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From The Desk Of: Direct Response Marketing Consultant and Expert Strategist For Fast Growth Alan Forrest Smith

This Page Is Strictly For A – Very Special, Super Smart, Ultra Savvy Success-Minded-Individual That Will Accept Nothing But the Absolute Best

The Short Version Of This Offer.

If I give You EXACTLY What You Want – How Will You Reward Me?

I am looking for a client I can make at least £500,00 over a 12-month period.

In return I will create systematic breakthrough strategies, result delivering tools, converting funnels, proven tactics, mind trigger messages, unforgettable branding, premium positioning and more that will help you hit a number we agree on for your business. If you need to hit £5 million – that’s what we will work towards.

I give you what you want, you give me what I want. It’s a very simple transaction.

My terms are easy-to-understand.

This is best suited for you if …

  1. Entrepreneur already hitting £500k but want to hit their first few million plus!
  2. Organisation that needs their team to be kicked up the backside and sued into a direction that delivers results!

Can you answer YES to the following?

  • Do you understand that marketing is a process NOT a instant fix?  Yes/No?
  • You have researched demand for your product? Yes/No?
  • You have a list of hungry buyers? Yes/No?
  • You have a great product that won’t demand refunds? Yes/No?
  • Does it look good, packaged and packed well? Yes/No?
  • Is it well made? Yes/No?
  • You have your sales systems in place? Yes/No?
  • You have a support system in place? Yes/No?
  • You have well planned strategies in place? Yes/No?
  • You have at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics? Yes/No?
  • Can you back-up great copy with great service? Yes/No?
  • Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you! Yes/No?
  • Do you need You need more sales Yes/No?
  • You need more customers Yes/No?
  • You need more profits Yes/No?
  • You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment. Yes/No?
  • You are happy to work on a 12-month contract? Yes/No?

You get your result – I get my reward

A booking payment on contract exchange is required. This is an advance of £25,000 that is non-negotiable. Like I said this is for “Very Special, Super Smart, Ultra Savvy Success-Minded-Individual That Will Accept Nothing But the Absolute Best” … That may or may not be you.

Of course this short version is for you if you already know me. If not I advise you to read the longer page below.

If you’d like to partner with me here is what you should do next.

  • Get in touch
  • Lets talk
  • Lets see if we are a fit
  • Lets move things forward

The Long Version

  • Webpage Conversions 42% –
  • Direct Mail Campaign 47% –
  • Turnaround Campaign 53.4% –
  • Direct Mail Sales £1.2 Million –
  • Email Campaign£42,000 in 24 Hours –
  • 400 New Clients From a Single Campaign

I Want To Give You Results Like That After All You’ve taken The Risk – YOU Deserve The Success … Am I Right?

Dear potential partner in business,

If you’re anything like myself you want success at every level for your business right? And why not; you take the risk, you give back into the economy so you should be rewarded with success.

Yet over the past few decades working with entrepreneurs and business people like yourself I keep seeing the same old mistakes being made that cause catastrophic business failure.  It’s those mistakes that push a lot of businesses into endless struggle or failure. It happens at every level, in huge corporations, in new start-ups and yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

Marketing Is Never a Cost – It’s Your BEST Investment When Done Right

Here’s what happens in business – maybe even your business?

Not that long ago I dealt with a new business owner that had invested over £100,000 of loans and friends cash into his new business. His new van arrived with the business name and ‘call us’ number emblazoned on the side. He parked it outside of his newly furnished 10,000 square foot store. This place was packed with stock that he had invested a ton of cash into including the possibility of losing his home as he used it as a security against his new business.

Of course failure wasn’t something he thought about for a moment I mean why would he? No one starts a business with failure in mind. Within two weeks he realised he was in trouble. Withing four weeks he still hadn’t had his first sale. Within six weeks he called my office in tears. After just 14 weeks of trading he walked away from that business.


He failed to realise that the one major component of a successful business is marketing. Now lets get this straight because you might be thinking what he used to think and that is marketing is costly.

When marketing is designed to be very smart, using tested, proven and measureable strategies, tactics and campaigns it never costs a single penny.

  • I once witnessed saw sales come in of over £800,000 after taking 12 words and recreating them into a targeted message that worked.
  • I once changed an offer for a client that went from zero sales to just over £84,000 in sales over night from one email blast.
  • I have seen direct mail campaigns go from total failure to sales of over £1.2 million after creating an almost perfect strategy.

I can bring to mind right now two business that I saved from total collapse in days (not months). One went from failure and debt to over £2 million in sales over the following year and the other went from massive debt to debt from and then expanding her brick and mortar business and online business over the following 12-months.

The key to the business and marketing successes are always the same

Like I said at the start of this page marketing when done properly works. I’m happy to share the following with you.

When I work with you here’s part of what I do.

EVERYTHING is based around my three decades long –  THE AFS METHOD.

The first thing I do with any of my clients is make sure their initial investment is returned. This has only failed when a client fails to take action. In most cases my clients make back their initial investment very quickly.  So if you invest £20,000 the first thing for me is to return that investment to you. This gives you confidence that you have just made one of the best investments into your business ever!

Talk: So we talk openly, very openly. This is absolutely 100% confidential. We sit around a table and talk and talk until my team and I fully understand the problems you have, the problems you won’t realise you have so I can then create solutions for you fast! When I say fast it is worth noting that when certain areas (sometimes tiny areas) of marketing are optimised they can bring in returns instantly. One client of mine and now friend brought in over £42,000 in new sales with 24 hours from one campaign that was optimised. If open conversation doesn’t take place and certain things are hidden not only can it be embarrassing for you when the truth comes out but it can waste a lot of time that could have been optimised much better.

For example one client told me his company was paying him a net of around £80,000 yet he was debt ridden. Once I got all of his paperwork from his office to go through his business I quickly realised his net income was around £12,000 not the £80,000 he guessed (he had been taking money directly from his business to pay for and support his lifestyle). No wonder he had no cash remaining anywhere for anything, it was a mess. This client was getting one lead a day for 5 staff. We gave him 17 leads in the first hour of the new campaign!

So talking about everything in the open with honestly is the first thing we do together.

EMPIRE PROGRAM: I have never met a client that doesn’t have a number on mind that they want their business to turnover. I bet you do too? Yet some people never even give it any thought but think about this.

If you have no idea where you are going how on earth will you ever get there? Business like life is a journey and you cannot take a journey to anywhere unless you have a destination in mind. Can you imagine stopping your car and telling people you are lost and have no idea where you are going. The people you tell ask you where are you heading so we can help you. You stop for a moment only to reply you are not sure where you are going. You are simply driving hoping to get somewhere but you are not sure where exactly. It just makes no sense right?

So what we will work out together are your number your big number and your vision for what you really need from your business and in return your life. We’ll do it in a way that is realistic based on optimizing your business. This is part of my unique EMPIRE PROGRAM.

Do the numbers: Next we take and review exactly what you currently have working or even not working for your business and then create a realistic plan of what is possible. A client came to be with bankruptcy knocking at his door. He had something so valuable in his business that he had never seen. If he did he would never have known what to do with it. After just 4 hours together his first campaign pulled in over £12,000 in sales from his laptop between 8pm and 9am the following day. Your numbers must be worked out, this is where I can give you the edge.

Pinpoint targeting: Some years ago a client came to me with his huge list of buyers. He was selling cars of all kinds and any kind. The problem was his data-list was so varied he would try and sell a Porsche to a man the only buys vans and vans to a man that only buys prestige cars and so on. He was marketing yet his campaigns were off target. He was doing what most businesses do and that is simply send out the marketing on the hope that someone buys what he is selling.

Marketing strategies that are laser targeted convert more and make you more. Currently we have one of our big clients converting at 42% a month. He could have never have had those numbers without targeting and in fact was hitting 5% on a good month from his own campaigns. Clearly he is very happy because his marketing has never cost him a penny despite the large investment he makes every month.

Strategize: It’s a huge mistake to start any form of marketing without a strategic plan. A client came to me recently and told me he had spent a fortune on websites, brochures, social media ads, email campaigns and even hired a brilliant young copywriter to make every word count. He then told me despite his investment nothing was happening and no increases had been made in fact all of this stuff he was trying was costing him a small fortune. So he decided to do nothing rather than keep throwing cash at the wall and guess what – nothing happened, no drop and no increase.

Can you see where this is going so far? Can you imagine if you had this and more in place in your marketing today? Can you just think for a moment the huge difference it would make? This isn’t hope and pray marketing. This isn’t the usual chaotic marketing that is built in as standard in most companies within an appointed group running behind a hapless marketing director.

It’s Simple, It’s Direct, It Works

This is what marketing is; simple, direct and without fail when done the right way, the best possible investment you will and can ever make in your business. It’s almost like spend a pound and get £100 in return. I know I have seen this and done this hundreds upon hundreds of times over again and again the past few decades. And I can probably tell you what you are thinking if you are from a world of average results that some of the numbers are impossible but I want to tell you they are real, they have been done and real direct marketing can work in your business when done properly.

Did you realise the average direct mailer actually fails to deliver any kind of result? A good result is measured at around 1-2%. I have seen direct mailers when carefully and scientifically created deliver as high as 63% response from the target list.

This can only happen when you have everything (and a little bit more) in place that you read on this page. I would love to do that with you if that is what you would like also?

So the next thing we will do together is …

Optimise and repair: It’s mistake to keep on creating new adverts, new emails, new everything in marketing and maybe in your business that is what you do? Your gold is actually right under your feet and with an optimisation and repair program in place I have to share with you the results can be pretty spectacular. One client I worked with generated over one million pounds in sales after I optimised and repaired his marketing systems. It wasn’t so much he was doing everything wrong it was more a case of what he was doing didn’t have the one ingredient that later created success for him and his brother. Optimisation can literally transform your business without doing a single thing to get new clients. Can you imagine that, can you imagine a program so powerful that for the next 12-months at least you no longer have to worry about chasing new clients because you have been through a strong, powerful, and proven program of optimisation and repair on your marketing?

I’ve seen changing headlines, changing graphics, adding video, removing video, changing layouts, focusing on above the fold, re-wording offers, guaranatees and even at times reducing words from 400 to a headline of just 12 words generate huge amounts of business. One campaign I worked on drove sales of over £5 million in a four-week period after a optimisation program was installed and carried out. I also saw sales from a dead contact list got from absolute ground zero to £24,000 in just 7-days flat!

Optimise and repair is designed to prevent any more cash being wasted, thrown away in useless marketing. It has been created so that you see a result fast and of course all of this is measurable so you know where every penny is going!

  • Create campaigns – carefully, strategically planned and expertly executed
  • Measureable goals – Install a track and measure systemisation program
  • Stabilise and profit creation
  • Balance and stability
  • Innovation and growth
  • And so much more

Good Direct Response Marketing Will Change Everything For You

Yet it’ll be kept simple, strong with a result driven campaign in mind all the way. Yet the big one is this.

First let me share a little discovery I made for myself what feels like a million years ago in 1991 (and what I learnt then has never ever been so relevant in todays super-competitive world).

I had a challenge and that challenge was to open a new hairdressing salon from the ground up in a town with over 35 salons. The big problem I had was most of these guys had been in this town for over 25 years. Five salons in particular held a tight grip over the town. This was when I discovered positioning. Actually it first came from asking myself questions over the football manager Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. I wondered how he had created such a powerful presence in the world of football and made it clear he was the one and only manager worth talking about.

How did football manager Alex Ferguson do this?

He had taken a position of power amongst his peers. This meant many things. He was not only seen as the best football manager but he could make demands never before demanded by a manager.

This is exactly what I did with my first big business and then of course my businesses today and any businesses I work, consult and strategize with.

The Four Most Powerful Ps That Build EMPIRES!

Here are the power most powerful words I will implement into your business.

  • Position
  • Perception
  • Presence
  • Power

Once you have all four of these built into your company using a careful and measured program you gain a position that is almost impossible to be knocked off from. Of course this has to be supported by incredible services or product s depending on what you are selling yet once these are mastered they change everything for you.

They make you the only option, the first option, the most desired option, the ultimate option and at every buying level you can think of once these four are in place I guarantee the customer thinks of you before anyone else.

Now can you imagine having all of the above and more carefully moulded into your company? This can mean the difference between being an option to being the only option.

It can mean the difference between an unpredictable flow of business and a flow that you can control regardless of the season. It can create stability; growth and expansion faster than you will ever have seen with any other haphazard hope and pray marketing that you might have tried over the years. Having these kinds of systems offer predictability that you maybe have never had before in your marketing.

Lets take two very modern examples of marketing

The first one is the traditional method. This is the route of hiring a team to handle the whole process of marketing. In my experience there are some teams that know what they are doing but sadly they are few are far between. These are usually made up from college graduates with a degree looking for a better job. They will do exactly what they have to do to keep their job and no more.

The real question is how do you measure if they are good or not? Thankfully the answer you will give yourself is one worded.


Do they deliver results for you or not? Staffing is not free. Housing a team isn’t free. Leasing equipment for those teams isn’t free. I consulted for one company. Their wages bill was an insane £200,000 plus a year for their team. Why was this insane? The companies marketing had no only failed it was in an unstoppable free-fall. Most days of the days each day for each week they were all sat posting on social media while their £75,000 per year marketing director drove up and down the country being anywhere except where he was supposed to be.

Lets take one you will know and know well. It’s the blue and white badge of BMW.

Now lets assume for this chat you’ve never driven one of these cars in fact you haven’t even open the door of one or sat in the luxurious leather seat of any their 1,3,5,7 or jay-dropping i8 models.

These guys are masters of the four Ps. They have taken a position that is elitist, the best and the only option if you must have a prestige car. This has given a perception of utter brilliance when it comes to German engineering and their brand and that perception is based on your ZERO driving or ownership experience of the car. This has given them a presence that when a model of this machine drives past you in the street you still turn your head and then of course the effect of all of this is to give the brand power.

So BMW go from just another car to a powerful brand that is positioned so strongly you could probably never ever imagine this brand vanishing from our roads.

This when all wrapped up gives them the big factor that you as a business really needs and probably wants but are fearful that if you take this route your buyers wont like it. Its this single world this one word – Price! Would being able to charge more make a difference to your business?

I know even in my own consulting and strategizing business today I am considered premium or high-end or expensive for many. My hourly fee of £1,200 for consulting and strategizing or my writing sales copy fees of £50,000 are seen as high-end yet think about this.

If you invest £50,000 into your business and that £50,000 brings you sales of over £10,000,000 (million) does it seem like a good or bad investment?

But it’s not all money right? Not too long ago I had a small 3-hour operation. I could have had this done on the national health and I could have gone private and paid as small but sizeable amount. Yet because it was an operation I wanted so badly to be a success I decided to pay the highest amount to a surgeon that sold himself so brilliantly on his website and then over the phone I decided to go with him. I paid maybe four times more than what I could have paid. The operation was a success.

Can you just imagine for a moment what it would be like to have this kind of power in your business right now? What kind of impact would it make knowing that you have marketing strategies and systems in place that cost you nothing in comparison to the return on your investment?

You remember the story above I shared with you about a traditional marketing department in a company I worked alongside? They spent all of their money on a department that was actually costing them money. Not only were the staff wages over £200k annually but the office, the equipment, the cars, the phones and so much more was eating that company alive.

Having a marketing department just because you are supposed to have a marketing department in your company isn’t enough in 2015. The market place has changed and I know if you have read this far you know it. Let me ask you right now; are you happy with the results your marketing guys are delivering for you?

The other extreme is you might not be doing any marketing at all because you feel it’s a cost. The chances are you’ve played around in the past with an advert here and an advert there. If anyone bought or called from that advert you’d never know so you simply felt that paying an extra bill every month for that small piece of advertising just wasn’t worth it.

Or even worse (from what I have seen) you might be stuck in the trap of doing this. Creating Facebook fan pages, Facebook adverts, LinkedIn and other small social media campaigns. The results for you are immeasurable, untrack able and just not worth the paper they are written on but you will say or people in your team will say things like, “we are getting our name out there” when the reality is much different as your bank balance is showing!

How do you like the idea of my team and myself taking your business from where it is now to where you want it to be?

I help you build an EMPIRE – YOU reward me well!

You know the kind of strategic programs I work with have given my clients some extra ordinary abilities they never thought possible. In fact just the other day I met a client and took him for breakfast. Whilst at breakfast I casually asked him what he had planned for the day. He told me with a red almost embarrassed look that he was going to view a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow car to buy. How? In the two years we have installed, managed tracked, increased traffic and conversion strategies online and offline his business has grown so exponentially he has doubled the size of his company and created growth so fast that we are well on our way to building a huge sellable empire for him and with him.

Would you like me to do that for you?

If you had carefully planned direct mail that was generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales and new orders would that work for you? If you had web campaigns that created traffic, sales and leads going into the hundreds of thousands and even millions could you live with that?

And how about if all these powerful marketing programs, strategies, tactics and plans were built around scientifically tested, proven-to-work and almost fail-proof systems that have been used in over 400 different marketplaces with literally hundreds of millions in sales for the clients using them would that work for you?

Over the past 20 years or so I have worked many times with business on the edge and pulled them back from the brink many, many times. One client went from being heavily in the red to heavily in the black. Her business went from almost dead to a resurrection so spectacular that she managed to open two new businesses despite almost crashing and then position her company as the only option in her city. Her growth was so fast she even managed to go out and buy herself brand new 4×4 just months after I installed new marketing programs for her.

I can do that and more for you.

Right Now I’m On The Lookout For a Client Just Like YOU! … As Long As You Love The Idea of Building a Real EMPIRE But Need a Mind Like Mine To Help Them Make It happen – Is That YOU?

Be my strategic partner – If you have everything in place that a successful business needs yet, the one thing you lack is a genius direct marketing mind – We could be searching for each other.

If we work together you’ll never have to worry about marketing again. All we have to do is agree a deal that works best for you and best for myself.

Everything I have talked about on this page I will deliver for you – and more!

  • Super-effective profit creating strategies
  • EMPIRE PROGRAM (ground-breaking)
  • Carefully planned leverage campaigns designed to give you a boost of at least 30% in sales right away
  • Innovation strategies created to give you a unique selling advantage over your competition
  • New services or products
  • Huge marketing overhaul and critiques of everything
  • And more – much more!

I will say upfront.

I have terms but I like to deal – do you?

  • Agreed advance £25,000 booking fee – no negotiation (this covers initial costs and time – I cannot do anything FREE or percentage only – That’s for amateurs)
  • Strict track and measure policy on everything we do together
  • Full control of your marketing from the date of contract
  • Firm goals, visions, outcomes and intentions in place for you and myself
  • An agreed strategy to return your initial investment within a 12-week period

It is my aim to give you everything you need with sales, profits that will blow your mind. In return I am looking for ONE project I can build an EMPIRE with so we both benefit hugely.

This is best suited for those that know me and my successful history in marketing or you if you need to take a new direction and an exciting (perceived) risk!

Are You An EMPIRE Builder or Just Pretending You Are?

In return you’ll get one of the very best creative marketing minds, bespoke premium copywriters, direct marketing strategists slaving like a dog yet working very smart for you.  Plus I’m not stupid and neither are you. This way you DON’T pay my huge one-off fees as mentioned above.

  • You’ll want tracked, measured and tested results
  • You’ll want numbers – big numbers
  • You’ll want results – plenty of them

I have everything in place to give you exactly that. I also have over thirty years of action packed direct response marketing experience that has grown many, many businesses into the millions.

I’m the man to do that for you regardless of the size of your company right now.

I know you know a little about me so here are some reminders

  • 100% ethical
  • 100% service based
  • 100% honest
  • Bespoke service
  • No junior staff
  • 31 years experience (Just Alan)
  • 70 years in total for our team Orange Beetle
  • Client focused
  • Service focused
  • Sales focused
  • Current in our techniques
  • Easy to get in touch
  • 24/7 support with Alan
  • Deadline conscious
  • Proven copywriters
  • Proven designers
  • Proven programmers

And the two brilliant tools that are unique to myself – THE AFS METHOD and my powerful EMPIRE Program.

The following bullets are all clients that needed more. Does this look like the kind of EMPIRE building success you’d want?

  • Increased sales in 4 days by 2,300% with a new direct response strategy
  • Massive leap of 900% in sales
  • Increase of sales by £74,000 from just ONE advert
  • Sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400 after I critique and re-wrote a simple paragraph into his final offer on his sales letter
  • Sold over a million dollars US from a single webpage selling a stocks and shares program
  • Sold over a million dollars of product from his new sales page I crafted for him
  • Increased his sales by $2.4million from zero despite being close to bankruptcy!
  • From struggling entrepreneur to sales of over $300,000 in a single weekend after working with me on strategies and creating copy
  • A brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage).
  • UK campaign pulled in just under £200,000 from a single marketing campaign using a fax mailer I re-wrote after the first attempt that had been written by the office staff failed!
  • From NO SALES to just under $500,000 from a single sales page. His first page flopped despite being written by a so-called pro. I re-wrote and designed the top-selling page for him
  • A long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4% selling a health related product
  • Mini 4-email campaign generated over £24,000 on one week
  • Email campaign delivers more leads than EVER before
  • Single offline campaign with a flyer boosts sales by £15,400 in one day
  • Another email campaign to sales letter generates over £100,000 in a single week
  • Over 400 new clients from a single campaign that crashed a business
  • A £250,000 magazine advert that made one client rich!
  • 21 sales from a magazine advert that replaced a failed advert. Each sale worth thousands
  • Client saved over £60,000 after a mastermind session
  • Another clients slashes his marketing budget by well over £100,000 and then goes on to generate well over one million in sales over 12 weeks
  • A website that pulled sales of over TWELVE MILLION in a single month!

I’ve written letters that brought back 65% of missing customers for one client worth over £200,000 over a 6-month period

I created marketing for one company that sold printing services. They went from being in the red to £2.2 million turnover in 11 months.

I recently increased a business by 54% in four weeks and 116% over 12 months.

I have clients fly from as far as New Zealand, Finland, Australia and more.
Our current clients are based on all continents tag call me as their direct response marketing consultant and expert strategist for fast growth.

 So – Are you playing at business or building an EMPIRE?


Lets start this with a quick conversation.

TEXT ME RIGHT NOW – I will call you right back.

UK 07793 069 486

OUTSIDE UK: 00 44 (0) 7793 069 486

 You always wanted to build an EMPIRE – they simply want a job.

Probably the marketing experts you’ve hired have no idea. How do you know that? The results are crap with a capital C! That kind of crap is costing you a fortune on lost, missed and no new sales!

They try the same old stuff everyone does. Build Facebook ‘likes’, log into LinkedIn and all the other predictable ways to take a business to market with no thought, no creativity and no results! If you need a real Direct Response Marketing Consultant and Expert Strategist For Fast Growth with decades of experience… Call me.


Frustrating I know in days when you MUST have the EDGE, an ANGLE a BIG IDEA that will help grow, expand and explode what you’ve already built. And of course the boringly necessary stuff like marketing that is measured, tested and actually reduces cost whilst increases your results!


Here’s an offer you’d be nuts to refuse! You can invite me to a high-end dinner (I don’t do coffee shop meetings so don’t ask) anywhere in the world with expenses paid!

You can interview me, ask me anything, ask me to share anything and ask for advices on your business and how to solve, fix or grow your business. You’ll see what I have to offer you is nothing like you will have been offered in the past, not boring manual based marketing garbage for the small boys that like to tickle each others ears but herculean ideas that can grow you a momentous EMPIRE.

Once we meet you’ll want me to start right away I can guarantee that and if you feel there is no possibility of that – even the slightest feeling – don’t invite me to talks because I not only don’t want to waste your time I don’t want to waste mine.

This is for one EMPIRE builder only – is that you?

Now a perfect place to meet for me is an expensive London, New York, Edinburgh, Asian or otherwise restaurant.

Lets meet, eat, drink, smoke a cigar and see what we can magically manifest over an hour or two or three or so.

This is a SERIOUS OFFER for a serious EMPIRE builder like you.

I know you have everything in place right now you just need a genius at the helm. I’m that man and I’ll prove it! Lets face it did this website pull you in? Who do you think put it together Mickey Mouse Marketing Co?

If Jay Conrad Levinson  said publicly ‘Alan Forrest Smith is a GENIUS’ I believe him! And I have results that make grown marketers leave their jobs to go and work in ToysRUs!

I’m not going to try and persuade you on this webpage or even when we meet face to face. We are either a fit or we’re not once we’ve met – it’s really that simple. Payment? You don’t have to worry about that at this stage all you need to know is this.

I do NOTHING with my works without an advance to be agreed and then we can create a deal that suits us both whilst insulting neither of us.

I am interviewing right now for a 2015AD EMPIRE builder. If it sounds like you get in touch right away.

ob-banners-001Your EMPIRE Partner and Direct Response Marketing Consultant and Expert Strategist For Fast Growth.

Alan Forrest Smith

Lets start this with a quick conversation.

TEXT ME RIGHT NOW – I will call you right back.

UK 07793 069 486

OUTSIDE UK: 00 44 (0) 7793 069 486