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Imagine if you could fast track everything, cut out the mistakes, reduce costs, increase response rates, refine your systems and strategies for bigger, better faster and a more prestigious success.

FREE: MP3 Why Everything You're Being Told About Marketing Can Never Work and - How To Fix It.

A must listen to, short, to the point, provocative and eye-opening reality-check from Alan Forrest Smith, as to why most marketing can only fail and - How to fix it! Stacks of top secret breakthroughs you can use right now.

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With an impressive track record working with listed companies to start-up entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs that urgently need a break through since 1997.

Everything I used is based on fact, has been tested and will give you the very highest opportunity for success your marketplace.


Where are you heading and how do you get there as fast as possible

How to become unbeatable

Assessing your current business strengths

Your vision and business philosophy shapes everything

How to develop something ever better than a unique selling point

How to remove all buying obstacles

How to create a buying cult

How to increase your response rates

How to gain mastery online

You mission

Your target

Your buyers values

What is the perfect result

What is your plan?

Referral marketing

Alliance marketing

Engagement marketing



Grow your customer base faster

Who do you focus on and why?

Your competition

Different or distinct

How advertising works

What promotions really do

Loyalty programs no longer create loyal customers



Direct Mail and all other mailbox campaigns

Web sales

Sales copy







And over 200 and more proven, used, tested and powerful strategic ways to build your business faster, bigger and more effectively!

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