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Mentor Copywriters Insight Dinner July 31st

This is advanced notice of a new up and coming Copywriters Insight lunch that you are invited to come along on.

NEW: Insight Dinner. Location Hale, Cheshire, Monday July 31st 1pm-3pm

A couple of things you should know.

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It is for

  • Those that want to be copywriters or writers
  • Those that want to be consultants
  • Those that are already the above but want to make it pay
  • I can only meet five of you.
  • I have to prequalify you to avoid time-wasters so this means a small payment of £250.

If you decide to join me on mentor the payment will be taken off of your future investment.

Now you can ask me anything you like but I will of course be taking you through my own copywriters journey over the past 20-years and I will share with you what I can see as the huge possibility before right now as a copywriter (now is the very best time).

To help you decide I have added the following.

£10,000 INVOICE: Recently a new copywriter on my program did something that he has never done in his life. He sent out an invoice for £10,000. This guy is used to sending out invoices for £250! When he first came to me to be mentored I had to help him price up a client. His price was around $400 USA. I showed him everything I know about getting paid more. He then sent out his invoice for £2,000 and got his new client. He has left his job and is now a fulltime copywriter.

BIG CLIENT: Another mentor copywriter client of mine really wanted a big hit. He was also starting from scratch so he had a lot to discover about how this business works. His client was big and I mean very big. He wanted me to show him how to get this one big target as a client. I doubted to be frank but we put together a way to do this. The client was a BMW garage. So my mentor student did exactly as I showed him. We refined the campaign until it was right. He got a call from the client to go for a visit so they could discuss their needs. He now works part-time as a copywriter.

FIRST BIG CLIENT: A lady came to me after being made redundant from the bank. She became a mentor student of mine. After just eight weeks working with myself she had made more in a single day than she used to get paid in the bank per month. The first invoice she sent out to a client with my help was for £1,995. The client agreed and within just 8 weeks of starting her mentoring she had pulled in well over a months previous wage. She now works as a copywriter.

$90,000 BANKED: This mentor student flew from Sydney Australia to work with me. His fee and his travel and accommodation cost over $25,000 AUD. This payment was all on loan. Within 12 weeks of working with me as a new copywriter not only had he invoiced well over six-figures but he had taken in and banked over $90,000. He now works as a fulltime copywriter.

I will tell you these guys all had one thing in common with myself.

  • All had to learn from scratch
  • All had to start somewhere
  • All had to make a career change
  • They all get paid for writing and all can take their skills and their office anywhere in the world at anytime.

I have just five dinner places.

If you would like to join me please let me know so payment can be taken to book your place.

It’s worth saying… If you decide to join us for dinner you have me for 2-3 hours and clearly don’t pay me regular fee at £1,200 per hour.

Five places.

NEW: Insight Dinner. Location Hale, Cheshire, Monday July 31st 1pm-3pm

Access is very easy via air, road or train.

I hope to meet you there.

All the very best.


More on mentor can be read here

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Date: July 31
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Cost: £250


Alan forrest Smith