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Shall we have lunch?

I decided to make myself more accessible to you and try something new.

I understand some of my fees can make a lot of business people a little nervous and can also be overcome with fear of risk despite all of my proof and results being open for all to see.

This allows you to meet me face-to-face. It keeps any initial cost extremely low. You don’t have to pay my hourly rate (£1,200) as your consultant and you will get a good sense and feel of who I am and how I can fix any problem you might have in your business right now over an informal lunch.

so I decided to test this for a while and see if you like it.

  • Offer you a lunch date where I live.
  • Location is in my home town of Hale, Manchester.
  • There is a one-off fee of just £399.00 to turn time-wasters away. Any future works together the fee will be removed.
  • You have to pay for lunch.
  • The time allocated is just 90-minutes.

I’ve added dates here for you to choose from.

See you very soon.

Alan Forrest Smith