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Below is a selection of videos for you from years ago to today.

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Enjoy …

From a training event in 2008

Client feedback – David Lee

From a talk I gave in Ireland 2009

Client feedback

Inside one of my Masterclasses

A promotional video

How my work helped save a life …

From a speaking event in 2008 in New Zealand

This was from a road trip in Australia 2007

This video is from a writers Masterclass of mine in 2005 (I think the year is correct) and YES … It is actually me although it looks like someone else these days!

This video is from inside one of my classes in 2008

Some client feedback from a training event 2008

More client feedback 2006 masterclass

This is a talk I gave to 500 hair salon owners in Australia in 2006

… it really is me!

The same location …

Client feedback …

Inside a masterclass training weekend…

Client feedback … 2013

More feedback from Jason …

Masterclass feedback from 2006

More insider video from a masterclass 2008