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How To Be a Copywriter DVDs

How To Be a Copywriter DVDs


How I Started Making Big Money Writing Words and How You Can Too!

My first copywriting job was an accountant. I got paid $1,000 for writing just 3 single page letters. Writing the letters took me around 6 hours. So I was suddenly getting paid … $166.00 per hour for writing words.

FREE: MP3 Why Everything You're Being Told About Marketing Can Never Work and - How To Fix It.

A must listen to, short, to the point, provocative and eye-opening reality-check from Alan Forrest Smith, as to why most marketing can only fail and - How to fix it! Stacks of top secret breakthroughs you can use right now.

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In the day I was still cutting hair. At night I wrote and got paid big money for it.
This felt impossible, but it was actually happening.

Within 18 months I was recognized as an expert in copy writing. Within 4 years I had spoken and taught tens of thousands globally how to create powerful words that drive response

It was crazy but the truth, that’s how my writing career took off.
Now you can discover everything I know about the copywriting business in 7 DVDs
From there I went on to write copy with super experts like Michel Fortin, Andrew Reynolds, Stephen Pierce, Marlon Sanders and many, many more world class marketing geniuses.

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I look very different!

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