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Copywriting Course from Alan Forrest Smith

How To Write Yourself A Million Dollars Or … Replace Your Wage – Get Paid To Write – How To Become a Copywriter

I should know – I went from hairdresser to getting paid upwards of $50,000 per writing project.

This is a 7-part copywriting master training on DVD.

Filmed over 2-days it is easy to watch and loaded with tips, tricks, technique and the easiest and fastest way to get into the business of getting paid to write.

  • Nothing has been missed: You’ll discover how to write copy, the tools you need and how to turn your new writing skills into a real business.
  • You’ll also see students of mine speaking and in action that also changed direction and started making a good living from writing.
  • Watch teach DVD in part or for the full 90-minutes. Take notes and get started. It really is that easy.
  • Every student in this class paid £5,000 to be there. This is premium rate training from myself – an expert in writing copy and making good money writing copy since 1985.
  • Featuring Alan Forrest Smith and Guest Experts.

How do you become a copywriter: I’ve been paid £1,500 for a single A4 letter and I’ve been paid over £74,000 for other copy projects. Over the past 17-years I have been paid hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of pounds to write copy for my clients. Before that I was a full-time hairdresser.

  • Changing single words I have seen dramatic increases in sales even as high as 4000%!
  • One guy (Steve) flew from Sydney Australia and made over $100,000 in his first few months of being at the class.
  • Kevin pulled in $84,000 almost instantly despite bankruptcy knocking on his door
  • Ali went away to become a high demand marketing and copy writing expert for many
  • Bernadette’s life change and is now a recognized expert.
  • Hayden increased his sales almost overnight

From hairdresser to paid copywriter: I used to be a hairdresser. I was a hairdresser for over 20-years with my own salons in Cheshire.

One day in my salon I was doing a haircut. The haircut was a man named Richard. Richard is an accountant with his own practice.

During the haircut, Richard asked me a question. The question was this.

‘Alan, who does all of your marketing and writes those letters that come to my home?’

I replied, ‘I write them.’

He then looked at me strangely and asked me the second question.

‘Could you write some letters for my accounting business?’

I smiled and replied, ‘sure I can have a go for you.’

No money was agreed. I told Richard I would call them when I had written the letters for him.

I was nervous. Writing for myself was easy despite my lack of qualifications. Writing for someone else made me extremely nervous.

Finally in between clients I sat and wrote his letters.  It took me around an hour or so. I then called Richard to ask his address so I could put the letters on a floppy disc and mail them over.

Two days later Richard called me. He loved the letters but asked if the grammar would be fixed? I simply said yes despite the fact I had no idea what grammar was. I am not saying that with pride I am simply relating I was a hairdresser with zero formal education at this point.

I knew an old school teacher so I asked her what was grammar and could she fix it. Once the grammar had been fixed I called Richard. Finally, he arrived at the salon. I was with a client doing a haircut so I had to tell THE client, I would be just a couple of minutes while I took Richard upstairs.

Once we got into the small office I gave Richard the floppy disc with the finished letters and despite the fact no money had been agreed Richard handed me an envelope of cash with £1,500  in notes for his letters. I can tell you I had never seen this amount of real cash at one time and certainly never been paid anything like that for ONE HOUR of work!

Around a month later I had a call from Richard to tell me how well his mailings had gone and he would see me very soon.

More from One hours Writing Than A Months Pay!

In those days – 1995 – I was earning from my hairdressing business around £500 per week. It was good money then. Suddenly and shockingly I had been paid the large amount of £1,500 for one hours work.

I wrote three A4 letters or around 900 words.

My salon business was paying me £12.50 per hour.

I had just been handed £1,500 for one hours writing that felt nothing like work!

And I knew nothing about copywriting, had never heard of the word copywriting. All I knew was I had to write letters to keep my salon business busy. I could now write letters for clients to keep their business busy.

And the pay was ridiculous.

This was in 1995.

After that, I never gave writing for others a lot more thought, as I was busy with my own salons at this time.

Until that is I got asked again to write for a hair cosmetic company. Then I got asked if I could write for a car sales showroom. Then I started to have clients that had nothing to do with my salon walk into my salon and ask for a copywriter named Alan.

Then I got asked if I could write for a car sales showroom. Then I started to have clients that had nothing to do with my salon walk into my salon and ask for a copywriter named Alan.

Then a landscaping company got in touch.

Then a solicitor also called me.

There were, of course, many more in those early days.

Then I started to have clients that had nothing to do with my salon walk into my salon and ask for a copywriter named Alan.

People were now walking into my salon looking for a copywriter named Alan. My staff never had a clue who these people were asking for so I had to inform them that I had another business that I did part-time upstairs.

This new accidental part-time business was now paying me more than my salons. By the year 1999/2000, I had been recruited to work alongside the great copywriter Michel Fortin. By the year 2001 I had to seriously consider selling my salons or dropping out of writing as they were both in conflict with time.

By 2003 I had sold my salons and was writing for some of the world’s biggest best-known marketers and companies globally. By the year 2006, my copywriting business had become a full-time occupation.

Now the next bit I am going to share with you isn’t to show off it is to show you what is possible despite having no training and no idea on the accuracies of grammar.

By 2008 I had travelled around the globe around six times. Worked and spoken with the likes of Jay Abraham, Brendon Bruchard, Armand Morin. T. Harv Eker and literally a massive who’s who of business.

By 2008 I had also met me own marketing hero Jay Conrad Levinson in Atlanta Georgia USA. We were to become good friends.

By 2016 I have sent out invoices for copy and strategy as high as £74,000 for a single job. Last year when I was planning my proposal and marriage to my wife Tamuna I did one small job simply to pay for the rings and the wedding in New York. Recently while in the gym I got paid £3,000 in advance whilst working out.

Copywriting even saved my life – literally after a devastating divorce.

I have been paid money that as a hairdresser I could only have ever dreamt about. I live and have created a life on my own terms. I no longer chase clients in fact I work only with one or two clients annually. This gives me more income than I could ever wish for.

Again I am not telling you this to show off I am simply telling you what happened.

All the odds were stacked against me. I had no education. I was a hairdresser. I had no writing experience. I had no copywriting training. And yet somehow I ended up as a respected copywriter that has written for well over 400 industries, has taught well over 25,000 people has now run a mentor program since 2004 and has written literally dozens of best-selling sales letters whilst making some of my clients very rich indeed.

How did this all happen?

I’m not sure so here is what I do know. I started writing blindly so I could get my salon busy.

Someone saw what I was doing and asked me to do the same for his business. That grew and grew until it became my new life and business.

Was it hard to do?

Not really and looking back there was one thing I did that gave me the edge, the advantage and the key to becoming what others would proclaim a brilliant copywriter.

Can You Do This – Write and Get Paid – How You Can Become a Copywriter Also?

Despite the fact, I don’t know you personally I will say yes you can become a copywriter based on what I have done myself. And not only what I have done what my students had done over the years.

One of my students pulled off something incredible which gave him over $90,000 in just 12-weeks. Another got her first clients at an invoiced £2,000. Yet another not only got his fist client but charged that client over £4,000.

All had one thing in common.

All had no previous experience and all had regular jobs before they became copywriters full-time.

There’s more I’d like to share with you and it’s this.

In the UK alone there are over four million businesses. All of those businesses need a copywriter. In the USA the number is far higher in the tens of millions.

I can show you how to filter through those huge numbers and find clients that will happily pay you more in a week that you could ever earn in 6-months.

Or I can show you how to replace your wage by getting paid to write.

Or I can show how to get paid a decent amount working part-time when and how you want.

And it isn’t as hard or as tough or as complicated as some might tell you.

To Become a Copywriter – All you need is this.

A mentor that can take you a faster route otherwise it can take years and years.

A mentor with real business, real copy, real training experience.

A computer.

Some pens and pads.

A phone.

And these days you don’t even need a website. It’s my opinion that service website formats have changed dramatically so you can get this started with a simple Facebook page and started in hours.

You get that an more in these DVDs

How Can YOU Get Paid To Write Words or Increase Sales Using Them For Maximum Effect?

I am willing to take you by the hand and actually guide you along the very same path I myself that I have already walked. Would you like that?

In January 2006 in London I held a Masterclass for copywriting. Below in a second you can view some testimonials on video from that actual class.

Some of the results that came back from that Copywriters Masterclass are pretty astonishing. Results like …

“Ali Grabbed His First High Paying Client Just Days AFTER Applying What I Taught Him”

Ali’s website:



I’ll show you more video proof in a second.

Here’s What Happened on Day One of the training intensive on Copy writing and Marketing

Session 1.

  • Revealed The Half Truths and Blatant Lies About Making Money as a freelance Copywriter
  • Why Reading LESS About the skill of Copy writing Will Give You Skills
  • The Reason You Must Ignore Most 21st Century Copywriters
  • The Laziest, Quickest, Easiest Ways To Earn Huge Amounts Writing Words
  • Revealed: The Exact Tools For Mega-Copy writing
  • Why Less Clients Means More Profits!
  • Exploding The Myths Surrounding Copy writing
  • 21st Century Age Old Secrets Of Response Copy
  • Why You Need To Know What People Think
  • Why You MUST KNOW What People Believe
  • Why You Need To Know No one Cares About Who You Are

The Subtleties and effects behind …

  • Snapshot Copy … THE MUST KNOW technique for 21st century!
  • Trash Copy … a key to readership!
  • Story Copy … feeding the human condition.
  • Selfish Copy … how to understand it.
  • Human Copy … why you cannot change people.
  • Futurism Copy … essential for all copywriters!
  • The Finer Detail Behind Attention Grabbing Headlines
  • Headline Examples and Why Detail Works
  • Why People Respond And What They Really See In Copy
  • Why You Must Prove It In Your Copy
  • Driving Home Your Benefit Factor
  • How You Have To Tell Them What To Do
  • Examples of Real $200,000 adverts
  • The Decades Old Headline System For The Modern Age
  • Why People Only Buy Solutions
  • Why You Must Avoid Certain Exclusion Words
  • Why News Sells Like Crazy
  • Stuff Copywriters … THE CLICHE is King, Here’s the Proof!
  • Words That Make People Cry Sell
  • Why The Brand Name MUST BE In The Headline
  • How To Avoid Hucksterism’s
  • Writing Headlines Live In The Class
  • How To Write a DVD Player Example
  • How To Write a Back pain Product Headline
  • How To Write a Funky Car Headline
  • How To Write a Stop Smoking Headline
  • How To Learn From 100 Year Old Headlines

and …

My Own Personal BODY COPY Formula for Success

  • What You Must Avoid In The Body
  • What You SHOULD Add Into Your Headlines
  • Why Short Paragraphs Are Essential
  • How Long Should Your Copy Be
  • And More, Much More!

Things Like …

  • How To Make The Body Copy Flow By Removing One Single Word
  • The Subtleties of Words
  • Connecting Paragraphs … How To Do It!
  • Mouth Watering Offerings … Actual Examples
  • How To Make a Car Offer Truly Irresistible With a Higher Price!
  • How To Create Exciting Offers With Boring Products

And So Much More You’ll Love To Learn From!

Special Guest for 90 Minutes With Ace Underground Copywriter and Marketing Genius Raja C. Hireker.

Raja is a copywriter I have worked with for the past few years. You WILL NOT have heard of him I am sure of that. However he is a true ACE when it comes to words.

Raja covers Pre-Headlines, Headlines, Sub Headlines, The Opening Paragraph and more.

This guy is a must hear copywriter. Most of his training is from Dan Kennedy! His new, fresh angle on copywriting is a delight to see on DVD. Without question a must-use copywriter with a massive base of knowledge way beyond the mind of most copywriters … in my opinion!

And …

  • Raja Hirekar is one of the very best marketing men I have had the honour to work alongside
  • Raja delivers his Bonus session he called …
  • The 3 Mental Shifts You’ve Got To Make If You Want To Get Out of Being Just an Ordinary Copywriter to Being a Fabulously Paid In-Demand Pro!
  • You will see Raja deliver his breakthrough copywriting business techniques – over 90 minutes of quality content!

Anything else?

Ste Became a Copywriter:How Would You Like To Meet a Young Guy That Actually Took My Advice and Created a SIX-FIGURE Copywriting Business After Flying Once Around The Planet To Meet Me!

Stephen Georgulis flew literally once around the planet to be trained by myself. He came from Sydney Australia.

Here is just a snatch of what you will hear from Stephen.

You Need To Listen Very Close. Stephen Is Proof That YOU CAN Earn Huge Amounts Writing Copy!

Okay here it is… listen close this guy has made an incredible impression on the day.

  • How To Become a World Class Copywriter In Just Weeks After Listening and Applying Alan’s Breakthrough Strategies
  • Action Points For FAST Copywriting Success
  • The Single Most Important Key To Your Success
  • Why You Must Get Off Your Backside To Make Cash Writing Copy
  • The Two Critical Factors That Take Your Copywriting Business Into Full-Time Cash Production
  • How One Tiny Remark Over Dinner Gave Me My First $10,000 Copy Job!
  • How Five Minutes Work Gave Me Massive Coverage Over The Next Few Months!
  • The Result Of My Hard Work and How You Can Easily Replicate What I have Been Taught From Alan

And much, much more inspirational real-life student to copywriter

You’ll also hear…

My Life and Observations In Copy writing And How You Can Benefit Financially From The Successes and Failures I Have Seen.

In this session you’ll learn stuff like …

  • How I Made THIRTY GRAND In 60 Minutes (and how you can easily copy this)
  • The Easy Way To Get a Client To Happily Write You a Cheque For $50,000
  • How To Get New Clients To Pay You $5,000 For a Single Day Consulting (and even getting them to buy you dinner on their tab!)
  • How To Turn Your Email Into A Cash Machine (real example of how one email pulled in nearly $20,000 in less than 10 minutes and how you can copy it)
  • How To Make SIX FIGURES From One Joint Venture
  • How To Create Passive Incomes From Copy You Wrote An Age Ago!

And You’ll Also Hear …

  • My Big Ticket ($50,000) Secret!
  • I Reveal To You At Least 14 Tested Tips I Used To Literally Explode My Copywriting Business.
  • And so much more it’s guaranteed to transform your business fast!

Kevin’s Results From Being There are Pretty Remarkable … Listen Up…

“Last March gone I hosted my acclaimed copywriters MasterClass in Manchester UK. It’s a class where I train students to make massive amounts of money using the power of words.

Anyway, I had a guy join me called Kevin Lewis. He is from the North of England , runs his own businesses but was struggling to get any kind of response from his mailings.

He is a great man but hugely cynical. In fact it took me ages to persuade him to join me at the Copywriters MasterClass after many emails and phone calls.

Kevin told me this initially…

“Alan I want to come to one of your master classes but honestly … my funds are limited and maybe should put them into some newspaper adverts, TRY and get some return then join you the next time you host one of these master classes!”

I told Kevin this in no uncertain terms.

“Kevin it’s your cash to do what you like with but I want to explain something to you.

IF you put your advert in the paper how many new clients do you think will come in? You may not know this but traditionally its usually very low…

However invest your cash with the skills I will reveal to you and I will show you this … how to create a massive amount of dormant buyers from your list in just 30 minutes flat”

That stopped him dead in his tracks!

Now Kevin was still slightly cynical but he came along to the MasterClass rather than throwing more cash into failed advertising (VERY WISE GUY).

Want to know what happened?

Are you sure?

In a second I am going to show you how you can take Kevin’s whole campaign and apply it to your business.

Okay, belt up tight cause this is a huge result for Kevin the cynic …

The figure above is in USA dollars. The Australian amount is …

$114,985 in less than 7 days. Would that amount make a difference to your life?

Crumbs … can you imagine how I felt when he called me? Nuts … I nearly fainted.

Here is what Kevin sent over to me (and just for the record Kevin’s email was around 5 pages long so this is just a snippet)…

I sent the email on Tuesday afternoon, about 10 minutes later I checked my inbox and was pleasantly surprised to find I had 16 replies from potential customers asking for quotes – by the end of that afternoon I had nearly 50 emails asking for quotes, and I ended up staying in the office until 1am finishing them all! Then the next day I had about 10 more!

In the following 3 days, I took over $21,450.00 – and this week, what should have been the quietest of the year, ended up being the most successful week of the year so far!

And, I estimate conservatively that I’ll pull in another $17,800.00 – $35,760.00 more, over the next couple of weeks as a result of this one single email!

This stuff is just crazy, I’d heard of results like this in the past but I didn’t really think they were real, I suppose they’re not until you see them for yourself, but I’ll tell you what, this is just the beginning, now I know what’s possible with the stuff I learned at the weekend, I’m not going to stop creating results like this, for my own businesses, and for my clients!

When I Count It All Up I Will Bank Over $88,000 Minimum From That One Single Email!

I would back up everything I’ve just said, and if you have any one emailing or phoning you wondering if it’s really worth the investment, tell them to phone me, on 00 44 1625 571010 or email me, and I’ll tell em!

And that’s when it’s all worthwhile.

You see not only did I teach Kevin how to do that over a few hours. Not only did he walk away and make a massive amount of cash. But … he also went away with a new skill he could continue to make cash with for life.

Kevin’s business has increased SIX-FOLD since attending my acclaimed Copywriters Masterclass earlier this year!

Yes I said …


Ask Kevin yourself …

You’d like that right? YES? I can give to you the exact same stuff I gave to Kevin. You want it? Keep reading.

Here’s Another Student of Mine… This Guy Has Clients Falling Out of His Pockets, Throwing Cash At Him

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter, Jason Strachan

Specialist In Self Improvement Informational Products

Here’s what I’ve been up to so far, since the MasterClass..

My very first copywriting job Since Starting Full Time Paid me $2500, –Before I Even picked Up a Pen! PLUS 10% Royalties, On all the CASH the sales letter pulled –“Delicious!”

T. Wiseman Eromosele — of the Anthony Robbins UK Group. REPORTS…

“A RECORD 58% Conversion Increase” for Subscriptions To His Lead Generating E-zine and a WHOPPING 5.4% SALES conversion ratio, Selling High End Tickets To Tony Robbins U.K Weekend Seminars! –


Wealth Coach Nicola Cairncross REPORTS…”11% Conversion Rate BOOST On Her Website Copy, Her Business Is Firing On FULL PROFIT Cylinders Now!”

TOP Internet Master Blaster Guy Levine REPORTS MONSTER 10.20% Sales Conversion On a website I created For him…

SALES SALES SALES!!!”Internet Marketing Expert &

Joint Venture Sensation Jason Cox Says I’ am:


“Jason took some decent copy we had for one of our niche marketing websites and made it convert traffic 250% better, I’d look out for him becoming one of our next super copywriting stars!”

To Sum It Up:

“…Thanks to what I learned at the Masterclass from Alan, I Can Now Write Cash Generating Copy Every time That PULLS-AND-PULLS STRAIGHT CASH ORDERS LIKE YOU WERE GIVING AWAY FREE GOLD OR SOMETHING! ”

Hi I’m Jason Strachan

Before attending the advertising MasterClass With Alan Forrest Smith in 2005. I knew hardly anything about copywriting. And Now?

..I am a certified copywriting MASTER SALES WIZARD –My Magical Sales Skills Make Harry Potter Look Like Paul Daniels!! (Who?..My Point Exactly!!)

Now if you just give me a standard biro pen and paper, and stand back. I can powerfully string together words that create sales messages so powerful, that people find it harder to IGNORE than to just read it all through…

And THEN once they’re engrossed in reading it. After using my skills to show them so clearly how great your product or service is, they then convince THEMSELVES that they would have to be INSANE not to buy RIGHT NOW than to risk passing this up —Such is the power of sales power in PRINT.–

“LOOK..I am In LOVE!!”

In love, with my new copywriting skills. I now use them all the time. Not Just to write winning promotions for clients, hell I even use these skills to charm ladies I meet with seductive e-mails –Hey why not, It’s good practice, seduction, salesmanship, its all the SAME THING!!—If you ever get a chance to attend the MasterClass yourself, you’ll understand what I mean.

I kid you not. Before I made the commitment to attend the advertising MasterClass, and really get the business and FINANCIAL money making, side of my life sorted out once and for all… I must say my life was a huge empty hole…

Full of gunk and depression. I used to spend my time, ditching classes and write depressing love poems, and zoned out sci-fi tales with hope that one day someone would publish my work, but no one ever did …(can you hear the violins playing away in the background, say Aaaaah?)

…And in a nutshell, it was getting me no where fast! And neither was the particular degree I was doing either, which was about as useful as a MASTERS DEGREE in basket weaving. ..

So anyway I dropped out of college.

Much to my parents disgust. And decided to stop wasting my writing talents pouring out my ego onto paper hoping one day that, that GENIUS in me would escape… And after meeting Alan Forrest Smith and Hearing about the Masterclass, I singed up and got the money and went like a SHOT from a rocket, hurtling ONLY ONE WAY and that was UP!.

… Now 12 months later, I am now GETTING PAID to write copy. I work with a select amount of clients, who come to me on a STRICT referral basis.

“And No I Don’t Have A Website And Have Never Needed to Advertise My Services..”

Due to the highly advanced and not too mention insanely profitable skills I’ve learned from Alan Forrest Smith, I am in HIGH DEMAND in the market place.

I now have the secrets of how to create Advertising that can boost ANY business in my mind….And after seeing –and enjoying!—The results of these skills, all I can is, copywriting really is the ULTIMATE money making skill in the world—BAR NONE!

I can now work –or not work—Any Place I choose, and If I put my mind to it, there is no limit to the amount of money I can generate if I choose to use my skills for myself full time. NO LIMIT.

Although for me personally, I just want enough money that I can just keep the totally FREE FUN FILLED lifestyle I lead, spending as much time with the family as I want, working when I want, and with WHO I want, I love it more than any amount of money, I have no desire to become the richest stiff in the grave!


Is like Stepping Into Clark Kent’s Phone Booth

And Emerging As Super “Persausion” Man!

For my very first copywriting job since starting Full Time I received $2500, + a 10% Royalty. Just like they (Alan Forrest Smith ) promised, with the Advertising secrets, strategies and techniques you learn from the MasterClass you can easily pay back the cost of the class with the first successful package you write for yourself or a client.

And TRUST ME getting your first client becomes MUST easier to do, when you have 1st hand personal training from two of the WORLDS most successful copywriters pasted into your C.V. – And since most copywriters out there today couldn’t sell a breast to a baby, its even easier for a good copywriter to claim a FORTUNE!—

…Alan Forrest Smith FORCED SO MANY Advertising Secrets Down My Throat That To This Day I Still Spit and Burp’ Out’ World Class Headlines and Marketing Strategies!!”

Look, without a doubt the ULTIMATELY great thing about the Advertising MasterClass was the great support that Alan give to you, AFTER the MasterClass is over. They are so generous and they just over deliver again and AGAIN….

AFTER the Masterclass is when the “REAL” value of the MasterClass kicks in, to hyper drive. Because when it all hits the fan and you get your 1st client, even after having ALL these masterful skills at your disposal, its hard to know exactly what to do, how to handle the client etc, you’re in totally un-chartered territory…

That’s when the MasterClass is worth MILLIONS!!

With special email access Brett or Alan for up to 12 months after the event — and they always email you back within 24 hours—you can get immediate assistance to your questions or problem. It’s like having your very own genies locked in a bottle, except NOW you have an UNLIMITED number of wishes!-

Their crucial help and guidance from two of the best copywriters on the PLANET! Pretty much ensures that any copy you write is going to do pretty well.

Most people considering starting a freelance copywriting career would have to find out how things work through hard trial and error. And since business is so unforgiving a client will rarely give you a second chance…If you what you write for a client BOMBS and produces no results, 99% of the time your finished with that client!

So having these two masters there to guide you with your new skills is really worth, more than the MasterClass itself! As just one good client can be worth 6 figures a year, or MORE.

My life has been sensational since attending the Advertising Masterclass and breaking into world class copywriting. It’s still early days for me, and I’ve bumped my head and make stupid mistakes, and learned from them, but its just make me stronger, better, And I’m loving every minute of it!

I already feel like a great success. And I Truly LOVE my life. (Isn’t it sad how many people out there, cannot honestly say that to themselves?)

I’d just like to sincerely THANK ,from the bottom of my heart to the very top—Alan Forrest Smith and Brett Mcfall, for holding the MasterClass, and generously giving me the keys to access, wealth, happiness, even a NEW LIFE of abundance and JOY!


P.S Listen… If you have the chance the advertising Masterclass then GO. No Question about it. The money you spend, on a place, Is NOTHING compared to the money you will make if you intend to use what you learn over your lifetime.

These guys make millions for clients and themselves REGULARLY. You will have teaching from them for 3 while days non stop. Filling your mind with all their skills and experience.

Its definitely a life changer, a LIFE BOOSTING FINANCIALLY FREEING EVENT!! No matter what you do, what industry it doesn’t matter. The techniques taught at the Advertising MasterClass will put you so far ahead of every other business owner out there, just by simply applying what you learn, and sticking with it, success becomes inevitable for you,

whatever success means for you..

Ultimately, The Masterclass Can Make You Get It!

Thank you

Jason Strachan

Direct Response Freelance Copywriter

Got Questions about the MasterClass? Want to hear my Views on it?


Are You Ready To write Yourself a Million Dollars?

YOU CAN be there. You can be right in the middle of the MasterClass. You can access every ounce of information delivered to the 27 students on tha ground-breaking day.

I had every second professionally captured by acclaimed film maker James Redmond. James put them down on high quality digitally enhanced DVD for your home delight.

You can order them right now. We will have them delivered to your home within 72 (longer outside UK) hours (unless we run out of stock) via UPS.

Would You Like a Set?

7 Digitally Mastered DVD set of the Master class filmed over two days


Transcribes of the whole 20 hours so you can write your own notes as you go through the DVDs.


The COMPLETE Power Point presentations from the two day Copywriters MasterClass.

So Is My How To Become a Copywriter and Copywriting Intensive DVD’s from 3 ACE Copywriters For YOU?

  • YES IT IS FOR YOU: If you have a copywriting business.
  • YES IT IS FOR YOU: If you are writing copy for clients.
  • YES IT IS FOR YOU: If you want to know how to make another income stream using copywriting.
  • YES IT IS FOR YOU: If you want to know how to make cash while you sleep from online sales.
  • YES, yes, yes … Alan I am determined to create a powerful copy writing business for myself with multiple income streams using pure proven- to-work copy writing strategies and tricks.

ORDER TODAY – The Fastest Way To Become a Copywriter

  • Money back guarantee
  • Delivery within 7-days
  • 7-DVD set
  • Guaranteed to give you hundreds of ideas to star a life getting paid to write


Here’s to your new life writing.

Master Copywriter, Alan Forrest Smith


Wow – what an amazing year in between has been for me and my family. This is my story…
This time last year I was proud to have worked my way up through local government and have the posh car and the salary that let me spend my annual leave zonked out in luxury for 3 weeks recovering from my manic work life.

And the salary also had to pay for all the gadgets and home help needed to keep the house running while I pulled the long hours in the office and stuck in committee’s. Now that seems such a strange way to carry on but it wasn’t planned it just evolved as the promotions and pressures build.

So what could possibly happen in one weekend to make me turn around my life of 20 years in a council?

That’s one of the big points for me – it didn’t all happen in one weekend. It’s been an ongoing process over a wild year with Orangebeetle. The seeds were planted over those 3 days so I could see different future. Alan and his team were so open about how their lives and careers had evolved and the changes they’d made that it showed me I could make a 180 turn around.

I went to my first Masterclass because I wanted to write, it had always been a dream for me at the back of my mind but I’d never taken it any further, partly because of fear of failure (I now understand) but also because it just didn’t seem possible for me, writing and copywriting was something other people did and I wouldn’t have the skills or the ability, would I?

I didn’t leave the Masterclass on Monday evening a copywriter. I walked out with all the skills and knowledge, a plan, real life ideas on how to get started, Alan’s phone number and a forum to give me support to not only get me going but share ideas along the way.

Leaving employment isn’t just about changing how you pay tax – you also have to learn how to structure your day without a boss and find and deal with clients. You need the right approach and the Masterclass showed me precisely how to do this, not just with a few wooly ideas but solid information, facts, examples and templates to use.

This 21st February 2009 I flew to Dublin with the team to take part in a huge event and when Alan introduced me from the stage and told the entire audience I was a copywriter with his team I really knew deep down inside that the old corporate greying Sian had finally left and so had my fear.

I now understand how much fear of failure and the need to be secure had kept me in a stifling job for 20 YEARS!! But Alan’s shown me how to bring out of it everything I’ve learnt and apply it in a different way.

From that one Masterclass I learnt everything I needed to be a copywriter – all the writing tricks and skills are mine now; we demystified marketing, business and dealing with clients and I realised I could already do this stuff, I didn’t need marketing degrees or 30 years experience in an advertising firm, I just needed the right approach and the tools to get the thinking going in the right direction.

In the last year I’ve had articles published, been invited to write for web sites, built two websites, joined an online marketing group, reviewed websites to increase sales, had 3 offers to business partner and I’m on track to earn 100K this year from copywriting.

Instead of the 3 weeks collapse during my annual leave I’m now looking forward to trips to Malaysia, the Amazon travelling the world and writing as the mood takes me and spending long lazy days in our French retreat.

From Alan’s Masterclass … I’ve learnt how to enjoy my life.

Sian Murphy


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