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Direct Marketing Consultant Alan Forrest Smith Understands


  • The biggest problem in your business right now is FEAR!
  • Fear of the unstable economy
  • Fear of stagnating business
  • Fear of no new sales
  • Fear of customers not spending
  • Fear of spending your cash
  • Fear of lack of R.O.I marketing
  • Fear of failure

And a fear of loss everything your and your company have created … and I understand why, times are tougher than ever!

Yet I want to share with you that fear can easily be removed from your business equation by simply doing what works and yes there are things that do work in marketing and won’t fail your business.

There are at least three masterful strategies you can do right now to turn your business around; I’ll show you how!

Today’s economy won’t accept yesterdays thinking. Are you doing the same old marketing strategies? Now is a time you have to get creative, get smart and get resourceful in your business whilst at the same time removing the fear by eliminating your risk. If you don’t – It’s as good as over for your business!

My name is Alan Forrest Smith.

I’m a direct marketing consultant with decades of front-line business experience. I can help make your business a real success. I don’t take risks with your company in fact I can probably show you how to increase your companies turnover after one hour working with me!

Direct Marketing Consultants?

It seems everyone is an expert these days and frankly I’m sick of seeing businesses like your getting abused and taken by these ‘experts’. So who can you turn to these days, especially when we all do web search to find advertising, business or direct marketing consultants? Most self-proclaimed experts have none or almost no real-business experience. Others will do anything to get you to open your wallet and spend and with the advent of self publishing anyone can get anything in print to try to create that air of ‘the real-deal’ … I’m not one of those and I’ll explain and prove why.

I understand how real business works after all 27 years as a businessman teaches you something right? I started my first cash for work at the age of ten painting bikes for pennies. For nearly twenty years I had my own successful brick and mortar businesses. Since 1999 I have had successful web business that have used, tried and tested the most effective and not so effective strategies on the web!

Unlike a lot of so-called business consultants I give you real experience, honest advice, incredible solutions, and faster ways to get where you want to be and so much more. I treat all of my clients like lovers. You get my attention until I give you what you need and if that means I have to climb a mountain to find out the answer … I’ll climb a mountain. Thankfully I never have to do that but being a student of everything direct marketing if I don’t give you the answer on the day I will go away and come back with the answer pretty fast!

I offer real experience in positioning businesses, branding businesses, managing and directing businesses. I can share real-life direct mail strategies that have pulled in literally millions of pounds in turnover. I can share website secrets that have created over £5,000,000 in sales from one website. I can show you the right ways to get noticed online and offline. I can show you how to turnaround almost any business … your business using real-world strategies. (see more results at the end of this page)

And of course the most important thing my direct marketing consultancy service gives you is 100% honesty. If you pay me to consult and advise your business and I just can’t see it working – I will advise you to close and move on. Don’t expect your ears to be tickled… I get paid by clients to offer impartial, honest, and direct advice. That’s what I can offer you. Of course if there is real potential hidden away I promise you we’ll uncover it, grow it and increase it at lightning speed!

How can you trust I will deliver?

Like I said above, you’re probably like me, so sick and tired of all the self-proclaimed experts and gurus out there delivering misinformation, bad information and downright time-wasting information. I’m sure you’ve read some of them. I’m also sure you’ve been enticed to part with your hard-earned cash on some of them!

Yet here’s why you can trust me to serve you and serve the greater good of your business and your clients.

I’d survived three recessions, stayed at the top of my game, gained a number one position in all three locations from scratch and with almost zero marketing budget. Yes of course I faced lot of problems but I also uncovered a lot of solutions that worked to the greater advantage. In 1999 I wanted to share that direct marketing information through Orange Beetle because it worked for me and had started to work for my clients!

So since 1999 I have done just that through Orange Beetle direct marketing. It’s given me back-door access to real marketing hero’s of mine like Jay Conrad Levinson who is now a very good friend and mentor of mine who I dine with anytime he is in England or I am in the USA. And my other heroes like Jay Abraham who I met whilst at a BBQ in Dallas. There are more but what has been really cool are the insights into how marketing really works over a vast diversity of business.

Despite the fact I am more well known and more acclaimed as a premium copywriter (see more results at the end of this page) the reality is I have been more involved in strategic thinking, marketing planning, masterminding new business and helping business recover and turnaround over the past twenty plus years than simply copywriting, although I do still write higher response sales copy for a few selected clients.

My advice has also saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds in almost wasted untested marketing. It has also been directly responsible for campaigns that have generated well into the millions of pounds in direct sales. Here’s a nice story about how dependable my advice could be for you.

I was presenting on stage in New Zealand when a lady I had never met came over to me and told me how she watched me speaking in Australia to a large group of around 600 in a room about breakthrough marketing.

Her problem was she wanted to get urgent medical attention for a child in Malaysia yet didn’t have the funds to save the dying child’s life. She listened very carefully to what I was teaching. One bit of information I shared on the day helped her to generate enough cash to fly the child to Sydney Australia and have the life saving operation. Today that child is healthy and alive. (note: there is a video on YouTube of this lady sharing this actual experience)

I could also tell you how a client (name protected) recently chose to totally ignore my initial advice to his cost. After five weeks of no sales he rang me back to say he will now listen to what I have to share with him. Within 3 days of speaking and launching a very quick door-to-door flyer campaign for him, he had taken £15,400. After just four weeks he went from nothing in the cash drawer to £60,000 in direct sales. You can see more results at the end of this page.

I have to tell you … I’m not perfect, sometimes I do get things wrong yet as a fanatical student of business, direct marketing and human behavior of nearly 27 years I do know how to get things right. If you decide at some stage to choose to work with me, you are my priority – NOT ME!

If you want more on my direct marketing consulting services I’ll happily share over the phone during your initial consultation. Please just ask.

You Have No-Risk

I think you’d also like me to share with you; I take NO-RISKS with your business. If I can’t help you, I won’t take you on as a client. If I do take you on as a client and I can help you I don’t take any risks with your business, your cash or your life. I wouldn’t want that doing to me, so I wouldn’t do it to you.

After studying and reviewing your business, numbers, campaigns, strategies, tactics and any other details I should know I’ll show you how to gain and leverage what you have right now without creating anything new (sometimes you simply don’t need new, you just need to be finely tuned or directed). I’ll then show you how to simply create more from what you already have. Then I’ll show you how to grow, expand and multiply your marketplace.

That reminds me of a story I’ll make really quick for you. I had a client in the hair and beauty business. She was broke as broke can be. Bills were unpaid and creditors had now found her home. It had become a nightmare for her. She really wanted to simply walk away yet I knew that with some adjustments she would have a great business.

After just four weeks I created enough business for her to pay off her creditors with her new 54.3% increase in sales. After 12 months she experienced an overall increase of 116%. I even showed her how to open a new passive business plus expand her current business into new premises. Just to remind you this was a new client on the verge of closure. The interesting thing was this … this was done using everything she already had! No new innovation just simple leverage of what was there already. If I had taken her down the new route, she’d be shut down for sure! Like I already said, I take NO early risks with your business or will I spend budgets you simply don’t have right now.

Dilemma of Today’s Market

During a recession or lean times the first thing to be cut back on in business is advertising and marketing because it feels like a risk. Yet the problem with this is you know if you advertise you attract more business … if your adverts work… but you’re not sure if they will work so you need an expert. Yet an expert has an expert price so how do you get an expert working for you without parting with needed cash yet at the same time getting a brilliant return on your investment?

So how do you get an expert working with you during the times we are living in?

I’ve thought about this long and hard. This is an offer that is for those that need an expert fast, have a good business that needs that extra piece of magic right now.

There are multiple ways you can pay me for my services.

  • Cash
  • Trades
  • BARTER exchange system

First lets look at what barter is to be clear.

According to Webster’s it’s a ‘trade for goods or services.’

This is my own system of equal value exchange. I understand in these days of hardship on the streets and in business that your situation might be catch 22 where you feel you have come to the end of a road but you can still see more road that you could cover.

You need an expert that can help grow your business, an expert that is honest with you, who has decades of experience and has a good reputation for his work. That is me.

So with my BARTER exchange you can pay me in various ways …

  • Sellable stock
  • Stocks and shares
  • Vehicles
  • Properties
  • Furniture
  • Technology
  • Diamonds
  • Travel vouchers
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Jewelry
  • Only services that I really need

In fact I will consider working for almost anything of an equal value exchange.

Here is an example to help you understand.

My consulting fee is £1,200 per hour. As you can imagine I get a lot of clients asking to work with me but don’t have a few grand lying around for a few hours consulting (despite the R.O.I. being huge).

So lets say you need to me to and work with your team for two whole days. Over those two days I work the equivalent of 16 hours. That means you have had £19,200 of powerful consulting work and advice plus my accommodation and travel.

You don’t have that kind of cash lying around but you do have stock, products assets you no longer need of the same value. I would be willing to take the product at an equal value share to what I have given you.

Will this work for you?

Lets say for example you have a Harley Davidson dealership. During these tough times you are struggling to sell more of these iconic machines. You have around twenty Harley Davidsons in stock, all paid for just lying there not making you money in fact losing you money as they depreciate. You know if I work with you I can help you shift all of them and all of them fast! Yet you don’t have an extra £10,000 lying around to hand over to someone like me.

The solution is easy. I give you a system to sell all of your stock, make more profits and get you back on track and help you position yourselves as the only option for Harley Davidsons. In return you offer me stock of equal value or a Harley Davidson valued at stock purchase price.

Would that be a good exchange of value?

Lets turn this around for a moment and shift the focus from giving away a motorbike to the dealer’s results.

The dealer can’t sell his stock right now. Suddenly all of his existing stock has been sold. His turnover has gone from zero to sales of 20 bikes at around £8,000, each which is a turnover of £160,000 for the dealer.

The dealers R.O.I. (return on investment) is … He gave away a bike at cost value of say £4,500 yet his return was a huge £160,000

R.O.I. for the dealer – £155,500

Would you like to barter with me? If you said yes, please ask for a simple consultation over the phone to see where we can go with this for you or click here to email me now.

Work With Alan

Points to remember

  • My business is built around serving not taking
  • You can trust me to be 100% honest
  • Over 27 years knowledge
  • Acclaimed reputation as an expert
  • Verifiable historical results
  • We only work together if I can help you
  • Unique BARTER EXCHANGE system
  • I promise to support you every step of the way

Take Action?

The biggest problem like I mentioned at the start right now is a fear. I believe most of those fears in business and in life are unjustified and avoidable.

I also believe that any investment you make into your business should carry a high R.O.I.

I also believe that you will become another raving fan of Alan Forrest Smith after we work together and frankly will never use another direct marketing business consultant again.

If I fail to deliver what we agree to be the result … I will return any BARTERS, trades or refund any monies.

I’d love to help you, would you allow that to happen?

May I suggest we do this?

Let US talk over the phone for at least 10 minutes and see what we can agree to, what do you think, is that fair?

No commitment, no pressure, just me and you chatting then let’s take it from there?

I look forward to helping you, serving you and giving you everything I know that can deliver great results for your business

Again my hourly rate is £1,200 or a barter exchange (no timewasters please)

Here are a range of things I can offer but I would rather advise what you NEED after we speak.

  • One-to-one Consulting
  • Orange Juice Box Consulting (on site mastermind)
  • The Juggernaut (traffic and conversion)
  • Strategic Services
  • Copywriting
  • Copy critiques
  • Personal Mentor
  • MENTOR VIP PRO (men and you for one year)
  • On-call consultant
  • Mastermind strategist

I have never been so excited for my own business and I believe you should feel exactly the same. Yet there are always times when you need expert advice to get you beyond where you are and get you to where you want to be.

If you have to think about, “will it be worth it?” or “he is too expensive”, working with me won’t be for you. However if you’d like to talk before making any kind of decision simply get in touch before it’s too late for you and your business.

Like I said above I don’t take risks with anyone’s business, I’m here to serve you and ensure your success.

All you have to do is…

1 Fill up the form to Contact Us page. I’ll get back to you within hours.

2. Call the number 0161 408 2204 to talk NOW!

3. Simply email direct by clicking here info @ orange

Honesty, service and results.

Alan Forrest Smith


MORE Results and Facts You Should Know About Consultant Alan Forrest Smith

‘One of the most brilliant minds on the planet’ … Jay Conrad Levinson

Direct marketing consultant, Alan Forrest Smith began using direct marketing in his own businesses in 1986.

The first series of direct mailers Alan wrote for an accountancy software firm brought a return of 6%

Another direct mail series for a direct mail client brought a response of 33%

Yet another series of letters for a hair cosmetic form had a groundbreaking response of 47%

By 1999 Alan Forrest Smith began discovering and harnessing the power of direct marketing online using the web for leads and sales. Working with clients since then had helped to generate literally millions upon millions of dollars in revenue using Alan’s advice, marketing, tactics and strategies for maximum effect.

Alan Forrest Smith has consulted and created direct marketing materials for a diverse group from

  • European boxing champion to a prized and sought after TV Company
  • Jewelers to Children’s nurseries
  • Music Shops to Cosmetic Companies
  • Direct Mail experts to health food stores
  • Global research companies to beauty salons
  • Software giants to trading companies
  • Seminar businesses and speakers
  • And literally dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs and businesses over the past 14 years as a direct marketing consultant.

Some Facts About Alan Forrest Smiths Work.

  • One client flew from Finland to consult with Alan
  • Another client flew Alan to Switzerland for 4 days to consult and advise.
  • Yet another flew Alan to Melbourne to his jewellery business.
  • And another flew Alan to Scotland to consult for two days.
  • Alan once saved a young girls life with his strategies
  • Alan generated $71,000 singlehandedly for an Amazon campaign.
  • Some Astonishing Results Worth Knowing.
  • 47% response sales letter
  • $485,000 in sales from a website
  • Steady 6.4% conversion from zero
  • 53.4% increase in just 4 weeks
  • 10% in sales from one direct mail
  • Training company increase of 2,300% in sales using the web
  • 900% increase in book sales using web strategy
  • £24,500 in sales from one email
  • £42,000 in sales from a single email
  • $90,000 in sales from a webpage and emails
  • From 3 leads to 73 leads changing a dozen words
  • From zero traffic to over 100,000 uniques each month

Alan Advises & Consults On

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Copywriting
  • Emails
  • Web pages
  • Lead generation
  • Traffic
  • Strategies
  • Tactics
  • Direct Mail
  • And over 200 ways to get your business into your marketplace
  • Alan can come to visit you on site.

NOTE: Our new Traffic Conversion Package THE JUGGERNAUT has been designed for business that understands to increase customer flow takes investment is now ready. We can deliver hundreds, thousands if not millions of unique buyers into your website. We can fine tune all of your sales messages so those visitors convert. Ask about THE JUGGERNAUT now!

Work With Alan Forrest Smith


From; £1,200 per hour

Day rates and week rate available, please ask.

Monthly retainers available, please ask.

Site visits, please ask.

Juggernaut services (massive traffic, massive conversions)… please ask.

Copywriting, Ad Creation Services

Price on asking.

Symposium and Lectures, price on asking (travel and accommodation must be covered)

One hour with Alan has saved businesses well over £100,000 from marketing budgets. It has also created literally hundreds of thousands of pounds in new sales.

Would you like Alan Forrest Smith to help you make sure your current campaign, next campaign, sales letters, advertising materials

All you have to do is…

1 Fill up the form to Contact Us page. I’ll get back to you within hours.

2. Call the number 0161 408 2204 to talk NOW!

3. Simply email direct by clicking here info @ orange

Can you afford to waste more money or lose money just trying and hoping it works? I know you are looking for help or you wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t be reading this page. Contacting me is an opportunity you surely cannot afford to miss.

In your dedicated service,

Direct Marketing and business consultant,

Alan Forrest Smith