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Facebook Marketing Realities


Did you realize there are almost 220 ways … at least … to market your business?

Yet the truth is most business use just one way.

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Some really interesting stuff taking place with Social media. In fact events are popping up all over the place making proclamations of making tens of thousands and even millions from having a facebook account.

Here’s a few facts you need to be aware of.

  • Social media is amazing for business… but it is just ONE tool of many.
  • Social media constantly changes… you must make some time to keep up with the changes.
  • Social media hates tricksters that try and beat the system. The tricks always get found out. The tricks always get shut down.

I saw one half-hearted amatuer recenlty on a stage selling the audience a system to beat facebook and make a killing while doing it.

He offered to set up 25 accounts and spam the lists like crazy. $5,000 he was asking. He asked it based on his numbers that they would get a 50k return… crazy…!

Maybe they would but for how long?

Can that be considered as part of a strong marketing strategy or is it business built on sand? After all the social media outlets can make changes at the click of a mouse.

My advice… It works but play by the rules set out by social media and you can use it to incredible effect for your business.

DO NOT use it as your only way to market.

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