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Once you get in touch here is what takes place.

  • We have an initial Skype consultation to make sure I can help and we are a match to work together
  • You book your place with me
  • We invoice you as agreed – to be paid in advance via bank transfer
  • I will send you a detailed breakthrough questionnaire
  • We arrange a face-to-face meeting at your office place
  • We discuss the best plan of action for your breakthrough
  • We talk about your expectations from my work
  • We talk very openly and confidentially about profits, loss and your current and perfect turnover
  • I collect and review all of your marketing materials so far
  • I will check and review all of your marketing systems
  • I research everything about your buyer so we think as they think
  • I create lists of keywords, buzz words, triggers that create response and reaction
  • I find out your buyers buying journey from the moment they think about your product or service until the moment they order
  • I check everything related to that buyers journey – even the way you answer the phone
  • I then check your message is a match to your buyer to make sure we are saying what they want to hear not what we want them to hear
  • Breakthrough strategies in harmony with your buyers thoughts are created
  • Tactics are offered and advised for speed, leverage and response
  • Proven, tested and prolific improvements and suggestions are offered
  • Strong response grabbing headlines are suggested
  • Your offer is checked for clarity and benefits
  • Your call to action is checked for power and impact
  • Your systems for successful campaigns is checked

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