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The Ad Lab

Our Scientific Methodology Proven To Fix Response, Fix Conversions Or Kill Off Failing Ads and Replace Them With Higher Powered Ads Forever!

If your Ads online totally suck – Facebook, Adwords etc, etc. here is how we fix them using a proven methodology that has generated millions in sales and conversions as high as 49.2% online – ALL VERIFIED!

  • We can train your team – Easy!
  • We can do it for you – Easier and faster!
  • Either way, this is 21st-century marketing science you cannot afford to ignore – YOU CANNOT IGNORE THIS!

Our ad lab scientific methods are fully tested.

Our scientific methods are also updated weekly where needed and change with a changing market place.

Our method is carefully refined, practised and used over years.

Everything we do with your next campaign is scientifically measured.

The end results will give you a definitive answer on what to do next.

Do you carry on and ramp things up?

Do you stop and change things

Either way – you will know.

As a business ourselves we do not believe in taking risks or wasting your funds – your results are our absolute top priority.

Then if and once we get things working for you … we ramp up and scale up as high as you want or can afford right now.

Let’s start with an example.

A client in the legal profession came to us. Not only had his Ads completely failed online. For two painful long years, he had still to get his first lead from his website.

After a meeting, we agreed to take on his project and make it our mission to create something amazing.

Once a deal was agreed we put into motion our methodology.

  1. The Ad Lab Method
  2. Review the Ad history
  3. Research and source a buyers market
  4. Review existing ads and create new ads
  5. Match Ad outlets to audience
  6. Start testing the Ads
  7. Test images against each other
  8. Test single and multiple words for response
  9. Test conversions
  10. Tweak and tweaked everything until the numbers rose way above average.
  11. The results were astonishing.

Not only did he get over 330 leads each month (over capacity for his office) those leads were worth around £300,000 in sales!

Even better – the response rate was now converting at 49.2%

Once we have a conversion that is agreed and acceptable we simply upscale the project until we hit some truly magical results.

It took 2.7 years to get such huge results and the scientific system we use here right now. In fact, it went so well for him he treated himself to a new Rolls Royce!

A great and true story.

But maybe you can’t wait 2.7 years? After just one month of taking on his project, he went from no leads, no sales, no profit and no response to over THIRTY LEADS. That was in the first four weeks.

So if your Ads are failing and not delivering we’d love to fix that for you using our AD LAB METHOD.

It’s Powerful. It’s Proven. It’s Results Loaded.

Real Results … From Failing To FIXED!

  • Leads up a massive 1700%
  • Conversion up from zero to 49.2%
  • Phone calls up 47%
  • Sales up a huge 83%
  • Takings up £300,000 (after 5-years of struggle)
  • From new start-up to over £8 Million in sales
  • Online presence – massive visibility online (doing nothing everyone else does)
  • Web sales at 84% from 3%
  • Email sales strategy delivers £90,000 from one email

As specialists and Ad Lab scientists I can pretty much guess you’ll see a dramatic improvement very, very quickly. I know that because 99.9% of my clients always get more than they expect and that includes MORE of everything!

How does AD LAB work?

Very easy – it all starts with a conversation.

Text: +44 7794069486 with the words ADLAB and you will get a call back within 10-minutes if I am free but never longer than 60-minutes.

Once a conversation has taken place and you get answers to initial questions you’ll have the next step will be a bespoke quote.

Then we get moving and start delivering you results and solving your Ad problems.

How long does it all take?

I can offer very fast service at a premium rate or regular service where timing will have to be carefully worked out.

How much does this all cost?

You have two costs here.

First is the cost of any campaign. You can test your campaigns at very low prices. Once the campaign converts it can be up scaled depending on your own budget.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have over the phone or Skype.

Text: +44 7794069486 with the words ADLAB and you will get a call back within 10-minutes if I am free but never longer than 60-minutes.

Alan Forrest Smith