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Private & Exclusive Client Notes



Are You An Empire Builder?

Most of my private clients are like you – empire builders. They need and want more. They are in business for the long run. They understand that having the very best and getting the very best experts for results at all times are paramount.

Most of my PRIVATE clients take the business of business very seriously.

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My Private Clients Like: TV Personalities, BBC Experts, Famous Authors, Hollywood stars, Large and Small Corporations and Determined Entrepreneurs that don’t or cannot afford to let everyone and anyone to know what is going on behind the scenes.

They understand one word, one action, some fine-tuning, presentation, more than marketing can make or break a deal. They understand the difference between what the crowd likes to do and what empire builders need to do. They understand that everything they do is closely guarded, highly secretive and shouldn’t be shared with any competition (or media).

They ask me things like

  • How to I position myself at the top?
  • How do I create a core message that is all about me?
  • What should I say to create the right impact?
  • How can I persuade someone to say yes to my requests
  • How do manage my marketing team?
  • Does social media work and if yes what do we need to do?
  • How can I double my turnover without new clients?
  • How can I save this company and save my face?
  • What is the fastest and most proven way to build this company?
  • And many more questions.

Ultimately they want to look good – I help them look amazing!

My Private Client List

There is no club to join, you are you own club. The difference is you get my ‘genius’ mind working deep in your business, working on your sales, working with your team, working with your results and profits.

The only difference is I have been doing this stuff for over thirty years. I can give you the trends that are working, help you to avoid what is failing and show you the really big stuff that can make a herculean difference to your sales.

Private Clients Have a Bespoke Arrangement

Best suited for those that live and breathe their business, those that need results, those that always want more and those that want an established expert that can give the right advice at the perfect time – 24/7 -365 days I will be there as your business advisor.

And please don’t ever ask me who is on my list – it is private and never for discussion.

My Highly Exclusive Private Client List Requires The Following

  • You need to have your business fully in place, operational and not in the red
  • You understand you can take things higher yet are not quite sure what
  • You are in the million bracket but want more
  • You understand the power of investment
  • You want only the best and fastest route to more
  • You are good at what you do and need to focus on what you do
  • You are good at taking expert advice and applying that advice
  • An initial conversation needs to take place to see if I can serve you into what you need to hit If we both agree to move forward a 12-month contract is agreed

An Initial Agreed Investment Puts You Into My Private List

Once a master blueprint with vision, sales, results and more for you is agreed a system for future payments is agreed.

One thing I can assure you is this; Whatever you invest in my services is nothing in relation to the results you will get in return.

You deal with myself and myself only. No talk or communication is ever shared outside what we talk about. Most of our critical decisions will be made face-to-face so we keep all of our conversations highly private at all times. Your dealings with myself will be respected at all times. All you need to know is you are getting he very best at what I do.

Shall We Talk?

Simply call me at my studio in Hale, Cheshire on 0161 928 8328 let’s make some time to talk over a coffee and see if we are a fit. I can come to you, you can come to me or we can meet anywhere you want even another country. No distance is too far.

Your friend, mentor and guide.

Alan Forrest Smith

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