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DIRECT MAIL FAIL TO A 47% WINNER He was trying everything to get direct mail to work but faced endless failure. Now he was at a point where he wanted to remortgage his home (he had already sold his wife’s car) to generate more cash so he could try more marketing despite his current efforts failing. One day in my business he asked me about my own direct mail efforts. I had started direct mail and other marketing around 1991 and had great success with what I was doing. Every week for 16 years I worked on direct mail for my own businesses. The result from one letter was a consistent 65% response rate. Un heard of in the direct mail business! I shared this story with him and he knew about the mailers I did so he asked me for help. His current loan was around half a million pounds for his business and despite spending everything on product, a new car, staff and a nice office he hadn’t given marketing a thought. Like most business he assumed that his clients would simply want to buy his product yet they would only buy it if they knew about it. He had tried direct mail with no results until I created a strategy that was to turn his business inside out for the better. After slashing his mail volume from 5000 mailers to just 100 mailers he very carefully followed my instructions that were built around a strategy that gave him a response to 100 mailers of 47 direct leads. Those leads were £1,300 each. In the first year even with drop-off and an upsell strategy the sales came in at over £800,000! Now some business owners will tell me that these days they want to work mostly online. I actually advise fusion system but here’s another short story for you. FROM NO LEADS TO A NEW RED FERRARI Recently a client came to my office with a big problem. The big problem was his leads were currently at between 5-7 a month despite the marketing efforts of his team. That’s a huge problem! So after carefully creating all of the tools needed, crafting a funnel for sales, designing an irresistible offer and training his team to handle everything properly his leads started to climb. Within 4 months his leads had gone to 25 a month. Now 25 leads doesn’t sound a lot but each lead is worth £3000! After around 8 months of working together I invited him to dinner. We went out and he asked me if we could raise the leads to over 100 a month. Sure I said. His leads now stand at around 130 a month. All are worth around £3000 to him. By the way when we walked out of the restaurant he and his wife went one way and we went the other. As we drove home we stopped for gas not to far out of the town. Whilst I was filling my car with gas a brilliant red Ferrari pulled up with the noise of a jet fighter. As I looked over it was my client I had just eaten with. I shouted over is that yours? He replied yes… he had bought it on the back of the new sales, new leads and new success from the strategies we had created. I smiled and so did he as he roared past me five minutes later on the motorway! That client has since moved office, hired more staff and of course bought himself more toys he can play with while he is on another holiday. Now above I mentioned fusion marketing. This really is a strategy built around many ways of connecting to your target market. Here’s another really quick story for you based around fusion marketing. At the last review his conversions stood at a mighty 49.2%. 116% INCREASE IN A FAILING BUSINESS This clients business was a total chaotic mess. Her marketing had never worked, her adverts were bad, her online system was zero and frankly she was about to go bust. She contacted me to help and begged me to help fast. She had cash to invest that could be put on a few credit cards. She did just that but when we first met I felt like this could be impossible. What she needed had to be fast, hard-hitting and an almost instant turnaround. Debt was huge for the size of her business. The taxman wanted £17,000 right now and nothing else had been paid. After careful planning I had to create a strategy that would be transforming her business in 4 weeks otherwise it would be far too late. In 4 weeks I increased her business by just below 55%. That 55% climbed to 116%. That gave her time but more important gave her cash. The cash paid her bills and that then gave her the luxury of creating a long-term plan that was to change everything for her. After 12 months not only was her business back on track but she moved premises, opened another 2 business and still had enough cash to go and buy herself a brand new car – cash! ALL had made the same mistake They all believed that starting their business, having everything in place, new cars, computers, offices, equipment and stock was enough. Marketing was the last thing on their minds and the most important thing they gave no attention to. First let me say this – numbers or results cannot be guaranteed by anyone. If anyone offers you a results guarantee – they do they clearly have no idea what they are talking about. There is only one guarantee with marketing and that is there are no real guarantees due to huge variables that cannot be controlled. – See more at:

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