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A Direct Marketing Consultant That is Results Focused

Advice So Incredibly Powerful My Client Bought a Ferrari – SOLD IT – And Then Went and Went Out and Bought a Rolls Royce Phantom!

  • LEADS: pushed through the roof – from 3-5 to over 260 per month
  • CONVERSION: climbed from 3% and are currently running at 49.2% (and climbing)
  • TRAFFIC: was slow and inconsistent today it’s a constant stream or a racing torrent we can turn off and on whenever is needed
  • PROFIT: enough to go buy a Rolls Royce to play with (and more)

Powerful breakthrough advice at the right can transform everything for you… Read this…

Below are couple of clients that searched  for a true direct marketing consultant. I think you’ll like what you read!

£200,000: Dave struggled for years to get sales. He had called me many times in the past and asked for small bits of advice for – FREE – but I really don’t have time to give away free advice! Finally he invested in a specialist direct marketing consultant – myself.

Have a proven but flexible list of must-do things to solve his problems that include.

  • Problem Solver – The Fix
  • Breakthrough leverage
  • Breakthrough Growth
  • Breakthrough Innovation

I went through his strategies, tactics and copy being used with his current marketing.  Then showed him exactly how to make the changes. He did exactly as I told him. His reward – over £200,000 in sales from one project over a single weekend! (see Dave’s comments in this video)

$84,400: And how about Greg. His letter was brilliantly written by a top-copywriter but he couldn’t work out why it just didn’t close the sale. I made a suggestion that the closing offer be changed. I wrote and created his new offer – he put it into place only to sell over $84,400 from an email that had previously flopped to the exact same letter with the old offer! It worked!

£42,000: How about Kevin the printer. After listening very closely to my advice about his ‘message to market’ in his emails he once again started to send out emails just hours after I left him from a long day session. Within a period of 12-hours his list of contacts that had NEVER bought  from his email had made orders of over £42,000 (Over the following 12-months my client went not to bring in just over £2 million from my almost explosive direct response marketing advice)

53.4% Growth: Just 4 weeks after we spoke (and a site visit) my client experienced a phenomenal turnaround! From the very real possibility of losing her home to the taxman hammering down her door chasing payments to all her bills paid. And then huge growth of 53.4% over just  4-weeks. After 12 months her business had increased a massive 116%! She then went on to not only thrive but expand her company!

I believe every business can be saved, ever business can be turned around, every business can grow – as long as you get good, strong, proven advice that is supported by a track record of what really works!

Just recently another client of mine went from one lead a day to seventeen leads a day. It made them so busy they actually asked me if they could switch off everything running in their campaign for now! (The truth was his staff had demanded a switch off – they hated being busy). Small things being changed can make huge difference to anything you are doing.

Yet you might feel you have everything already in place. Good Ads designed by great designers, great teams with degrees in marketing, 21-century offices with a new Mac on every desk and everything else needed to create a strong business.

Yet you are still asking this one question …

… So Why Is My Marketing NOT Working?

Let me first ask you; does this sound anything like the way you do your marketing and advertising in your business right now?

  1. Hope and Pray Marketing: Try one new advert and hope it works (after all the advertisers say they will work so they should …right?) You have no idea if it worked!
  2. DIY Marketing: Write your own advertising with a coffee in one hand and some ideas in another (then ask everyone in your office what they think despite them not being experts)
  3. Ask Nothing Marketing: Never invest in at least 30 minutes of proven advice from an expert (after all what will they know about your business?) You know best and that’s final!
  4. Throw Money At It Marketing: Keep spending on advertising just hoping it’ll work (the more you throw at it … the more chance of it working right?)
  5. Chasing Your Tail Marketing: Keep chasing new clients (because you have been told that’s where the money is right?)
  6. Zero Strategy Marketing: Never follow up on existing clients (hey, why advertise to people that spend with you already, seems pointless)
  7. Zero Planning Marketing:  (because you are too busy making your business work to spend hour after hour planning)
  8. Social Media Only Marketing: Why because everyone is doing it so you do too!
  9. Marketing Dept Marketing: You leave it in their hands and because you trust them and pay them you are confused as to why your results are so terrible. The reality is they no more more about marketing than any teenager that post on FaceBook (and if that feels strong ask again – results, are they there?)

If you see yourself on any of those bullets believe me – you’re in trouble, we should talk!

And the crazy part (if you are really honest) is you have no idea if any of your marketing is actually working you just know that you’re not busy enough and that is a problem!

Lets Talk, Lets Fix, Lets Make Money Together!

Lets get one thing straight – money isn’t a dirty word. You’re here because you need to make more. I can help you do that even after one direct response consulting chat over the phone, Skype or face-to-face.

  1. Consultation
  2. Stabilise
  3. Leverage
  4. Growth
  5. Optimise
  6. Innovate
  7. Empire

And just imagine whatever the problem you have right in your business is solved right now? More response, more sales, more leads, more profits – all of these solved and solved for good after just one quick meeting or call.

One client asked me to check over his direct sales copy that had failed. In fact it brought him two sales of just under £800. After I carefully went through everything the campaign was stopped, restarted and launched again. This time his sales from the new tweaked campaign hit just under half a million.

Another client ran a campaign that was costing him £5000 each campaign for no results. I slashed his budget to a fraction with a 47% response during the campaign and annual sales of over £800,000.

And just one more client that was struggling for sales on his large website. After creating a more strategically targeted campaign his sales during one December hit just over £5 million. Before we spoke he was struggling!

I can tell you this right now from my own years of helping and serving clients like yourself…

One word, one line, one offer, one image or even the smallest things changed can create the biggest impact that you will never have believed even be possible!

For one client I did something that seems so simple it filled everyday of their books. It was this. I created a phone script for them based on the mental triggers already in the mind of the prospect. That script created tens of thousands in sales

So here are just a few bullet points and just a handful of things that I have worked on over the years in over 400 different businesses from start-ups to fortune 500!

  • Mobile Strategies Designed To Sell
  • Lean Back Marketing Principles That Target 87% of Your Buyers
  • How To sell From iPads and iPhones
  • How To Sell MILLIONS Online
  • How to Optimise Website To Sell
  • More Than 12 Ways You Can Find Proven Advertising Ideas?
  • How You Can Increase Your Business In Less Than 30 Minutes?
  • How To Write Sales Letters and Advertising That Makes You Money?
  • How To Write Small Ads That Make Big Money?
  • How To Find Out What Words, Phrases and Sentences Make Your Customers Buy?
  • How To Write Ads That Actually Get Read?
  • How To Double Your Business Without Finding ANY New Customers?
  • Super-Successful Case Studies I Can Share With You … YOU Can Copy?
  • Creating a Long and Healthy and Profitable Business?
  • 21 Proven Cash Generating Business Ideas For Your Business or Your Money Back?
  • How To Leverage Your Existing Business So You Can Increase Your Profits By At Least 30% In 7 Days?
  • How To Use Email To Create Outrageous Overnight Sales?
  • How To Create a Webpage That Guarantees You More Response, More Profits?
  • How You Can Use 100 Year Old Advertisements To Increase Your Sales Fast?
  • One Secret Step You Can Apply Right Now To Boost Your Company Image Overnight From Average To Premium?
  • How To Brand or Position Your Business To Number One Quickly?
  • How You Can Reduce Your Marketing Budget By 90% and Yet Increase Sales By 100%?

And So Much More

Would you like me to help you right now?

If you have decided – CONTACT ME HERE for an initial consultation.

Here’s how my direct response consulting works.

  • Lets talk.
  • Lets arrange to meet.
  • Lets decide what needs solved first.
  • Lets agree a fee and reward system.
  • I’ll get started and send you what I need transform things for you.
  • Any travel costs to be met.

I am open to any location – lets talk it over.

Hourly, half day, daily, weekly and even monthly rates available. All my work is bespoke to you so lets talk.