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28 Classic Training How To become a Copywriter or Adman – Classic Masterclass Master Set DVDs From Alan Forrest Smith

Copywriting: Discover how to write copy from a writer that has been doing this successfully since 1985 and has a client list like a who’s who of marketing and has worked in over 400 industries. You’ll see many ultra successful examples during the classes

Marketing: How to you take a business with no background, no history and place it into a number one position? Very easy you’ll dosciver how Alan did this time and time again for himself and for his cleints.

Business Building: When experts want to build a business they ask Alan for help. You’ll disciver how Alan

Simple How To do it Training.

QUESTION? Call: 00 44 (0) 161 928 8328

Dear Friend

You could build your own business reselling my trainings and to get your initial investment back all you have to do is sell is around 25 courses. Thats not bad considering the high demand and premium quality of the training I deliver.

Here are the trainings you can resell on licence.

  • How To Write Yourself a Million Dollars: 7 DVD set on how to create a new life and new business writing copy.
  • How To Write Advertising That Sells Your stuff Like Crazy: 7 DVD set the secrets behind tweaking under-perfuming copy and creating killer campaigns with incredible results.
  • Advanced Direct Marketing How To Increase Sales and Conversions Using Proven Direct responses Marketing Tricks: 7-DVD set of advanced direct repose marketing. One client in this class increased his sales by over £200,000 in a single weekend.
  • How To Build Your Business Faster Using Breakthrough Guerrilla Marketing: 7 DVD set revealing fast-track and incredible simple ways to build business
  • All classes carried a £5,000 entry seat on the day. These are premium classes with premium front-line, real business insights.

QUESTION? Call: 00 44 (0) 161 928 8328


Everything you need to know about writing powerful sales copy and words packed with examples, how-to and case studies

Everything you need to know about how to make your advertising almost atomic… examples, cases studies and tonnes of lessons.

Everything you need to know about how to create powerful marketing that sells more of what you sell again with real-world case studies, examples, drafts and more.

You’ll discover new strategies you’ve never thought about from the brain that even the mighty Jay Conrad Levinson said is “brilliant”

You’ll see and hear tactics you can apply the same day you hear about them. Some of this stuff is so brilliantly easy that you notice in certain case studies the sales are made in hours NOT months!

You’ll even see how I built a tiny sideline business selling to a niche thousands upon thousands of ebooks since 1999. No learning required I simply sell what I know in great detail to create a raving fan base

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If you want to build a life-changing business… You’ll find out how to do just that and more from this massive box of DVD masterclasses.

I’m going to put a set of each class into one box for you.

Bankrupts have attended my masterclasses and called me months later with news of the new wealth they’ve created. There are some astonishing results from what they discovered and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!

Kevin for one arrived broke and made over £42,000 within 12 hours of my class.

Dave discovered how to create a successful business from what he learnt and pulled in over $300,000 after one of these classes.

You’ll see both guys on these DVDs.

On this new customer feedback pages, you can see the kind of results my customers get and it is pretty impressive.


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 All the DVDs come with a resell licence.

All come with my state of the art training on getting premium clients. This training is just one-month-old and pretty hot, to say the least!

Just so you realise the quality here being offered.

Attendees paid $5,000 for each masterclass.

The NEXT LEVEL MASTERCLASS … Students paid $40,000… That class is my best ever workshop and has never been sold!

So it’s a find for me today but an even greater find for you.

I could ask a fortune for this box set but I’ll keep it really simple.

QUESTION? Call: 00 44 (0) 161 928 8328

They will go very fast especially at a price like this and a resellers licence to boot.

So if you’d like my guy to box these up for you, order now and it’s done.

I know there isn’t a detailed web page for these because this is a quick almost yard sale and honestly I don’t have time for a huge write-up. so if you know me, you also know they’ll be good.

QUESTION? Call: 00 44 (0) 161 928 8328