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£15,400 sales in 3-days!

I just got a nice telephone call from a new client over at Carpet Style UK.

His name is Steve.

Last week his heart was palpitating with stress of no sales. This week he is almost dancing down the street and counting the cash.

I've asked Steve if I can share his story.

Over 3 weeks ago he rang me almost in tears. He had invested tens of thousands into his new shop but had ran out of cash for marketing. In fact before his doors opened he was in the red.

We spoke for around 30 minutes, I came back with a plan for him and last week we made the plan happen.

It was really very simple... Using the good old way ... Direct Response Flyer's.

I created a new flyer for him, a rock-solid offer for him, did the design, layout and then a strategy that included an overview of his new shop which entailed a move around of some of the new fittings.

The flier went out in distribution.

In 3 days only he went from not a single order to orders of £15,400.00

Not bad right.

It's interesting in a time when so much hype, over focus and misinformation going around on how to use the web to do just about anything apart from walk your dog that the one thing that saved Steve's business has been a simply flier.15,000 went out, just 3 days have passed, I'm confident that number will rise to well over £50,000 in order plus.


I added one extra ingredient to the flier. That one extra ingredient is the single most thing that will turn around Steve's brand new business in 7 days or less... as I had already promised him.

Do you need help to take your business to market, to generate more sales fast, very, very fast

Sales like £15,400.00 in just 3 days?

Go to my contact page right now and get in touch, maybe I can do the same thing or more for you.

To your success.

Alan Forrest Smith

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