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1. Try some ads and hope they work (after all the advertisers say they will work so they should …right?)

2. Write your own advertising with a coffee in one hand and some ideas in another (then ask everyone in your office what they think)

3. Never invest in at least 30 minutes of proven advice from an expert (after all what will they know about your business?)

4. Keep spending on advertising just hoping it’ll work (the more you throw at it … the more chance of it working right?)

5. Keep chasing new clients (because you have been told that’s where the money is right?)

6. Never follow up on existing clients (hey, why advertise to people that spend with you already, seems pointless)

7. No planning (because you are too busy making your business work to spend hour after hour planning)

If that sounds familiar don’t worry you are in very good company. 99% of new clients I meet are doing exactly the same as you! However here’s some good news …


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And So Much More

Does that sound good for you so far? Wait until you read some case studies in a second. First, let me explain to you how my consulting services can work for you.

Location: You can hire me to meet you one-on-one anywhere in the world.

You can hire me for 2 hours, 4 hours, full day or as long as you want. Obviously if I am travelling to say Singapore per hour would not be worth it.

Out of the country is a day minimum! We can talk that over later together.

My fee is generally per slot or can be per hour (see below in a second)

Apart from my fee if I am travelling specifically to meet just you (as opposed to a group of consulting clients) my travel expenses have to be met.

All details of this will be sent over in a separate email when we agree my standard terms.

I just want to assure you of this and make it very, very clear for you …

What you are reading about so far is me, you and one to one consulting where I look over your business and offer you proven advice.

Okay check out a couple of consulting sessions with actual clients

The Dentist and Missing Clients.

Niall is a premium dentist. In fact he has the number one dental clinic in his City.

I cannot over reveal his details due to confidentiality being agreed. However here is an overview

Niall paid me £600.00 ($1,200 US) for 2 hours. He wanted to talk to me about a couple of things.

First was the fact that over 5,000 patients had gone missing from the practice over the last 18 months (not uncommon for dentists in UK since private dentistry became mainstream).

His question was; “what can I do with this list of names?”

He asked; “Do I simply delete them or should I forget them?”

After 30 minutes I showed Niall one of my proven tricks to pull back at least 60% of those missing clients into his business!

Niall also asked: “what is the best way to write to my patients without sounding like a salesman?”

You see in a business like dentistry they still have an issue with advertising. They get a sense of ‘selling out and looking cheap’ if they advertise.

Niall is nothing like that, he is a very smart guy. He understands it’s all about profits.

Again; in minutes I revealed to Niall at least 20 tricks and tips to write successful direct mail based on my proven methods that have generated millions in sales.

I also showed Naill easy to follow strategies so he could maximise his direct mail and lower his expenses by thousands during the process.

In fact Niall had 3 hours booked. After just 2 he told me that was enough. I delivered more in 2 hours than he had the stomach to digest.

Anyway here is what Niall said …

“‘Alan I have to say in your emails you always sound pretty switched on. However I was terrified of meeting you in real life, no idea why.

To the extent I called at least 3 friends for reassurance.

One friend (Nicola Cairncross) knows you.

When I told her I was thinking of coming along to meet you I ask her ‘would it be worth the cash?’

She laughed and said … ‘at that price snap Alan’s hand off it’ll be more than worth it!’

So Alan, what an incredible couple of hours. Worth it, every single penny, thank you again.


The Promoter Wanting To Sell Seats.

Mark hired my services for 4 hours. He only used 3. Again, he told me he had enough at that stage.

(by the way please believe it, I always over deliver 100 fold. One 20 minute conversation with me wiped over £30,000.00 from a clients marketing budget! Please read on.)

Mark met me in a place called Hampstead in London. Stunning location.

Mark wanted to know how to fill rooms for a specialised niche event he does for the teaching industry.

His questions were: “how do I write to this audience?” And … “how do I fill the rooms very quickly?”

In fact we talked over many, many more thing than that but they were the main focus.

Mark gave me a feature ridden brochure he has been using. No big deal in that but … its wasn’t working. I explained in great depth how to redesign and then re-write for response. I took him through everything from the headline at the top to the coupon of response at the bottom and of course, what fills the middle of the adverts.

Mark was thrilled.

Then I had to show Mark how to fill a room. Mark was making a classic mistake. It was this… He was trying to market direct to the buyer. Why is that a classic mistake?

Well in this case it would prove way more effective for Mark to market his event to another more influential group.

I explained exactly how and when he should do that. He absolutely loved the idea. By the way, again, these ideas are based on what actually works!

So after 3 hours in a French Coffee House in London here is what Mark sent over to me…

“Hi Alan,

Thanks for your time last week it was enlightening to say the least!

I was a bit nervous but I thought I’d take a chance, and bite the bullet and come and see you.

Honestly Alan, my head was buzzing with idea’s, things to do, ways to increase my business and more after we talked.

During those 3 hours, it was so packed with ideas … it felt like only 25 minutes had gone by.

My business just got a lot clearer when you were talking it over with me. I also realized that’s the problem, finding the RIGHT person to talk to. You are that person, no question!

I am so glad I found you to talk things over with, share idea’s with and grow my business with. I just can’t see what you shared not working for me.

Talking with you helped flush out several dozen new strategies that just wouldn’t have occurred to me otherwise, AMAZING!

You know the stuff about: copy, how you forced me to think about the client mindset, marketing and how you revealed so many different way to build my business on a shoestring budget, strategies galore, especially the one where you revealed to me a trick for getting to the source for my business, positioning, how to make our

business stand out from the rest using simple to copy and apply ideas, and even pubic relations… wow Alan, it was an incredible 3 hours for my business!

Right now I’m frantically putting it all together and I cant wait.

What can I say; £600.00 ($1,200.00) might seem a lot of cash to pay to for some but I can testify it’s the best investment I have made into my business absolutely no question.

That’s what you gave me.

In your emails to your list you always talk about over delivery. WOW … after meeting you that is truly and understatement!

Worth it definitely!

It was an enlightening experience and one that I will definitely do again very, very soon.’

Mark Daniels, Leeds, England.”

The Boxer Looking For Online Sales.

Meet Alex, he is a champion boxer.

What an incredible character this guy is.

He paid me for one full day, plus all of my expenses. Overall he paid £1,200.00 ($2,500 USA) for 6 hours with me.

This guy has invested a fortune into his business. Technology and work gone into it is immense.

It’s premium boxing clothing and equipment.

Anyway Alex wanted to know this: “Alan we haven’t had one single sale from our website yet. We have spent a fortune and 18 months of slog have gone into it?”

Okay so no big deal here for me. I already have my own websites that sell like crazy. They also featured top page one positions in all search engines.

(check out one of my sites later at end of this page for more proof)

Plus I also took a brand new site for a client of mine (Ste Winder of from no listing to top 3 listings in all search engines not too long ago.

Anyway, Alex’s site makes all of the classic mistakes I see all of the time.

It’s this: Designed to look amazing, not designed to sell.

So first job when I arrived was to jump right in with Alex’s technical guy James and start to pull him into shape.

The meant: Keyword/phrase research. New layouts (based on proven-to-sell layouts), optimize his graphics, insert all of the correct tags and a stack of other usability issues like reducing the clicks on a page to buy from 6 to 2!

Next job I suggested was direct and super fast selling (they never asked but the mountain of stock these guys have is incredible).

I showed them how to layout the shop for max sales (for example desk area, SALES HOT SPOT, was a mess. I re-did the desk based on up selling and impulse selling strategies).

Then I put together a master plan to shift at least 25% of the mass of stock they have in less that 4 hours!

We talked and did other stuff over the day. Here’s what Alex has to say…

“Hi Alan,

Mate what day with you. Totally blew my mind how you walked in and just knew exactly what it was we needed.

You know the web back to front, you know exactly how to increase retail sales and you knew how to create some very fast profits and turnover for use using the warehouse sale.

Thanks mate, can’t wait to spend a few more days with you in the new year. Amazing value for money!

Alex Modestou”

Mentor Client: Steve Winder Is The Magician, The Hairdresser and The Piano Man.


Me, Mentor Client Steve Winder and V-Bug

He is also one of my private mentor clients. He really does amazing magic. Once he made his finger glow like E.T. at a MasterClass of mine.

He also made things vanish and then come back and do all kinds of mental tricks.

And … he plays a mean Piano. At one of my Master classes Steve entertained us playing Elton John tracks all night. How cool!, like Elton John!

Can I tell you why he loves me? Or should I let him tell you? Okay, enough of me, here is Steve…

NOTE: This is copy and paste direct from Steve’s email to me. I have added some small headlines for readability.

From: Steve Winder []
Sent: 13 March 2007 12:44
To: Alan Forrest Smith
Subject: testimonial for Alan

Dear Alan,

I thought I would drop you a line to keep you up-to-date on my progress. Not sure if you remember but you probably do that I started from scratch on the Internet in May 2005.

I remember looking at the Internet and being completely baffled by how on earth do you get a website online up and running and making money

Now I have been doing this off-line for some time as you are aware I have two hair and beauty salons that are doing very well, however you that showed me how to make them more successful using marketing and copywriting skills.

Like yourself I have been a hairdresser for the past 27 years, 17 years of that I was managing salons and a business owner for the last 10 years.

I spent eight of those years training other hairdressers, lecturing and teaching communication skills. So I thought that I was pretty good at communication well I am, but you have shown me how to be conversational with my copy!

So anyway my point to create a website about how to manage a hairdressing salon. I had to learn loads of new skills how to build websites, how to upload it, how to make it so the search engines found it but the great thing for me Alan, was you were there as my coach, trainer and business advisor.

From Novice To Number One

I have gone from complete novice two years ago to now being at number one or number two of the top major search engines, getting some fantastic results.

In one week just before Christmas 2006 my site brought me in £1000 and now consistently earns me £300 to £400 a week. wow!

Not bad in two years… my traffic stats or how many people visit my site as an average 1500 visits a month and if you think about it this is a niche website and it’s growing the all the time.

The other thing that’s been great for me, is to be able to create my own marketing materials and use them in the Salon’s and then to test and measure there success.

Fantastic Success

For example using some of the things that you have shown me Alan we did one simple text message to our clients on a very quiet week last month and sent off 200 text messages we had 46 people respond to an offer! which in my book was a fantastic success.

That meant that we were fully booked and pulled in an extra £1150.00! cost for the whole thing was £24.00 pretty good return ah

We used the recommend a friend vouchers and other vouchers and flyers and got a brand new stylist fully booked in 12 weeks where as it usually takes 2 years as you know!

Easy Access Support

The thing I’ve enjoyed Alan working with you is it you have been there had a real business and therefore understand what it’s like sometimes how lonely it can be and of course help stressful it sometimes is.

So it’s been absolutely fantastic to be able to get onto the phone or by e-mail or Skype and run ideas past you and get your advice. And the thing I love with you is that you are a realist.

An Extra £2,000 A Week

I would comfortably say that due to your coaching advice and all the other things he helped me with that across the two businesses you have helped me grow it by at least £2000 a week consistently.

So credit to where credit is due thanks mate. Just thought it was important to give you some feedback and some praise as I wonder sometimes how often people drop you a line to say thanks, I know you get paid for what you do but you always go the extra mile and actually really truly want people to succeed in what they do.

Cheers Alan

And That’s Just 3! Here Are a Couple More Very Quickly. These are simple bullets for you based on results.

If you want to know more about them, simply ask when we meet.

PROFITS LIKE THIS: JT, Liverpool UK increased her profits by over 290%. She had to buy the property next door to accommodate new business! (All Using Simple Copywriting Techniques)

RESPONSE LIKE THIS: Robert Mc Holl had a 47% response for orders from his sales letter series. Each order had an average vlaue of £1,300!

ADVERTS LIKE THIS: Andrew. B. had 24 high-end orders on the first day of his advert running in a niche magazine. His old adverts pulled zilch response (Well Executed Copywriting Can Explode Your Sales! ).

WEB PAGES LIKE THIS: sold over 3,970 ebooks in just 24 months. Signed-up nearly 4,700 targeted prospects. Nick James from saw both his websites instantly increase sales and opt-ins.

INCREASES LIKE THIS: Beccy from Bahrain reported she had doubled her business in less than 12 weeks. She went from £4,000 to just over £8,000 per week. Steve Winder reported an average annual increase of just under $110,000 from my marketing advice and tips!

COPYWRITING LIKE THIS: “… his copy is absolutely fabulous — with startling results, too! If you need killer copy that kicks, I recommend Alan, hands down.” Michel Fortin.

SERVICE LIKE THIS: Alan, .. fantastic, wonderful, outstanding, awesome, inspired workmanship … thanks again for a great piece of work…” Your sales letter made me nearly $5,000 in just five days!, Steve Goudy.

NUMBERS LIKE THIS: Alan increased the volume of attendees at one of Nicolas seminars by 189% in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!
Nicola Cairncross
Business Coach and founder of The Wealth Creation Conference, UK

SAVINGS LIKE THIS: Within 30 minutes of talking to Alan he saved me well over £30,000 from my advertising budget!

EMAILS LIKE THIS: Alan I did as you said, my first email to my list pulled in just over £42,000.00!

NEW COPYWRITER: Ste went from ground zero to six figure earner with 12 months of coaching and mentoring from me.

And …..

CASH FAX: “About the fax mailer: I sent a fax mailer to the same group of people in March and received 3 replies and when I sent the one you wrote for us the other day I received 74 replies.

Side note: The copy I write for George sold 73 tickets sales in less than one hour. Each ticket value was £2k!

Okay here’s one or two more for you.

Alan I simply want to book you right now: Click here.

Alan can I ask you, Why Do You Call It Non Conformist Consulting

Easy; most of the consulting you get preached is usually total nonsensical rubbish. It’s mainly designed to cover the tracks of those giving it, to take you cash and results from it are mostly is immeasurable.

My techniques DO NOT conform to usual text book waffle. This from the front-line, insider tricks that have worked, does work and has pulled in literally millions of dollars, direct from the edge of business!

YES … Non Conformist or, low investment, high return guerrilla style marketing. Call it what you want … it works!

Read what some other say below.

More Real-Life Proof

” … was it value? YES. Because I get smarter, when I’m with smart people”

Thanks for the time and effort of last Monday. The written notes are amazing and framed on our wall… a real roadmap to the future! (I’ll show you my 6 hour notes in a second) No seriously, was it worth paying $5,000 for just 6 hours with your brain?
What I wanted was to work with a real live brain, fuelled by loads of real-time experience, directing intelligence, copywriting expertise and off the wall creativity onto our start-up internet business…ie the whole knowledge, skills and attitude bundle in one person. YOU!

You certainly delivered in your unique style. You got one simple message across, so we got it loud and clear. First build a relationship, find out what your clients want and then get ready to deliver it, to the very best of your ability. Take good care of your clients, and keep on improving your delivery. All of which you did and are still doing.

Gold Client
Sabrina Yuille, Brisbane Australia

So was it value? YES. Because I get smarter, when I’m with smart people, when I’m able to interact and ask questions and keep on asking them until I have the answers I need. DVD’s just don’t do that for me. Because I had access to your vast stores of knowledge and creativity, which you shared so generously.

Because you spent the time getting a sense of who we are and what we’re trying to do, so you can tailor our web-site for us, while still using cutting-edge technology. Because you told lots of stories to get your point across and made us laugh, so the learning was effortless. Because above all, you are REAL.

So what did I get from it? I got a very real sense that I can do this internet stuff, if not exactly now then certainly with effort on my part and help from industry giants like you.

The huge mountain of trepidation is now more like a graded climb, with signposts on the way and the promise of a giant party towards the top. Your CAN DO approach is so welcome and so different.

You make the complex steps of process so clear that they seem manageable, you insist that we discover and then speak with our own voice, all the time modelling this yourself, you provide endless references for where to go to learn necessary bits and if that wasn’t enough, we now know where you live.

The real value for me was seeing how very true to yourself you still are. You have not sacrificed your values to be a success, you still speak funny , but have so much wisdom to spread around, you admit you make mistakes and they are merely stepping stones, and perhaps above all, you said thanks to your audience and we could see you meant it!

Sabrina asked me to sign my notes above. I did. She now has them framed in her office. They are a reminder of a starting point to her success!

“Frankly, I was amazed “


I wanted to send you this personal note below to let the folks know you truly are an amazing business coach! I want to say to anyone reading this …

“After listening to Alan talking at the World Internet Summit Australia I thought this is a real down to earth guy I can deal with.

Problem was he lives in England and I live in Melbourne Australia! So … After the World Internet Summit I actually paid Alan $5,000 for just 6 hours of his time. Not only that I flew him a 1,000 miles to Melbourne, put him up in a 5 star hotel overlooking the city and covered any of his expenses.

Was it worth it? Yes and let me tell you why.

Look here the deal for me. I have had my main business in an office since I started it. The web scared me to death.

I listened to Alan telling everyone how he had taken years to master marketing on the internet.

I don’t want to take years, I want it all right now.

We brought him to my office. All four of us in the office grilled him endlessly until we had a web strategy that we are aiming to pull in at least $250,000 in the first year.

Gold Client
John Kapa (in the middle),
Melbourne Australia

Within 2 weeks of Alan spending time and sharing his insider information we made our first sale online.

Frankly, I was amazed and still am. Since his return to the UK his support has been fantastic. Distance is NOT an object at all for Alan. My advice to anyone reading this that might be thinking is it worth hiring Alan.

If you hear about him speaking live, GO. If you get a chance to sit and talk with him face to face, do it. If you can afford to pull him into your office and pay his consultancy fee’s, just do it.

The guy is a goldmine of information that could potentially help anyone build a substantial business online.”

John Kapa from the World Famous Record Breaking


“Alan – you catapulted us”

Hope life back home is great & you’re enjoying being home with your family. Thanks again for your generosity with your time & talent at the Gold Coast.

Now for my feedback/ testimonial … I can only speak for myself, so Sabrina will send through her thoughts in another email.

Did I find my $5,000 for just 6 hours with you of value? Absolutely – let me count the ways…

What my money bought…

Gave me unrestricted access to an industry legend who critiqued our ideas & gave cutting edge advice about how to make it work online
Allowed me to ask the “newby/ dumb questions” that weren’t answered during the seminar – without making me feel like a complete nincompoop!
More notes than we could possible take in at one sitting – they’ll continue to inspire & direct us for years to come… …priceless really! (For newby e-business advice there’s world internet summit, for everything else there’s Alan!)

Gold Client
Victoria Furey

Alan – you catapulted us from floating helplessly in cyberspace with no direction forward, to swaggering online for new business ideas, connections & markets.

Thanks so much for your down to earth, approachable advice & help in getting our business online. It’s your endless list of practical tips & “how tos” that have made all the difference in getting us to feel like we can now do this on our own. You’ve taught us to fish in a much bigger pond, with much more sophisticated rods.

More importantly though, you taught us it’s not just having a unique message, voice or image that creates online success. It’s your ability to effortlessly get along with others, tap into & fight for their causes & willingly go the extra mile to help them along their path that determines where you end up.

The true test of a man is often in what they do for & how they treat others. Thanks for treating us with respect & integrity – a man of your character is rare to come across in today’s jaded seminar/ spruiking world.

Victoria Furey


” …Brilliant marketing mind…”

“Alan you have a brilliant marketing mind which is constantly thinking about how to make your clients look different from their competitors. Which means any marketing that you create ‘cuts through’ and has massive impact.

I would recommend any business owner use your mind … take your advice … and do anything they can to work with you because you will make them a lot of money – fast.

You are without doubt THE best direct-response copywriter/consultants in the UK and I’m proud to work with you.”

Brett McFall,

Brett Mc Fall
World Famous Marketer

I have worked with:


Direct marketers (some of the World’s biggest), Car Sales Showrooms, Dentists, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Beauty Spa, Pizza Business, Restaurants, Jewellery Wholesalers, Software Companies, Authors, Horse Riding Experts, Writers, Seminar Promoters, SMS Services and many, many more industries.

If you need sales, I can help you

If you need clients, I can help you.

If you need low cost, high return marketing strategies, I can help you.

If you need a very sharp marketing brain that has a massive long term reputation for sales, I can of course help you!

Alan How Far Will You Travel To Consult?

Well I have travelled as far as Melbourne, Australia from the UK. So, just about anywhere.

Keep this in mind; If I am coming that distance you HAVE TO cover all of my expenses. That includes business class travel, business class hotel room.

So that means:
You pay my daily rate, then you pay my travel, then you pay my accommodation.
But as you can see, it’s well worth every single penny of your investment, no question!

Alan … STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I can’t stand it any longer, I want to meet you so you can help me grow my business!

Okay, okay, here is what you must do right away.

Below you’ll see some “Contact Me” links.

All consulting has to be paid 100% in advance.

Most of my consulting slots are taken up to 4 weeks in advance at a minimum so please plan ahead. If you want it sooner and I get a cancellation I will be there for you (if it’s possible).

Or, if it’s simply an emergency and you must see me right now another 50% will be added to the fee! For this I will rearrange my diary, you will become my number one priority.

By the way for the record, I now proudly boost over 320 testimonials. Can 320 voices be wrong?

So to grab your consulting right now.

The Steps You Must Take Right Now

1. Decide how long you need to talk to me for.

2. Pay accordingly.

I will get back to you within 48 hours maximum.

By the way: will it be worth it?

Ask me to write a long sales letter for you and I will charge you a minimum of £5,000 UK or around $10,000 US.

Can I just give you this WARNING as well? My consulting sells out very, very fast. If you want it … please grab it right away

Also; I have the right to refuse anyone. If you pay and you are not the type of client I work with I will simply refund your payment and then email you to explain why.

Check out the box below right now. It has my fees and a few locations for 2012.

Times are approx. In my experience you rarely use all of the time. No discounts for not using all of your time!

Any questions please click the big orange button above.

I also want a stack of ideas on how I can grow my business very, very quickly! I am filling out the form on our contact page right now!