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Inside The Mind Of Marketing Iconoclast

Ideas that increased conversions by 49.2%, 53.4%, 47% and more!

eBook: Over 52,000 words, in over 200 A4 pages of eccentric thoughts based on real-life marketing packed into an easy to read eBook.

Dear Businessperson,

From what I have seen more than ever in recent years in business and marketing, you’ve been lied to, cheated and defrauded about the act of marketing.

There are those that want you to believe it is a detailed scientific act that a mere mortal like yourself could never do. Yet it is these same ‘scientists’ that I see time and time again destroy businesses with a lack of sense and able approach to businesses like yours.

Recently I dealt with a new client that was starting off with literally a handful of cash. That cash had to be spent very wisely. This is a small operation of two guys with as good as no investment. They finished their jobs and set up the following day.

One day a marketing guy approached them. He sold them the dream. The dream was this.

You need this; Letter heads, business cards, a flyer, a website and social media. This will brand you and help you to succeed. Both men agreed to pay the money. Now it was just £1,000 yet it was £1,000 they really didn’t have.

As time went by nothing arrived. Finally 12-weeks later the first drafts arrived. The two business men hated them. It was an amateurish presentation that they could have done themselves.

5-months later after a blazing row they fired the marketing guy and lost their £1,000. They also lost time. They also lost a little bit of hope. During that period they had also set up social media. They were told LIKES and lots of them would build their empire. They were getting LIKES but no enquiries or conversions from the social media. Time again was lost.

Finally, I got the two guys settled with a leverage and referral campaign. Now they are flying.

Yet this isn’t uncommon.

I sat and watched a four million investment fold due to bad advice from marketers. I watch a guy lose his home and wife due to bad advice.

I could go on but frankly, it’s too depressing.

Yet there are incredible things taking place even with social media.

  • I have one client that converts his leads from social media at 49.2%.
  • I have a leverage client that increased her business by 53.4% in just four weeks.
  • I also have a client I ran a direct mail campaign with that converted into a 47% masterpiece that delivered over £800,000 in sales.

So it isn’t all-bad.

Now, this isn’t a marketing book at all. Yes it has stories and tips and of course, a little pitch for myself in return and I hope you will be inspired to take huge actions from what you read.

Yet the reality is what we have here are a collection of thoughts I have taken from my blog of half a million words at

The chapters I have added here are edited, added to and refined. I haven’t over done this though due to time restraints. Edits and typo’s have mostly been left.

After you read what you read I hope I am the man for you and you are the perfect partner for me.

 The eBook Contains

Articles on

  • Powerful direct response marketing
  • Proven copywriting thoughts from a real multi-million dollar copywriter
  • Perception, positioning and how you can take your business to the real edge
  • And more

This is a collection of Alan Forrest Smith’s writing on what works and what does not in the world of direct marketing based on 31 years of experience of running successful campaigns.

The definitive insights for any business, from single entrepreneur to multinational corporations on positioning, perception, the edge, direct marketing, and copywriting secrets.

Table of chapters include… 

  • Misinformation Experts
  • How does your customer think?
  • The social media question
  • Direct mail vs email
  • The law of planning
  • New school vs old school fusion market
  • Should you use direct mail?
  • Transform series
  • The Edge
  • 43 Business breakthroughs
  • …and more

200 pages more!

Grab your copy before somebody else will


Alan Forrest Smith