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The Ultimate Sales Letter Training

The Art & Science of


  • Charge More Money for Ultimate Sales Letters

  • Make More Money From Ultimate Sales Letters

Strictly for you if you must get out-of-this-world results from your sales letters! A powerful five-part education that will blow your mind from a veteran of 31 years writing experience.

Dear Friend,

What is the ultimate sales letter?

The clue is in the title … SALES … does it sell?

Some sales letters are wrongly named – they sell nothing.

Other sales letters are rare – they sell tons and run for years!

So some sales letter will sell some more than others but the real question is – why?

The one that sells a truckload of stuff, increases conversions, puts response through the roof – that’s the ultimate thrill, the ultimate ride and most definitely the ultimate sales letter.

How – how – how the hell do you create one of these things?

By The Way

In 1985 I wrote my first sales letter. I had no idea what I was doing – I just did it. It worked.

By 1992 I had created a sales letter system that converted on average at 65% but went as high as 91%.

In 1995 I created an ultimate sales letter for my first real client. It not only had a 47% conversion but it created over £800,000 for that client.

Around 1999 I again created an ultimate sales letter for another client. He sold just under 1.5 million in sports cars from that letter.

Around 2003 I was asked to looked at Jay Abraham sales letter that had bombed. I made some minor changes. That letter then went on to fill out a 3000 person event.

And finally a few years or so ago I wrote a letter for a Yoga Company. Their previous letters had failed with no sales. The new letter made sales of around $120,000. That letter is still in use today.

Since 1985 I have created dozens of ultimate sales letters for my own business and my clients businesses that have taken basic copy and turned them into ultimate sales letters.

Today I make most of my money from ultimate sales letters!

The Art and Science of how To Carefully Create The Ultimate Sales Letter

In a five-part webinar series I will be showing you all the tricks I have discovered over the past couple of decades to write sales letters that will and do sell just about anything.

If you join me on these revealing webinars you’ll discover the kind of stuff marketing dreams are made of…

  • The real science behind an ultimate sales letter
  • Why you should avoid almost everything experts tell you about sales copy
  • The most critical ingredient that almost everyone misses
  • The ancient secret that almost no one uses today
  • Why 99% of your time must go into just 1% of your letter
  • The sales killing things to be avoided when writing an ultimate sales letter
  • The reality in numbers about direct mail in a digital age
  • The most important thing before you write a single word is this
  • How to resurrect old copy and bring it back to life
  • The five most important points that most copywriters miss
  • What should really go at the top?
  • What must go at the start?
  • What has to fill the middle?
  • The only way to end and close the ultimate sales letter
  • AND over 30 years of experience writing, creating and delivering ultimate sales letters for my own businesses and clients business.

This is a five-webinar series. During the calls I will take you through real examples of highly converting ultimate sales letters.

I will also take you through a couple of actual case studies and explain in detail the reason for failure and then of course the ultimate reason for success.

You will have an opportunity to send in any of your current sales letters that you feel could do with taking from what it is to an ultimate sales letter.

This webinar is strictly for those that want to take average sales letters into an ultimate sales machine – in plain English that means something that sells like crazy for you.

More sales, more response, more of everything.

And even better you don’t have to pay my £25,000 long copy fee for what is truly specialized information. And by the way if you have to think about the price of this … my advice is get a job, or hire a real expert to carry out copy for you.

The Art and Science of The Ultimate Sales Letter starts Monday October 12th at 7pm UK time.

Each call is roughly 60-90 minutes

You will have the ability to ask questions.

All calls are saved and downloadable.

Now if you are the kind of writer that needs more edge and really wants to know how to take a letter up into another level this is something you really cannot afford to miss.

If you are the kind of business person that tries to write their own sales letters but just cannot get them to a sellable standard yet would love to have an ultimate sales letter – this is something you really shouldn’t miss.

Places are limited to 10 only.

Click here to discover how a ‘real’ multi-million best selling copywriter creates ultimate sales letters time and time again.

If you are really ready to create a sales letter using over 30 years of my best-selling copywriting secrets – claim your slot right now.

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Your MENTOR and ultimate sales letter expert

Alan Forrest Smith