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Direct Response Copywriting Masterclass – One Day

How To Easily Understand and Apply Advanced Copy Techniques, Triggers, Mind-Paths and Buzz-Thoughts For Higher Response.

The key to planning, writing and editing powerful direct response copy that engages, informs, drives persuades and sells – online or offline, in any medium.

  • Where & When: January 16th, Orange Beetle H.Q. 213 Ashely Road, Hale, Cheshire, WA159TB
  • Small and Personal Masterclass with Master Copywriter Alan Forrest Smith
  • A Canapé lunch is provided

Book On This Page Or Call 0161 928 8328

You will discover:

  • How To Get Read, Convert More and Persuade More Like Never Before
  • How to Make The Perfect Start, Middle and End on any Blank Page
  • How to Quickly Find The Perfect Words Your Buyers Need To Hear
  • Discover the Real Reason Your Buyer Reads Your Copy
  • Understand the Science of How People Read Copy and Use it to Your Advantage
  • How to Create Clarity and Simplicity
  • How to Use Emotional, Direct, Irrational and Rational Triggers to Compel and Persuade
  • How to Structure, Write and Adapt Your Copy to Fit All Media
  • Learn How To Make Sure Design, Graphics, Images and Typography Increase Readership and Sales

Who is this for?

  • Anyone that wants more response from their sales copy
  • Copywriters and aspiring copywriters who want to master the skills of copywriting, and improve the response rates
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners that use copywriting skills in their business to grow sales and revenue
  • Marketing teams, Marketing Managers and Executives
  • Sales teams
  • Direct Marketing Executives


Iconoclast Collective – Orange Beetle, 2nd Floor, 213 Ashley Rd, Hale, Cheshire, WA15 9TB

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January 16th, 2017, Monday – 9.30AM-4.30PM

Course Structure and The Benefits

Understanding what your buyers read and want to read

  • Developing your Core Message
  • How to stop your marketing heading to the trash box – you have around 3-seconds to win them over – here’s how!
  • How and why to test in a world where testing and tracking is almost always missed
  • Snapshot Copy … THE MUST KNOW technique for 21st century!
  • Trash Copy … a key to readership
  • Story Copy … feeding the human condition
  • Selfish Copy … how to understand it
  • Human Copy … why you cannot change people
  • Futurism Copy … essential for all copywriters
  • How to create a message so strong your readers won’t be able to put it down
  • Practical exercise: Write your page now

The Finer Detail Behind Attention Grabbing Headlines

  • Headline Examples and Why Detail Works
  • Why People Respond And What They Really See In Copy
  • Why You Must Prove It In Your Copy
  • Driving Home Your Benefit Factor
  • How You Have To Tell Them What To Do
  • The Decades Old Headline System For The Modern Age
  • Why People Only Buy Solutions
  • Why You Must Avoid Certain Exclusion Words
  • Why News Sells Like Crazy
  • Why THE CLICHÉ is King
  • Words That Make People Cry Sell
  • Why The Brand Name MUST BE In The Headline
  • How To Avoid Hucksterism’s

Subtle Persuasion and Word Structure

  • How to reason with your reader
  • How to construct your keywords, triggers and buzzwords for maximum sales
  • THE Proven formula for sales copy that sizzles
  • Answering objections for more sales
  • The simple headline exercise that never fails

Copywriting best practice: practical tips and advice

  • Why writing like you talk is the key to your response kingdom
  • Tone, language, speed and pace – how to know the right way
  • Long copy – short copy, who reads what and why? Here’s the answer
  • What are power words and why should you use them?
  • 11 tips from the real world of successful copy
  • A proven formula on what to write first for maximum power – the end, the beginning or the middle or something else?
  • CASE STUDY: The 47% response sales letter campaign

Multi Media – Multi Approaches?

  • Direct mail or email – should you write any differently?
  • How to make sure your emails get read – a 5-step formula
  • How to get printed copy read, responded to and selling
  • Why you need to understand the mastery of copy elements for more sales
  • Stories and testing from the web – what to write and how to write for web sales
  • Practical session


Alan Forrest Smith: writing copy since 1985 – is one of the most outspoken, more respected and most response-driven marketing and copywriting experts on the planet. Alan has driven response rates from old to new copy from as low as zero to as high as 63% on a single campaign. His writing has delivered sales, response, leads and conversions in numbers most copywriters will only ever dream about.

One direct mail campaign went from an absolute fail to an incredible response of 47%. That resulted in sales of over £800,000 over a 12-month period for the client.

Alan has been teaching aspiring copywriters and entrepreneurs all over the globe, from the US and the UK, to Singapore and Australia since 2004. For more information visit

When You Leave You Leave With

  • Stronger abilities to write stronger copy
  • Deeper understanding of selling in words
  • Small changes that will make huge differences
  • More refined ways to open and close your copy
  • An understanding of how to ask for the sale
  • How to sell without trying to hard
  • And more
  • Class notes and worksheets to take away with you

Class starts & ends at 9:30am – 5:00pm


If you have any questions please call us direct on 0161 928 8328 where we can answer any questions you might have.

I hope to see you at the class.


Director and master copywriter, Alan Forrest Smith



Date: January 16
Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Cost: + VAT £495


Orange Beetle
2nd Floor, 213 Ashley Rd
Hale, Cheshire WA15 9TB
+ Google Map
Phone: 01619288328