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Now one thing you should never forget. I do not offer out of the drawer solutions like 99.9% of consultants. I am a specialist that treats your business special. It is unique to you and can be unique for your customers. My work is bespoke, fine tuned and laser focused project-by-project.

So some of what you read here may not be precise because it might not be needed for you. However just know that I am dedicated to getting you results that will put the biggest smile across your face since the day you decide to go into business – I guarantee you that!

FREE: MP3 Why Everything You're Being Told About Marketing Can Never Work and - How To Fix It.

A must listen to, short, to the point, provocative and eye-opening reality-check from Alan Forrest Smith, as to why most marketing can only fail and - How to fix it! Stacks of top secret breakthroughs you can use right now.

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

NO writing or technical work is included in this offer. I can of course do them for you at an extra cost to be quoted.

I will also offer you…

  • You get support for 30-days beyond the works done
  • You get follow-up and support calls during the period
  • You can call me anytime
  • You can email me anytime

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