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  • How To Create Happy Alliances With Your Biggest Enemies in Business. Your business enemies can become your greatest ever partners. Watch this 3 step plan for creating hugely profitable alliances in minutes!
  • The Fastest and Closest Guarded Secrets For Making Money Using The Web. In the simplest terms ever we will show you how to create INSTANT PROFITS using the power of the web. All proven. Packed with proof for you. This’ll blow you away when you see it in action.
  • The 7 Secrets You Must Know To Turn The Internet Into a Cash Cow. Easy. Easy. Easy! The must know 7 steps to turn any web business into a cash-cow.
  • The Secret of Getting a Full Page Newspaper Advert For The Price of a Classified. Can we reveal to you how you can get your next newspaper advert for FREE? Copy this to the letter and it’ll slash your annual advertising budget by literally tens of thousands (virtually no one does this!)
  • The Greatest, Biggest, Boldest One Thing You Must Know About NEW Marketing for The Web. Revealed: why doing the same old thing online that most marketers keep harping on about will be doomed to total failure (and how you can avoid this very same trap!)
  • How To Make a Sales Letter Your BEST EVER Sales Person With Sales Figures You Can Go Buy a New Car With (when you understand this prepare to see an instant decrease in wages, costs and stress. Then prepare again for a massive profit increase)

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  • The Whole Truth About Why 99.9% Marketing Is Complete Fraud (and when you know about my ADVERTISING IS DEAD principle only then will you begin to make money from your marketing)
  • The Absolute Truth Behind SO-CALLED New Business (how about we take you through a simple plan to explode your current business without pulling in one new client? Guaranteed to increase your business by at least 30% in weeks)
  • The Cutting-edge Truth About Why Business Records Are Like a 24 Carat Diamond Right From The Mines of South Africa (and my 5 step plan for digging deep into that mine and hauling out lost or hidden profits fast)
  • Another 11 Truths About Flat-Out-Failure Advertising (you have been lied to about advertising. This 11 step plan exposes the lies to you so you make more money and save a fortune.)
  • You Must Know These Details And Secrets (Shhh!) To Convert More Sales. Secret Stuff Like …

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