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We Are Building Our New Business Breakthrough Academy … Some Things In The News


Because of the huge lack of results and losses that can be created by marketing teams (not all) we have now started to offer our breakthrough training academy.

We can now offer you specialist team or staff direct response marketing or breakthrough training? You can send your marketing guys, copywriters, strategists, managers or anyone that has any control on parts of your business for specialist higher response training.

Perfect for those that have people in place but are not happy with performance, results and of course business sales but know they can improve with expert training and directions.

Despite the strategic, tactical and business breakthrough experience here, all of what we offer in our trainings for you are bespoke and created around you and your business.


Our smaller private room – Pompeii room.


Our larger training room – The writers room.

Some numbers and facts.

  • LARGE TEAM: We can train up to 30 of your team in our large writer’s room
  • SMALL TEAMS: We can train a dozen in our Pompeii room
  • MASTERMIND: We can offer mastermind and brainstorming intensives
  • COPY INTENSIVES: We can offer writing for sales intensives
  • ROOM HIRE: You can hire our rooms and resident experts and myself to train your customers
  • SPECIALIST: We can offer any kind of bespoke specialist trainings for your guys.
  • ONE-ON-ONE: You can send one person for a day.
  • ANY PERIOD TRAINING: You can send 7-people for 7-days.

You can even work one on one with me for the duration of any campaign or for a longer period as long as 12-minths.

What Does This Mean For Your Company and Sales?

I personally have over 31-years experience offline and online and working with some of the worlds very best. Like Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson and some of the biggest and smartest entrepreneurs in and out of the country.

In recent years apart from direct marketing with mailers etc. I have created and been involved in literally dozen upon dozens of web breakthroughs with some clients sales going into the millions, leads going from zero to well over 300, sales of hundreds of thousands from email campaigns and strategic positioning and campaigns all from the web.

  • I gave a client over 300 leads a month from just 3 – all online
  • I gave a client over 17 calls an hour from zero – all online
  • I created strategies that generate over 5 million a month in sales – all online
  • I created sales of over £2 million – all online
  • And so much more over the years.

Today we are in tune with everything and anything that will bring you results from the latest to the stuff that no one is even using yet!

More Specialism and Experience To Offer

In other words – We have more to offer than most because most marketing people just don’t have the business experience, direct marketing experience, campaign experience  or life experience to create the success you desire.

We’d love to work closely with you or your team.

We have everything and more here. We also have an opportunity to make huge breakthroughs that maybe you haven’t thought about before.

This month alone I have two businesses sending their people over here. One is sending 29 plus. Another wants to send his 10 seniors for specialist training.

During the month of May we have 39 guests here to train. And clients travel by plane, train and car from inside and outside the UK.

Why? Because we offer results and thinking that you wont get anywhere else.

Is this a golden increased sales opportunity staring you in the face right now? Can you afford to miss it?

I know you’ll want to know how much and more detail. All of my work is bespoke and built around your budget and business problems that need solved so it is best we talk first with no obligation and then lets see what we can do together.

If you are wondering what our office space looks like I have posted a video and tons of photos on our Facebook page. You can find that here.

I hope to meet you soon

Call: 0161 928 8328

Text: 07793 069 486


Skype: orangebeetle

To your success through our service


Alan Forrest smith