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Are Your ready For THE FIX?

Give Me 21-Days and I Promise To Transform Your Business.

What you are about to read is proven. Proven over 31-years of frontline in business and working with business owners like yourself. It can change everything in your business. Show me the problem and in 21-days I guarantee it’ll FIX IT!

Dear Friend.

First, I get it. I’ve been in business making my own cash and life since I last got fired in 1985. So I really do get it. But there are times when you just need to call in the experts or business turnaround strategist to fix it.

You Have a Results or Marketing Problem – If It can Be Fixed – AND MOST CAN – I Will FIX IT!

As time goes on in your business it’s a good thing to ask questions and simply be honest: what has changed in your business so far this year or over any years that is making your life better (or worse)?

  • Are you faced with the same struggles and unable to fix them?
  • Are you faced with the same problems and unable to fix them?
  • You can’t get clients?
  • You can’t get response?
  • You can’t get conversions?
  • Sales aren’t high enough?
  • Your team is struggling to deliver?
  • Your website gets no leads?
  • Your website never sells?
  • Social media is a waste of time
  • You tried direct mail – once – but it failed
  • And the rest …
  • Frustrating I know I have been there.


A client came to me. His business was as good as done, beat, screwed! When I say done he had done everything in his own capabilities that was possible.

  • He was now in the red by around £17,000.
  • He couldn’t pay wages most of his staff walked out.
  • His stock was almost zero due to unpaid invoices.

Frankly it was a total absolute mess. He would have been happy to declare bankruptcy if I advised him in that direction.

I did almost advise him to close and just walk away yet I also know that if everything is already in place apart from systems it can usually be turned around pretty fast. I know that because I’ve seen it and done it on many occasions.

After just 48-hours after putting a very simple but very proven systems into place, his business pulled in just over £42,000. Now a proven system had been put into place. Over the following year he went from the brink of bankruptcy to 2.1 million in sales.

Another client of mine had a similar experience. His numbers weren’t as high yet I created a £15,400 windfall for him over a single week. That grew to over £60,000. Again a review, analysis and changes were put in place based on proven systems I’ve used since I started on business over 31-years ago.

You Can’t Do It All Alone – That’s Impossible – That’s Why It’s Broken!

Both stories are interesting for one reason, both had their businesses for more than five years. Both were repeat offenders with their lack of systems and finally both eventually came to the conclusion that they make this work or shut the doors. Both had also committed the cardinal sin of marketing and business and it is this… trying to do everything yourself! That is always a recipe for disaster as I have seen many times with clients.

Simple and even tiny changes can make huge difference to your business. I once had a client that wrote perfect copy. He told me his letter was terrible and it just didn’t sell. I read and read his letter but it was as good as perfect part from one single paragraph at the end. This paragraph was where his call to action should be. It was missing. After such a brilliant letter he fell for the biggest mistake in the book by not telling his customer what to do next. I changed it and tweaked his strategy slightly. His sales from the next campaign totalled just under $100,000.

You can Get Huge results from Small Changes – THE FIX!

Are you getting your rewards or has this year like previous years been a struggle? You tell others about your struggle mad talk constantly about your struggle. You feel like nothing can change yet you are hoping it will.

It doesn’t have to be that way yet it will remain that way unless you take some action. Now you can do a couple of things.

  1. Go buy a decent book on marketing. Read it and make something changes.
  2. Do what I do and buy hundreds of books, magazines and read them and practice what you read.

Both of the above options should take you around one year to make anything really happen after your learning and practicing curve.

Or …

A. Hire a cheap expert but that makes as much sense as cheap medicine!

B. Hire a real expert because whatever you invest should cost you nothing after the systems are in place.

Or just carry on as usual after all that is what most people do in business.

There is one more option – close the door and get a job. For some this is easier.

Would you just like to get everything fixed and fixed fast?

Introducing: THE FIX – 21 Days to Transform Your Business.

I guarantee that any problem in your business can be fixed and if I can’t fix it I will tell you before we do anything!

In 31-years of business I am yet to see a problem that I haven’t been able to FIX.

  • Marketing strategies
  • Copy and conversion issues
  • Traffic and conversion problems
  • Website that don’t sell
  • Client list building
  • Marketing to databases
  • Online marketing
  • And more

Give me 21 days on your business and I promise to deliver you results that will leave you a scratching your head in disbelief.

And I don’t care how many years you’ve had any business problem, as long as you listen closely to me, be open to changes, do as I tell you or leave things with me and I’ll get them done… You’ll be blown away with your new results.

I promise you based on my three decades of business and marketing experience that things can turn around in 21 days. I know because I’ve seen this happen on many many occasions.


Here is how it works.

You contact myself and tell me what your problem is.

You problem can be anything from

“My Ads don’t work”

“We have no online sales”

“We don’t have enough leads”

“Our conversions are too low”

“My staff have no idea about marketing”

Get the idea?

THE FIX will FIX IT In 21 Days Guaranteed.

That means if we agree to do this today in just 21-days you’re nagging marketing problem could be FIXED!


In 72 hours I a clients problem of no clients and no sales. He went from £0 to £15,400 in just 3-days. After one week his sales closed at around £60,000

Another client went from almost bankrupt to sales of over £42,000 in under one week.

Another hit a home run with his online campaign that went from just 3 sales to sales of just under £500,000 over 3-weeks

Another client based in Australia had increased sales of £84,000 overnight after his offer had been fixed.

And one more for this page – a client went from pitiful sales that paid nothing to sales of just over £20,000 in less a single week.

If you have a problem right now with your results THE FIX will fix it.

Are you willing to give me 21-days to fix your business?

Once we speak we will arrange our next steps.

Once that has been fully discussed and formulated I will then come to you with a rough draft plan. This will include what needs to happen, how it needs to happen and a detailed path or steps for the next 21 days. This will include anything that needs to be done.

Let clear on the money side of things.

Brilliant business and marketing advice has no-cost. The results should always cover any costs at a minimum. An initial investment will have to be agreed. A budget for action will also have to be agreed. If you have no cash to invest or no budget in place – nothing will happen.

Be assured part of 21 Day THE FIX is designed to deliver you a 100% return on anything you invest with me. The rest are pure profits for you.

But first we should speak with each other as everything I do for my cellists is as bespoke as your personality and your business.

So are you ready for a The 21 Day – THE FIX – 21 Days To Fix Your Business?

I know you’ll have initial questions so do this.

Text my office on: 07793069486 or UK (0044) 07793069486 (As soon as I pick up your message I will call you back)

Email me direct on

I can only do ONE FIX at a time as it is intensive immersion on my part.

If you have everything in place apart from results I CAN FIX IT.

So lets talk, lets discuss and lets get things happening, moving and working for you.

Are you ready for THE FIX?

  • Text my office on: 07793069486 or UK (0044) 07793069486
  • Email me direct on
  • Don’t worry I will make sure everything that needs to be done is done. I have 21 days to transform your business. I am ready are you?

Your mentor and business turnaround strategist for success.

Alan Forrest Smith