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Business & copywriters mentor Alan Forrest Smith from is interviewed by his wife Tamuna Forrest-Smith

I first fell into Marketing in 1985. I had been fired again so now I was on my own. I had no option it had to work.

In 1989 I opened a brick and mortar hairdressing salon. It almost failed but I couldn’t allow it to fail. It become a huge success and went from 250 sq. ft. to over 2000 sq. ft.

17-years later and a turnover into the multiple millions locally I had become a master of marketing as well as hairdressing. During the mid-nineties strangers began to ask who was doing my salon marketing? It was everywhere and anywhere. Once they knew it was me they asked me to work on their businesses also.

For me, it's always been obvious what's wrong and how to fix marketing. People want to buy your stuff or they don't! If they do ... How do you get your stuff in front of them?

A local car sales showroom had a problem they wanted to fix. They wanted to sell more cars. I created a campaign for them that sold just over £1.2 million car sales over just 3-weeks and truly unheard in those days.

Then I got asked by a window company and an accountant group for help and advice. Both resulted in sales heading well over the tens of thousands from doing something that was just obvious to me.

Around the late 90s another client had heard of what I had been up to. He had invested over one million into a new cosmetic company. Response and leads were low. From his regular 5000 mailers his response was zero. I redesigned his campaign and built a system for him to follow to the letter. Not only did he get a now ‘famous’ response of 47% but his sales went over £800k from that single campaign.

I sold my three hairdressing salons and became a full-time what some call a ‘marketing consultant’ but I would call a nonconformist marketer.

The reason I say that is I would say almost all of my clients have one thing in common. They have all tried many types of marketing before they arrive and find me. The reason for the failure (even more so today) is most advice is flat out misdirected and far too removed from the true-stripped back process of sales!

By the early 2000 I was now online fulltime as well as offline. Online was a new way to do things but for me once again – it either works or fails – and for me fail isn’t the option I could afford to choose.

All of a sudden I went from being a local hairdresser into receiving emails almost daily from new clients that wanted my expertise. This was and still is global. This also started a truly crazy period where my demand for my services was so huge it almost burnt me out.

I was creating strategies for, jewelers, health stores, shoe shops, gardeners, traders, large corporations, authors, writers, marketing experts, copywriters, a green tea company, a crude oil compnay, an anti-smoking company, large corporations, household names, BBC entrepreneurs, chat show hosts and even a famous Hollywood actress. In fact  up until today I have worked in over 3-400 industries and been responsible for sales going well into over 100 million (over £50 million with one client, over £7 million for another).

have been invited many times around the world and sat, wined and dined with my own heroes like Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson and many, many well-known and famous names. It's been pretty exciting to say the least. My cleints have been inSingapore, Kuala Lumpar, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Ontario, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Inverness, Zurich, Finland and even Latvia and Poland.



"Alan you have a brilliant mind most would die for"

I love it!  love it because I'm a culture freak d love to get to know more about more when I go to places lke this. 

Here is what I know.

Marketing isn’t that hard.

Uncovering more isn’t a big job.

Direct marketing isn’t complicated.

Yet it has been turned into a science that really sint that scientific.

One of my clients David Nore said this. I think it’s worth mentioning and you’ll see why.

'Alan is an inspirational leader' 

Not a leader who seeks power or glory, but a true leader who is uplifted by the achievements of others; those he has lifted from failure, or frustration, or those  trapped in the treacle of life.

He is business clever. Not many can visualise a dud business in three dimensions, turning the company in his mind, penetrating to the bowels, foreseeing the traps, and laying an imaginative path towards its success. This is not something that can be taught at university; it is inbuilt into the DNA of a privileged few. And if they also have that rare gift… the ability to teach with clarity and humour…then what you have is Alan Forrest Smith.

It has been a privilege to know and work with Alan

Author, David Nore. 

He’s right and you know why?

First, look at these ACTUAL results and then I will explain why.

Online case study: Twitter breakthrough – Superb trick that put over 300 customers into a space in 10-days with sales topping tens of thousands.

  • Breakthrough: Offline to online: Here’s how you take an offline business online and avoid all the online scams, myths and cash draining advice. Here’s how you get it right first time.
  • Breakthrough: Free ads in national dailies – forget Adwords and Facebook – this incredible strategy can get your brand or company all over some of the biggest most expensive advertising spaces absolutely free!
  • Breakthrough: Facebook £300k a month – After 2.5 years of nothing here is how you get your Facebook leads from zero to well over 300 every month
  • Breakthrough: Website selling – a website doesn’t mean sales. Here’s how we took a 12-month old website from no-sales from tons of experts to sales just two days after doing just one thing different.
  • Breakthrough: Email selling – here is how you not only email but convert, grab interest, get leads and sales. After sending emails for 19-years in business I will tell you everything that will never work (most do this) and will show you how to create emails that give you every bit of profit and sales you need.
  • Breakthrough: Email systems and strategy – How do you build any size of empire using email? Here’s how we took an email list with no response to an email list that took sales of £42,000 in just 12-hours after the campaign began.
  • Breakthrough: HTML Vs. Text – Highest response? If you are confused about email here are a handful of tried and tested tricks that increase open rates, response rates, enquiry rates and of course sales.
  • Breakthrough: Live Chat – How installing Live Chat increased sales by over 80% on one web project
  • Breakthrough: Tech stuff – Getting decent techies is a huge problem. After five years of struggle here is how you get hold of all the technical experience you’ll ever need – cheap and exactly what you
  • Breakthrough: Why using social media, digital agencies is the single biggest mistake I am currently seeing online and how to solve it before they destroy your web business
  • Breakthrough: Website – why relying on just your website could destroy your business – Case studies of hugely successful online businesses that have NO websites.
  • Breakthrough: How to take your business to market on-the-go. What tools, Apps and equipment is really needed to keep your business in the loop.
  • Breakthrough: How to reduce traffic whilst increasing sales through micro data marketing, sub group marketing and harnessing the power of my online 3rd Space Artisan Marketing System
  • Breakthrough: How to create a business online from scratch.

I have no interest in doing what most marketing guys I hear about doing which is ‘DOING OK’ for you.

  • From zero to a 49.2% conversion
  • From almost bankrupt to 116% new growth in 11-months
  • 3 sales to 74 sales in 24-hours
  • New sales of over £42,000 in 12-hours
  • Failed campaign to multi-million pound success campaign (sales over £7 million)
  • From no enquiries to 17-per hour (day one of new campaign)
  • From struggle to a windfall of over £200,000 in a single weekend
  • Over 5,000 potential customers using just one online tool
  • Selling out a class in 10-days that couldn’t be sold in 3-months
  • Online sales for one client of over £5 million in a record month

All of my business life for my clients and myself I have had a knack of identifying, uncovering, revealing and creating new sales, higher conversions, less marketing, less spend and more profit.

The things that restrict you selling more, hold you back from creating more and stop you from gaining more success.

I Do Results.

It Works or It Doesn't

I can identify the problem with your marketing minutes after we speak. I can deliver yo answers minutes after we speak. I know that because i've done it so many times in the past.

You tell you your problem.

99.9% of the time I will give you the fix.

The past three decades have revealed a lot for me. The big one is marketing usually has to be stopped, stripped back.


Alan Forrest Smith

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