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Facebook Marketing Farce


Facebook Farce

Its interesting the volume of new marketing people that shout loud about the giant facebook and how it will and can save your business.

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  • Open an account (it’s free)
  • Add lots of photos (its free)
  • Put up videos as proof (it’s free)
  • Add content daily (it’s free)
  • Then drive as many people as you can to the page and HOPE you might get some sales.

Interesting also that there are a lot of businesses out there following this advice whilst at the same time ignoring the other 216 ways to market your business that we currently endorse and use.

Here’s the problem.
Just because facebook has massive free traffic, huge free space, monster like connections all over the place to his, her and they’re wall it takes this single thing out of the equation. In fact it’s almost dismissed, erased from the mind of new marketers.

It’s one simple word.


Are your targets on Fcebook? If they are how do you find them?

You know the truth is, it can work. We personally created an increase for one client of 53.4% over a 7 month period so it can work.

The facebook farce is this though …you have 217 ways to market your business. Why focus on just one way that will…

  • Take traffic away from your website
  • Focus on untargeted prospects
  • Put your business in the hands of a Goliath that could make changes any second, any day.

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To Marketing Glory

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