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Don’t read a word further if you have no interest in life changes. No interest in a stronger business. No interest in dramatic fast transformation. The reason I say that is despite the facts … most people reading this page will still take no action … working with me has changed lives, can change your life. That’s a fact, not hype!

This Is a True Story of a Mentor Client.

Meet Kevin Lewis.

He worked closely alongside me. He listened carefully. He applied exactly what I told him.

From The Desk of Kevin Lewis


Dear potential Alan Forrest Smith protégé.

My name is Kevin Lewis, you’ll probably have seen my name, and my picture (I’ve grown my hair since then, it was shaved, I’m not bald!) on Alan’s website, along with a snippet of the HUGE email I sent him when I had success after attending Alan’s Master class. I was very excited when I sent that email, but I think anyone would have been after seeing a result like this!

This Is My Own True Story About Mentoring With Alan. It’s True!

The reason I’m writing to you directly – off my own steam in no way coerced by Alan – is I know exactly what you’re thinking when you read my story, and the story of Alan’s other students, you think it’s hype, over exaggerated, or just complete BS!

If you’re anything like me you do anyway, because this is exactly what I thought when I was reading success stories & considering investing in Alan’s course. (Sorry Alan, but at least I’m honest.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think Alan was a Liar, or that his students were – but really I didn’t think that good marketing could make any difference to small businesses selling physical products, sure copywriting and marketing works to sell eBooks or courses, but I just didn’t see how it could apply to most normal businesses – and although I do also have online businesses & projects which I thought copywriting might help with, the business I had all of my money in & that accounted for the majority of my income (and still does) is a company selling specialist printing equipment, big heavy stuff that has to be delivered & certainly can’t be downloaded, I just didn’t think that the stuff Alan teaches was relevant to normal every day businesses.

Alan told me (in no uncertain terms!) that I was wrong.

I love reading my story when Alan includes it on the orange beetle website, so I can re-live the excitement of watching a business literally explode to life from something as simple as sending out an email! I know a lot of people read that & think it’s hype & BS, at the last seminar I attended, a few of the guys were asking me if what they read on Alan’s site about my success from “the email” was really true, and I could see the scepticism on their faces, but I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have believed it either – which is why I wanted to write this message to you, directly….To ensure you that it really DID happen, pretty much exactly as Alan recalls.Business HAS GROWN Very Quickly

I remember it vividly, since then the business has grown very quickly, so I now have a few staff, much larger offices & warehouse – but back then (just 18 months ago) I was in a tiny office, on my own. It was only the companies 6th month in business, and this was the quietest month of the year, I knew it would be, but it didn’t change the fact that unless I pulled in a good few grand in that month I’d be stuffed!

I was sat staring out of the window, watching the ducks on the canal, surfing the internet, drinking probably my 7th coffee of the day, trying to stay awake, and occasionally staring at the phone & willing it to ring, pressing send & receive over & over again hoping for an interesting email – when suddenly (a few minutes after sending the email) I started to get replies asking for quotes.

I was literally inundated & spent the rest of the day, and all night, replying with quotes.

I did around 50 that day, which was much more than I was doing in a whole month previously! I took over £10k (nearly $20K in USD) in sales within the next few days, thus getting me nicely out of a potential cash flow crisis, and then went on to have the best month of the year so far – in what would usually be the worst month! It’s hard to say exactly how much I pulled in overall from that one email, as sales continued to come in from that email & from future emails, but I’ve worked it out to be around £50,000 in total (not far off $100,000), possibly more.

Alan was right!

The company has grown quickly since then, but if I hadn’t learned to communicate effectively with my list – and to build the list – I honestly believe the company would have failed, either before or not long after 12 months!

Simply because most of our sales come from the list, and regardless of how much money I spent on full page ads in targeted magazines, Google AdWords & all the other forms of advertising I was throwing money into before, none of it came anywhere near close to generating the amount of business that the list does! Which is a real turn-around, because before the course the list brought in very little business.

We now have close to 3,000 on the list, and nearly 1100 customers, every time I send a mail to the list that number of customers increases, and the list size is increasing on a daily basis.

I’m constantly being told by customers that they started purchasing from us & continue to do so, because of the emails I send them. Many of them joke about me pestering them & finally breaking them when they decide that they’ll phone me & place an order – and I’m always being told by customers of how much they like my emails, and some even tell me they look forward to them!

This is a big change from getting snotty emails & abusive phone calls when I send a mail to the list – and a load of unsubscribes – which is what used to happen before, even though I used to mail the list a lot less frequently than I do now!

I’m not saying that my business is perfect, I’m not a multi millionaire YET ;-), and I wish Alan also held courses on decreasing overheads, increasing Nett profit, and managing staff!

A Dramatic Difference To My Business

But what I am saying, unequivocally, is that what Alan has taught me, has made a dramatic difference to my business, has helped me to make over £600,000 in sales since taking the course, and is the main reason the company is doing so well. Without learning how to communicate properly with my list (and a lot more besides) I’m quite confident my business would have failed, and I would be now be trapped into working for someone else!

I LOVE THAT STORY … THANK YOU Kevin for sharing.

YOU CAN BE that student (this can be a business or a person, copywriter or salon owner… as long as we are clear I will deliver results for you)… So …Alan here…Quite honestly …


I’m looking for …

  • A student I can give 100% of my personal attention.
  • A student I can share my 23 years experience in business with
  • A student I can help grow very, very quickly using guerrilla tactics, power positioning and proven power marketing.
  • A student who’s life I can transform through his/her business, his profits, his sales and his clients.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know that after you join me you are never left alone to struggle and second guess anything …

  • You can call me ANYTIME on my personal cellphone.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can call my home private number 24 hours, 7 days a week.

I promise to guide you, and take you along a path I have already walked. It’s the same path that took me from unknown ex-hairdresser to globally known copywriter in months (NOT years!)

You want to be a top-end copywriter everyone wants to hire?

That’s easy I’ll show you every last thing that I have used to achieve spectacular results as a copywriter, tips techniques, secrets the lot!

OR –

You want to double, triple or quadruple your business?

AGAIN – Easy; I’ll reveal for you some pretty astonishing ways you can do this with barely no investment.

  • It’s also a path that has seen me handed checks for $50,000
  • It’s also a path that has pulled in tens of thousnds of pounds overnight
  • It’s the very same path that has made me well over $100k in a single weekend.
  • It’s also a path that has had clients lining up to work with me and wait over 6 month for their copy
  • Its the very same path that has created over $94,000 in a single week.
  • It’s the same kind of thing that created over $100,000 for one of my students.
  • $300,000 for another
  • $2.4 million for another
  • It’s the same powerful magic stuff that made one of my students the hottest copywriter in a niche that no one was even looking at (motorbikes).
  • You’ll get to meet the rich and famous in marketing through me
  • You’ll be able to travel with me and hang out as my apprentice
  • I’ll tell everyone how amazing you are (as long as you are)
  • I’ll even promote you and send work your way weekly!

Interested so far?

OK you want more then, sure!

  • I’ll show you how to create a brand new lifestyle that you want to live on your terms
  • How to create a value system based on your own needs in life
  • How to work how and when you want (and do nothing when you want and get paid for doing nothing)
  • How to create a cash-on-tap system for life

And how about …

  • How to get big clients with loads of money
  • How to find big clients fast, quickly and when you need them
  • How to charge big clients so they feel you are giving them maximum value
  • How to get paid from a client for the rest of your life (FOREVER!!!)


I’ll show you how to

  • Master the web for business (no tricks, really powerful tried and provenEGO2200(2) techniques)
  • Master Facebook for business
  • Master direct mail for business
  • Master email for business
  • Master SMS for business
  • Master yourself for business


And what about…I show you how to

  • Be a six figure speaker (like I have done regularly)
  • Get speaking invites all over the world
  • Get a book deal with the worlds best publishers

And even …

  • Position yourself look as big as Donald Trump from your own home.

Of course …

There is more but I don’t want to give it all away right now, I’d rather speak with you on the phone, in private so you can ask me direct anything you like.

You want to work with me as my apprentice?



I borrowed $25,000 from my mother, then flew from Sydney, Australia, to Manchester England to train with Alan! Within 12 weeks of my training “I had lined up $90,000 worth of work ”

Read what I really think about Alan’s training below!

Hey mate,

After we were talking on the phone the other day I got to thinking about the last couple of years since we first met… and about what being trained by you has done for me in that time.

It’s pretty crazy and amazing really so I just wanted to share it with you in writing so that if you want to share it with others you can… and they can get a real insight into how great of a bloke you are and how you’ve got the goods to help them too.

A Lot to be Thankful for…

I’ve a lot to be thankful for as a result of knowing and being mentored by you and I know they will be too if they take the chance to attend one of your programs.

Obviously when we met back in 2005 I was a complete novice when it came to advertising, copywriting and marketing – I knew nothing. The first material I’d literally ever read on any of those topics was the material you and Brett sent me as a thank you for signing up for the Advertising Masterclass. You couldn’t find someone who knew less about those topics than me.

As you know, I left at the end of that weekend of the Masterclass with you certain I had everything I could ever need to know to make a fantastic living writing great ads and creating successful businesses using it. I assured you I’d be a success as a result.

To keep this short… here we are in 2007 and looking back in hindsight I’ve been through a lot, achieved a load and have a lot to be thankful for as a result of everything you’ve done for me.

You know that within 12 weeks of the Masterclass I was working with some of the biggest direct marketing entrepreneurs in Australia… as well as doing jobs for you and your clients.

$90,000 Within Weeks

And I remember our chat when I had lined up $90,000 worth of work in those 12 weeks too. Life was phenomenal for me… couldn’t stop smiling and laughing about the cash on offer and all the while I’m working when I want and cruising down to the beach for a swim and relax with my mates on weekdays whenever they were free from their 40 or 60hr/week jobs.

Less than a year later I’m heading over to England on your invitation to speak at your next Masterclass. I knew I’d earned it because of the hard work I’d done but couldn’t believe I was flying across the world to speak beside you at your seminars.

These days I’m working with entrepreneurs and businesses across the


world, Australia, the U.S, the UK making great money (one job I’m about to start is making me more in 4 days than I’d get paid for 2 months of work in a top business firmhere in Dublin)!

Here’s a few pics.

One is the class I attended

Another is another class I taught at with Alan in Sydney.

And the final one is me teaching others at one of Alan’s training weekends in London.

Alan invited me to teach others at his non conformist marketer day in Sydney, Australia


Busy Making Money

And on top of my own work, I’m busy with joint

ventures with partners overseas as well as just having launched a new company with a business partner in America that’s going to be super-profitable for me.

But more importantly than all the business success I have to thank you for, it’s the freedom in life that’s the true gift.

I have a freedom in my life that most people will never have.

You know I love doing my martial arts training. I’ve been able to go to Japan to train several times in the last few years and could literally go and live there if I wanted because I can set up my business anywhere and work from anywhere. How many people can do that?

Over the last couple of years I’ve taken trips to different places around the world to visit friends from other countries. I’ve literally just done this when I’ve felt like it with little or know interruption to my business. How many people can do that? STE2(1)

And most important, as you know I was just recently able to relocate overseas to live with my girlfriend with very little hassle. How many people can do that?

How many people can do these things, literally just up and move their entire lives overseas without it affecting their businesses at all? Well I could and it’s thanks to you more than anyone else.

My Lifestyle … AWESOME!

Almost everyone I meet who asks what I do, thinks my lifestyle sounds awesome – many are straight up jealous. I tell them they could have it too, they just have to do what I have and find someone like you who knows what they’re talking about and really cares.

I could go on for ages but you know the deal. Like everything else in life, business is a game that has it’s up and downs. It’s no secret that the most successful people in life have failed more times than they’ve succeeded. A large factor in creating that success is who they’ve got beside them as mentors and allies. I wouldn’t have it any other way than having you beside me as mine.

  • You’ve Been There So I Succeeded
  • You’ve been there for me over the last couple of years more than I ever expected.
  • When I’ve needed help, advice or guidance – I’ve got it.
  • When I’ve suffered a setback and needed a friend who understands what I’m going through – I’ve got it.
  • And when I’ve had a major success or achieved a goal – I’ve got it.

All from you. I simply can’t say thank you enough for that.

On top of all of this, what’s even more amazing is that in working with you, I’m still learning from you every time we talk… even after 2 ½ years. (If that’s not proof of how much you know and have to offer then I don’t know what is).

I’ll wrap this up now as it’s already too long. I wanted it to be something others could quickly read and understand that you’re a class act all round… as a copywriter and marketer, as a business teacher and mentor, and more importantly as a person.

I consider myself VERY LUCKY to have had the benefit of both learning from you and working with you.

I consider myself very lucky to have had the benefit of both learning from you and working with you. And even more so I consider myself lucky to have you as a friend.

Thanks for everything… and here’s to an even brighter future for us both (along with everyone else smart enough to do business with us)! ;)



This is Caroline Sanderson. I’m a on-going MENTOR student of Alan’s.

One year ago I took the plunge and entered MENTOR with Alan.

I had to fight back the ‘I cant afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted real fast track change with my hair salon I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it.

I can hardly believe the change in not only my business but in ME.

Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance and fun along the way took my business to a52% rise in one year. It would have been more but I had to make HUGE decisions along the way to create the

salon of my dreams which meant having the confidence to make changes and get the people out who i knew deep down were not right for me and my business in the long term.

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to make these changes without Alan’s support. ‘GO FOR IT. (if ever)

With Alan’s support I made the changes and STILL made the 52% growth.

I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch 2 big projects out with the salon.

I now have the confidence and knowledge to push my career forward and create the work life I want… He has genius ideas that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action.

Anyone thinking of working with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question – It will change your life like it did mine.

Thank YOU Caroline who by the way has launched a brand new online business called and is well on track to make tens of thousands of pounds with my support.


You want the above and more?

  • Honestly do you want those, those skills and my guidance?
  • You’d be totally nuts to miss this one.
  • I won’t be offering it again for a while.
  • I am literally looking for just one or two new students

It doesnt matter where on the planet you are, getting in touch with me is very easy.

You see…

  • If you know me, you know I’m the real deal.
  • You know I deliver.
  • You know (as long as you are an action taker and follow my advice) I can make you a lot of money fast when you work with me.
  • You’ll also know students that work with me go through massive life changes.

So it’ll work like this …

  • We will meet once a week for a high-impact coaching call designed to create huge weekly progress.
  • You can contact me anytime, any day, any hour you need for advice.
  • I’ll review and continually refine all of your progress.
  • I’ll give you the contacts I have or give you what you need to fast-track you forward.

And …

When I speak anywhere, meet clients etc you will be invited to join me (at your own cost) as my personal apprentice! You’ll wine and dine with some very big people, you’ll also be fast-tracked into a new life … if that’s what you want of course?

If I you don’t see a significant increase in 30 days (or a time we agree) just ask me for a 100% refund.

I want to tell you how much this will be for you to invest but honestly I know for something like this you’ll want to speak to me direct

So this is YOU and ME working together for a whole year, that’s 12 months, 365 days of probably the most powerful mentoring you will ever have.


You Require a Minimum Investment of £10,000 to down to work with me. The rest of the details we will talk over on the phone.


This is just us two, no one else, me, you working together to change your life forever.

This is NOT a quick fix, get rich deal.

STRICTLY FOR those looking for huge change in their lives.

This message has gone to my private list first so if you have any interest… take action quickly.


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