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Thrive Survive Prosper Intensive


You are invited to my home – THE FARM – Cheshire,FARMgoogleeye(1) England … This coming November 5th-6th a Special Traffic and Conversion Mastermind Intensive with myself, Alan Forrest Smith & Super-Expert, Gareth Owen.

We’ll share some incredible business tips, tricks, strategies, tactics that not only will leave your eyes popping but can easily transform your business overnight!

You get 2 days with two proven insiders sharing with you the insider secrets that have generated countless millions for clients globally.

Because of the global crisis for the first time ever and for the FIRST 10 ONLY – I have slashed my regular 2 day price from £5,000 to

JUST £995.00

I’ve never done a training weekend at this price. I have no idea if I will ever do a mastermind intensive again at this price. Can you afford to miss a 2 day intensive with me and gareth in the luxury of my home – THE FARM – Cheshire?

Some of what you’ll Discover

Unheard of Facebook advertising strategies

Yahoo and Bing Advertising (Google only controls 20% of paid online advertising… we’ll show you the other 80% most no nothing about)

Cheap traffic resources that deliver sales and clients

How to set it all up in hours!

How to generate huge amounts of targeted traffic to your business

How to do this online and offline

How to convert that traffic into buyers

We’ll be revealing literally dozens upon dozens of ways that your business can get the EDGE and generate more sales.

AT JUST £995.00 FOR 2 DAYS …not only will we show you how to instantly get your £995.00 investment back but also how to turn that £955 investment into £25,000 return in 30 days or less.

This will be the most powerful intensive you will ever have seen or been on and after 10 years of doing these I can guarantee that!

We are simply sharing what has already worked for us and worked for our clients. The same techniques that have generated millions in traffic and millions in profits. It works, it’s that simple!

If you’re still interested… keep reading I think you’ll be intriqued! Actually I think you’ll want to come along!

As you’re on my list I am assuming you know quite a bit about me and what I actually do.

I’m more than proud to say that in my 25 years plus in business I have been actively involved in the generation of literally millions in new sales for my clients with some pretty incredible conversion rates.

Percentage increases of 9,000%, 2,300%, 1,200%, 116%, 83%, 65%, 47% and more I’m willing to reveal soon. The numbers can all be verified of course.

NEW SALES OF 1.2 million in 21 days, £800,000 from one mail-out, $480,000 from one web page, £42,000 from a single email and sales of $24,000 from another email. I have literally dozens upon dozens of similar, powerful stories, techniques, strategies I’d love to share with you.

Some are so easy, so simple, so blatantly obvious you’ll never think about them yourselves.

Even the Godfather of Direct marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson said this after spending a few days working together…


Alan … you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. But the truth is that few people have the marketing insight that you demonstrate on a regular basis… Jay Conrad Levinson,

Over 2 days myself and expert Gareth Owen are going to share everything we know about traffic, conversion, business, making money and creating your dreams with your business!

You’ll be shown everything you need to know about

  • Generating huge amounts of traffic for any website in hours
  • Powerful Copy writing and selling techniques you can use right away
  • Incredible high conversion secrets that took one clients site from zilch to over 4000% increase!
  • The art of design in conversion for websites and offline marketing
  • Incredible online and offline traffic strategies that we guarantee you won’t have seen or heard of anywhere.

And that’s just to start with.

Would this lot help you? …

SEARCH ENGINES: How to take an unlisted website with zero traffic and put it on page one of Google, MSN and Yahoo in less than 24 hours using old school organic SEO? This was from a search term that delivers over 5 million results. Page one for ALL high search term key-phrases.

SALES LETTERS: I’ll share the incredible secret of a 47% response sales letter that generated just under ONE MILLION pounds in sales by slashing the advertising budget, slashing the volume of direct mail from 5000 pieces to 100 pieces!

SHOP TRAFFIC: You’ll discover how anyone with a high street shop can increase their foot traffic by 54% in one month only.

ONLINE TRAFFIC: How to locate literally thousands of your buyers in minutes and then I’ll show you how in one real-life cases study those same buyers spent £24,000 from a single email.

Or how would you like to know how …

COPYWRITING: Property investor David invested £5,000, his return over a single weekend was £300,000

CONSULTING & PLANNING: Hair salon owner Caroline invested between £5-10k, her return was an instant increase in her business of 54% with a 116% increase over a 12 month period.

EMAIL SALES: Printing business Kevin invested £5,000. Within 12 hours he had taken £42,000 then over one million increase in 12 months.

BRAND NEW STRATEGY: Seminar promoter George had never sold a thing from his website in 3 years, he invested £10,000 with me, within 6 weeks he had sold 1,400 worth £800,000 tickets from his website

INTERNET MARKETING: Publisher Mark invested £7,000 and within 3 weeks had a return of $480,000.


Please join us, come to THE FARM, my home and we”ll share with you all you need to know to grow during this downturn. Date again is … Nov 5th- 6th

  • It’s a hands-on workshop.ojb1
  • You need to bring a laptop.
  • You need to bring any campaigns your working on.
  • You need to bring any failed campaign that you feel should have worked.
  • You need to bring ideas you might have but are not sure about.
  • You need to bring an open mind.

And you need to be prepared to work hard for 2 days because I promise you won’t have experienced an intensive for business anything like this before.

Not only are we going to review, critique, over-haul everything your doing and should be doing, we are covering …

POWERFUL DIRECT MAIL: The only way to get massive response, like the campaign that pulled in 1.2 million from an old, neglected database

Internet Marketing: You’ll learn and see what actually works on websites, the top 12 elements every website should have and how to create web pages that sell and have sold millions of pounds in product or services.

And ..

MAGAZINE CAMPIGNS: How about the small failed campaign that went from no sales to £74,000 in sales! I’ll show you how to apply those exact same principles in your advertising by falling a very simple 5 step, fail-proof blueprint

We are also covering (if needed) …

TV Ads, Radio Ads, Social Media, Speech Writing for Sales, Branding, Positioning, Mastermind Groups, Consulting, Presenting, Training techniques designed to create more sales, more profits and more cash you can enjoy your life with.

There is even more we are going to share with you. Just look at this lot.

  • Why You Should Market on Facebook (and why avoiding what ‘experts’ will grow your business even faster)
  • What is Facebook Advertising?
  • The Benefits of Facebook Advertising
  • Knowing How Far To Go on Facebook and WHY Facebook isn’t the saviour of marketing
  • Does Good, Organic SEO Still Apply?
  • Who Should Advertise on Facebook?
  • Why Profile Pages are Your Friends!
  • Free Ways to Market on Facebook
  • Top Tips to Get Viral Traffic from Facebook
  • The Ultimate Fan Page Traffic System
  • Do you live in fear of any of these happening to you with Google??
  • Google slap and left paying ridiculous costs and no profit
  • Been kicked out and banned by Google for No apparent reason
  • Paying Super high PPC prices and it just keeps getting worse
  • Google is only 30% of the Internet! There is another 70% to get targeted Traffic!
  • Learn to instantly drive massive amounts of traffic to your business generating all the sales and leads you can handle!
  • Understand and dominate the world outside Google! The 3 main reasons why people are scared to move from Google.
  • Other networks are far too complicated(Total Rubbish !! We will show you how!)
  • It takes far too long to earn and understand (If you have ever used Adwords then this will be easy!)
  • Far to expensive to get started and make a good profit…….(How does £50 to start with sound?)

As you can see the ticket price will be more than a good return on investment.

My partner for the 2 day intensive is Gareth Owen.

Gareth is probably the most brilliant traffic genius I have ever met. Google actually call him for tips!MEGAZ

When it comes to traffic, Gareth is a genius at what he does. That’s a photo of myself and Gareth in stage in England training around 5,000 in Traffic and Conversion tips.

Here’s some of his hugely successful results.

7,932,125: Yes that is MILLION … Just under 8 million visitors to a website

965,496: That’s just under one MILLION visits to a website

BEFORE & AFTER: From just 162 to 11,297

BEFORE & AFTER: 200 – 13,170

NEW BRICK & MORTAR CLIENTS UP 180%, 65%, 47% and sales of over one million for another brick & mortar business.

As you can see the investment is low, the returns are high and I’m offering you a place first!.

How good is your traffic and conversion?

2,300% CONVERSION INCREASE: If we could should you how to increase conversions with simple changes by 2,300% would you be interested? (by the way … that’s a real number just ask Roy Carter)

116% INCREASE IN SALES: How to turn around failing business from the brink and increase sales by 116% from traffic and conversions would that help you? (real figure just ask Caroline Sanderson)

$480,000 PAGE WEBSITE: Would you like to know how to take a failed webpage from zero sales, apply multple conversion techniques, increase traffic massivly then produce sales of around $480,000 (Again another mind-blowing story, just ask Mark Anastasi)

And further below you’ll see more real proof on traffic, conversion and huge numbers.

Dear Marketer,

In case you don’t know me …

My name is Alan Forrest Smith.ojb2

I’ll tell you a little about myself and my partner on this project in a second but I will tell you this right now.

Together we have over 40 years experience in getting traffic for business and converting that traffic into sales both offline and online. Today we are both sought after traffic and conversion experts. I’ll share more about that further down.

First lets talk about you.

Do you know how many people you need to have on your website or through your business door to make money? Do you know the exact figure?

Do you know the difference between buyers and browsers? Do you understand how to convert a browser into a buyer?

Lets say you get 100 visitors to a new website. If that website converts at the average of 0.1% (low but true) do you know how many visitors you need to get one sale?

You need 1000 visitors to get ONE SALE… IF you are average.

Some things in business never ever change.



Most businesses fail at those two things.

The first thing I had to learn the hard way in my early businesses was this; If no one walks through the door, the business is dead, dying, closed! Online, offline, it makes no difference, no traffic, no buyers!

The second thing was this; When someone made an enquiry if we didn’t convert them into a buyer… well frankly, what’s the point right?

If your shop, your website, your business has low traffic and cannot convert the traffic you do get – you are about to be offered an opportunity that we promise will make that a thing of the past.

Nothing has changed since the beginning of business, it never will the only difference right now is we are in the start of a huge global meltdown. This intensive is designed to show you



33% DIRECT MAIL LETTER CONVERSION: Would you like 33 of every 100 readers to buy from your letter? I’ll show you how we did just that.

7,932,125 WEBSITE VISITORS: How would you like to know how to create constant, steady and even outrageous numbers of website traffic? We’ll show you how to create the exact amount of traffic you need to sell your products or services like crazy!

PAGE ONE ON ANY SEARCH ENGINE: Would being page one on all of the major search engines make a difference to your business? We’ll show you how to get page one over the weekend and how to monopolize all of your new traffic.

Check this lot out …

The key phrase into Google is “company health insurance”

Google returns over SIX AND A HALF MILLION websites related to the key search.

We have number TWO position in Google.

We can show you literally dozens of websites we have worked with that have the same kid of results.

What would page one position mean for your business?

Would a huge increase of traffic into your business be worth £4,995.00 if it converted into sales?

Let me share this story with you.

A client rang me.

He asked about this intensive weekend and of course asked how much.

I told him,£4,995.00

He replied it felt too much.

But here’s is the thing.

His website converts at 7%

For every 100 visitors he sells around £2,065.00 of his product.

The problem for him is this… his traffic is low in fact just 10-15 visits per day.

I told him this.

If we show you how to get a minimum of 100 visits per day that means each day you will take £2,065.00, do you like the sound of that rather than taking the same amount over a month or so?

I then said to him… “do you know how much that comes to a month?

He replied “no”

I told him it comes to £61,950.00 a month.

I then asked him again … Do you think £4,995.00 for the traffic and conversion intensive is worth it? He never replied. Strangely enough … he still never booked.

Do you think an investment of £4,995.00 to get a return of £61,950.00 is worth is?

Look at this test we just ran…

We decided to run a small test with our online traffic and positioning while I am creating this promotion.

After a huge re-build of the Orange Beetle website the site no longer had any showing on Google or search engines.

Yesterday Gareth optimised the website and ran his magic changes at Orange Beetle.

We have not spent a single penny on traffic, not a bean!

Here are the key terms we decided to use.

Copywriter from no position to page one, position one out of 9,850,000

Copywriter UK from no position to page one, position out of 2,630,000

Online copywriter from no position to page one, position 2 out of 5,220,000

Direct Response Marketing Company from no position to page one, position one out of 342,000

NOTE: This was done in less than 24 hours. The keywords could change at the time of you reading this page, see screenshots below).



And of course …

I don’t just use the internet to promote my business, that would be business suicide and frankly an abuse of massive potential.

I’ll reveal for you how to create an offline strategy that has had generated tens of thousands in sales for Orange Beetle over the years!

Would that help you or make a difference to your internet business?

NO hype on beating the search engines or playing cat and mouse games.

NO latest greatest thing that everyone buys then every search engine BANS!.

NO mass producing technology that tries to trick Google and sneak in through the back doors (which usually leads to a ban)

This is the identical system I personally have been using for years to generate my own constant stream of targeted prospects to my web businesses since 1999 for myself and clients.

And of course …

We are going to make it clear for you what doesn’t work in marketing and what you should stop wasting your time, money and efforts into.

If you have a marketing team we will show them how to get the edge, how to ramp up almost every aspect of your current marketing efforts from how they write and create your ads to how they write and create your websites.

I know, it’s a ridiculous amount to pack into 3 days… Can you and your business afford to miss this?

SO …

Before you invest your time and money let me say this.

  • To hire my Gareth you will need to invest between £2-5,000 per month
  • To hire me for consulting will cost you £500 per hour
  • To hire me to write copy and strategies for you can cost up to £25,000 and more!
  • To attend my premium acclaimed Orange Beetle Masterclass for 2 days is an investment of £5,000

What We Are Offering Here Is a SURVIVAL Workshop for real business owners like yourself!

I’ve even slashed my regular price of £5,000 and for the first time ever am doing this intensive for

JUST £995.00

You need to…

It’s a hands-on workshop.

  • You need to bring a laptop.
  • You need to bring any campaigns your working on.
  • You need to bring any failed campaign that you feel should have worked.
  • You need to bring ideas you might have but are not sure about.
  • You need to bring an open mind.

Now I understand to some £4,995.00 can sound or feel like a lot of money for some businesses so let me say this.

You can by a decent used car for 5 grand, that will drop in price and need cash injected to keep it going on the road.

You can buy the latest ISA for £5,000 and collect the 3% return at the end of the year.

You can spend £5,000 on a holiday, a two week fix until your next holiday.

Or …

You can invest £995. into real breakthrough training that reveals how to increase traffic into your business and increase conversion rates from that traffic into buyers.

By the way Kevin below invested £5,000 just as he was about to go broke. You can read what happened to him at the very end of this page.


If by the end of the first day we haven’t revealed a minimum of 5 easy to apply marketing techniques guaranteed to generated you £25,000 in new sales within a month, ask for your cash back! All I ask of course is you try and apply what we train you to do.

You invest £995.00 we promise to show you how to generate £25,000 in hidden sales within your business by the end of day one.


Can You Afford To Miss This?

OK let me go over for a last time what we are going to do for you.

Day One:

  • Review, critique and mastermind your business.
  • Reveal how to generate £25,000 in 30 days or less.
  • The 9 pillars of 21st century marketing.
  • Discovering what is best for your business
  • How to position your business
  • How to brand your business
  • Uncovering the customers perception of your business
  • Introduction into Traffic
  • Introduction into converting traffic into buyers
  • Home work


Social Networking & WEB 2.0

1. What is Social Networking?

2. MySpace & Facebook

3. Know the Rules

4. Borrowing Friends

5. Blogging on Myspace

6. Facebook ads

7. Squidoo

8. Digg

9. Resources

Video Marketing

1. The power of YouTube

2. Researching YouTube

3. What type of Videos Work

4. Case Studies

5. Uploading Video

6. Planning Your Video

7. Specific Tactics For Marketing

8. Resources to blow your competition away!

Opt in Pages

1. What is an opt in page?

2. Conversion

3. Audio and Video on an Opt in page

4. Remove the prospects fear!

5. Page Design

6. Heat Maps

7. Elements of opt in box

8. Headlines

9. Make Them want to opt in!!

10. Position of opt in box

11. Graphics

Press Releases

1. Keep it Simple!

2. Track your press release

3. Using Keywords in your subject line

4. Podcast your press release

5. Distribution of your press release. Who to use for best results!

Viral Marketing

1. Using the pdf tactic

2. Using Video Tactics

3. Using Audio Tactics

4. The most powerful tactic of all!


1. WordPress Blogs

2. Why use WordPress

3. WordPress Themes

4. Manual Setup and Hosting

5. Correct Plugins and Ping Urls

6. How to write a post correctly and Category set up to get seen on the search engines

7. Getting high rankings for your blogs in the search engines

8. Building a network

Online Advertising

1. Do something Different

2. Placement targeted advertising

3. Banner advertising


5. Ezine Advertising

6. Article Marketing


1. Account setup

2. Campaign and ad group setup

3. Broad, phrase & exact match

4. CTR (Click through rate) and its importance

5. Ad copy and its importance

6. Testing

7. Adjusting bidding

8. Tracking

9. Placement targeting

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)

How To Get Your Website To The Top of The Search Engines

1. Planning For SEO (keyword research, domain name, content, site structure, tags)

2. Link Building ( How to build effective links to your site so the search engines love you )Type of links, anchor text, links from Directories, links from .gov & ,edu sites.

3. Ongoing Work to maintain your positions on the search engines.


  • Real-life case studies you can copy and paste into your web business.
  • Copy writing, Marketing and Search Driven Strategies
  • How to write search Driven Copy
  • How single words will increase conversions
  • How using graphics will increase your sales
  • 5 Simple tricks for more sales
  • How to get your visitors to say yes before they read your page.
  • How to quadruple your sales using a copy and paste technique
  • How to increase leads
  • How to build lists.
  • How to write Adwords for maximum effect.
  • How to create the perfect selling webpage.
  • How to write sexy alluring copy for search engines
  • How to create perfect web driven search copy
  • How to NEVER get dropped by Google by saying the wrong thing over and over again.


  • How to fast track your copy writing skills
  • How to get billion dollar copywriters for free
  • How to copy, paste and transform some of the worlds most successful adverts in 30 minutes or less
  • How to create powerful, headlines, body copy and mouthwatering offers
  • Everything you need to know about copy for more conversion
  • Your hands on workshop
  • Thinking and creating your new strategies for traffic and conversion
  • Putting them into action
  • How to make small steps giant leaps
  • How to get your investment back in 30 days or less
  • Mastermind your solutions


My multi-million dollar, fast thinking brain that has worked alongside many, many million dollar marketers online. Gareth’s fast track, traffic brain! That’s Gareth over at Google where he goes now and then to consult with them.seogoog

WE promise to share every secret strategy, tips and more with you.

WE promise to guide you by the hand into fast-traffic traffic and conversions.

WE promise to hold nothing back from you.

You have just me and Gareth all to yourselves over 3 days packed to the hilt with powerful high-investing traffic and conversion secrets.

There are just 10 places.

If you know me, my successes, my results for clients (read Kevin below) and you are serious about a successful business, you’ll want to be there with us. I also want to double check this is the right investment for YOU before you book.

A BRIEF INTERVIEW: After you get in touch I will call you right back to do a suitability interview with you to make sure you feel 100% comfortable that this weekend is exactly what you or your company needs right now. This is just 10 minutes over the phone.

We will talk about …

  • Your needs for your business.
  • The best way for you to pay. (we can offer split payments but all payments must be made before the Intensive)
  • Answer any questions you might have.

After the call you have no obligation to book and won’t be put under any pressure to join us.

Lets not under estimate what you are being offered here.

This is NOT just about copy writing, SEO or offline marketing. This is an intensive weekend that has been created to give YOU the EDGE.


The EDGE is the difference between success and failure or from success to super success. You will see and hear traffic and conversion results that will blow you away. Conversions from zero to 1,400 in hours, 42k from email lists that had previously failed, the one million pound in sales mail campaign, traffic from zero to over 10 million visitors. You’ll see more!

You’ll also be guided, almost held by the hand with your own campaigns, marketing, web strategies, email strategies or any other marketing you are currently. You are getting two experts that have worked in the front-lines, behind the scenes with some of the worlds best marketing entrepreneurs.

And of course you have until the end of day one to ask for a 100% refund because we made you a promise and it was this …

By the end of day one we will show you how to turn your investment of £995.00 into £25,000 within 30 days or less.

Can we do that?

Just ask Kevin who took £42,000 from a failed list he was using just 12 hours after I guided and mentored him.

Just ask George who slashed £100,000 from his companies marketing budget in juts 30 minutes of meeting me.

Just ask Caroline who increased her business by 54% within 4 weeks of working with me.

Just ask Rob who got a 47% response rate from a single mail-out (that results in 800 grand of sales)

Like I said … we know exactly what we are doing and would love to share that info with you.

Who Is This Weekend For?

  • ANYONE in business.
  • ANYONE running a marketing department.
  • ANYONE wanting to get a new business fast-tracked into profits.
  • ANYONE that wants to over-haul and transform their marketing from the ground up.

Can you afford to miss training like this? If you are in business I know from my own experience as a consultant that 99% of businesses have no idea about marketing.

Recently I had a call from a guy who wanted some advice.

He told me he’d invested £60,000 into marketing. He didn’t quite have enough to finish his shop. He then told me he had now opened with only half filled stock on the shelves and two weeks in he had made no sales.

His questions was how to I get business but I have no cash left?

Sounds crazy right?

It’s a story I hear time and time again. All the money goes into making the shop look amazing but no cash into traffic or converting the traffic with fantastic, mouth watering offers!

The Question Is … Is This Weekend Value For Money?

Let me ask you this question.

If we could double the amount of clients into your business how much would that be worth to you in real terms?

If we could increase your conversion rates to 10%, 15%, 33%, 47% or even 83% how much money would your annual turnover increase by?

If we could share with you a 2 year strategy that took one business from new to being valued at over 5 billion would that interest you?

If we could show you how to get page one on most search engines within 24 hours and less would that make a difference to your business?

Between myself and Gareth we have created real millionaires. We have saved, and turned around businesses. We have created huge amounts of traffic and transformed businesses.

I personally have clients that have paid around me £5,000 in the past and had real results like …

  • Sales by over half a million in 21 days for a car Co.
  • Saved the life of an Asian girl using a web strategy
  • Roy Carter increased his sales in days by 2,300%
  • Nicola Cairncross saw a leap of 900% in sales
  • Ste Winder saw an increase of sales by GBP £74,000
  • Greg Milner went from sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400!
  • Stephen Pierce sold over a million dollars US from a single webpage.
  • Brett Fogle sold over a million dollars of product from his new sales page
  • Kevin Lewis increased his sales by $2.4million from zero!
  • David Lee went from struggling entrepreneur to sales of over $300,000 in a single weekend.
  • Alison Redwood managed to walk away from her corporate job into a brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage)
  • Robert Mc Holl had a 47% response rate from a direct mail campaign.
  • A Jay Abraham UK campaign pulled in just under £200,000 from a single marketing campaign using a fax mailer.
  • Mark Anastasi went from NO SALES to just under $500,000 from a single sales page.
  • Mike Brescia has a long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4%.
  • Caroline Sanderson increased her business by 50% in 4 weeks and 53.4% overall

Let me ask you again … Did they get value for money? The answer is obvious, of course they did.

I mean David had come to me for over 5 years before he decided to pay me £5,000. His return was over $300,000 from his business within 3 weeks of working together. Not a bad return right?

Let me remind you of our promise above…

If by the end of the first day we haven’t revealed a minimum of 5 easy to apply marketing techniques guaranteed to generated you £25,000 in new sales within a 30 days or less, ask for your cash back! All I ask of course is you try and apply what we train you to do.

You invest £995.00, we promise to show you how to generate £25,000 in hidden sales within your business by the end of day one.

2 DAYS, back-to-back, behind the scenes training on the secrets of traffic and conversion.

Did I mention the website we worked on that now gets TEN MILLION visitors a month?

Did I also mention how Kevin went from the brink of bankruptcy to 2.4 million after working with me?

We’ll reveal everything and more at the Intensive.

  • Plus dozens of traffic secrets for online and offline business.
  • Plus dozens of copywriting and conversion strategies for offline and online business …

This is a totally unique training weekend that you really cannot afford to miss out on.
You can join us. We can make a massive difference to your business, small, medium or large.
Some seats are pre-sold to my clients so please decide fast. If you need to talk about this text us on 07793 069 486 (outside UK is 00 44 7793 069 486) and put the word ‘orange’ in the text. I will personally call you back right away.

This will be a weekend packed with traffic and conversion strategies just email me that you want to come along and I’ll send you payment details.

We’ll see you on Nov 5th-6th In my home, in the heart of Cheshire – THE FARM. Here’s a couple of pictures of where you’ll be joining me. The first picture is our MASTERMIND SUITE.



The second picture is our SNOOKER ROOM … We relax, hang out, have fun and talk here.

Getting here is dead simple.

15 minutes from Manchester Airport.

10 Minutes from M6 motorway network.

Address is

The LodgeFARMgoogleeye(1)

Highfield Farm

Booths Lane




There is a wonderful lodge you can stay overnight in. It’s at … cheap and very English for anyone flying into the class.

Can you afford to miss out on a weekend designed purely to give you the skills to…


I hope to see you, both our reputations have been built over many, many years. At the end of this page I have posted a little more proof for you to read and see we know exactly what we are doing.

Can you afford to miss out on something so unique and a weekend that promises to return on five-fold on your initial investment?

Below also you can read about Kevin’s story. Kevin was nearly broke. He invested £5,000 with me. His results came from traffic and then converting that traffic in cash.

He went from almost bankrupt to taking over 2.4 million dollars in 11 months. Read that below first if you like, it’s a great story.

Grab you place quickly, I have a feeling most of my current clients will grab a place quickly.

I’m looking forward to speaking and working with you.

As soon as you order you’ll be taken to a page with all the details of where and how to get here.

Alan Forrest Smith & Gareth Owen.


This Is a True Story of a Mentor Client.

Meet Kevin Lewis.

He worked closely alongside me. He listened carefully. He applied exactly what I told him.

From The Desk of Kevin Lewis


Dear potential Alan Forrest Smith protégé.

My name is Kevin Lewis, you’ll probably have seen my name, and my picture (I’ve grown my hair since then, it was shaved, I’m not bald!) on Alan’s website, along with a snippet of the HUGE email I sent him when I had success after attending Alan’s Master class. I was very excited when I sent that email, but I think anyone would have been after seeing a result like this!

This Is My Own True Story About Mentoring With Alan. It’s True!

The reason I’m writing to you directly – off my own steam in no way coerced by Alan – is I know exactly what you’re thinking when you read my story, and the story of Alan’s other students, you think it’s hype, over exaggerated, or just complete BS!

If you’re anything like me you do anyway, because this is exactly what I thought when I was reading success stories & considering investing in Alan’s course. (Sorry Alan, but at least I’m honest.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think Alan was a Liar, or that his students were – but really I didn’t think that good marketing could make any difference to small businesses selling physical products, sure copywriting and marketing works to sell eBooks or courses, but I just didn’t see how it could apply to most normal businesses – and although I do also have online businesses & projects which I thought copywriting might help with, the business I had all of my money in & that accounted for the majority of my income (and still does) is a company selling specialist printing equipment, big heavy stuff that has to be delivered & certainly can’t be downloaded, I just didn’t think that the stuff Alan teaches was relevant to normal every day businesses.

Alan told me (in no uncertain terms!) that I was wrong.

I love reading my story when Alan includes it on the orange beetle website, so I can re-live the excitement of watching a business literally explode to life from something as simple as sending out an email! I know a lot of people read that & think it’s hype & BS, at the last seminar I attended, a few of the guys were asking me if what they read on Alan’s site about my success from “the email” was really true, and I could see the scepticism on their faces, but I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have believed it either – which is why I wanted to write this message to you, directly….To ensure you that it really DID happen, pretty much exactly as Alan recalls.Business HAS GROWN Very Quickly

I remember it vividly, since then the business has grown very quickly, so I now have a few staff, much larger offices & warehouse – but back then (just 18 months ago) I was in a tiny office, on my own. It was only the companies 6th month in business, and this was the quietest month of the year, I knew it would be, but it didn’t change the fact that unless I pulled in a good few grand in that month I’d be stuffed!

I was sat staring out of the window, watching the ducks on the canal, surfing the internet, drinking probably my 7th coffee of the day, trying to stay awake, and occasionally staring at the phone & willing it to ring, pressing send & receive over & over again hoping for an interesting email – when suddenly (a few minutes after sending the email) I started to get replies asking for quotes.

I was literally inundated & spent the rest of the day, and all night, replying with quotes.

I did around 50 that day, which was much more than I was doing in a whole month previously! I took over £10k (nearly $20K in USD) in sales within the next few days, thus getting me nicely out of a potential cash flow crisis, and then went on to have the best month of the year so far – in what would usually be the worst month! It’s hard to say exactly how much I pulled in overall from that one email, as sales continued to come in from that email & from future emails, but I’ve worked it out to be around £50,000 in total (not far off $100,000), possibly more.

Alan was right!

The company has grown quickly since then, but if I hadn’t learned to communicate effectively with my list – and to build the list – I honestly believe the company would have failed, either before or not long after 12 months!

Simply because most of our sales come from the list, and regardless of how much money I spent on full page ads in targeted magazines, Google AdWords & all the other forms of advertising I was throwing money into before, none of it came anywhere near close to generating the amount of business that the list does! Which is a real turn-around, because before the course the list brought in very little business.

We now have close to 3,000 on the list, and nearly 1100 customers, every time I send a mail to the list that number of customers increases, and the list size is increasing on a daily basis.

I’m constantly being told by customers that they started purchasing from us & continue to do so, because of the emails I send them. Many of them joke about me pestering them & finally breaking them when they decide that they’ll phone me & place an order – and I’m always being told by customers of how much they like my emails, and some even tell me they look forward to them!

This is a big change from getting snotty emails & abusive phone calls when I send a mail to the list – and a load of unsubscribes – which is what used to happen before, even though I used to mail the list a lot less frequently than I do now!

I’m not saying that my business is perfect, I’m not a multi millionaire YET ;-), and I wish Alan also held courses on decreasing overheads, increasing Nett profit, and managing staff!

A Dramatic Difference To My Business

But what I am saying, unequivocally, is that what Alan has taught me, has made a dramatic difference to my business, has helped me to make over £600,000 in sales since taking the course, and is the main reason the company is doing so well. Without learning how to communicate properly with my list (and a lot more besides) I’m quite confident my business would have failed, and I would be now be trapped into working for someone else!

I LOVE THAT STORY … THANK YOU Kevin for sharing.

YOU CAN BE that student (this can be a business or a person, copywriter or salon owner… as long as we are clear I will deliver results for you)… So …Alan here…Quite honestly …