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Alan here.

First a bit about my emails.

Some days I will drive you nuts with my emails. If that’s the case rather than unsubscribing just delete it.If you unsubscribe too early you will miss the moments that will be genius for you and your business. You might also miss the very rare offers I throw out or the free webinars or events and more.

I won’t be tickling your ears with the same old misinformation everyone sends out. You’ll get original thinking with useable ideas.

So for now that’s it.

I have added a few things below for you.

Here is the £80,929.71 Secret Report.

BREAKTHROUGH – My best selling and most powerful service.

THE FIX – An incredible new turnaround serve that is built on my rock-solid AFS METHOD.

Here are some cool blog articles for you.

Marketing Has Changed

Risk is Safe – Safe Is Danger

Ignore Positioning And You Are In The danger Zone!

Risk or Investment

Reflections on Time


Read this, it’s packed with tips >>>

Sales Letter Ebook


That’s it for now…

Talk soon.

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s here are some of my books.


Escape from Zoomanity

I Am Bastard I Am War