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I Am Ready To Help You – Are You Ready?

If you want me to show you how I have generated well over fifty million for clients, had response rates of 47%, delivered conversions rates of 49.2%, created turnarounds in under 12-hours and saved many businesses from certain closure … that kind of specialist expertise comes at a very healthy investment.

You will not be disappointed.

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Let me explain with a short illustration.

If you needed a critical heart operation whom would you ask to do it if you had this choice of two surgeons?

First, the new younger surgeon that wants to try everything new and latest. He looks cool, looks sexy and is drop-dead handsome with muscles bursting out of his white coat. He takes risks to advance his skills. He is the latest and best from the school of heart surgery and in high-demand. He has carried out just 10 operations so far.

The other guy is old and looks old. He has seen a lot of surgery over 40-plus-years. He has seen a lot of failures – death –  on the table and learnt from them and seen a lot of successes and also learnt from that. He has also carried out over 1000 heart surgeries and has a reputation for taking no-risks with anyone’s health. He has one approach.

‘It works or I won’t don’t do it because if it fails the patient dies.’

Which surgeon would you choose?

The world of marketing strategy has never looked so bad and I want you to know that I have never seen so many strategies out there that are lazy and costing businesses like you not just money but the death of businesses.

After 32-years marketing my own businesses and clients business, seeing a lot of mistakes a lot of failures and some pretty spectacular successes I do not take risks on your business. It either works or it doesn’t.

Direct marketing specialist and consultant

Consulting with clients for a day is hugely productive

You want it to work – you need it to work.

I started marketing my own business in 1985. The driving force was simple – it get busy, make money or I get another job.

By 1989 I opened my first brick and mortar business. By 1994 I had three brick and mortar business and was mailing out over 1000 pieces of direct mail to small databases every week for the next 15-years or so. By the year 2017 (as I write) I am still marketing my own businesses and of course building business just like yours.

My principle of ‘it works or it doesn’t’ has never changed. I can’t take risks with my own marketing and I would never take risks with yours.

Does that make me old or experienced with 32-years of track record?

Of course I had to master the online world and started that path in 1998. One of my clients went from start-up online to a turnover of £8 million. Another client of mine hit £300k every month. Both online, both using absolutely bespoke strategies that rarely include what an agency will sell you.

I have created a few failed direct marketing campaigns and learnt from them in 32-years but I have also written mailers that have taken

  • Over £7 million
  • Over £2 million
  • Over £1.2 million
  • Over £800,000


  • Emails that converted at 100%
  • Emails that took over £90,000 in sales in 10-minutes
  • Emails that sold over £117,000 of services
  • Emails that have blown the phone off the hook
  • Online campaigns that have built small empires
  • Online campaigns that delivered No.1 positioning
  • Online campaigns that sold over $5 million in a single month

All had one thing in common – all had previously failed from bad advice.

So in over 32-years of having to make marketing that makes profit I have discovered a lot of stuff and I am happy to let you know and share with you that most of what is being taught and sold right now is a disgraceful use of clients investment.

I don’t care what any expert says – It either works or it doesn’t work… Unlike agencies that mostly work blind  – digital or otherwise I would never take a risk with your investments.

A small team session

After 32-years I learnt this.

If you are in business you are in the business of selling. You cannot sell unless you have a buyer. You don’t have a buyer unless they see your product or service. If you say the wrong thing or don’t go where the buyer already is you’ll see nothing.

Marketing is a carefully planned strategy that goes way beyond getting LIKES on social media. It goes far deeper than creating posters and branding that say little about what you actually do.

My direct response marketing services

You probably don’t know what you need but you probably know your results are not good. You might think you need new copy but after a careful look at your business it might be the last thing you need. Self-diagnosis is rarely a good thing.

My advice is this – let’s talk and I will advice you on what you really need to get a start on making things work.

A truly experienced heart surgeon will have carried out a lot of different operations, from transplant to valve replacements to artery cleaning and more.

As an experienced marketing man I have carried out a ton of strategic direct response marketing operations.

  • Mentoring
  • 7-Day turnarounds
  • Writing sales copy
  • Power positioning and branding
  • Breakthrough sessions
  • In-House training sessions
  • Conversion sessions
  • High-powered mastermind sessions
  • Lecturing and more

But I know you wouldn’t dare tell the surgeon what to do – you would ask his advice.

Lets talk, I will give you some advice with no obligation but I want you to know before you call me this.

I value my time so an initial call is limited to 10-minutes. I can usually identify your problem in 5-minutes very easily.

Specialist Fees

  • Telephone/Skype £1,200 p.h. (first call HALF PRICE)
  • On site per half day £10,000 (4-hours)
  • On site per full day £14,000 (8-hours)
  • On site per multiple days two or more – £11,000
  • Plus – First class travel, food, accommodation

I value my time and expertise. I do not compromise on who I work with. I demand that you do what I ask you to do and will have a strict contract in place to ensure you get the results you want so that you get the results we both need for you.

I only take on new clients that have done an initial survey and consultation with. This smaller investment will be taken from any final agreed fee.

On site: Initial problem identifying consultation on site is £4,995 (and any extra costs travel, first class, accommodation and food to be covered)

Off-site: £3,995. (you will be asked to send over any information I request so an initial survey can be carried out on your business)

Again, If we work together after the initial consulting I will take off any initial payment from future invoices.

And like any brilliant surgeon I do not take on any new clients without careful consultation of what you need.

COPYWRITING: I rarely take on copywriting clients now despite that fact I have written copy that has taken over £8 million in sales or conversions as high as 47% from single campaigns. If you are interested my lowest fee for a sales copy and strategy campaign is £50,000 plus royalties.

DIRECT MARKETING TRAINING from £14,000 one-on-one per day

Team training or one-on-one training available over multi-day. Covering stripped back, higher performing direct response marketing strategies. (to be agreed)

I AM Ready To Help You!

I am here most of the time. Pick up the phone and call me right now.

Tele: 00 44 (0) 161 929 6902

Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486

Skype: orangebeetle

32-Years in the making – experienced – risk free – higher response result driven marketing advice.

Your Direct Response Expert and Fixer.

Alan Forrest Smith