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I’ll Teach You New Skills. I’ll Help You Build a Strong Business. I’ll Show You Everything I know About the World of a Highly paid Copywriter – Including The Amazing Income!

I’ll Give You Powerful Yet Easy To Learn Skills So You Can Write Yourself Hundreds of Thousands Of Pounds or (Enough Cash To Replace Your Current Income)

Everything You Need To Know On how To build Yourself a New Life Writing

NO experience is required.

NO office required.

NO expensive equipment is needed.

Just three of you are invited to come to my home to start off a new career in copywriting that has the ability to change everything for you and your future. And don’t worry. I will show you exactly how to get clients I will show you exactly how to get paid I will show you exactly how to layout everything I will show you everything you need to do to get your initial investment back as fast as you possibly can And I am even going to promote your new business for you to help you get the very best possible start.

Starts February 29th 3-Places No experience required Get paid to write Work the hours you want Get paid the money you need Fully supported program I’ll show you how to find paying clients, how to ask for cash and how to deliver incredible service. And I should know because I’ve done it (and do it) and as you’ll read on this page, I’ve taught others to do the same.

THIS CAN MEAN FOR YOU: NEW work. NEW wages. NEW career. NEW life. NEW year. NEW changes and I’ll prove how in a moment.

  • Imagine: Holidays and breaks you’ve only ever dreamt about actually coming true (create your own hours)
  • Imagine: Cars parked outside your own home that you’ve always wanted
  • Imagine: The home of your dreams both here and abroad
  • Imagine: Cash in the bank for doing less than you do right now
  • Imagine: Kill stress, kill long hours and change everything
  • Imagine: Working when you like, as you like and where you like

And imagine being able to finally leave your job that steals all of your joy, all your time, all your energy and all of you life day after day!

I understand, I get it,  that feeling of getting up too early a quick breakfast and then that mad rush to get into your office on time. I know I understand, I did it for over twenty years and it almost killed me! I’ll share more about that in a moment.

Same Thing Same Results!

You’ve done the same old thing for years. You’ve taken all the advice you can ever take. You listened you applied and you tried your best to do what was expected of you. Yet it just wasn’t enough. Your life never changed. Your habits are still habits. Your job is killing you. Your business well – it sucks and you need help. Where is it all going? Anywhere?

You’ve even hired mentors or coaches before. They promised success with minimum effort, you believed them and you paid up your hard earned cash.

And where are you now?

The same place but more broke than you’ve ever been in your life. What’s next? Another course that won’t work? Another ‘expert’ that really doesn’t have the expertise to take you forward? You want to sell your business but what will you do? A job isn’t your thing. Or you want to leave you job and start a new business.

You’ve tried that before and frankly nothing happened apart from a lower bank balance and more on your credit cards. Sickeningly sad I know. I’ve seen it so many times over the past ten years or more.

Life coaches that want to show you how to live a great life but themselves have disastrous lives. Wealth coaches that are broke and have never created wealth themselves. Business mentors that have never had a successful business and those selling how to do this and that that have clearly never done a thing apart from sell this endless get rich quick junk.

Lies and Hype!

Are you sick of the lies the hype and the downright fraudulent behaviors of these people that have built business around taking from people like yourself that really need change, directions and most of all help from a real experience business guide and mentor that has helped many make changes? So if you are at your last throw of the dice and are truly desperate for change keep reading because what you read …

Could Mentor You Into Success?

Now that’s a good question because everyone says they can MENTOR you into success of some kind. So before I share a few successes with you let me explain the difference between them and myself.

THE AFS METHOD: My method is unique to myself. Built on 30 years of front-line business. Everything that is part of my powerful AFS METHOD is proven, is tested, up-to-the-minute and works.

MIND HABIT AND CHANGE: I will help you change your habits and mindset using a formal I have used, practiced and taught others for years.

DIRECT CONTACT: You deal with myself from start to finish. No staff, no outsourced trainers, no newbies that have no idea who you are or what they are doing. You deal with myself and when needed my specialists for traffic, leads, conversion or design.

24/7 DIRECT ACCESS: You’ll have my personal number to call me anytime you need me during the MENTOR period. Not staff, not an outsource center in the Philippines. You get me anytime you need me during MENTOR.

FACE-TO-FACE: If you live in the UK meeting face-to-face is easy. You have one initial face-to-face where we will meet in a premium space to discuss and plan your business plus get to know each other better so we can build trust. I do work with clients offshore and have been flown to places such as Switzerland, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Ireland, Scotland and Singapore to do initial face-to-face meetings (the price of travel is added).

BESPOKE MENTORING: MENTOR is not built around a script or a one-size fits all manual. I interview you, work on what you know, what you already have and your strengths. I never put my MENTOR students through anything they cannot do. Mentor is designed to give you fast results!

REAL TRACK RECORD: Unlike many modern MENTORS that have taken coaching lessons, been on a seminar or read and gone through manuals but rarely had a successful business of their own. I have created many successful businesses for myself and worked deep in the heart of as many as 400 different businesses over a period of 30 years. I also boast a pretty unbeatable track record.

This is a 12-month program on how to become a copywriter. Full support. Everything you need to change your career and income. No previous experience required.THERE ARE JUST 3 2 PLACES REMAINING!

Alan thanks for your  training program and Mastermind meeting – it’s real powerhouse stuff. Working with you has really opened my eyes, lifted my sights and given me powerful insights into how to make things possible. I’m making some BIG changes this year so thanks for shifting my thinking. Gary Sprinks

As a result of my association with Alan, I am a much better copy writer than I ever thought possible. My writing is on a much higher plane and I can produce sales letters and adverts now which are far superior to anything I’ve done in the past with this new knowledge that I’ve gained from him.

For me, it was well worth it. Stuart Price


  • ‘SUPERIOR’ Stuart Price
  • “BRILLIANT’ Gary Spinks
  • ‘BEST INVESTMENT’ Neil Shepard
  • ‘UNFORGETTABLE’ Troy Steine
  • ‘HUGE IMPACT’ Maria Bennett
  • ‘GENIUS’ Caroline Sanderson
  • ‘MASTERFUL’ Jason Strachan
  • ‘INSPIRING’ Dan Moore
  • ‘MIND-BLOWING’ Stephen Georgulis
  • ‘UNIQUE’ Sabrina Yulle
  • ‘INTEGRITY’ Victoria Furey
  • ‘AMAZED’ John Kappa
  • ‘TOTAL GENIUS’ Kevin Lewis
  • ‘AWESOME’ Vincent Wong
  • ‘EXELLENCE’ Nick Shelton
  • ‘LUCRATIVE’ Philip Shufflebotham
  •  AND
  •  ‘BRILLIANT MIND’ Jay Conrad Levinson
  • ‘THE BEST’ Brett Mcfall
  • ‘STARTLING RESULTS’ Michel Fortin
  • ‘STUNNING’ Simon Grabowski

And just know, I have mentored copywriters, new and established. I have also mentored companies on the stock exchange, Fortune 50 and 500. I have also worked with over 400 industries! I also uniquely offer over 31 years strategic direct response business experience.

COPYWRITING MENTOR Is Proven … Do What I Tell You and It’ll Work – Dead Simple!

I’ve made money full-time since 1999 from copywriting and consulting only. It’s paid for a lot of stuff for me. I’m happy to share how it can for you …

  • MENTOR is about life design – thats right designing your work around your life
  • MENTOR is about life change – real lasting change that delivers you out of the world of long hours and low wages and gives you more choice
  • MENTOR is about creating happy individuals that create their own success under the hand of a proven mentor
  • MENTOR shows you how to really make money and wealth as a copywriter
  • MENTOR reveals how to build a real business that works regardless of the economy
  • MENTOR gives you the skills and tools I personally have mastered for decades and still develop today as a writer and consultant for hire
  • MENTOR shows you how to become a copywriter
  • MENTOR helps you to build a 3-day week and a 12-week breakaway
  • MENTOR gives you what I have done for years – nothing held back


  • Easy to connect to almost 24 hours a day – within reason. I and only I picks up my phone and answers my emails
  • Proven track record mentoring people just like you. I’ve been mentoring since 1985 – When smart business people and copywriters need help or advice, they come to me
  • You learn EVERYTHING you need to know to become a successful copywriter
  • Its fast, furious, fun and very personal for you
  • MENTOR is bespoke and built around you and you only

So if you can imagine yourself switching on your iPad anywhere in the world at anytime to either write copy or words MENTOR is for you.

“I got my first copywriting client that spent over £2,000 after just 8 weeks in the copywriting business.” Dilys Stokes

Dear New Copywriter,

Alan Forrest Smith here.

May 2003 I took a decision that was to change my life forever. It could have failed, it could have gone badly wrong, it could have even left my family homeless at the time, and it didn’t. It worked and it really did change everything.

Let me explain.

Since 1982 I had been a hairdresser. During those years I managed to open 3 very successful salons. The money was good, the hours and the pressure were just insane. And apart from that like most hairdressers after 17 years my back felt broken. Pain, painkillers, physio and even acupuncture – Nothing worked. The pressure of running a business like this was getting far too much for me.

The problem with a change at over forty with so many obligations like 4 kids, huge house, BMWs on lease and so much more was would a change work? I knew I wanted to become a great copywriter but the reality was I really didn’t know a great deal about it.

I really needed this change and a big change at that. I could keep doing the hours and the endless pressure of running a business this size but it felt like I was killing me. Finally I told my family. At the time I think they felt I was going crazy! Maybe I was?

May 2003 arrived and that was it. I left those salons behind and started a full-time life writing for a living. I had to start from scratch I had to do everything new. I had to discover new skills. I had to practice writing. I had to never give up.

It worked and it worked more than well.


Today I write to you from my penthouse apartment in Cheshire’s so-called golden triangle. This is the richest area in the whole of the UK where all the premiership footballers live, actors and many other of the rich and famous live.

I travel and write from where I am. My office is my iPad and iCloud. My banking system is through PayPal. I have total freedom to get paid literally anywhere at anytime. I have been paid insane amounts for writing.

£1,200 for an hour, £35,000, £50,000, £74,000 and much more I wouldn’t put on this webpage for obvious reasons. I can earn more in a day that some would earn in any year of their life. I want for nothing at all.

Today I am fitter than I have ever been in my entire life! I have time to keep fit and do all of the things I enjoy doing in my life.

  • Yet I used to work insane hours.
  • I had to start this new career in my forties from scratch.
  • I had to learn a brand new set of skills.
  • I had to learn how to get clients.
  • I had to learn how to brand and position and myself.

And everything that is needed to become a great copywriter I had to learn from a standing start. Today I am a very well respected copywriter amongst some of the best known out there.

Can You Become a Copywriter?

£10,000 INVOICE: Recently a new copywriter on my program did something that he has never done in his life. He sent out an invoice for £10,000. This guy is used to sending out invoices for £250! When he first came to me to be mentored I had to help him price up a client. His price was around $400 USA. I showed him everything I know about getting paid more. He then sent out his invoice for £2,000 and got his new client. He has left his job and is now a fulltime copywriter.

BIG CLIENT: Another mentor copywriter client of mine really wanted a big hit. He was also starting from scratch so he had a lot to discover about how this business works. His client was big and I mean very big. He wanted me to show him how to get this one big target as a client. I doubted to be frank but we put together a way to do this. The client was a BMW garage. So my mentor student did exactly as I showed him. We refined the campaign until it was right. He got a call from the client to go for a visit so they could discuss their needs. He now works part-time as a copywriter.

FIRST BIG CLIENT: A lady came to me after being made redundant from the bank. She became a mentor student of mine. After just eight weeks working with myself she had made more in a single day than she used to get paid in the bank per month. The first invoice she sent out to a client with my help was for £1,995. The client agreed and within just 8 weeks of starting her mentoring she had pulled in well over a months previous wage. She now works as a copywriter.

$90,000: This mentor student flew from Sydney Australia to work with me. His fee and his travel and accommodation cost over $25,000 AUD. This payment was all on loan. Within 12 weeks of working with me as a new copywriter not only had he invoiced well over six-figures but he had taken in and banked over $90,000. He now works as a fulltime copywriter.

Time right now doesn’t allow me to go on and on but I will tell you these guys all had one thing in common with myself.

  • All had to learn from scratch
  • All had to start somewhere
  • All had to make a career change
  • All now get paid for writing and all can take their skills and their office anywhere in the world at anytime.

So yes being a copywriter can change everything for you like it did for the guys above. It can give you whatever you need in life. Not all new copywriters make a ton day in day out but you can easily replace your income and create Just imagine if you could change everything in your life over the next 12 months. Then imagine yourself doing what you want, having the freedom to do what you want whilst getting paid to do as you want. Does that sound perfect?

That’s exactly what I have done for years and show my copywriting mentor students just like yourself to do also.

I have travelled the world and been paid massive amounts for writing words. In fact I have probably been paid more in a week than you have been paid in a year… I can show you how you can copy how to do that!

Don’t worry I also started from scratch in fact I used to be a hairdresser. I understand huge changes and will show you how I went from start-up copywriter to writing for the likes of Jay Abraham in months and many other huge direct marketing experts including the genius Jay Conrad Levinson.

I’ll guide you. I’ll show you. I’ll teach you. I’ll inform you. I’ll mold you. I’ll give you everything you need to copy the very-fast copywriting success I personally achieved and have today!

MENTOR is a life change – not just a course so be prepared to cover things you will not have covered before with anyone. I can’t reveal everything on this page as I don’t want to give too much away to my competition but …

  • I’ll show you how I got high-end clients paying tens of thousands of pounds for a piece and how you can easily copy what I did
  • I’ll show you how I got paid commisions for life
  • I’ll show you how I built my copywriting business from zero into a mini-empire of goliath proporations and how you can do the same
  • I will show you how I get paid hundreds of dollars per single word
  • I will show you how I find those clients with money and how you copy what I did
  • I will show you how I built a wonderful life around using and mastering words despite failing anything word based, grammar or English related at school
  • How I became the number one choice for copywriter for high-spend clients and how you can follow my paths to high-demand!
  • You’ll be positioned as an ELITE copywriter
  • You’ll be featured in my personal online hall of fame for everyone to see
  • You’ll be branded as the ONLY option for copywriting
  • You’ll be pushed out to my A-list and promoted time and time again by myself to top clients
  • You’ll have the ability to be charging anything from $2,000 to $20,000 per piece eventually
  • You’ll discover how to get clients coming to you, not you struggling to find the copy work
  • You’ll have the chance to come to my home where we’ll plan, strategize, create powerful tactics, brand, position and launch your new ELITE copywriting career

We will even talk about

  • Health
  • Your spirit
  • Habits
  • Time
  • Life-design
  • Long term changes
  • And more

Would you like to join me?

If you’re right for MENTOR … Your life could be about to change dramatically. An interview is required (see below)! So now’s your chance to be my long-term partner and tap into my existing client list that is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in copy & consulting services

And IF and only IF… You pass the initial interview and I MENTOR you, I’ll reveal exactly how to you can do the same as I have done non-stop for 15 years (and could easily do for the next 100 years if that were possible).

IMPORTANT: This is not a cheap-me-too copywriting course that shows you how to charge a few hundred dollars per project. I charge a minimum of $20,000 per project and I’ll be mentoring you to do exactly the same.

  • YOU GET: Promoted to my client list so your investment is returned quicker
  • YOU GET: I will promote you on my website and to my partners that are looking for copywriters
  • YOU GET: My respected endorsement – people hire my mentors simply because I trained them.
  • YOU GET: My unique billing system – I will show you who to ask for huge amounts without blinking (and there is a secret)

And there’s more so if you are sick of doing the same old thing and cannot face a repeat of last year – Devour every word on this page and then be quick and make a choice.

My name is Alan Forrest Smith.

I make my cash from writing, copywriting, consulting and mentoring others. I am also a published author and prolific writer of stories, short stories, philosophy and business books.

I am writing to you from our penthouse in cheshire golden triangle  where I live with my wife Tamuna. This is one of the wealthiest areas in the whole of the UK.I am not telling you that to show off I am telling you to show you what writing words pays for.

That’s me below with my pal big buddha.

copywriter-manchesterFrom my office window I can see almost 40-miles north towards Cumbria and the view is truly spectacular that goes right over the top of the trees and old houses right up until the furthest point where the Pennines (hills) begin. I love autumn and winter from this window because the mist falls onto the village and all you can see is the top of the houses and trees popping out from the huge blanket of mist.

Just outside on my driveway is the new car I recently paid cash for. I bought a huge black American Dodge 4×4 with all the bells and whistles, and it’s pretty cool.

I live here with my wife Tamuna. She is the love of my life and honestly is so gorgeous in everyway I can’t wait to go to bed so I can wake up next to her.

I have NO debt, no credit cards, no loans, and no credit from anywhere or anyone and have every thing I need to live and create a really very, very good life.

I travel at least 5 times a year. We have two wonderful homes in the republic of Georgia (next to Russia). One is in the capital Tbilisi and the other in Bori in the Caucasian mountains and surrounded by nothing more than nature. It’s pretty incredible to say the least to sit and work and breath in such glorious stillness and silence. We travel many times each year for city breaks, exploring and relaxation. That’s me in Tbilisi Georgia below relaxing and reading. I have just returned from New York.


These days I work just 3 days a week and do pretty much as I like. I no longer have a focus on just making money but rather designing a life that feels right, feels good and makes life much fuller and enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong though – I still get paid ridiculous amounts from my clients. I can get paid more in a day than some earn in a year. It’s good, it’s all really good. I hope that doesn’t sound too much like I’m showing off or bragging. I don’t mean to I am simply telling you how it is right now because not that long ago it was nothing like that.

Discovering How To Become a Copywriter Was To Change My Life – Twice!

The following are both true stories.

Story One: I was a hairdresser for over 20 years.

Story Two: I was also a bankrupt in 2009 and left with nothing.

First – How my life used to be as a hairdresser. I was a hairdresser for a long time. I used to work ridiculous hours. At one time I employed around 25 staff over 3 salons and I was working longer hours, longer days, longer weeks and working harder than any of them. That’s one of my salon’s below…

bigscissor2My early business success

I used to struggle to get a day off. I used to struggle to pay for holidays. My spine was painful and damaged from standing on my feet day in day out and frankly it was a job that was killing me. I had fights with staff, fights with staffs boyfriends, fights with staffs parents, had my car destroyed by staff and even had one furious father spend ten minutes trying to kick down the front door of my house after I fired his lazy late-again daughter.

In the evenings I was so tired I was barely alive. To tired to do anything I would sit and watch TV in an almost unconscious state until bedtime. Go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. Don’t get me wrong we were making a ton of cash but there were never anything left to pay anything. I had walkouts, I had endless hassles and one day I even had bailiffs in reception waiting to empty the shop over a £17,000 bill I couldn’t pay. The stress was unbearable for me whilst my staff looked on, laughed and went home in the evening.

After 17 years as a businessman and salon owner I had to make a serious change or I felt like the pressure from the salons was going to kill me.

Whilst I had my salons we I was doing something no salon in the UK was doing and that was Direct Mail. According to all our reps and other visitors into the salon we were the only salons doing direct mail. Not just direct mail but masses of advertising and marketing. Of course I had no idea what a copywriter was so I had to write all of the materials and that wasn’t easy for me as I couldn’t spell and had no idea what grammar was (I walked out of school at 15).

These letters and adverts started to catch the attention of my business clients and some actually used to ask me to write letters and adverts for them but then I never had the confidence or time to do many of them. This did however give me an idea after reading a book by Jay Conrad Levinson in the early 90s. He mentioned something called a copywriter and how much they got paid for writing words. I thought to myself I am already writing letters so maybe this can be my way out of the salon business that had been killing me for years.


By 1998 I was getting asked on a regular basis to write for my salon clients. By 1999 I had launched my first website, mastered AltaVista and Yahoo for search engine positions and was getting enquiries from all over the world for sales copy.

One day in my salons I was standing cutting hair. A now good friend and client walked into the salon and asked my receptionist, “Can you help me I am looking for Alan Forrest Smith the copywriter. His website gives this address but clearly this is a hair salon?” The receptionist told him that, “the only Alan working in these premises was that one over there and he is a hairdresser”. I looked over as I heard and saw the confusion.

Quickly I came over to Neil and said to him, “I am the copywriter, let me finish this haircut and we can talk upstairs” We went upstairs and talked. I explained everything and he gave me an envelope with £1,000 in it to write him a letter. That was more than I was getting any week as a salon owner with 3 salons. I was hooked!

It sounds so bizarre as I write it but that really was how it was in the early days. I had no experience, I had no track record, I had no clients and no copywriting business yet people had started to come to me to write copy and they were paying me handsomely to do just that. The only problem I had at that time was I never really knew what I was doing so now was a time I should really educate myself in more depth about words and sales copy. Not easy when you have 3 salons to run, 3 kids to bring up and I was also in the middle of building a massive five bedroomed-converted barn/home at the same time.

I knew nothing about the copywriting world at all, I had failed school, walked out with no exam results and didn’t know the difference between a verb and a noun until I began to re-educate myself.

Change Meant Changing My habits and Changing My World

So I had to design a new routine. Once all of my kids (and now another on the way) went to bed I started to study. That study kept me up usually to around 3am. I then went to bed and then had to get up at 7am to open my salons. I bought just a handful of books.

After some research I discovered David Ogilvy was the best of the best so just like I did with my hairdressing where I copied Vidal Sassoon I decided that David Ogilvy would be my mentor. Better a dead genius than a living fool I thought. I bought his one book and that one book I paid £7.00 has earned me hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years! (TIP: Even if you don’t work with me I strongly advise you find a MENTOR in written form that can guide you after all books are cheap. This is a much harder way to go but still works if you are self-disciplined)

By 2003 I had a long list of super-clients like Jay Abraham, Stephen Pierce, Marlon Sanders and a lot of brick and mortar businesses here in the UK. Around 2001 I had my first big score for a client selling cars. I rebuilt their campaign from the ground up and they sold almost 1.5 million in cars from a single direct mail campaign. Around the same time I also saved a cosmetic business by slashing their direct mail from 5000 a month to 100 mailers. The response was 47% and sales were just over £800,000. I was flying and attracting a lot of interest for my work!

By 2005 I was so busy I simply couldn’t cope with the demand of people asking for copy. By 2005 I was also getting asked to travel all over the globe to teach others how to write powerful sales copy. By 2006 I had flown around the world many times teaching and educating others on business and writing powerful sales copy.

One weekend after receiving a special invite I flew over to Dallas USA to a BBQ at a friend’s home. His name was Stephen Pierce and at his home I partied with the likes of John Carlton, Yanik Silver, T Harv Eker, Jay Abraham and literally dozens and dozens more experts who I also wrote sales copy for. That very next morning another pal – Mike Filsaime – made myself and John Reese and many others egg on toast whilst I sat there and just couldn’t believe how in just a few short years my life had changed from working outrageous hours and suffering from endless back pains to this sitting next to a huge lake in Dallas eating breakfast with Jay Abraham.

Then in 2008 something amazing happened to me. I was speaking in Atlanta Georgia USA and after my presentation a small old guy walked up to me and told me how much he enjoyed my presentation. It turns out he was the guy that I had used as a mentor in my early salon days and the same guy I first heard the word copywriter from … Jay Conrad Levinson. After that we became very good friends right up until his death.

How to become a copywriter and copywriting course

By this point life was all-new – I had also created an income that was seeing me getting paid huge cash lumps for amounts of 5k, 10k, 25k and even as much as 50k to write sales copy. Honestly I was proud of what I was achieving and the new life it was creating and had created but I didn’t realise that these new skills were about to change my life again forever. I now had no staff, my back pain had vanished, I was healthy, happy and enjoying my life until the next big change.

Here is story number two and the changes that took place and of course how having the life skill of using words saved me.

After Change Came More Change – Being a Writer Saved Me Once Again

Now I wanted to add this photo for you to show you that life can be tough even in good times. The second to last window on the right was a tiny bedsit house that was to literally save my life from absolute hopelessness. I’ll explain more in a second.


On December 25th 2009 I awoke on Christmas day on a cheap rollout sofa, which was my bed. In fact it was the only piece of furniture I owned at that moment. I bought it from IKEA.

I woke up that day – Christmas day alone, lay there for a while and cried and cried and cried some more. I cried so much that the tears couldn’t be stopped for at least 20 minutes or so but looking back I can tell you it was a huge pressure release for me but first let me take you back just a few weeks before then.

I had found myself doing something I had been doing over the past few months each and everyday and that was sitting at the back of the old graveyard behind my elderly parents house. Every night in that freezing cold winter I would walk out alone and then walk just around the corner into the 16th century old graveyard to think about what has happened in my life over the previous few years, where my life was and was this almost the end of what had once been a very happy life but was now a life of a man that had looked like I had surrendered to the worst in life.

I never sat at the front of the graveyard because people would walk by and see me and they would think that’s strange or something was wrong with the guy sitting in the graveyard so I always walked to the back and would sit on the old iron bench next to the stone of John Watson 1937 – 2005. John had lived a long life but now was a pile of dust feeding the earth. I would think about John and who John could have been. Now John was just a stone and a memory. Thats the actual graveyard below. I used to sit on the bench on the right.mentor-church (1)

Had my own life now finished? As I sat there for one hour, two hours and three hours until the cold finally reached me I would spend that time sitting back so my face was pointing into the pitch black diamond lit sky and asked myself question after question after question after question.

My life had not turned out as I wanted it to turn out and right at this point right now I had, no home to live in, no wages or cash to spend and no woman to wrap her arms around me, to love me back to life and comfort him with sweet words of tenderness, love and strength. I missed the stroke of a woman’s fingers slowly across my chest; he missed the soft lips of a woman on his face. I really was alone. (See how life can change quickly)

One night as I looked up into the sky I realised that if I allow things to remain the same as they are now, broke, alone, lost and living with my parents at 47 – I am as good as dead! My kids had lost all respect for me. My first wife wanted me destroyed. My family had all but rejected me. In fact one member of my family had tried on more than one occasion to try and kill me. No wonder I was crying.

Just Another Change In Life

With that thought I finally realised where I was wasn’t new, it had happened to many before me and would carry on happening to others after me. Maybe even old John Watson 1937 – 2005 had been through the same yet his outcome was also the same for him as it was for all men.

So I made a decision. If things were to change for me he had to do get out of the graveyard, stop surrounding myself with death, get generating an income again, find a home to live and finally search for a woman that could get someone as complicated as myself (others would say I was complicated so I had started to believe I was complicated but actually really I was just a man). I left the graveyard feeling different. I told John Watson 1937 – 2005 that I was going, I am alive and I won’t be back to sit with him.

I wanted to share this story to encourage you and give you courage at the same time that you can overcome anything in life but only if you want to. How do you know you want to? You’ll just know. Why did I do that? Because I sat and worked out what I needed right now to kick-start a brand new life that I was going to design from the ground up. I had to have a plan. I had no income yet needed an income to get a home to live in (the photo above) and get out of the 80 square foot room I was currently living in at my parents and I needed a place of my own if I was to tempt a beautiful woman a little less crazy than myself to join me in a new life by design. Let me take you back a moment so you understand how I got here; a divorce and all the destruction that came with it. It was full on, vicious, destructive and left myself with no home, no work, and no access to my kids, no family and frankly no nothing.

At the point I write about above I had not worked for well over 6-months due to stress, ill-health and pressure from all-sides and had not a single penny to my name. I was back at year zero where it was stand up and walk or lie down and die.

MENTOR – My Own Mentors Had Given Me Everything I Needed Over The Years To Survive and Start Again – Words and Copy Saved Me

I thought about it and thought about all the information I have taken in over the past few years. I had been trained and mentored by the great David Ogilvy, I had been mentored and befriended by some incredible people and I had come to realise that this change could save me at this point if I acted right now. I just had to take action, it was that simple.

So I decided that I must be in my own place for Christmas even though it was just a few weeks away but to do that I also needed to be able to pay for a home with 12-months rent in advance.

Within 4 weeks I had the cash to pay 12 months rent (Just over £11,000). Within five weeks I had moved into my new tiny little home and then of course like I said at the start of this letter I awoke on Christmas day lying on a roll-out bed alone and crying but happy that I was alive again. The tears were not for me being alone but they were mourning for the death of an old life that had passed away and the relief that my new life had now started.

It was now up to me, it was to be my own choices that would now make a difference. Using my skills as a copywriter pulled me back from the brink. In less than a month I had enough cash to pay for 12 months rent, buy me a car and go to California for 3-months to recover from everything that had taken place.

Now – today – as I write to you life is good. I have my beautiful woman for almost 4-years as I writer, I have a huge home, I have a new car, I will be living at our other home in Georgia for 3 months this year plus we have a visit to Moscow, St Petersburg and San Francisco and Paris planned. If I didn’t have a business as a copywriter and a consultant God only knows where I’d be right now … maybe back in a salon! Dramatic Stuff I Know! That’s me and my darling Tamuna in Jerusalem in 2013.

jerusalemLearning To Write Copy and Become a Writer Saved My Life – Changed My Life – Transformed My Life… Could I Do The Same For You?

So here is what I discovered … there are those that know things you may not know. We only have to routes to learning. One take the time to do it all ourselves or – two – ask a mentor for advice and directions. I can share this… Having mentors over the years changed a lot for me personally. Being a copywriter and writer has led to a ton of opportunities for me and I can show you exactly how to follow those life-changing footsteps.

If You Need Change IN Your Life You Have to Make Changes … And Writing Copy Can Be The Best Job In The World To Support change!

WARNING: If you are looking for a standard copywriter that reveals a secret system I am not your mentor. My style is unique and you will be held very closely and treated as the unique one-off individual that you are. I treat my clients as family as friends as life long partners. You must see this change as a life change – not a get rich quick course!

If you were living your life as a copywriter/consultant here are a few things you can actually create for yourself…

  • Incredible income
  • You can design your lifestyle around your work
  • You can work from anywhere, anytime
  • You get paid very very well
  • You can pick and choose your work
  • You can live in a great home and afford it
  • You can buy all the gadgets you want and write your campaigns in a cave if that turns you on
  • You can leave your office and spend a day thinking and drinking coffee
  • You can travel and not worry about getting back for work
  • You can nip out each day and sit in cafes drinking coffee looking at the sexy ladies walking back and to all day
  • You can dream or go riding on your next motorbike
  • You can afford the latest Apple everything
  • You can afford to stay fit, stay healthy and even afford the time to exercise each day
  • You can buy a place abroad and invite pals or hide out to write
  • You can go away for the summer or go away for the winter
  • You can spend weeks just thinking about writing and get paid to think
  • You can even increase your income ten-fold without writing a single word
  • You can work one week and take two off
  • If you want to work one day a week you can
  • If you want to work 7 days a week you can
  • If you want to work flat out for a year and then do nothing for a year you can
  • You can even become an author
  • You can even become a public speaker
  • You can become the company hero that creates the biggest campaigns ever
  • Not only can this skill save you and change your life when you need it the most – Copywriting gives you freedom and a lifestyle that will bring you admiration and fame!

Would You Like Me To Mentor You Into Life-Change As A Copywriter & Consultant to Make 2015/16 Your Best Year Ever?

First here are a couple of reasons I am worth working with as your mentor and not a wanna-be internet ghost that appears and vanishes with the next fad!

  • I started writing for business in 1985
  • I am a recognized expert
  • I have a long list of famous premium clients
  • I have been doing this almost 30 years
  • When copywriters need help or advice I am the expert they come to
  • My program is fast but should be seen as a life-skill
  • My program is bespoke and personal to you
  • We speak when you need to speak
  • I am there for you at any point you need me – just call me
  • Almost all of my students gain success
  • The best in the business rave about me
  • My approach is unique and very different
  • My MENTOR program is absolutely bespoke to you
  • I have done the changes you might be thinking about
  • I know every ethical trick in the book
  • My priority is to serve you not take from you
  • AND MORE …

Here’s how MENTOR works

We start everything with a Skype or phone call. We can even do that face-to-face if you prefer? I will then create and bespoke everything I know for you.

MENTOR With myself For One Full Year.

How about I spend a full year working alongside you teaching you everything I know about the incredible world of copywriting?

  • I will train you in simple steps so you get the world of copywriting quickly
  • I will show you how to take a blank sheet and turn it into cash
  • I will show you the first and last words to write
  • I will show you all the differing techniques and tricks in copywriting
  • I will show you how to get time to make this change
  • I would show you how to set up your business from scratch
  • I will guide you with what you need to do and how you should do it
  • I will help you perfect the art of writing and editing your copy
  • I will show you the best tools to use for the job
  • I will show you how to find ready to pay clients
  • I’ll show you how to work out how to replace your current monthly wage with single invoices to single clients
  • I will show you absolutely everything you need to know and do so you can make a safe transition into the world of copywriting from my own personal 31 year vault as a copywriter.

KIND WARNING: Join me and take no action – nothing will happen. It would have been better to simply give the cash to a charitable fund. So first we talk and design in good plans what it is you need for your life and then … we plan it out and create the plan according to what is best for you.

You’ll discover how to actually get started from a standing start

  • How to craft and build a business
  • How to gather your tools
  • How to get started writing
  • How to take it all online
  • The easy way to put your website together
  • How to maximize the mobile market
  • How to find your customers
  • How to find high-end clients
  • How to invoice with confidence
  • How to create a brief
  • How to create your media packs
  • How to say what you need to say to get paying customers
  • How to brand your company
  • How to position your
  • How to start at the top
  • How to enhance your writing skills
  • How to create alliance partners
  • How to manage your time
  • How to create real magic
  • How to get my best and create real stuff together
  • How to charge hundreds of dollars per hour
  • How to get your new business working hard for you so you can create a life that maybe you only thought was a dream in the past.

I will show you how BRAND-NEW-COPYWRITERS/WRITERS I have mentored have earned anything from £500 for a small advert to well over £100,000 a year for writing words did it and how you can copy what they did. Do as you like, when you like and work as much as you like – when you know how. I will show you exactly how I have done it, how others have done it and how you can copy what we have done before you. You really need NO previous experience. See this video … this guy – Jason – Had zero experience when I started mentoring him.

Some of my previous MENTOR students were, nurses, students, a petty criminal, magazine model, property developer, electrician, fireman, jeweller, soldier, printer and many more over the past 7 years mentoring.

If you can hold a pen in your hand or type on a keyboard there is no reason you can’t do this.

My Typical (or not so typical day) Day as a Writer. Just read this quickly. Its my typical day but do this … Imagine yourself in that day!

First I write from anywhere so my day isn’t that typical. I don’t go to an office, I don’t drive anywhere and I could be sitting in a vineyard writing (as I do in our vineyard in Georgia). I start when I am ready to start each day. That can be writing in bed, writing on a sofa, writing outside in the garden or writing in a café on my iPhone. I write almost everything on my notepad on my iPhone even my books and stories and sales copy. I later transfer it onto my bigger machines for finalizing.

My working hours can and do vary. I can easily write for 12 hours but mostly half a day is enough for me. On average I write around 800,000 – over a million words a year. I also only deal with a few high-end clients these days. I also drink a lot of black coffee, I like to talk a lot, read a lot and think a lot. I love the life I designed and am still designing and refining.

My number one business priority is serving my clients. I look after them and they look after me but I always live each day and my life on my terms only. I write on the days I travel. I write on trains, in long cab rides or when flying on our little trips into Paris or other places. I never drive anywhere apart from local. I simply cannot deal with and don’t have to deal with traffic anymore. I never drive on any road at peak times – NEVER – in fact I cannot remember the last time I sat in traffic.

In 2013 I spent the summer writing in cafes, on the side of a mountain at our Caucasian mountain home in Georgia and in one of my favorite spots next to the vineyard where all the snakes creep through the long grass (honestly). That’s a photo of me writing in Bori near Zestaponi in the Republic of Georgia where we have a home.



In other words – I do my work based and built around my life – not my job! Would you like days like that? Can you see yourself there? Is MENTOR for you?

Well I suppose what you could be asking first is how happy are you with your life? Do you want it to carry on the same way forever? Do you want to make changes and love the idea of getting paid to write words? Are you sick and tired of driving to work, being told what to do when you get to work and struggling to find any satisfaction in your life through your work? Are you over worked and underpaid? Or are you simply in need of urgent change?

Let me stress this… My MENTOR program is about long-term life change and life design. It isn’t a quick route to salvation or a get-rich-quick-scheme. If that is what you need this isn’t for you so please don’t waste your cash or the banks cash. I have some MENTOR clients that have taken a year or more to really get going but they are changing and changing at their pace – not mine!

You must see this as a long-term life change that has massive benefits for you and your family. MENTOR is about creating a life on your terms. Copywriting is simply a tool to hit your bigger goal of more freedom and happiness doing and having the things in your life that make you happier. That takes hard work, good study habits, new directions, new thoughts, new tools and maybe a lot of new ways of doing things. It isn’t easy but can be as easy as you make it.

Right now I write around 2000 words a day or almost a million words each year. How much will you write? The benefits for you if you really get this can be huge but ultimately it is up to you. I have done it and done it very successfully on more than one occasion. The biggest thing that holds back progress for my mentor students is their thoughts. They think they can’t do it, they think they are not good enough, they think they don’t have experience and more but I have been there and been exactly the same and the reality is once you get mind focused – this will happen for you. Does that make sense for you?

MENTOR Hall-Of-Fame

Some names are now removed for privacy reasons.

Subject: It all started with an email From the desk of Neil Shepherd


The Email Specialist

Dear Friend,

It all started with an email Not just any email An email from ALAN FORREST SMITH

The email contained an important message that would ultimately change my life and business forever… More on that in a minute… Please allow me to introduce myself my name’s Neil Shepherd, my client’s call me ‘The Email Specialist’ I’m guessing that’s because my emails




Back to the email from Alan You see, there was an opportunity to spend 2 days at Alan’s home focusing on my business…

The problem was I had NO money to book my place and I couldn’t borrow anymore because of

• 2 Maxed out credit cards

• Overdraft at bursting point

• 2 personal loans

• Car on finance

• Big mortgage

Not to mention 3 people depending on me (my gorgeous Fiancé Samantha our two girls Amy aged 9 and Katie aged 6) That would put most people off wouldn’t it?

So how did I find the money? I made it my fierce goal to work relentlessly over the coming months, it wasn’t easy but I managed to do it

Meeting Alan in person was an experience I’ll never forget he genuinely cares about you and listens to your problems and gives honest and helpful advice Here I was sitting in his kitchen drinking coffee and chatting… How many trainers pull back the curtains and let you see inside their home?

It wasn’t all smiles though Alan kindly ripped my business apart and revealed exactly where I was hemorrhaging money and how I could rebuild it a better way

Here’s how those 2 days mentoring with Alan was the BEST investment I’ve made

1. I’ve raised my fees and no longer feel bad about sending invoices

2. I’ve started getting paid at least 50% upfront on projects (I use to wait 30 days and then have to chase invoices)

3. I’m writing every day

4. My websites have been tweaked and converting better

5. I’m more confident talking with clients

6. My copy flows better

7. I manage my time

Alan can show you how to do this and more… Let me finish with… If you’re sitting on the fence and procrastinating about mentor with Alan ask yourself this very important question… “How much is it costing you NOT being mentored by Alan?” Call Alan today because it could CHANGE everything for you

Talk soon

Neil Shepherd

The Email Specialist

MENTOR student Dilys Stokes






How to become a copywriter

In just 8 weeks Alan has taught me

  • Build and create my website
  • Write long sales letters
  • Write short sales letters
  • Write and design flyers
  • Write higher response emails
  • Find paying clients
  • How to get paid consulting
  • How to get paid writing
  • How to seed and grow fast
  • How to get clients offline fast
  • How to promote offline
  • How to promote online
  • How to create a business PR pack
  • How to create a business card
  • How to speak and respond to clients
  • How to reply to a client
  • When to reply to a client
  • How to price my services
  • How to create takeaways selling in my pitch
  • How to convert enquiries

Actually Alan has shown me even more than that – too much to write here. I got my first copywriting client that spent over £2,000 after just 8 weeks in the copywriting business.”

Dilys Stokes

MENTOR STUDENT Jonny Drover had this to say …

jonnymentor“Alan, mentor is by far the best business decision I have made. Having flown up from Devon to meet you I now feel that this is not just another one of those fleeting programs. So far I have been able to press the reset button for success with your help and guidance.

My relationships at home and with my family have taken a turn for the better. I have been able to 
put in some solid foundation blocks on which I will build a fortress for
the future. The path ahead is very much clearer than it was 6 weeks ago
 and I feel a large surge in confidence as I move ahead.

Thanks Alan and team! For many of you who may be considering entering into a mentoring arrangement with Alan, please allow me to help clarify what may be ahead for you….and for your life…. If, like I was only 6 months ago, you find yourself at a crossroads in life where, for the first time, for may be one or a multitude of reasons, you’re experiencing the desire to make significant and long-lasting changes to not only what it is you do for a living, but how you live and the reasons why, then Alan is the answer. 
From our starting point together just a few months ago, Alan and I have created a magical and highly productive bond together, one that has allowed me to create a new direction in my life, and to approach that direction with certainty and the belief that I can achieve what it is I desire.

Rest assured, nothing is ever achieved without a lot of hard work, commitment and strategic thinking. 
For my own experience, Alan has been instrumental in bringing out the best in what it is that I want to achieve in my business life…by bringing out the best in me.

This hasn’t been achieved without a commitment on both of our parts to do what it takes to communicate openly and to have flexible schedules in working together (especially as we’re located across the world from each other.) Yes, it’s been a journey of detailed emails, early morning and late evening conversations, and strategic thinking together, all in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. 
The results have been incredible for myself, as I’ve experienced and created a new business path, including what I now want to do, how I want to do it, while believing that I can achieve the lifestyle and life results that for far too long eluded me. The possibilities ahead of me are endless and I believe highly profitable.

The lifestyle which I know I’ll be experiencing, thanks to Alan’s insightful guidance, is something that everyone should be able to attain in their lifetime. And they can…with the right skills, systems and beliefs. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the right type of person to work with Alan, and he’s probably right for you. 
But, I must say, be ready for it, because if you do what it takes, and follow his recommendations, the journey will be transformational and unforgettable! All the best to you….here’s to your future!

Jonny Drover

MENTOR STUDENT Troy Steine Vancouver, Canada


For many of you who may be considering entering into a mentoring arrangement with Alan, please allow me to help clarify what may be ahead for you….and for your life…. 
If, like I was only 6 months ago, you find yourself at a crossroads in life where, for the first time, for may be one or a multitude of reasons, you’re experiencing the desire to make significant and long-lasting changes to not only what it is you do for a living, but how you live and the reasons why, then Alan is the answer.

From our starting point together just a few months ago, Alan and I have created a magical and highly productive bond together, one that has allowed me to create a new direction in my life, and to approach that direction with certainty and the belief that I can achieve what it is I desire. 
Rest assured, nothing is ever achieved without a lot of hard work, commitment and strategic thinking.

For my own experience, Alan has been instrumental in bringing out the best in what it is that I want to achieve in my business life…by bringing out the best in me. 
This hasn’t been achieved without a commitment on both of our parts to do what it takes to communicate openly and to have flexible schedules in working together (especially as we’re located across the world from each other.) 
Yes, it’s been a journey of detailed emails, early morning and late evening conversations, and strategic thinking together, all in a respectful and non-judgmental manner.

The results have been incredible for myself, as I’ve experienced and created a new business path, including what I now want to do, how I want to do it, while believing that I can achieve the lifestyle and life results that for far too long eluded me. 
The possibilities ahead of me are endless and I believe highly profitable.

The lifestyle which I know I’ll be experiencing, thanks to Alan’s insightful guidance, is something that everyone should be able to attain in their lifetime. And they can…with the right skills, systems and beliefs. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the right type of person to work with Alan, and he’s probably right for you.

But, I must say, be ready for it, because if you do what it takes, and follow his recommendations, the journey will be transformational and unforgettable! 
All the best to you….here’s to your future!

Troy Steine
 Vancouver, Canada



‘I decided I needed to get my act together and decide once and for all what my business focus was going to be. And I knew before even being mentored by Alan the impact that he would have on my life.

To be right up front I can’t express it in words as much as I would like. 
Alan Is a real amazing guy, his work and approach really floors me. I feel honored that I can talk to him and get his guidance whenever I need. 
So this is a time in your life were maybe you’re considering approaching Alan about his mentoring program? 
I personally advise you to grab this chance with both hands because if you don’t your missing evolving opportunities but more important your not even in the game.

Yes you can do it by yourself but that’s the tough way and can take you a very long time instead when you have the right mentor it’s a quick transferring of knowledge and application from one mind to another and that can be a blessing in this fast evolving business! I am already six months in and at times I will be honest it can get intense even more so if you already have a lot of other commitments.

But I understand I am building the foundation for something that will continue to expand. To make this happen make no mistake you will have to master your craft, you must learn early on to endure the hours of practise. But with the added realization that in the end of all your hard work the pay off will translate into a bet life way of life and ultimately a better you! So whatever you want to be, whatever you want to do, you can do it. Go ahead, take your first step – just do it. Here’s is to your success! Maria Bennett

MENTOR student C Sanderson

“This is MENTOR student C Sanderson. I’m a Marketing  student of Alan’s. One year ago I took the plunge and entered a mentor-ship with Alan. I paid well over £10,000 for Alan’s amazing salon insider salon knowledge and skills! I had to fight back the ‘I cant afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted real fast track change with my hair salon I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it.

I can hardly believe the change in not only my business but in ME. Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance and fun along the way took my business to a 116% rise in one year. It would have been more but I had to make HUGE decisions along the way to create the salon of my dreams which meant having the confidence to make changes and get the people out who I knew deep down were not right for me and my business in the long term. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to make these changes without Alan’s support. With Alan’s support I made the changes and overall growth of 116% in my salon.

I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch 2-big projects out with the salon. I now have the confidence and knowledge to push my career forward and create the work life I wanted.

He has genius ideas that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action. Anyone thinking of working with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question It will change your life like it did mine.

Since working with Alan my life and salon have been transformed! The results speak for themselves …

  • I have 12 weeks Holiday Each Year
  • I work ONE Day a Week On The Salon Floor
  • Bought a new New Car
  • New Client Rate Up To 32%
  • Has: Rebooking from 15% to 180%
  • New Staff Applications Through The Roof
  • From Salon Zero To Number One in my City
  • Marketing Budget Reduced To Almost Zero
  • Ability To Fill Her Salon in Less Than An Hour
  • Number one Facebook Salon in her city
  • Mastered Facebook for Client Management
  • New Website On Page One of Google • Existing Stylists All Packed Out Everyday
  • Salon Services UP 105%
  • Salon Retail Sales UP 72%
  • Salon Expansion Despite High-Street Closures – Despite Client Rates Falling
  • Despite No Real Marketing Budget – MENTOR Is Probably The Most Powerful Investment You Can EVER Make For your Life!

Thank you Alan

C Sanderson

MENTOR & Freelance Direct Response Copywriter, Jason Strachan Specialist In Self Improvement Informational Products

“Here’s what I’ve been up to so far, since the being MENTORED.

Copywriter Jason Strachan


My very first copywriting job Since Starting Full Time Paid me $2500, –Before I Even picked Up a Pen! PLUS 10% Royalties, On all the CASH the sales letter pulled.

To Sum It Up: “…Thanks to what I learned from Alan, I Can Now Write Cash Generating Copy Every time That PULLS-AND-PULLS STRAIGHT CASH ORDERS LIKE YOU WERE GIVING AWAY FREE GOLD OR SOMETHING! “

Hi I’m Jason Strachan Before Mentoring With Alan Forrest Smith in 2005. I knew hardly anything about copywriting. And Now? ..I am a certified copywriting MASTER SALES WIZARD –My Magical Sales Skills Make Harry Potter Look Like Paul Daniels!! (Who?..My Point Exactly!!)

Now if you just give me a standard biro pen and paper, and stand back. I can powerfully string together words that create sales messages so powerful, that people find it harder to IGNORE than to just read it all through… And THEN once they’re engrossed in reading it. After using my skills to show them so clearly how great your product or service is, they then convince THEMSELVES that they would have to be INSANE not to buy RIGHT NOW than to risk passing this up —Such is the power of sales power in PRINT.– “LOOK..I am In LOVE!!” In love, with my new copywriting skills.

I now use them all the time. Not Just to write winning promotions for clients, hell I even use these skills to charm ladies I meet with seductive e-mails –Hey why not, It’s good practice, seduction, salesmanship, its all the SAME THING!!—If you ever get a chance to get MENTORED with Alan yourself, you’ll understand what I mean. I kid you not.

Before I made the commitment and really get the business and FINANCIAL money making, side of my life sorted out once and for all… I must say my life was a huge empty hole… Full of gunk and depression. I used to spend my time, ditching classes and write depressing love poems, and zoned out sci-fi tales with hope that one day someone would publish my work, but no one ever did …(can you hear the violins playing away in the background, say Aaaaah?) …And in a nutshell, it was getting me no where fast! And neither was the particular degree I was doing either, which was about as useful as a MASTERS DEGREE in basket weaving. .. So anyway I dropped out of college.

Much to my parents disgust. And decided to stop wasting my writing talents pouring out my ego onto paper hoping one day that, that GENIUS in me would escape… And after meeting Alan Forrest Smith I singed up and got the money and went like a SHOT from a rocket, hurtling ONLY ONE WAY and that was UP!. … Now years later, I am now GETTING PAID to write copy. I work with a select amount of clients, who come to me on a STRICT referral basis. “And No I Don’t Have A Website And Have Never Needed to Advertise My Services..”

Due to the highly advanced and not too mention insanely profitable skills I’ve learned from Alan Forrest Smith, I am in HIGH DEMAND in the market place. I now have the secrets of how to create Advertising that can boost ANY business in my mind….And after seeing –and enjoying!—The results of these skills, all I can is, copywriting really is the ULTIMATE money making skill in the world—BAR NONE! I can now work –or not work—Any Place I choose, and If I put my mind to it, there is no limit to the amount of money I can generate if I choose to use my skills for myself full time. NO LIMIT. Although for me personally, I just want enough money that I can just keep the totally FREE FUN FILLED lifestyle I lead, spending as much time with the family as I want, working when I want, and with WHO I want, I love it more than any amount of money, I have no desire to become the richest stiff in the grave! …

LOOK BEING TAUGHT BY ALAN … Is like Stepping Into Clark Kent’s Phone Booth And Emerging As Super “Persausion” Man! For my very first copywriting job since starting Full Time I received $2500, + a 10% Royalty. Just like they (Alan Forrest Smith ) promised, with the Advertising secrets, strategies and techniques you learn from the Master you can easily pay back the cost of the class with the first successful package you write for yourself or a client.

And TRUST ME getting your first client becomes MUST easier to do, when you have 1st hand personal training from two of the WORLDS most successful copywriters pasted into your C.V. – And since most copywriters out there today couldn’t sell a breast to a baby, its even easier for a good copywriter to claim a FORTUNE!— …Alan Forrest Smith FORCED SO MANY Advertising Secrets Down My Throat That To This Day I Still Spit and Burp’ Out’ World Class Headlines and Marketing Strategies!!”

Look, without a doubt the ULTIMATELY great thing about MENTOR was the great support that Alan give to you, AFTER the MENTOR is over…so generous and they just over deliver again and AGAIN…. AFTER mentor is when the “REAL” value of the mentor kicks in, to hyper drive. Because when it all hits the fan and you get your 1st client, even after having ALL these masterful skills at your disposal, its hard to know exactly what to do, how to handle the client etc, you’re in totally un-chartered territory…

That’s when the mentor is worth MILLIONS!! With special email access to Alan for up to 12 months after my training — and he always emailed me back within 24 hours—you can get immediate assistance to your questions or problem. It’s like having your very own genies locked in a bottle, except NOW you have an UNLIMITED number of wishes!-

His crucial help and guidance from one of the best copywriters on the PLANET! Pretty much ensures that any copy you write is going to do pretty well. Most people considering starting a freelance copywriting career would have to find out how things work through hard trial and error. And since business is so unforgiving a client will rarely give you a second chance…If you what you write for a client BOMBS and produces no results, 99% of the time your finished with that client! So having these a mentor there to guide you with your new skills is really worth, more than the investment itself! As just one good client can be worth 6 figures a year, or MORE.

My life has been sensational since working with Alan and breaking into world class copywriting. It’s still early days for me, and I’ve bumped my head and make stupid mistakes, and learned from them, but its just make me stronger, better, And I’m loving every minute of it! I already feel like a great success. And I Truly LOVE my life. (Isn’t it sad how many people out there, cannot honestly say that to themselves?)

I’d just like to sincerely THANK ,from the bottom of my heart to the very top—Alan Forrest Smith for MENTOR, and generously giving me the keys to access, wealth, happiness, even a NEW LIFE of abundance and JOY!


P.S Listen… If you have the chance TO BE MENTORED BY ALAN then GO DO IT. No Question about it. The money you spend, on a place, Is NOTHING compared to the money you will make if you intend to use what you learn over your lifetime. You will have teaching from Alan non stop. Filling your mind with all his skills and experience. Its definitely a life changer, a LIFE BOOSTING FINANCIALLY FREEING EVENT!! No matter what you do, what industry it doesn’t matter. The techniques taught in MENTOR will put you so far ahead of every other business owner out there, just by simply applying what you learn, and sticking with it, success becomes inevitable for you, whatever success means for you..

Ultimately, Alan’s MENTOR Can Make You Get It!

Thank you

Jason Strachan Direct Response Freelance Copywriter

MENTOR student Dan Moore


Now and then it’s nice for me to share a clients little story. Dan is a mentor member of mine.

That’s Dan above showing off in his custom car. He sent it to make me jealous, he knows I love custom everything.

Sometimes life isn’t as smooth as we like, as you’ll read.

Dan used to be a plumber. I say used to be, he is self-employed now rather than working for his dad. They never fell out, in fact quite the opposite, Dan worked with his dad until his dad died very suddenly.

It was Dad’s business Dan worked in. It was Dad’s house Dan lived in. Suddenly a steady, OK, paced lived went hurtling down towards the ground with no immediate stop in sight.

Not only was that bad enough but Dan lived with his dad and now his dads home for whatever reason was being taken back with Dan being asked to leave ASAP!

When Dan was speaking to me he told me the thought of starting his own plumbing business from scratch or patching up his Dad’s bankrupt business had zero appeal for him.

He had an idea.

It was this and it was this based on research.

Women want to look younger.
Women want breasts they feel good about.
The marketplace is huge yet Dan found a serious hole in supply that he decided to fill.

That’s what Dan did.

He sourced premium grade products, discovered how to put the product in front of the buyers and began to sell his stuff. Sounds easy I know but it wasn’t.

The reason it wasn’t because Dan had found the magic formula of sending steady traffic in his webpage’s yet converting into buyers was low.

That’s when he go in touch with me. We looked over his marketing and campaign again.

For me some things were blatantly obvious. Dan had become good at writing copy but it was in that usual formulaic way most people are taught.

Here was his problem.

His copy was good but it never matched his target audience.

We changed it.

He makes money … in fact last time we spoke he had done around $98,000 in sales. Not bad for a plumber!

So he sent me this little note.

Here it is.

“When I joined Alan as his mentor student I outlined what I wanted from him starting with my website, within the first week he critiqued my site detailing the changes to make on the copy and layout. After adjusting the sales copy and layout how he explained by the second week my sales conversion increased by a staggering 3% from 0.8% to 3.8%.

So that’s going from one sale to four sales! In other words increased my sales FOUR-FOLD!

I just did what he suggested I do!

I didn’t even have to spend more money on driving any extra traffic to make more sales. He knows just what potential customers are thinking and also showed me exactly how I can communicate with them more effectively by using results based copywriting techniques.

This was my key to selling!

Alan is insightful and inspiring, whenever I finish a mentor call with him I always feel energised and can’t wait to put his strategies into action.

IF you know where you want to take your business Alan will help you get there for sure.”

Internet entrepreneur, Dan Moore.

Just in case you’re wondering, Dan managed to buy his Dad’s old house. He’s now making enough money to not only buy his own place but also get a custom show car in his hands that I’m jealous of.

MENTOR Stephen Georgulis Direct Response Copywriter


“absolutely mind-blowing! … words just can’t do justice to what I learnt from Alan … truly remarkable”

Copywriting Ninja Stephen Georgulis

Stephen Georgulis, Sydney Australia, invested over $20k of his savings, flew a round the world trip of 25,000 miles to join Alan in MENTOR …

Here’s my amazing story …

“Yeh it’s true, I did in take around $25k in around 12 weeks after attending training with master teacher (slightly eccentric) Alan Forrest Smith!


Well, I had read about MENTOR and I knew Alan had a red-hot reputation. Problem was I had no cash and it was going to cost me at least $20k to fly from Sydney Australia, pay for my entry ($10,000) and other related costs.

The other problem was I had no real idea what copywriting! How I was going to make cash from it. So I did a little research and came to the conclusion that if I did it right (they way they teach me) I could easily get my money back fast and … save enough to buy my dream car a 911 Porsche ;-)!

So I borrowed the money (thanks mum), flew 25,000 miles round trip and put my faith in these guys! If it failed, I would be in debt big-time.


I can’t describe how life-changing the MENTOR was and how much I learnt. Okay I had manuals and all the other stuff but just to spend 3-days up close and personal. Throwing questions at them. Asking. Digging. Delving deep into the minds of Alan that really does walk the talk.

And to be honest … my own mind was just totally blown away. I kept thinking how can I fail now. It was awesome!

Anyway I had to come home and build my new copywriting business fast to pay back mum and some other family member and friends I had borrowed from.

A private conversation with Alan (the mad one) revealed that 99% of copywriters never make enough cash to live a decent lifestyle. I listened closely (being a Ninja expert I am trained to listen, meditate and apply).


To be honest Alan took me under his wing and mentored me on virtually daily basis via email and phone beyond the class. He wanted to see how far he could push me from average into amazing!

If I didn’t do what he had taught me he would kick my ass and force me in the right direction.

Now the truth is this. Alan is so out of the box, it’s untrue. He is kind of a nut but his technique for positioning and building business has totally blown me away. It was only by DOING PRECISELY what I had been told and shown from Alan that fast-success would come.

I stuck to every last word and bit of info from Alan! Look at me now.

Where I am right now?

I have around 12 months work on my desk. Yes I did say TWELVE MONTHS! Amazing right? (I only began my copywriting career 6 months ago)

I have taken around $50k plus through my business so far. I am continually being contacted by some of Australia’s biggest entrepreneurs now for copywriting projects.

This’ll sound crazy but … I even turn work away. It’s all just a little mad but hey considering most copywriters never do that … I love it, love, LOVE IT!

By this time next year this young ninja copywriter should have his 911 Porsche outside his apartment! It easy when you follow PROVEN MASTERS … E-A-S-Y!!!

What else can I say.

If you have a chance to be mentored by Alan Forrest Smith you have to go take that opportunity.

It’ll be like NOTHING you’ve been to before. His stuff is cutting-edge. Breakthrough and his without a doubt put me on my path to a million bucks.

And by the way … don’t expect mentor to be another manual or training. It wont be. Alan wont allow it. Expect Fun. Education. Blood, sweat and tears. But expect to walk away with what I now have …

… the skills to build a mega-copywriting empire in literally MONTHS, not years! You’ll get exactly the same.

Thanks mate.

Stephen Georgulis, Copywriter, Australia

MENTOR Sabrina Yulle

“Alan You certainly delivered in your unique style. You got one simple message across, so we got it loud and clear. First build a relationship, find out what your clients want and then get ready to deliver it, to the very best of your ability. Take good care of your clients, and keep on improving your delivery. All of which you did and are still doing.

So was it value?


Because I get smarter, when I’m with smart people, when I’m able to interact and ask questions and keep on asking them until I have the answers I need. DVD’s just don’t do that for me. Because I had access to your vast stores of knowledge and creativity, which you shared so generously. Because you spent the time getting a sense of who we are and what we’re trying to do, so you can tailor our web-site for us, while still using cutting-edge technology. Because you told lots of stories to get your point across and made us laugh, so the learning was effortless. Because above all, you are REAL. So what did I get from it?

I got a very real sense that I can do this stuff, if not exactly now then certainly with effort on my part and help from industry giants like you. The huge mountain of trepidation is now more like a graded climb, with signposts on the way and the promise of a giant party towards the top. Your CAN DO approach is so welcome and so different. You make the complex steps of process so clear that they seem manageable, you insist that we discover and then speak with our own voice, all the time modeling this yourself, you provide endless references for where to go to learn necessary bits and if that wasn’t enough, we now know where you live.

The real value for me was seeing how very true to yourself you still are. You have not sacrificed your values to be a success, you still speak funny , but have so much wisdom to spread around, you admit you make mistakes and they are merely stepping stones, and perhaps above all, you said thanks to your audience and we could see you meant it!

Thank you

Sabrina Yuille, Brisbane Australia

MENTOR Victoria Furey, Brisbane

Hope life back home is great & you’re enjoying being home with your family. Thanks again for your generosity with your time & talent at the Gold Coast. Now for my feedback/ testimonial … I can only speak for myself, so Sabrina will send through her thoughts in another email.

Did I find my $5,000 for just 6 hours with you of value? Absolutely – let me count the ways… What my money bought…

Gave me unrestricted access to an industry legend who critiqued our ideas & gave cutting edge advice about how to make it work
Allowed me to ask the “newby/ dumb questions” that weren’t answered during the seminar – without making me feel like a complete nincompoop!
More notes than we could possible take in at one sitting – they’ll continue to inspire & direct us for years to come… …priceless really! (For newbie e-business advice there’s world internet summit, for everything else there’s Alan!)
Alan – you catapulted us from floating helplessly in cyberspace with no direction forward, to swaggering online for new business ideas, connections & markets. Thanks so much for your down to earth, approachable advice & help in getting our business online. It’s your endless list of practical tips & “how tos” that have made all the difference in getting us to feel like we can now do this on our own.

You’ve taught us to fish in a much bigger pond, with much more sophisticated rods. More importantly though, you taught us it’s not just having a unique message, voice or image that creates online success. It’s your ability to effortlessly get along with others, tap into & fight for their causes & willingly go the extra mile to help them along their path that determines where you end up.

The true test of a man is often in what they do for & how they treat others. Thanks for treating us with respect & integrity – a man of your character is rare to come across in today’s jaded seminar/ spruiking world.

Victoria Furey

John Kappa, Australia

Just spoke to John in Melbourne. He tells me he is now on target for 10k per month with his online sales. Before we met he had blown 30k over 2 years trying to sell online! I spent just 12 hours with him teaching Guerrilla Marketing! “Alan, “I wanted to send you this personal note below to let the folks know you truly are an amazing business coach! I want to say to anyone reading this …

“After listening to Alan in Australia I thought this is a real down to earth guy I can deal with. “Problem was he lives in England and I live in Melbourne Australia! So … I actually paid Alan $5,000 for just 6 hours of his time. Not only that I flew him a 1,000 miles to Melbourne, put him up in a 5 star hotel overlooking the city and covered any of his expenses. “Was it worth it? Yes and let me tell you why.

“Look here the deal for me. I have had my main business in an office since I started it. The web scared me to death. “I listened to Alan telling everyone how he had taken years to master marketing . “I don’t want to take years, I want it all right now. “We brought him to my office. All four of us in the office grilled him endlessly until we had a web strategy that we are aiming to pull in at least $250,000 in the first year.

“Within 2 weeks of Alan spending time and sharing his insider information we made our first sale online. “Frankly, I was amazed and still am. Since his return to the UK his support has been fantastic. Distance is NOT an object at all for Alan. My advice to anyone reading this that might be thinking is it worth hiring Alan. “If you hear about him speaking or mentoring, GO. If you get a chance to sit and talk with him face to face, do it. If you can afford to pull him into your office and pay his consultancy fee’s, just do it. “The guy is a goldmine of information that could potentially help anyone build a substantial business online.

Thanks mate, John Kappa, Australia”

Kevin Lewis

It started with a phone call … “Alan I want to come to one of your mentor classes but honestly … my funds are limited and maybe should put them into some newspaper adverts, TRY and get some return then join you the next time you host one of these master classes!” I told Kevin this in no uncertain terms.

“Kevin it’s your cash to do what you like with but I want to explain something to you. IF you put your advert in the paper how many new clients do you think will come in? You may not know this but traditionally its usually very low… However invest your cash with the skills I will reveal to you and I will show you this … how to create a massive amount of dormant buyers from your list in just 30 minutes flat”

That stopped him dead in his tracks! Now Kevin was still slightly cynical but he came along to the MENTOR Class rather than throwing more cash into failed advertising (VERY WISE GUY).

“I sent the email on Tuesday afternoon, about 10 minutes later I checked my inbox and was pleasantly surprised to find I had 16 replies from potential customers asking for quotes – by the end of that afternoon I had nearly 50 emails asking for quotes, and I ended up staying in the office until 1am finishing them all!

Then the next day I had about 10 more! In the following 3 days, I took over $21,450.00 – and this week, what should have been the quietest of the year, ended up being the most successful week of the year so far! And, I estimate conservatively that I’ll pull in another $17,800.00 – $35,760.00 more, over the next couple of weeks as a result of this one single email! This stuff is just crazy, I’d heard of results like this in the past but I didn’t really think they were real, I suppose they’re not until you see them for yourself, but I’ll tell you what, this is just the beginning, now I know what’s possible with the stuff I learned with Alan. I’m not going to stop creating results like this, for my own businesses, and for my clients! When I Count It All Up I Will Bank Over $88,000 Minimum From That One Single Email! I would back up everything I’ve just said, and if you have any one emailing or phoning you wondering if it’s really worth the investment, tell them to phone meor email me, and I’ll tell em! And that’s when it’s all worthwhile. You see not only did I teach Kevin how to do that over a few hours.


Vincent Wong had this to say …vincentwong (1)“Hi Alan I listened to the whole recording last night and I have to say you are
 awesome! You gave so much advice, insight, and wisdom during our call that
I had to re-listen in order to comprehend everything. Before our first call I really did not know what to expect. However after
speaking with you, I could tell that you genuinely care not only about my
success in copywriting but also my general well-being and happiness. I
fully appreciate this. I know the call was overrun and I’m very grateful for that as your time
is precious. Thank you for the reassurance in this whole mentoring thing. Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday. Hopefully I won’t be as
scared as I was during that call.

You make life seem fun again.

Vincent Wong

Nick Shelton


The Equivalent of Navy Seal training for writing copy?

“I’m Nicholas Shelton and I am currently an Apprentice with Alan Forrest Smith. We are only a few weeks in but I have come a long way very quickly. If someone were to ask me what it’s like, I would say it is like Navy Seal training for writing copy. Alan told me from the beginning that is is for the best of the best. The top .5%

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well my teacher is Alan Forrest Smith. I could not ask for better. But it’s no easy walk in the park. Alan made it clear that to be the best you have to earn it. It’s a whole lifestyle change and it has definitely been so for me. I wake up early in the morning, I’m writing more than I’ve ever written (over two thousand words per day)

Alan gives me the tools, pushes me, inspires me. I hone my craft. I see measurable progress with each passing day. Like doing push-ups in the mud, I’m doing push-ups for my mind, getting stronger, writing stronger. It’s not just about a volume of writing, it’s about quality, it’s about vision.

Alan has shown me how to view things differently and from this view point, the path is clear. In addition to writing mass volumes every day I have also been reading more than ever. Studying the masters of copy from the past, seeing their styles and where they had breakthroughs and where they made mistakes so I can learn from it and condense this knowledge to dial in my skills.

It’s clear, if you want to be the best weather it’s an elite Navy Seal or an elite copywriter you have to train like the best. That’s what I’m doing with Alan. While the other guy is sleeping, I’m working, while the other guy is watching tv, I’m working. When you have the best mentor, the best tools and you put in the time and the work and dedication. Excellence will be the result. I’m in it all the way and I’m loving every bit of it.

Thank You Alan – Nick Shelton”

Philip Shufflebotham


The Marketing Man From Uncle – Phillip Shufflebotham

What does Change mean to you?

Is it life change? Career Change? Changing the same old same old? You see, nobody fears change for good, or pleasure – taking two weeks Summer holiday for example.

However, when a boss or a government department that your organisation answers
to, says: as from (date)we are announcing…..

What would be your first reaction to the last sentence? Fear? Overwhelm?
Dread? It doesn’t have to be this way. Take a look around the room or environment
you are reading this in right now. How many things can you count that simply weren’tin our world 10 years ago? I managed to spot three in a matter of seconds – how did you do?

The point is, change is all around us, helping us evolve. There would be little to no
chance that you and I would be communicating by the written word, let alone this email, if we’d never crawled out onto dry land to evolve as a species. If a car isn’t driving forwards, it’s stood still.
If a river stops flowing it stagnates. Life is the same for us humans. It would be fair to say that you have more, or certainly different skill sets than those you left school with, is that correct? That is proof in your own life that you have evolved.

People who contemplate Mentor with Alan, are, without fail at a crossroads in their life. I know I was. Is that the case for you? You know deep down inside you are capable of more, you just need some help to bring it to life. At the same time you want to feel that you are on the right track. How can you be sure you’re not getting involved with Betamax videotapes when the marketplace wanted and adopted VHS tapes? Working with Alan gives you that ‘hindsight in advance’, the concept of ‘fishing in the right pool’ .(If you’re thinking to yourself ‘what’s Betamax?’ it was a promising but quickly sidelined videotape system.) In fact the word videotape reminds us how much the world has moved on since then.

And yet there lies the constant fact that people still want to be entertained, it’s just that today it will be by DVD, or Netflix, so much easier and to the point than rewinding those tapes after viewing, going back to the rental shop etc..

Going on from that constant is that products still have to be sold, businesses have to thrive, there is now, more than ever, in this age of me – too communicators, a greater need for quality writers who can help client’s reach inside their customers attention spans (six seconds) and tap into connecting with them at an entirely different level.

You will of course have read from Alan that this can be a lucrative career for you. If I told you I know where the money comes from, (it’s taken me a week or two to grasp this) and why clients are happy to pay you for this, is that something you’d like to know more about? Then speak to Alan.

Do you realise that simply by unplugging from the flowing fire hydrant of information that comes your way every day, you are immediately setting yourself apart from 90% of the population? But what about the news? Let me state here and now what you take in to your mind on a daily basis will influence your actions in ways that are so imperceptible, that, because of their gradual nature, will only become apparent when you step away from such material.

When you are ready to do that, then you will be ready to do things like time logs (easy to do – very revealing) a book list (reading it out is like walking with copywriting giants) and the big one: Being Accountable – the best part.

When doing the coursework and you submit material to Alan that is wide of the mark, you start to realise how you can position yourself away from the competition, due to Alan’s standards being in a completely different place to the other 99% that are out there – but ask Alan about this if you want to know more.

Look, if a”’been doing my own thing my way for 20 years but simply repeating the same basic process over and over” guy like me can take this on board and begin to run with it, you owe it to yourself to contact Alan, not next week, not tomorrow, but do it today, to let him kick-start the rest of your life story for you.

Thank you for reading to the end, I wish you well with your decision,

Philip Shufflebotham

P.S. As little as four weeks ago, I could not have written to you as I have in the above message. It would have been I did this, then I did that, a “me me me” message. Not the slightest bit appealing. If this is the change you are looking for, then Alan is waiting for your call.



I give you not just new business skills but also LIFE TOOLS that you can use time and time again to create a wonderful life that lasts and can be transferred or left as an inheritance to your family!

You DO NOT NEED Any Experience… Dilys, Jonny, Jason, Alison, David, Kevin, Vincent and more had NO EXPERIENCE yet all created new copywriting businesses. Skills at least! You will note though that some of my students come to me with NO experience but tons of passion and have still made it work for them, like Stephen and Jason – BOTH had no experience!

If You Work Hard During Your MENTOR COPYWRITER …

  • You’ll be positioned as an elite copywriter
  • You’ll be branded as the ONLY option for copy
  • You’ll be pushed out to my A-list and promoted time and time again to top experts
  • You’ll be charging anything from $2,000 to $10,000 per piece or more to start with
  • You’ll be taking on big new clients
  • You’ll be earning lifetime commissions from jobs
  • You’ll find out how you can go right into a six-figure income
  • I will personally promote you to my list if you are good enough!


  • And Once You Start Your MENTOR COPYWRITER I will show you other ways to make great money from your new skills like …
  • Writing (not as you know it)
  • Ghost writing (£5,000 a project)
  • Speaking for huge amounts (and huge leads)
  • Consulting (£200 per hour to start with)
  • Coaching one on one or groups
  • Training weekends
  • Masterminds
  • Authoring a book
  • Creating amazon products Kindle-iZation of your mind

Copywriting has given me a wonderful life, it has given others a break from jobs, driving in heavy traffic, massive amounts of stress and of course it has given me and them choices to work how we like from where we like and how want to grow and change our lives.

I cannot think of a good enough reasons anyone cannot get paid for writing words. Do you realise how many businesses there are in the UK alone? Well I looked for numbers and couldn’t find the exact number but what I can share with you is around 500,000 NEW BUSINESSES start every year. Why should you know that? 
EVERY single business needs a copywriter – NO exceptions! I can show you how to get 10 clients easily.

I know what I am doing … I would love to share it with you.

I can show you how to get all 10 to spend enough so you are earning over £100,000 a year. Do you think you could persuade just 10 businesses out of HALF-A-MILLION to do business with you? I will show you how to do just that and I will also show you how to make sure they simply cannot refuse you.

Let Me Remind You
 Copywriting & Consulting …

…saved me from bankruptcy; homelessness and being absolutely broke as I shared with you at the start of this letter.
 Can you think of a good enough reason not to join me?
 That’s me and Tamuna below in Tel Aviv. Finally away from the craziness and enjoying life again with my woman – thanks to my skills as a consultant and copywriter.


MENTOR is for YOU if you are looking for change and willing to make those changes with help.
 The power of being a good copywriter is immeasurable … You can copy what I do – I will show you everything I did to go from hairdresser to super-successful copywriter.


Mentor is all about real-life change. This means YOU must be open and willing to change things in your life. The things we work on changing are the things you won’t like right now and the same things that hold you back. In MENTOR we go design lives, create change and build something powerful, special and life-transforming for you. This also means, study, homework, research, taking time to do this things and applying everything you are mentored through. Doing this at times for some IS NOT EASY… Yet it can be as easy as you allow it to be.
MENTOR is not designed as get-rich-quick … it is designed to give you a skill set, a toolset and years of experiences that will help you design a life you need with income to match those changes. If are willing to work at MENTOR the results can be huge for you. If you are not willing to put int he work – nothing with change .


I have never offered a cash-back or results guarantee and never will but I will guarantee this for you. I will share with you everything I know about life change, life design and building a copywriting and consulting business fast. I will share with you how to get big clients and how to charge those big clients huge amounts so you start to earn big money very fast. There is NO-MONEY-BACK guarantee or refund. I do guarantee you will get absolutely bespoke skills and tools that have changed lives and could quite easily change your life also.

It’s worth saying again that as I type just 4-years after hitting rock bottom I have no debt and live a life by my own design that works.
 I’d love to share that with you, would you join me?

Your risk really is as good as zero. MENTOR is a sound investment.

  • I’ll train you and mentor you
  • I’ll guide you and mentor you
  • I’ll hold your hand whilst mentoring you
  • I’ll critique your work so you get it right from the start
  • I’ll show you how to handle clients
  • I’ll even send you your first client
  • Your training will be absolutely bespoke to YOU!


This is a skill for life that you can build your new empire from and designed mould and create your new life from. Don’t worry I will be at your side from start to finish. Also I’m semi-retiring from writing copy that’s for sure yet I want to give back to people like you.

What I will give you will affect your life and the life of others for decades to come. My children, your children your children’s children and even people you don’t know will be affected. 
If you are looking for change in your work, change in your life and an opportunity to work when you like, how you like and as often as you like … MENTOR could be the best personal investment of your life.

Think about this.

If you carry on everything the same way you have always done will anything actually change for you? I’m not going to lie and say MENTOR is easy but I will say this is an incredible opportunity for you if you want real change. 
Here is actually what can be possible for you.

Imagine yourself 12-months from the day you read and took action on this page.

You have no debt, you have cash in the bank, you have clients that pay you well, you are working less hours but earning more cash. You can take time out for your kids, for your wife or husband and take time to do the things in life that make you happy. Does that sound nice?

Please don’t say it’s ok for me as I sit here and write to you because that’s not true. Here’s what is true You have one life and one life only. Are you happy to get to the end of it the way it is right now or will you be much happier doing something new that has the potential to change everything for you?

  • Did you know there are copywriters earning million of dollar each year?
  • Did you know there are copywriters earning just 500k a year?
  • Did you know some copywriters work one day a week and earn over 100k doing so?

If I mentored you to become a copywriter how much would you like to earn? It’s all possible for you just don’t leave changes too late for yourself because one day you will run out of life. This year I am dedicating most of my work time to mentoring people just like yourself. I have clients – tons of them asking for copywriters and I am smart, I can see the big picture and that is once I mentor you I can then alliance with you at a later date to build more empires for yourself and myself and even better… that’s another MENTOR secret I will share with you.

So remember once you get started on MENTOR I want you to get over to my house as soon as you can so we can create a perfectly bespoke plan just for you and your personality (or Skype).

  • Are you ready for change?
  • Do you want change?
  • Will you do what it takes to create your changes?
  • Join myself and my other students right now.

Here’s how you get started. Fill out the form below and request an initial interview. We will talk for just 10-20 minutes so you can see if I am right for you and I can see if MENTOR is also right for you. This is your very first step into MENTOR with me.

JUST 3 ONE-YEAR MENTOR Places Are Available Right Now.

Here is what you get again in a very simple list.

  • 12-Weeks intensive training via Skype
  • 12-week support program as needed
  • 26 Weeks support as needed
  • It is bespoke to you
  • All modules are tweaked and can be changed around your speed and character
  • We talk business
  • We talk life change
  • We work on changing you the human
  • I give you tools and skills that are premium-proven
  • You need at your home
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Computer
  • Email
  • Skype
  • And some books I will send you a list (no more than £50)


Full amount payable upfront.

NOTE: MENTOR is also available for one-month periods (best suited for established copywriters. Also available for 6, 9 or 12 months, terms and fees to be discussed and agreed.

NOTE 2: I do accept BARTER to the value above and part-cash. It must be sellable and I can only accept at trade not retail value. Cars, motorbikes, property, new technology are my best barter. You probably have a ton of stuff lying around. All barter to be exchanged before MENTOR starts.


If you like the idea of

  • Life change
  • Job change
  • Career change
  • Work as you like
  • Work when you like
  • Work where you like
  • Sending out billings for $82,000 or even $133,000 to just ONE client
  • If you like the idea of working with just one or two clients a year
  • If you like the idea of taking 12-weeks off a year
  • And if you like the idea of working just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – 3 days a week!
  • And you are sick and tired of your job, sick and tired of your wages and sick and tired of your slave like conditions… You’ll love the idea of this years Copywriting Mentor!
  • All you have to do is ask me to help you… I’m waiting.


  • I am ready
  • I am committed
  • I trust you
  • I want changes

Click here to go through to MENTOR registration. At this stage you are under no obligation at all.

  1. You fill out the form.
  2. I personally will call you.
  3. Any questions you have I will answer.
  4. After an initial discussion I will tell you what I feel you need.
  5. At this stage you are under no obligation to do anything.
  6. After the initial call I will email you a proposal for your personal MENTOR.
  7. MENTOR is paid in full in advance.
  8. If we meet face-to-face at an early pre-agreement stage a small fee of £500 is charged . This fee is taken off the price of your MENTOR.


Lets start a conversation right now The BEST way to contact me about this incredible opportunity is to …

Text the word MENTOR

  • UK: From UK Text this 07793 069 486

  • USA: From USA text 00 44 7793069486


CONTACT FORM: click here

I will get back to you as soon as I can to arrange an interview.
Places are limited and this is for you if you need massive change.

Yours Master Copywriter, Consultant & Mentor,

Alan Forrest Smith


First a warning: DO NOT SIGN UP if you want an easy ride. Mentor was never created to be easy. I created it to bring out peoples best, to dig deep and force changes from those that had it in them but no longer believed they had it.

There is homework, meetings and progress required all the way through. You have to listen tight and listen close. If you fail to do that – nothing will happen. No effort brings no results. A little effort brings little results.

More effort brings more results. But huge effort brings – huge results. You need to listen, apply and push. Isn’t that what other mentors say? Click a mouse and you’ll make money? MENTOR is for real life and real business. It’s not easy. If you can commit to working hard though your MENTOR and you thirst for real changes in your life or business MENTOR is for you.

If not – forget you ever read this page. (Note: You will need around 2 hours a week to push yourself through MENTOR in the early days) If you are looking for change in your work, change in your life and an opportunity to work when you like, how you like and as often as you like … MENTOR could be the best personal investment of your life or business.

Think About This

If you carry on everything the same way you have always done will anything actually change for you? I’m not going to lie and say MENTOR is easy but I will say this is an incredible opportunity for you if you want real change.

Here is actually what can be possible for you. Imagine yourself 12-months from the day you read and took action on this page. You have no debt, you have cash in the bank, you have clients that pay you well, you are working fewer hours but earning more cash. You can take time out for your kids, for your wife or husband and take time to do the things in life that make you happy.

Does that sound perfect? Please don’t say it’s ok for me as I sit here and write to you because that’s not true. Here’s what is true. You have one life and one life only. Are you happy to get to the end of your life the way it is right now or will you be much happier doing something new that has the potential to change everything for you? Your change is very possible!

So remember once you get started on MENTOR I want you to meet you as soon as you can so we can create a perfectly bespoke plan just for you and your personality (or Skype).


Lets start a conversation right now The BEST way to contact me about this incredible opportunity is to …

Text the word MENTOR

  • UK: From UK Text this 07793 069 486

  • USA: From USA text 00 44 7793069486


CONTACT FORM: click here

I will get back to you as soon as I can to arrange an interview.
Places are limited and this is for you if you need massive change.