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Copywriting, Marketing Services & Partnerships

Powerful Strategic Alliance Partnership Program

You will write me a check for at least £500,000 with a smile on your face. I know that because I will help you to generate at least £5 Million in sales. If I generate more for you – you’ll be even happier to pay me more. It’s a no lose scenario.

I have ONE place open right now!

Would it help you or your company to have a veteran strategic marketer, specialist copywriter, wordsmith & proven strategic marketing man that has generated literally millions in sales for clients working in the heart of your business? Direct mail or guerrilla marketing campaigns mixed with 21st century marketing and ideas – I can help you.

I am open and always interested in discussions about Strategic Alliances & Partnerships with clients just like you. What does that mean? It means if you have everything in place apart from strong strategies, good branding and positioning, brilliant marketing, copywriting, and tactics that actually work I might be interested in an partnership that will make both you and myself profits.

Just to clarify what I mean by brilliant marketing. Marketing is not an event or a one off attempt at getting more customers. It’s a carefully designed strategy that is an art & science that when applied carefully and methodically builds empires. If it’s an empire builder you need – I might be your man.

Here’s how it can work for us.

We talk over the phone the old fashioned way.

We meet up, have dinner and talk about how you can pay me £500k and I can generate £5 million for your company (at least) and talk about all the other stuff in life that matters like riding motorbikes, good health and the pleasures of life.

We mastermind a deal that suits us both somewhere. Not in a coffee shop – I don’t do average business and neither should you – coffee shop meetings are a no go for me – lets meet somewhere that makes us both loosen up and relax so we gain some focus – London penthouse or remote island – play big- think big – results -BIG.

We both agree outcomes and expectations.

A suitable reward system is in place that we both agree on. I make you money – you pay me money – really simple and clear.

I can come to your office or home office by plane, train or other means. I can work with your team, manage and direct your team or fill in powerful knowledge gaps. I can even spend a day a week or a month or more or less with you or in your offices. Lets talk and agree.

Strategic Alliance Partnerships are absolutely bespoke to you, please ask me for more details by filling out the form below and lets talk. This service is best suited for those that are struggling with the knowledge on how to get to the next level, empire builders and those that understand what it’s going to take to get where they want to be faster!

Note: All partnerships are protected by absolute privacy agreements and 100% bespoke. Perfect for you if you have tried the agency route with the usual results, have built the team and they still don’t quite have the edge. If you have no budget for marketing this won’t work for you.

If you love the idea of writing me a check for £500,000 because you are head over heels in love with your results – I am ready to talk.

By the way £500k is just a number as is £5 million. If you are ready to aim for £100 million and more I am ready to partner with you.

See you on the Island.

Lets talk right now.

Text me on

UK 07793 069 486 with the word PARTNER

OUTSIDE UK 00 44 7793 069 486 with the word partner

I will get right back to you.

Your Partner

Alan Forrest Smith


Premium Copywriting

Prices, strategies, tactics and programs are bespoke – please ask.

If you are looking for a great copywriter that delivers great copy I am NOT your man, don’t contact me.

If you need a sales driven strategic writer that can create a powerful strategy backed up with powerful word messages that are designed to deliver you measurable results – I might be your man – If you like me and I like you.

Since 1985 I’ve been writing specialist best selling sales copy. Over all those years I have written literally million upon millions in sales for entrepreneurs and companies like yourself. I have taken failed campaigns and turned them into winners on many occasions and created many winning campaigns from scratch. Even copywriters and world famous experts come to me for copy that sells.

I don’t believe in any specific length of copy (long over short) I simply believe in saying the right thing at the right time that delivers the response you need. That could be 5 words or 10,000 words it really depends on how I get inside your customers mind and find out what makes them tick and then of course how I share that message.

Premium Consulting

Prices and programs are bespoke – please ask.

Consulting with me can shave hundreds of thousands off your marketing budgets and increase your bottom-line dramatically. I can work with you per hour or per day or more. I can even consult with you over periods as long as a month and even a year.

What we need to do is talk and then decide exactly what is needed for your business or life and then price everything accordingly.

Premium Mentor

Prices and programs are bespoke – please ask.

Mentor is now in year 9th year. The purpose of MENTOR is change and to fast-track you or your business leveraging on my 30-years of successful business experience and 50-years of life experience.

This is NOT same-old, same-old coaching. I do not do average coaching because that wouldn’t work for me and I doubt it would work for you. When I think of a coach I think of a slow large cumbersome vehicle. MENTOR is more racing car, bespoke, individual and a fast winner!

MENTOR is a life-changing experience for my students. It goes beyond business and delivers real change to business and lives.

General Marketing Services

Most other general marketing services such as

  • Traffic surges
  • Websites
  • Printing
  • End-To-End services
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Online marketing
  • And more

Are now handled by my other company at

Mission Statement: I am dedicated to helping incredible entrepreneurs build incredible businesses.

That takes time, effort, investment and rewards for you, for your customers for the community and of course for myself. I NEVER compromise or negotiate my basic foundation terms below.

Important Notes: I prefer to work with driven, entrepreneurs that understand and appreciates what it takes to create a real lasting business, strong measurable marketing and respected expert advice. You choose to work with me because you need the absolute best thinker and creative you can find in the field of higher response specialist copywriting and guerrilla marketing business.

My ideal client is the client that wants to go from £500k – £5 Million by listening to me, taking my advice and directions and working a powerful partnership for success together.

Cash: All of my services are uber-premium services. That means I give you what you need and you reward me well. My services are NEVER a cost. If you have no budget for marketing I am unable to work with you as I cannot make bread without flour! I do not take on any clients without an advance or retainer. My current average advance is £25,000. (please ask)

Warning: I can be eccentric, quirky, different, direct and maddening to work with – most genius minds are! I don’t dress or look or act or even talk like a corporation number – my focus is way below the surface and that is your results so if you’d like results from me you need to tolerate me and love me.

I don’t work well with clients that think they know better than me ‘the expert’, I don’t like pushy clients and I always fire rude clients. Give me your best and I will give you more than my best. If you work with me you can expect dedication to your cause and unsurpassed results wrapped in love, laughter and numbers.

Not only do I work tirelessly with my clients I also buy and read around 5 books a week on everything I need to know to keep yourself and myself at the top of our game.

My Time: I hope you value your time? I place a value on every hour of my time after all life is time and life is valuable. If you’d like to come and meet me or would like me to come and meet you guys for consulting, advice or directions there is a fee per hour and travel costs. I don’t meet up for coffee and tea or hang-outs (even when carrot cake is involved) I can drink that at home. Every hour you spend with me I can transform your business in one way or another. I don’t give that kind of valuable information away for a coffee… unless we have already made millions together and you want to go for a brainstorm on a paradise island somewhere or a ride across the USA on a couple of Harley’s.

I believe the greatest risk you have right now is not speaking to me to see if we can move forward.

I’m waiting to hear from you


Alan Forrest Smith