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Traffic and Conversion


We can install for you our ultimate and proven formula for Traffic  Conversion and Retaining Your Customers for Life!

If you’re like most businesses I work and consult with you’ve probably put a ton of money, time, blood, sweat, tears and of course resources into your business. Right?

You’ve probably even spent a small fortune on the website, SEO, Social Media and PPC campaigns that generate consistent streams of visitors to your website. The only problem is, you have no real idea what to do with the number of visitors your website gets and don’t really know how to convert them… YOU JUST hope and pray that they’ll convert.

In other words…

You dive traffic , the traffic comes but that traffic also goes just as fast. And that problem certainly isn’t exclusive to your business.

How Can These Industry Average Rates Be Acceptable To You?

Industry stats indicate that the websites that are doing an acceptable number actually convert at a rate of 1% – 3%. That is an accepted number to aim for. Not here!

But lets flip that because here is the hard reality  to the above numbers and it is this-  between 99 – 97 visitors out of 100 arrives on your website and LEAVES! And even those that do go further 98% abandon the contact form or cart! In other words it’s the wrong traffic or the right traffic that doesn’t convert!

This is ironic when we are in an industry that raves about traffic and even talks about traffic as the holy grail yet if you put one million Liverpool football fans into a Manchester United game they will never shout for Manchester!

Driving quality traffic to your website is critical but it’s only one part of the equation. With just traffic you can not improve the bottom line of the business unless you are getting conversions from the visitors. That is why having a traffic and conversion system is critical.

Our scientifically tested Traffic & Conversion system is an almost perfected formula of strategising the entire architecture of your website, researching the audience and their psychology of buying behavior and patterns, then creating the most optimum traffic systems and testing different versions of the online campaigns as well as your website’s web pages in order to determine how best to encourage your visitors toward conversion and guiding them into making the decision to deal with your business.

We send perfect traffic that is sourced and tested. We test everything and created a perfect conversion formula bespoke for you!

From 5% to 42% conversion.

This is a real story of a client we have been working over the past 18 months.

Before we first started working on his bespoke  traffic & conversion formal based on our system, there were only 5 enquiries were made into his business each month.

After successfully carefully applying our Traffic and Conversion system, within matter of weeks the conversions went initially from 5 to 11%, and kept increasing to a healthy 42%.

Now when you think that the industry average is only as high as 3% our delivery of a gigantic 42% traffic is more than healthy to the bottom line.

The Key To Your Traffic & Conversion Strategy Process:

Understand the Audience, then Thrive. What does this mean?

Our first step for your successful Traffic & Conversion strategy is creating a reverse engineered system to achieve your business goals. Research and data analysis from your web analytics helps understand not only who visits the website, but how they behave and the patterns of each individual visitors within the website. The data helps to view your website through the eyes of the potential buyers. Plus of course we have our own secret ‘JUGGERNAUT’ formula that we add into your mix!

Typically what you might be thinking works (and what you see right now in your business) will be very different from the reality of what actually works. The data helps us to target real customers, and not those you might be thinking are your customers. (we don’t send traffic for numbers sakes – if we have to reduce traffic and increase buyers that is what we do).

Then once we understand the actions, patterns and habits of your visitors, we can then create a step-by-step path for each visitor to help each one take next step action. Whatever your goals, selling more products, generating leads etc. We will design and create a clear sales funnel which will help us see clearly where and when (and why) your visitors are dropping off from the website.

  • Data analysis
  • Source real traffic
  • Create conversion process

Our Traffic & Conversion Services

Let me be clear on this right from the start as you might be  like a lot of companies we deal with that have ended up working with outsourcers that have no real idea about traffic and conversion yet say they have. We work with the best in the world. We advise and consult with the best. Our strategies are tested and proven with good track record. Everything we deliver to you is done in-house.

From organic SEO, PPC advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing tools, your website requires a specific traffic strategy that can and will work best for your website. Depending on the strategy created for you and the data analysis, we may decide on just one or two traffic strategies or the combination of many – our fusion traffic strategy will help diversify and multiply high-quality, highly targeted traffic sources.

Having a healthy flow of targeted traffic coupled with our powerful  conversion strategies will help you increase conversions. You save time, money and resources while growing your turnover and your profits.


Finally rigorous scientific tests are vital for the success of any Traffic & Conversion. You may be thinking you are running a killer strategy, and might be having ideas how to increase conversions, but our very revealing tests will give you the truth.

From split testing, to testing multiple small campaigns tests will determine which strategy works the best, which traffic source and conversions are pulling the right clients and which overall strategy performs best at converting.

Any Traffic & Conversion created for you will help to fine tune your existing website and maximize the chances of conversions. It will help you stop wasting the under-performing traffic, money, resources and refocus on the essentials that matters the most – your bottom line profitability.

If you feel you aren’t getting the results you think you should be getting from your traffic give us a call to talk things through.

And remember we don’t do what most so called traffic specialists do and that is throw a ton of cheap traffic your way hoping something will happen.

We don’t create endless posts and traffic ads on Facebook or LinkedIn and other social medias just because everyone else does.

What we will create is highly bespoke, highly proven  and highly converting traffic strategy that is so powerful it enabled one client to go out and buy himself a new red Ferrari as a treat!

If you need serious help driving serious traffic and conversion you need to speak to our Traffic and Conversion team right now!