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The Specialist Business Breakthrough Mentor

One week period – 4-week period – 8-week periods – 12-week plus periods – On-demand – bespoke – All prices for breakthrough mentoring given on quote.

Let me ask you …

If Your Marketing Suddenly Started Working What Difference Would It Make in Your Business Right Now?

The list below are all BREAKTHROUGHS my clients had from MENTORING with myself. Does this look like the kind of success you’d want?

  • Increased sales in 4 days by 2,300% with a new direct response strategy
  • Massive leap of 900% in sales
  • Increase of sales by £74,000 from just ONE advert
  • Sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400 after I critique and re-wrote a simple paragraph into his final offer on his sales letter
  • Sold over a million dollars US from a single webpage selling a stocks and shares program
  • Sold over a million dollars of product from his new sales page I crafted for him
  • Increased his sales by $2.4million from zero despite being close to bankruptcy!
  • From struggling entrepreneur to sales of over $300,000 in a single weekend after working with me on strategies and creating copy
  • A brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage).
  • UK campaign pulled in just under £200,000 from a single marketing campaign using a fax mailer I re-wrote after the first attempt that had been written by the office staff failed!
  • From NO SALES to just under $500,000 from a single sales page. His first page flopped despite being written by a so-called pro. I re-wrote and designed the top-selling page for him
  • A long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4% selling a health related product
  • Mini 4-email campaign generated over £24,000 on one week
  • Email campaign delivers more leads than EVER before
  • Single offline campaign with a flyer boosts sales by £15,400 in one day
  • Another email campaign to sales letter generates over £100,000 in a single week
  • Over 400 new clients from a single campaign that crashed a business
  • A £250,000 magazine advert that made one client rich!
  • 21 sales from a magazine advert that replaced a failed advert. Each sale worth thousands
  • Client saved over £60,000 after a mastermind session
  • Another clients slashes his marketing budget by well over £100,000 and then goes on to generate well over one million in sales over 12 weeks
  • A website that pulled sales of over TWELVE MILLION in a single month!

MENTOR is definitely for YOU if you are sick and tired of trying, investing, hoping and praying your marketing is FINALLY going to work and actually make you more sales! 

MENTOR gives you or your team every last morsel of breakthrough marketing know-how into faster success from a respected marketing veteran. 





  • YOU WILL BECOME masters of response getting direct mail
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters of high volume web sales
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters of effective guerilla-marketing
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters in easy selling using email
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters at writing attention grabbing headline and sales copy 
  • YOU WILL BECOME EVEN MORE masterful using direct marketing that actually not only works but gives you your best results ever!
  • AND make good money doing it – REAL MONEY!

Can I be direct?

Does your marketing work and perform the way you need it to perform? Does your marketing bring in the level of sales that you need to not just survive but truly prosper? Has your marketing exploded your business or cost your business endless amounts of cash? Does your marketing team appear to have no idea what they’re doing despite the fact they keep trying the latest, greatest so-called marketing fad? Are endless company layers or hapless chaotic organization in your marketing area killing YOUR business?

And deep down you know this for sure your marketing is a mess and SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE and change fast! Don’t worry …

MENTOR Is Designed To Breakthrough

And you can experience incredible results that will change everything as you’ll see further down this page. After almost 30 years in business I’ve never once worked with a company with marketing problems that cannot be fixed and fixed fast!

I’ve seen failures that are quickly turnaround. I have personally turned around marketing campaigns sometimes in less than 24 hours! One client came to me almost broke and within 24 hours had taken over £12,000 in sales! Like I said … FAST!

Business Marketing Chaos

Over the past couple of decades I have worked inside the chaotic marketing machines of massive global corporations to new start ups and I can tell you this (or affirm something I think you already know)… Most marketing teams would have no idea on how to build your business. The majority of employed and qualified experts use outdated, outmoded and fifty year old marketing systems that simply won’t cut it in the 21st century. Or they are simply ill informed and disconnected as to what your customers really want

I started my first business in 1985 as a hairdresser (that’s right you read it… snipbigscissor2 snip!). (THAT’S MY SALON) Almost 30 years later in business and almost 20 years working with businesses just like yours I have seen every success AND … every failure! Most failures are caused by the exact same processes, mistakes that leads to BAD MARKETING, bad decisions or marketing that is just absolutely, unbelievably chaotic.

Even recently I worked with a company that hired and fired around nine marketing staff one after another. It wasn’t that the staff had no idea it was that the marketing director had no idea. He was actually killing the owners business and blaming everyone else. Is that the kind of expert you have in your business?

Don’t worry if it is – that can be solved especially using my unique and powerful marketing insights built into – THE AFS METHOD!


Marketing Director
Direct Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Online Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Marketing Executive
Average salaries from
Just employing a minimum of three of the above is a cost to you of well over £120,000.
That’s fine if they make you money. If they deliver immeasurable results you are in trouble.
In my experience most don’t have the skillsets to generate the sales you are probably looking for.
In my experience most marketing teams LOSE their employers money.

 MENTOR & Three Incredible Breakthrough Stories

  • I MUST MAKE MONEY NOW OR CLOSE: With weeks and possibly days to survive I created a 116% survive, thrive and prosper strategy that worked instantly with 116% increase – IN JUST 4 WEEKS!
  • MY WIFE WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE ME: After 6 months of endless struggle I took a failed direct marketing campaign, slashed his costs yet increased his sales with a 47% response rate that turned it into a £800,000 winner – AND saved his marriage!.
  • I BOUGHT A NEW FERRARI: An outrageously simple strategy for a business owner that came to me with a system that was losing him huge amounts of money only to see a titanic turnaround that enabled that same CEO to go out and buy a new Ferrari on his new steady and predictable profits.

You can read more about those incredible stories of MENTOR success below and more.

Dear Business Builder

Alan Forrest Smith here. The godfather of guerrilla marketing, author and global expert Jay Conrad Levinson called me a ‘brilliant marketing mind’. I’d like you to decide if that’s true! That’s a photo of the two of us at lunch near Manchester together in 2010.


If I could help you transform your sales and profits through your marketing what difference would that make to your life and your companies bottom line? Let me repeat that a different way… would you sleep better at night knowing your company is hugely successful?

From what I have seen with clients over the past couple of decades, businesses like yours are in serious danger due to mistakes that are easily avoided, yet these mistakes are huge and costly to you! Staff that have no idea, layers of people that all want to be in charge or simply a lack of up-to-the-minute knowledge of what works in marketing.

And if your staff don’t understand almost everything your buyers think and feels before he or she takes a single step forward towards buying from you and your business simply wont get the sale!

Yet in my 30 years of experience it’s a high probability that your marketing team have been trained in the basics of marketing yet don’t really understand how to take a business to market in a way that delivers powerful, strong and reliable results. It’s also my experience that if you are trying to do it all by yourself – you will fail! I will repeat that line for your own sakes and zero-cost … DO IT YOURSELF AND YOU WILL FAIL … I have never seen an exception to that!
Let me ask you …

Is Your Hard Built Company Destined For Failure Due To Clueless, Leaderless Marketing Chaos?

Just read this quickly and be honest with what you read – IS IT YOU?

Below are at least five of the most common things I’ve seen time and time again working with new clients. All of what you read are disasters. All are also easily fixable. All can change your life and business when fixed.

  1. ENDLESS PLANNING: Do you have planning for marketing campaigns taking opinionated meetings, non-commitment decisions and months of planning when you want it all to happen yesterday? In fact it looks like no one is doing anything but they all claim to be doing something!
  2. LEADERLESS LEADERS: Your marketing is run by someone that always wants to tell someone else what to do yet the person they tell what to do is the person that usually has no idea what to do! Someone has to be blamed and no one wants to lose his or her job.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTS: Marketing has become all about social media yet you have no results from social media that are worth shouting about. They want to buy likes, get shares and post videos yet the bottom line is – NO MORE SALES!
  4. HOPE AND PRAY MARKETING: Your marketing isn’t tracked or measured because you or your team tries a new idea and another new idea and another new idea. You simply hope and pray it’ll work this time! No one understands how or what to track and measure apart from the things that really make no difference.
  5. ANOTHER LOADED MARKETING EXECUTIVE: Hire yet another expert that tells you everything you want to hear but fails to deliver. Their badge is more important than your profits! They fight and battle and blame almost everyone else before looking at themselves. The problem is it leads to failure in your business whilst they go get another job!


Does most of that sound and feel familiar to you with your marketing? Don’t worry 99.9% of clients that come to me are in the same position and again I will repeat it can all be fixed!

I can also tell you this… In my own businesses in the very early days it took me years to understand and eventually master the art of marketing so I really do understand and want to assure you once more … It can all be fixed

Here’s What Your Marketing Experts Won’t Tell You Because They Don’t Know

Marketing is not a university degree and a simple qualification – it’s a carefully studied and practiced art science that when careful carried out is without a doubt the best investment you’ll ever make in your business. Noticed the word above… PRACTICED! Most qualified experts are practicing on your business rather than using what works in the real world!

And it’s worth saying right now that marketing is not a one-off event that is planned over months and then simply done and then everyone goes to drink coffee in the back room and just hope to god that orders come in – NO! It’s a strategically planned program designed to start momentum, gather momentum and give you endless and increased sales, endless leads, more growth, less stress and more finally happiness.

And remember – most marketers have no idea or no experience building a real business and dealing with real buyers – Your buyers like you have. They are marketers by qualification ONLY!

So right away when weighed in the balance it’s probably all doomed to fail by what I call the practice of HOPE & PRAY MARKETING. And lets be truthful here you are not going to build your empire on a prayer are you!

A few years ago I spoke to a guy that had invested FOUR MILLION into a new business. He had everything in place but failed to invest a penny into marketing. He asked me if I would accept a small payment to help them hit the sum of twenty million. They didn’t want to invest in the on e thing that could change everything. I turned the work away. They eventually closed for business with huge debt. It could have been a raging success.

Don’t Hope and Pray – God Has No Interest In Your Business!

So now you’re here and are reading this page for one reason only. Your marketing isn’t working and you urgently need some help that’ll work for you. Not just the kind of throwaway help that’s ten-a-penny these days but real help that will turn your business around fast.

I’d Love To MENTOR You In All The Skills that have Made My Clients MILLIONS In Huge Waves of Success! I’m Happy To Share The Secrets Of Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results!

Around the year 1995 I went from working in my own business to working on other peoples businesses.

The first client work I did was accidental for a friend.


He was trying everything to get direct mail to work but faced endless failure. Now he was at a point where he wanted to remortgage his home (he had already sold his wife’s car) to generate more cash so he could try more marketing despite his current efforts failing.

One day in my business he asked me about my own direct mail efforts. I had started direct mail and other marketing around 1991 and had great success with what I was doing. Every week for 16 years I worked on direct mail for my own businesses. The result from one letter was a consistent 65% response rate. Un heard of in the direct mail business!

I shared this story with him and he knew about the mailers I did so he asked me for help. His current loan was around half a million pounds for his business and despite spending everything on product, a new car, staff and a nice office he hadn’t given marketing a thought. Like most business he assumed that his clients would simply want to buy his product yet they would only buy it if they knew about it. He had tried direct mail with no results until I created a strategy that was to turn his business inside out for the better.

After slashing his mail volume from 5000 mailers to just 100 mailers he very carefully followed my instructions that were built around a strategy that gave him a response to 100 mailers of 47 direct leads. Those leads were £1,300 each. In the first year even with drop-off and an upsell strategy the sales came in at over £800,000!

Now some business owners will tell me that these days they want to work mostly online. I actually advise fusion system but here’s another short story for you.


ferrari-458-red-ai-commentary--mclaren-mp4-12c-and-ferrari-458-----rivals-e1407305667205Recently a client came to my office with a big problem. The big problem was his leads were currently at between 5-7 a month despite the marketing efforts of his team. That’s a huge problem! So after carefully creating all of the tools needed, crafting a funnel for sales, designing an irresistible offer and training his team to handle everything properly his leads started to climb. Within 4 months his leads had gone to 25 a month. Now 25 leads doesn’t sound a lot but each lead is worth £3000!

After around 8 months of working together I invited him to dinner. We went out and he asked me if we could raise the leads to over 100 a month. Sure I said. His leads now stand at around 130 a month. All are worth around £3000 to him.

By the way when we walked out of the restaurant he and his wife went one way and we went the other. As we drove home we stopped for gas not to far out of the town. Whilst I was filling my car with gas a brilliant red Ferrari pulled up with the noise of a jet fighter. As I looked over it was my client I had just eaten with. I shouted over is that yours? He replied yes… he had bought it on the back of the new sales, new leads and new success from the strategies we had created. I smiled and so did he as he roared past me five minutes later on the motorway! That client has since moved office, hired more staff and of course bought himself more toys he can play with while he is on another holiday.

Now above I mentioned fusion marketing. This really is a strategy built around many ways of connecting to your target market. Here’s another really quick story for you based around fusion marketing.


This clients business was a total chaotic mess. Her marketing had never worked, her adverts were bad, her online system was zero and frankly she was about to go bust. She contacted me to help and begged me to help fast. She had cash to invest that could be put on a few credit cards. She did just that but when we first met I felt like this could be impossible.

What she needed had to be fast, hard-hitting and an almost instant turnaround. Debt was huge for the size of her business. The taxman wanted £17,000 right now and nothing else had been paid.

After careful planning I had to create a strategy that would be transforming her business in 4 weeks otherwise it would be far too late.

In 4 weeks I increased her business by just below 55%. That 55% climbed to 116%. That gave her time but more important gave her cash. The cash paid her bills and that then gave her the luxury of creating a long-term plan that was to change everything for her. After 12 months not only was her business back on track but she moved premises, opened another 2 business and still had enough cash to go and buy herself a brand new car – cash!

ALL had made the same mistake

They all believed that starting their business, having everything in place, new cars, computers, offices, equipment and stock was enough. Marketing was the last thing on their minds and the most important thing they gave no attention to.

If YOUR MARKETING Was Suddenly a Huge Success What Difference Would It Make in Your Business Right Now?

Again – Does this look like the kind of success you’d want?

  • Increased sales in 4 days by 2,300% with a new direct response strategy
  • Massive leap of 900% in sales
  • Increase of sales by £74,000 from just ONE advert
  • Sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400 after I critique and re-wrote a simple paragraph into his final offer on his sales letter
  • Sold over a million dollars US from a single webpage selling a stocks and shares program
  • Sold over a million dollars of product from his new sales page I crafted for him
  • Increased his sales by $2.4million from zero despite being close to bankruptcy!
  • From struggling entrepreneur to sales of over $300,000 in a single weekend after working with me on strategies and creating copy
  • A brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage).
  • UK campaign pulled in just under £200,000 from a single marketing campaign using a fax mailer I re-wrote after the first attempt that had been written by the office staff failed!
  • From NO SALES to just under $500,000 from a single sales page. His first page flopped despite being written by a so-called pro. I re-wrote and designed the top-selling page for him
  • A long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4% selling a health related product
  • Mini 4-email campaign generated over £24,000 on one week
  • Email campaign delivers more leads than EVER before
  • Single offline campaign with a flyer boosts sales by £15,400 in one day
  • Another email campaign to sales letter generates over £100,000 in a single week
  • Over 400 new clients from a single campaign that crashed a business
  • A £250,000 magazine advert that made one client rich!
  • 21 sales from a magazine advert that replaced a failed advert. Each sale worth thousands
  • Client saved over £60,000 after a mastermind session
  • Another clients slashes his marketing budget by well over £100,000 and then goes on to generate well over one million in sales over 12 weeks
  • A website that pulled sales of over TWELVE MILLION in a single month!

Need I go on? When we talk over the phone please ask me what you need to know because I have literally hundreds of case studies that prove strong, proven and powerful marketing strategies to be the best investment you can ever make if … you get it right.

During MENTOR will show you how to get it right almost every time and even if you have a failure it’ll be nothing in relation to the successes that will come one after another, time and time again.

As long as you do as I guide you 2016  will be amazing!


Children with Raleigh Chopper bikes

Incredibly I started my very first business when I was around ten years old or maybe younger (see photo above and smile). I used to custom paint bicycles (mostly Raleigh Choppers – see above us and the 70s) for pals on the housing estate that I lived on after we arrived from Scotland.

In 1985 I opened my first real business and then expanded that business in 1989. By 1991 the premises I had was far too small. I had to move to a 2,000 sq. ft. shop to grow my salon business. That one salon became three salons and during that time I had to master marketing otherwise I was sunk.

I had to start writing sales copy, creating adverts and marketing strategies when my business first opened. By 1992 I was probably the only salon in the UK using a computer to create direct mailers that were sent weekly. I used to send around 200 each week and then eventually grew into the thousands. I tested everything you can think of for response and eventually some of the campaigns I ran pulled upwards of 65% response. I even ran a campaign that pulled 100% and that is pretty hard to believe. This was learning, discovering and mastering marketing right on the front lines. That’s some of my old vintage ads from the early 90s below.


The first big one I created and mentioned above in this letter. That brought in a 47% response rate. Another big one I had was for a Sports Car retailer. He had his biggest ever sale from a series of letters I wrote for him. They sold over one million pounds of Audi cars from one direct mailer I created. Not only the direct mailer but also the strategy I pout into place was there first lowest volume of direct mailers ever. They would send out around 10,000 each time and hope someone would buy a car. I created a strategy that reduced the volume by around 90%!

From there my direct marketing and consultancy business grew so fast I had to decide whether or not to keep or sell my salons so – I sold them. With the advent of the web my services and work was gaining attention across the globe and this brought a flurry of activity from the USA in particular. This led to me being invited to many locations through the world to speak, consult, advise and guide business that needed more results fast! That’s me speaking to over 5000 business people in the UK a few years ago.


One client flew me to Melbourne to get his company selling online. Within a month after trying for two years they had made sales of well over $30,000 from a standing start. Many other clients began reporting back their results to me with great news.

During that period I was asked to present and lecture in Atlanta Georgia USA. It was then I met a hero of mine – Jay Conrad Levinson. He insisted I had dinner with him that evening and we became strong friends after that until his death. Jay would tell others I was one of the most brilliant marketing minds he had met. I of course was thrilled to hear that but those lessons were all learnt right on the front lines and of course have carried on today with my own businesses and my clients businesses.


Are you Ready For a Breakthrough MENTOR?

Today I mainly work with MENTOR clients like yourself that have no other option apart from succeeding and getting results fast! My fee and my results are premium, I negotiate my success with no one and I only work with one or two clients at the very most at any one time so you get the very best of my attention and my teams attention.

  • If it’s YOU personally that needs to be guided that is perfect.
  • If it is YOUR TEAM that needs to be mentored, lets do it.

Either way would you like myself and my team to guide you into marketing that sells your business like crazy, gives you the systems, strategies and more?

Now of course there are many MENTORS available online but only one like myself that has unique methodology created with 30-years real business experience… THE AFS METHOD!

Here are a few quick-fire reasons I should be your only option

TRY OTHERS you can try others first that are a lot lower rate than myself and when it all fails due to their lack of real-world experience you can come back to me (this has happened many times with one client using FIVE MENTORS before he worked with myself)

THE AFS PROVEN METHODOLOGY: removes all the cash wasting nonsense and prioritizes your success before anything using time proven, multi-million return strategies that haven’t me or my clients failed yet! Stabilise, leverage, balance, innovation and success!

I AM PREMIUM RATE ALMOST XXX: pay cheap and you get cheap. My fee is high but your returns are even higher. You’ll shower me with gifts for the results we get together!

EARLY ADOPTER: I myself have always been an early adopter of everything. If there is something new in marketing you can bet I have tested it and will know if it works or fails. I only use what works.

ALL THINGS WEB: What works online we know and we use. Almost all my own business is mobile with all of my business coning via the web. However if you like the idea of building a business that does 12 million a month and drives one million in traffic a month or creating huge lists with 65% conversion rates – I can show you how we do that for our clients!

DIRECT MARKETING AND GUERILLA MARKETING: I can guide you with campaigns that will slash your costs and give you unimaginable positioning very fast. Recently I did a city center campaign that was so prominent the whole city was talking about it. Cost – £500

FRIENDS NOT CLIENTS: I treat all of my clients as friends even inviting them to my home or dinners. There is no off switch in my relationship with you. Once we have our joint success we can sit and drink a drink of our best in a location of kings.

UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: I am always looking for long-term partners I can make a million or two with. That means I have to make you a hell of a lot more than that.

THE BRUTAL TRUTHI am more then well known for my sharp, honest and brutal truth. I will not let you take a wrong turn if I can help it and make even more mistakes. You get the honest truth at all times and more!

NO UNIVERSITY TRAINING: I think different, act different, see solutions different and deliver results that are different. The reason is I have had to make things work with my own businesses, I have had to make marketing work with paying clients businesses and I have always used only what is in your best interests not in mine! No formal training means I don’t have formal thinking. You get unique and you get what works!

ANYTIME ACCESS TO ME: I reply to my own emails. I reply to my own messages. I pick up the phone if you call me. I get back to you as soon as I am free if I am busy when you call. My relationship with you is critical to your success and trust in me.

And … Why work with me and not other business MENTORS?

I am one of what some will call the ‘most expensive’ options. I’m a huge believer in pay cheap you get cheap. Pay for premium and you get premium. My strategies have never cost any of my clients a single penny – not once. They pay me, the send me bonuses, they give me commissions and they even send me wonderful gifts despite the fact they have paid me already and you know why? Never once has my fee been a price to them. It’s an investment that is quickly returned and delivers the best ROI any investment could ever return in business.

Steve paid me £10,000 for a single piece of long sales copy. His return was just under 2 million dollars in real sales! Along with the copy I advised him and created a sound strategy. Does his payment o me seem high.

You really do get what you pay for.

I am a NO-RISK MENTOR … as long as you are a good partner and listen. As long as you allow me to take control and guide you exactly where you need to be guided to for success.


MENTOR is best for you if you have a business right now and you KNOW & UNDERSTAND it needs a BREAKTHROUGH and must be fixed! It is for you if you take business seriously and results are your main objective. It is for you if you understand you are not a marketing genius and now is the time to build one into your plans for even greater success. MENTOR is even for you if you are about to start a new business and you NEED to get it right from day one. It is NO-RISK!

This is a moment where you will critically decide what to do and it’s a choice that has three options.

  1. THE DUMB OPTION: Bury your head in the sand and simply hope that one day you will get your marketing right and survive in the meantime after all throw enough mud and it should stick right?
  2. THE SAFE BUT STILL DUMB OPTION: Keep your money that you are being asked to invest, put it into another account and get a pathetic 1% or more interest annually
  3. NO-RISK, HIGH RETURN OPTION FOR THE SMART: Take control right now. Get advice, get mentored, and get guided with advice that has seen returns of 47%, 83%, 116%, 1200% and more. Surely there is just one option worth taking?

Now a little more on your investment I didn’t mention above.


Once we start on MENTOR built into my AFS METHODOLOGY is my principle of zero cost marketing. This means to you that one of the first things I will do for you is look at how the investment you have with me can be returned to you within the first 8-weeks or sooner.

In other words the cash invested at the start – in 8 weeks if you do as I say you will probably get back in your bank!

Is that possible?

YES – almost all of my clients apart from one or two exceptions get their investment back within weeks. This is a simple secret I used first in my own business decades ago and have been using on my clients businesses for years. I will do an initial analysis for you to see if I can do that for you. (the exceptions are those that pay me for advice and simply ignore what I advise them – hard to believe but yes that happens now and then).

The rules are really simple to make this happen on your side.

Listen to what I say and do it. The clients that do that never fail! If you are the client that listen and does exactly as I say both yourself and myself will enjoy a highly prosperous 2016!

“Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance and fun along the way took my business to a 53.4% in four weeks and 116% rise in one year”

I’m a MENTOR client of Alan’s.

One year ago I took the plunge and entered a MENTOR with Alan. I paid well over £10,000 for Alan’s amazing knowledge and skills!

I had to fight back the ‘I cant afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted real fast track change with my business I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it.

I can hardly believe the change in not only my business but in ME. Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance and fun along the way took my business to a 53.4% in four weeks and 116% rise in one year. It would have been more but I had to make HUGE decisions along the way to create the business of my dreams which meant having the confidence to make changes and get the people out who I knew deep down were not right for me and my business in the long term.

I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch two new businesses.

He has genius ideas that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action.

Anyone thinking of doing MENTOR with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question It will change your business like it did mine.

“Since working with Alan my life and business have been transformed! ”

My own results speak for themselves …

  • I have 12 weeks Holiday Each Year
  • I work ONE Day a Week on my business
  • Bought a brand new Car
  • New client rate up to 32%
  • Rebooking from 15% to 180%
  • New staff applications through the roof
  • Marketing budget reduced to almost zero
  • Ability to fill my business in less than an hour
  • New Website On Page One of Google
  • Services UP 105%
  • Retail Sales UP 72%
  • Multiple business expansion

If you need advice from a MENTOR that works – Alan is worth every last £10,000 I spent and more!”

(Name protected under my privacy agreement)



‘Alan … you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic 72530_162172640483191_1702851_n-300x225minds on this planet. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

But the truth is that few people have the marketing insight that you demonstrate on a regular basis… Jay Conrad Levinson,

Will You Commit To Your Best Year Ever in 2016?

I know this was a long page and even if you don’t work with me I hope it’s really given you something to think about for you and your business.

I make no jokes when I share with you that most marketing fails in spectacular fashion. I have seen companies throw away so much money doing frankly stupid marketing you just wouldn’t believe it and I could write a volume the size of war and peace on those stories (maybe one day).

For now though I would love to help you create a truly spectacular new year in your company and even help you build a truly life changing empire. I know you want that otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far that’s for sure.


A couple of quick reminders that will help you to decide if you should have myself as your MENTOR!

  • I do my best to make sure you get your investment back as fast as possible. 4-8 weeks isn’t unknown for me and actually quite common.
  • This is an investment for the life of your business that removes a lot of hurdles and gives you success fast.
  • Most marketing fails because more marketers have no idea. This is front-line proven, tested and delivers.
  • Everything we work with or talk about is tracked, measured and tested at every level. I do not do hope and pray strategies.
  • I will be working closely with you for 12 weeks and then support for another 12 weeks beyond that.
  • I am always open to discussing long-term deals, exclusive contracts and payment terms


I do however pre-qualify all of my MENTOR clients because the truth is I only work with people that want success and are willing to work for that success. You know what you get for doing nothing – nothing. You know what you get for doing a little – a little and you know what you get for working flat out and giving it everything – everything.

And by the way during MENTOR you do not pay my usual hourly rate of £1,200 for my premium advice. You won’t even be asked to pay my date consulting rate of £7,000. You’ll find the price for MENTOR in relationship to your return is miniscule. In fact I am positive you’ll find the returns so great you’ll feel inspired to send me lavish gifts and more – everybody does!

I only work with everything business and clients – is that you?



It’s critical you fully understand that MENTOR is bespoke and what you read here can be added to or something’s won’t be relevant to you and your business. Just know this… you will get my very best, my greatest and my most powerful advices that are absolutely always bespoke to you and your business only.

Once we have an initial conversation and agree what is needed then we can put everything down for you in the contract to be agreedMENTOR is definitely for you if you are sick and tired of trying, investing, hoping and praying your marketing is FINALLY going to work and actually make you more sales! MENTOR gives you and your team every last morsel of marketing know-how from a respected marketing veteran so you can sweep away the endless non-profit chaos and finally start winning! If your marketing is broken right now stop worrying because the great news 99.9% of marketing problems I see can be fixed!

So is it time for YOU to sweep away your losing streak forever and make 2016 your best year ever using proven, tested, tracked, measured and expert marketing strategies and secrets!


Once we have an initial conversation and agree what is needed then we can put everything down for you in the contract to be agreed. I think that makes more sense do you?

YOU GET: Gift 1. Just under £5,000 of real advice on leads, traffic and conversion funnels that is proven time and time again from expert Tamara Machavariani and Socrates

YOU GET: 3 half-day & brutally honest face-to-face mastermind meetings

YOU GET: Intensive (but friendly) phone or Skype fact-finding consultation

YOU GET: Immersive review, critique and directions of all your marketing

YOU GET: Review of your team or your own efforts with marketing

YOU GET: Help to create your short and long term business master plan

YOU GET: To call me daily to ask anything and make sure you are on track

YOU GET: My brain – the same brain some call – ‘GENIUS’ – ‘ BRILLIANT’

YOU GET: STOP THINK ACT METHODOLOGY – Reliable, fail-proof and proven with shadow of a doubt!

YOU GET: THE AFS METHOD – Developed over 30 years working inside the marketing machinery of huge corporations and tiny start up and solo entrepreneurs and of course my own hugely successful businesses

YOU GET: Everything I know about creating phenomenally successful 7-figure direct mailers (like response rates of 47%, 63% and an insane 83%)

YOU GET: Everything I know about breakthrough marketing online (that includes how to create websites that sell to almost every visitor)

YOU GET: Everything I know about creating, thinking and then writing sales copy that sells as much as you want to sell (I will share with you copy that has sold literally million upon millions of pounds)

YOU GET: Everything I know about positioning and being the only option (this means your prices and profits can be restructured for bigger sales)

YOU GET: Everything I know about creating marketing that works (and removing everything that is failing you right now)

YOU GET: Everything I know about turning business around fast (like I did for a client that was broke – so broke he couldn’t pay the invoice – and after just one day working with me sold over £42,000 of product and then turned over £2 million in sales)

YOU GET: Everything I know about how to understand what customers really think and then buy from you (and it isn’t what you think. Changing this will send your sales through the roof like they have for many clients of mine)


  • What works and what doesn’t work – reviews, critiques and solutions
  • What do you have right now we can make money with?
  • What needs to be dropped, stopped and chopped right this minute?
  • The 7-day instant plan for instant sales
  • The 21-day EXPLOSIVE strategy for explosive profits
  • The 12-week MASTERPLAN strategy for life
  • How to create powerful adverts without writing powerful ads yourself
  • How to say the right things at the right time to your buyers
  • Hoe and why you should use triggers in everything you put out into your marketplace
  • What do your buyers really buy – it’s not what you think (it never is) and how you give them exactly what they want
  • How to position your business as the one and only option
  • Why your business cannot survive without a funnel and how to create funnels that actually work
  • The real reason first time visitors never buy and the only reason they always will buy
  • Direct mail – how and when to use it – and how to create sizzling mailers your customers will love – how to write, design and package your mailers for irresistible openings and actions
  • Personality marketing or selling more personality in your business. People love people not just products. I can show you the secret of getting it absolutely right!
  • Engagement for the insta-generation because the days of hard sell are gone and the days of give us what we want and what we want NOW are here
  • High-speed marketing – results faster than a Japanese bullet train!
  • Instant marketing – how to create and send a campaign that sells in 30 minutes or less
  • Database marketing – how to turn your database into the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow at least 3-days a week!
  • How to use social media like no one use social media – this is the exact opposite to what the experts and agencies have been telling you but the difference is – THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!
  • How to create endless irresistible offers that create endless buying frenzies
  • Why corporate layers in your company must be demolished right now if you want successful marketing – they are destroying your business
  • How to make a decision now and do it minutes later – abolish scheduling marketing forever because it’s destroying the minds of your staff.
  • How to plan a successful campaign
  • Why fusion marketing is the fail-proof way to market your business
  • How to use email and why email works when done properly – most email campaigns fail yet we have campaigns that have open rates of 60-74%


PRIVACY: You will be protected with my PRIVACY agreement. None of your personal details or business details will be used at any point unless we agree otherwise.

Are you fed up with your efforts or your teams efforts at marketing and the failing results and truly ready for an incredible 2016? Is it time to cut out the chaotic marketing that is costing you a fortune? Are you determined to make 2016 your best year ever?

I am willing to work with you and allow you to work with myself and my team (after an interview). I am also willing to give you what I can over a 12 week period to get you back on track.

Lets together make your next year your best year ever in MENTOR.

Your partner in glory.

Alan Forrest Smith

Here Is What You Need To Do Now

I rarely work with anymore than 2-3 clients a year. You need to be quick if this is of interest to you.


  • You get me for 12 weeks at one 90 minute call a week
  • Three face-to-face meeting at my office or yours
  • Critique and review of all of your marketing
  • Strategy installation
  • Tactical talks and planning
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Review of, branding, positioning, perception, seeding process, influence, market placement and customer engagement measurement and more.
  • Review of tailgates, headlines, offers, calls to action and more
  • One off MENTOR investment of £25,000
  • Monthly retainer to be agreed
  • Target bonus to be agreed
  • Possible entry into my exclusive EMPIRE BUILDERS GROUP which is a group of millionaire entrepreneurs


  • I want 2016 to be the best year we ever have and the beginning of a fantastic relationship with you so we can both grow EMPIRES rather than just businesses. I understand everything you have said on this letter and all the details you talk about I know there are more things I can ask you direct and you will tell me. I also understand my business is bespoke to myself and you can and will help us create marketing that suits our business and our customers.
  • I really want to sign up right now and work with you as our MENTOR.
  • I want to start at the earliest possible moment you have free please. I know you’ll do everything to fit me in right away.
  • As soon as we agree all of the detail, the contract is agreed and we get started I look forward to our first face-to-face meeting at a place suitable for yourself and myself.
  • I feel excited and frankly pretty relieved I have found you and your proven services.
  • And Alan I trust you. I will listen to you. I will do as you guide me and I will carefully follow your advices from start to finish.
  • Lets do this please

Once you contact me I will arrange a no-cost chat over the phone and then we should arrange an initial meeting. The first meeting is paid for of course but IF we work together that initial payment will be removed from any future invoices.

You will also be sent an initial brief along with the MENTOR payment details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Payment is never usually negotiable but I do take assets that are of real value like cars, property, technical equipment and a few other material things that you might have lying around and not in use but sellable. The value to me is trade price NOT. I do always require a minimum of 50% cash down with any barter items. Lets talk.

Fill out the form and I will be in touch within 24 hours at the latest.