self-employed, got married and bought a house (sadly it was next door to my mother-in-law – not perfect but I grew some huge roses to try and keep her out.  It never worked.




I had my first brick and mortar business and this was the moment I realised clients simply don’t walk in just because I thought I was a rockstar


Baby one arrived – Christian


Had to learn marketing really fast or lose my business and my pride


I discovered Jay Conrad Levinson who was later to become my friend after meeting him in Atlanta Georgia USA in 2007


I had my 3rd brick and mortar business and even more stress.


I went from 250sq foot to a 2000 sq. foot business and it nearly killed me


Baby two arrived – Elliot


I started using direct mail – probably the first salon in the UK to do so. An early Pentium model and a damned awful dot matrix printer made it exciting but really hard to do well


I discovered even more about guerrilla marketing


I started using handouts, fax mailers, cold-calls, joint ventures, piggy-backs, PR, news media and masses of direct mailers


Baby three – Oliver … I will never ever sleep again


I created a series of direct mailers for a friend that had a response of 47% and made sales of around £800,000 over 12 months. He paid me nothing for this campaign but it was a powerful lesson in direct response that was to serve me well


A salon client asked me to write a sales letter for them based on what he had been getting at home from my salon. He was an accounting software firm. I did it and they sold a tonne of accounting software using a 3-step system


Decided to sell my family home and move my kids and first wife into a van and do something nuts – it was NUTS … Build a home from a barn filled with pigs, horses and old machines


I created my first website and started email marketing using free email servers. The problem was – no one had an email address so early adoption and a great idea sometimes isn’t such a great idea


Baby number four arrived – Lily Lemon Drops – sleep has now become a part of history never to be re-visited


More and more clients ask me to create adverts, fliers and newspaper adverts for them. One guy walked into the salon (Neil Stafford) and asked where the copywriter Alan was based as the salon address was the same. I came over to him and told him when I finish doing this haircut I will speak with him – fun times!


Orange Beetle born I was getting clients almost weekly asking for marketing materials with NO advertising just great work.


Created a direct mail campaign that sold over a million pounds in cars (whilst watching the crazy times of the Twin Towers attacks on TV at the same time)


Writing direct mail, newspapers adverts in between my haircuts (I would ask the client in the salon if they wanted a letter or advert and asked my marketing clients if they wanted it over their ears – confusing times.)


Decided to sell my hairdressing businesses and become a full-time marketing consultant and copywriter using the guidance of my mentor David Ogilvy


Decided I only wanted to work with Jay Abraham and Jay Conrad Levinson – I did exactly that


Started writing copy for Jay Abraham. I also spoke live with jay Abraham in London and BBQ with him later on in 2008 in Texas


I was getting phone calls from all over the planet to write copy and create sales copy that generated literally million upon millions of pounds in sales for clients. At this point, I was writing around one letter a week for clients. It was mad, fast and busy with my copy partner in
crime the great


All my business had now gone from offline to online. I was writing so many materials the days weren’t long enough but loved it


I had created sales letters that were selling tens of thousands and millions in sales for clients. Stephen’s letter pulled in over one million dollars. Brett’s letter also pulled around $1.5 million  dollars and I was  quickly becoming a copywriting star amongst my peers. This year I spoke in Australia and Los Angeles


I now had multiple businesses online but got distracted with a divorce that was to last over 5 years and forced me into bankruptcy – ouchhhhh! This same year I wrote a letter that generated an 83% increase. Another that had a 1200% increase in sales and another that had a 2300% increase in sales. This was also the year I discovered just because they say they are family – it means nothing


I was gifted a 14-day visit into the Amazon jungle in Ecuador after I raised $71,000 for them in a day or two for a fundraiser


Despite taking time out from life I still delivered sales copy, consulting and advice that measured  into sales of hundreds of thousands for my clients


I wrote my first published book Escape from Zoomanity whilst living and recovering in California from the cauldron of women trying to eat me alive during the build up to a cataclysmic divorce


New Year in New York alone – Life number two began in full … Relaunch and very happy to move forward and create


Found my woman Tamuna the love of my life. She was born 4644km away in Georgia and finally found me hanging our in London


Now writing for very select group of clients as also writing short stories, poetry and new books.


Very busy strategising and writing mostly direct mail and consulting


My first book published in New York – Escape from Zoomanity


Now work on a premium only basis for just a handful of clients. I keep the numbers low so I can create great work and they will shower me with gifts (look into my eyes – you will shower me with gifts)


My best year ever. Paid a huge tax bill … it felt good! Created a revised life plan with my darling woman – simplify and collect less but that could all change


Here we go …


It’s a TRUE METHOD that I have set-in-stone and that I have been using for decades but rarely think through – it just is the way I do things based on what works right now.

You see the only changes are modernisations but truly the new stuff is tactical or strategic where my METHOD – THE AFS METHOD is timeless. How?

Tactics change, things come and go but human beings – your customers –  never change. The fundamental internal processes and mind movements of your buyer’s mind simply do not change.

So at a core level, my foundational business and marketing works for you are all based around my uniquely powerful strategic method – THE AFS METHOD.

Over thirty years of my own business – twenty years of working with businesses just like yours. I discovered the bad stuff and rejected it. I discovered the good stuff and kept it, used it, practised it and expanded it. I discovered the very best strategies, tactics, techniques and more and then wrapped them up into THE AFS METHOD.

By the way – THE AFS METHOD is flexible and always being refined. I study literally hundreds of active marketing companies and experts every month without fail so I can keep up with what is absolutely current for you.


So the answer to the above was simple – results that are predictable are always based on something that is proven to work. THE AFS METHOD is proven to work.

As good as risk-free marketing that is quirky with a twist!

Some things I’ve learnt in life

  • Money isn’t everything
  • I can live with nothing
  • Tolerate nothing that upsets you
  • Time is precious
  • Value myself
  • Love myself
  • Life is a full book
  • Life is an empty book
  • People will take what they can from you
  • Everybody loves free
  • Nobody values free
  • Surprises happen
  • Nurture your children
  • Every event in life carries a message you might miss
  • Life is short
  • Friday arrives fast
  • Fast tracking is critical
  • Learning new things daily is like breathing
  • Not everything is exciting
  • Nature is important
  • Being in love is magical
  • Serving the world is better than taking from the world
  • Treat others likewise
  • Avoid those that won’t love you
  • Home are those that will love you
  • Pain vanishes
  • Happiness can be found
  • Marketing is a science
  • Words can change everything
  • Always ask for help
  • Avoid stressful situations
  • Smile and be kind to others
  • If I can’t serve you I can’t work for you
  • I’m sensitive
  • Forgive everyone
  • Don’t expect everyone to forgive you
  • I love motorbikes
  • I cry easily
  • Loyalty for some is outdated
  • Be loyal always
  • Be careful with who you deal with
  • The heart can destroy
  • The mind protects
  • Every action has a consequence
  • Who you share your bed with is always your priority
  • Learning an unlearnable language is possible
  • If you don’t love doing it – don’t do it
  • Listen to the birds singing
  • Look at the stars on clear evenings
  • End the day with a kiss
  • Start the day with a kiss
  • Eat well
  • Keep fit or die young
  • Stay curious
  • Be interested
  • Be interesting
  • Give children your time
  • You rarely know who you think you know
  • Your often remembered by that one wrong deed
  • A lover is a gift from heaven
  • I can never understand women
  • Take time to think
  • Be good at what you do
  • Give back where you can
  • Alone is good
  • Alone is bad
  • Write more
  • Study masters
  • Stay as happy as you can be
  • Change things if they don’t work
  • Rich is good, happy is better
  • Respect others
  • Recognise when you’re wrong

It’s been fun so far.

I try to love everyone yet I can be a pain in the arse despite my genius!

Alan Forrest Smith

Direct Marketing Specialist