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Face-to-Face, One-on-Ones Mentoring.


Caroline Sanderson from Inverness invested over £5,000 to be consulted by me in face-to-face, one-on-ones and mentoring.

That’s a lot of cash right?

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  • Within one week her takings nearly DOUBLED.
  • Within 4 weeks her turnover increased by 50%
  • After 7 months her turnover had grown by a massive 53.4%
  • She also has a new online business with me that is creating cash daily!
  • She plans on using this business to re-shape her life!

Caroline has had a return on her investment x 23 times!

Was her investment worth the money?
OK, Stupid question I know.

This coming weekend you can make an investment into your life and business with me, it’s a small amount for instant results and a fantastic future.

I’m available for one-to-one consulting, mentoring this coming Saturday Jan 8th and Sunday Jan 9th in London. I have one place only so you must be quick.
(I can also offer a slot in Manchester this Thursday but be very quick).

Hair salons, internet business, direct mail, selling more cars… I can help you in ways that will blow your mind (and your bank balance.

Invest £500 per hour with me and I will show you how to turn that £500 into £5,000 in 60 minutes or less.

Simply hit reply to this email or TEXT UK 07793 069 486 and I’ll get right back to you with a time and place.
Hamish (on behalf of Alan)
Contact me below now.

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