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BREAKTHROUGH has been designed to solve any of your marketing problems that are holding you back in a single session!

One client recently had a business breakthrough of over £30,000 in new sales after a single day session. That’s a really powerful breakthrough!

FREE: MP3 Why Everything You're Being Told About Marketing Can Never Work and - How To Fix It.

A must listen to, short, to the point, provocative and eye-opening reality-check from Alan Forrest Smith, as to why most marketing can only fail and - How to fix it! Stacks of top secret breakthroughs you can use right now.

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Tell me what’s your marketing problem because in 31-years of direct marketing I am yet to see a marketing problem that cannot be solved.

Tell me, we mastermind it and come up with your solution. Even better is this. BREAKTHROUGH has also been designed to return your initial investment right away.

Breakthrough Marketing Strategies. Fast Optimum Guerrilla Tactics. Turnaround Intensive Breakthroughs. All Bespoke.

From One Day to Three Day Breakthroughs Available

One-on-One, Group/Team Breakthroughs Available

NEW BREAKTHROUGH Mini Available in One Hour Sessions. Please ask.

  • Sales letter still not working? I will fix it. One letter I created a BREAKTHROUGH with went from zero to sales of £1.2 million
  • Direct mailer getting zero response? I took a miserable campaign, reduced the costs, reduced the mailers and created a 47% response rate.
  • Web pages not converting? I helped one client hit over £5 million in sales in a single month from his website after his sales were locked into a cycle of no increase.
  • You can’t get your offer right? I changed 12 words on an offer. Despite the previous, campaign not selling the client went on to sell just under $84,000 in new sales.
  • You’ve no idea how to position yourself as the best and only option? One client, I worked with in Scotland on positioning went from unknown to the number one in her field.
  • Your strategy is no-strategy? That’s fine almost no business I have ever worked with has come to me with a strategy … that’s why you come to me.
  • Your lead funnel is non-existent? Last year i worked with a client in the legal business that went from 3 leads a month to over 250 each month.
  • None of your media appears to be working? Again this is common. I have fixed so many campaigns that it’s impossible for me to list them all here for you.
  • Premium mastermind session focused on solving, resolving, fixing, repairing, tearing down and rebuilding your marketing, positioning, strategies tactics or any other problems you might be experiencing in your business right now.

It’s just myself – Master Strategist and Breakthrough Expert Alan Forrest Smith and you. If needed you can bring a partner.

You have six hours, back to back.

We sit at my desk and cover anything you need to be covered.

Online, offline and more.

It’s full-on but probably the most powerful six hours you’ll ever spend on your business.

Once a month only.

Always sells out so please decide and commit.

All bookings are non-refundable hence an interview over Skype is required before a booking can be made.

Email me at to book an interview then place.

There is marketing and there is THE BREAKTHROUGH.

I can’t wait to help you smash through the walls that have been holding you back.

Yours in huge breakthroughs

Alan Forrest Smith

Breakthrough Strategic Consultant


Date: September 29, 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Cost: £5000


Alan forrest Smith


264 Ashley Road, Hale
Hale, Cheshire WA159LZ United Kingdom
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Phone: 07793069486