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The Writers Life

In 2003 I Was Still a Hairdresser. That Was My Wage, That Was My Life.


I Get Paid To Write Words, Write Books, Write Stories and More. Since 2003 I’ve Been Living …


And so can you – so can anyone that can hold a pencil and write on paper. If you like the idea of creating a life around writing words and getting paid incredible money for doing so – I am going to show you exactly how I did it and how you can copy what I have done.

There’s NO previous experience required of any kind of writing. You won’t need to make huge investments, rent big offices or any other regular business practice.

All you need to get started is

A pen, some paper, an imagination and a well experienced write to guide you through.

A six-week basic entry course.

By the end of those six weeks I will show you

How to get started

How to write your own book

How to write and get paid

How to get published

The right tools for your new career



16 years ago I replaced my living as a hairdresser and began earning almost all of my living writing words – as a writer!
I had no experience at all with writing, knew nothing about English, how to use grammar, the business of writing and getting paid to write.
The words were lettered, adverts, flyers then it went into websites, webpages and anything else that contained words.

By 1999 I had discovered digital books so I wrote them and sold thousands of them into the hair and beauty industry.

Currently I write one and a half million words a year. Some days I work, some days I don’t. As of this very moment I’m writing on my iPhone from my bed just after eggs, cheese, ham and toast.

I don’t earn a living from writing anymore I get handed a years wage in a day for writing.

I’ve written 400 page business manuals
I’ve written huge blogs and currently have one blog with over 500 posts
I’ve written so many small books I’ve lost count
I’ve written poetry in the hundreds
I’ve written thousands of sales materials for my clients
I even wrote an advert for a lost cat
And another piece that pulled tens of thousands for fundraisers
And even wrote emails and letters to win over the hearts and minds of lovers

I’ve loved it

Today I’m a published author and storyteller. I sell books daily and have literally just finished my second book that contains 110,000 words.
I travel 12 weeks a year
I only write on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
I have a home in tbilisi Georgia
And currently live in a house with 13 rooms.
My car is a huge Dodge Nitro that I paid cash for and its cool.
Yet in times past when I owned three hair and beauty salons my life was a seven day week, endless stress and my staff were earning more than me!
Not that long ago a divorce left me homeless with not a single penny to my name. An enforced bankruptcy completed that life destruction.

And if it wasn’t for the learnt ability to write God only knows where I’d be today.

Words have changed my life and even saved my life on so many levels.

I walked out from school at 15 years old, failed everything apart from joinery so english, grammar and writing was something I had to learn from the ground up.

I still fail at grammar and I couldn’t tell you what a pronoun, adjective or conjuncture is. I have to pay editors to check that.

My office is a bed its a cafe, it’s a train it’s the back of a car or a street bench. My writers machine is my iPhone or my iPad or a MacBookPro but I don’t like carrying that.

When I’m working I look like I’m doing nothing. I can sit in my garden for 3 hours looking at the sky just thinking before I write. I drink tea, love cakes and go to the gym or ride a motorbike for hours just to think about what I can write.

I once wrote a huge email to my daughters school because they wanted to throw her out for having red hair. I used words to prove this was an uneducated act that proved the school was commuting a racist act against redheads! They said nothing but left her alone.

I wanted my woman Tamuna to be with me. After meeting her in London she left me standing outside a restaurant in the middle of London after saying thank you for the meal and evening only to jump in a cab and leave me standing with nowhere to go. I missed the last train back to Manchester so had to sit outside Euston station until 9:40am when I could get the first train back home!

It gave me time to think and create writings that would eventually persuade Tamuna to fall into my arms and come and stay with me forever. I adore her!

After bankruptcy I desperately needed a place to live and no one would give me a place because of my record. I thought this is going to be tough again so I spent weeks crafting a letter that would have landlords begging me to be a tenant never mind rejecting me. The first landlord to get the letter called me right away.

Words have also given me the chance to sit just feet away from Elton John at a private dinner and eat with the rich and famous in Robert de restaurant.

If you like your dream of becoming an author or writer to become a reality either part-time or full-time I think there’s more than a thing I can share with you.

I can

Show you how to write, what to read and who to learn from
How to construct your novel, book or manual to sell
How to get paid
How to charge well
How to design your life around words

Novels and stories I’ll show you how to construct them carefully