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An Exciting, Powerful, Proven, Bespoke All New 12-Month Breakthrough  MENTOR

Doing Powerful BREAKTHROUGHS & MENTORING since 2004

You Can Have A Proven Expert Breakthrough & Strategic Expert On Your Team For As Little As £3.42 Per Hour! Read Below To Find Out How.

This might sound like my CV – it isn’t. It’s a handful of upfront facts I think you would want to know about me as an established and respected mentor.

I take my appointment with you very seriously.

I don’t do ‘out-of-a-manual’ MENTORING.

I only mentor a handful of partners annually (not thousands)

I will treat you as you truly are – unique.

I’ve been doing what I do since 1989.

I am 100% results driven.

My advice is based around 31-years of real-experience and tested strategies.

You get privacy, confidentiality and results.

I’ve worked inside over 400 industries.

From start-up in size to global brands floating on the stock exchange.

Most of my mentoring partners have tried almost everything before they reach me.

Most of my mentoring partners get outrageous returns on investment from working with me.

I have created and advised on some jaw-dropping numbers.

My advice and mentoring has generated turnarounds, breakthroughs and results most companies would die for.

I am eccentrically different to work with.

I am very direct and not a yes man.

I will tell you what you need not what you want to hear.

I dramatically reduce your risk.

I can easily fast track your results.

I only work with what is proven to work.

I am known for my fast, creative and sharp thinking and problem solving.

My best clients are those looking for a quantum leap but need to reduce cost and time wasted.

If you have hidden sales or profits I will find them within hours!

My mentoring is 100% bespoke to you and your business.

I love motorbikes and tattoos.

You can only qualify for mentor AFTER you have had at least one breakthrough session.

We can do all of this over Skype if that is what is needed but face-to-face is far more powerful.

My mentor and breakthrough clients have travelled from Australia, New Zealand, America, Switzerland, Latvia, Scotland, Ireland, wales, England, Singapore, Namibia and more.

Working with me is more like working with a partner that will have your back and only your best interests at heart.

Your MENTOR with me is bespoke and planned accordingly.

£30,000 for one year – Half the fee of a marketing director that fails on results!

Because MENTOR is designed around you it is almost impossible to quantify on this page. However here is roughly some of what I can deliver for you

  • Work together for 12-months
  • One monthly face-to-face at my HQ in Hale in Cheshire
  • Daily direct to myself phone calls if needed
  • Message to market research help and advice
  • Core message guidance
  • Fast thinking ideas & solutions
  • Decision making advice based on decades of what works
  • Strategic advice built around a new 12-month plan
  • Tactical advice to support the strategy above
  • Headline converting writing advice and direction
  • Body copy help, strategy, theme and application
  • Story development around your business
  • Triggers and buzzwords research and advice
  • Irresistible offer advice for your target client
  • Critical timely thinking
  • Current thinking
  • Old school guerrilla marketing, classic direct response marketing and almost twenty years of online marketing that works
  • And more to be agreed

Lets me say this another way.

If you work with me for one year you will be paying me just £3.42 per hour. If you work with me you’ll be wondering why the hell I’m not asking for a whole lot more. I guarantee you’ll be singing me a huge bonus at the end of your mentoring. I also promise you’ll want me on your team forever once we work together.

What you have to ask yourself is this.

Do you need to fast-track your business?

Do you want to avoid or cut out all of the time wasting mistakes?

Do you need advice that actually works?

So if I give you what you need is it worth investing in my expertise?

You’ll find nothing like me. You’ll work with no one like me. I can confidently say I doubt you’ll get results like you get from me either.

Interested in a breakthrough MENTOR for 12 -months?

I know you’ll have questions.

Call me: UK 0161 928 8328

Text me: UK (0044) 07793 069 486

Email me:

Skype me: orangebeetle

Your mentor

Alan Forrest Smith