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The Apologist

The Apologist


This Is My Apology To You

In a world where every message looks the same, reads the same, sounds the same and has the canned ingredients of tasteless formula written all over it I have to apologise to you my subscriber (or even my client).

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It’s easy to slip into the trap (and it is a trap) to assume a certain ‘thing’ works these days.

Swipe files, hype files and god knows what files, the structure to an advert, the position of a headline, the same old same old close that’s designed to highlight the writer, the seller the hero of the piece.

Blah blah bloody blah

Yes I’ve fallen for that to some extent and it’s an easy trap to fall into.

Anyone (I included) that believes the old formulas work or any set formula works has been approved by your buyers is wrong – dead wrong… not in 2013 – no way!


People today are instant gratifiers that are hungry for more taste, more flavour, more design, more layout, more instant, more gratification, more teasing, pleasing and entertaining. The iGeneration live and breath faster than fast change. By the way the iGeneration are not your screen addicted teens and twenty somethings – they are everyone that is connected (show me someone that isn’t these days?).

We are a design nation a design world that has even the simplest of things designed well and now you have to fight for their attention. No more measuring with a tape measure the world has become precise computer and laser design. Even cheap looks a million dollars.

If you don’t create bespoke, instant, wow, shock, surprise, loaded, colourful, eye-grabbing marketing and ads for your buyers your as dead as a hedgehog running for its life down the centre of the road!

Creative creation leads to your buyers buying. Creation leads to attention, attention leads to informing. Informing should lead to persuasion. Good ads persuade they don’t leave any doubt – the demand!

Persuasion of look at us were a cool company to buy from. Listen to us well look after you. Watch and read, we are with you. Persuasion that is free from the insidious but packed with the


The old ways are dead ( when I type dead I want it to sound like D.E.A.D)
The menu and how-to no longer works
The step-by-step manual is a guide to your closure
The system of placement is your business suicide

You know

Write a headline
Write some body copy
Fill in some bullets
Create a call to action
Slot in a graphic or two

Blueprints… Dead
Formulas… Dead
Same old same old… Dead

It’s dead, dead, dead, dead.

And I – oh I have found myself guilty at the highest level of creating that stuff now and then so today I must apologise and make a promise.

When you see the work I artfully create for your campaigns I want you to say wow (and even HOLY-SHIT is an acceptable remark). I want you to shout OMG have you seen this to your business partner. I want you to feel inspired, lifted and assured that everything is going to work out brilliantly fine.

I want you to regain your confidence but also want you to know that the days of old marketing have finished.

If you want that any-one-can-do-it moron that does the same old stuff – I AM NOT YOUR GUY!

If you want creative creations, artistic master pieces and the heavens have opened moment Ads I’m your man.

Those days have gone forever and if you are one I may have offended with bland same old stuff I truly do apologise for my moment and lapse as a creative.

So here’s to the passion, the love, the desire to create, the adrenaline of art and the beautiful moments I can share with you and for the future of your business.

Your advertising artist, your creative mad man in waiting.
The beard, the man, the apologist (but not for long)
Alan Forrest Smith
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Go here right now and I will of course get back in touch with you.

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