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22 years I’ve been doing this stuff. Now is the time to build my UBER-TEAM at Orange Beetle.

FREE: MP3 Why Everything You're Being Told About Marketing Can Never Work and - How To Fix It.

A must listen to, short, to the point, provocative and eye-opening reality-check from Alan Forrest Smith, as to why most marketing can only fail and - How to fix it! Stacks of top secret breakthroughs you can use right now.

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I have them. They are all geniuses at what they do, no egos, just pure unadulterated genius.

Raja, Mary, Gareth, Hamish (my highland side-kick), some partners and myself. Together we have over 100 years of expereince building, launching, marketing and running business from the front-lines.

Direct Mail (The Worlds greatest and best copywriters)

Internet Marketing (Experts that can create masses of targeted traffic in a single day)

Magazine Campaigns
TV Ads (we have a group of Hollywood quality movie makers that are creating million dollars TV and WEB Ads.

Radio Ads (some of the Worlds best script writers are now on board)

Social Media (we have the expert Google invite into the office to discuss social media marketing and secrets)

Speech Writing
Mastermind Experts

We have the best in all of the above.

And of course probably the best marketing tool on the planet right now for any business our all new nuclear marketing weapon…

This is the start of something mountainous for NEW Orange Beetle, marketing for the 21st Century.

Follow links on the website for more information.

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