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Annual OrangeBeetle Business Dinner

Please join us for what will be a high-end dinner, informal, friendly conversation and some very powerful exchanges of business ideas from Alan, his guests and partners.

This year we have chosen the luxurious Riverside Restaurant situated in the rich and famous Lowry Hotel in Manchester. You will love!

You’ll enjoy a gourmet feast created by Manchester’s top chefs to be flavoured with masterful business insights from Master Consultant Alan and his special guests. As you know Alan now charges £1,200 per hour consulting, you will be able to spend an evening with him and his team FREE… You just pay for your dinner.

Also we have some great guests that are open and willing to share some real insider information with you over dinner and champagne.

This year there are just 20 seats.

Dress code is dinner suits and gowns. Black with a splash of orange.

  • Alan will be sharing with you … ‘Marketing Prophecy and Predictions for 2013‘ and more.


  • A signed copy of Alan’s book, Escape from Zoomanity
  • Special business expert and Google insider
  • And a few more surprises

Everyone will have the opportunity to share, to speak and to ask questions about everything and anything.

Get ready for what I believe can be a year of huge change for any business.

Will you be joining us?

Grab your dinner invite before they all go.

See you soon.

Alan Forrest Smith