New 24-Hour Marketing Campaign Fixer Breakthrough Service Announcement

Fix Your Campaign From £4,995

IMPORTANT: Some campaigns I cannot fix and might not want to fix due to the nature of the company or product.

If your marketing, advertising, copy, strategy or tactics are failing to deliver the results you need  - Campaign Fixer is probably exactly what you need.

This is a 24-hour (most cases) turnaround conversion and response fix from a direct response expert with 32-years in business and creating a successful higher response and best-selling campaigns.

It's a simple 3-step fix for your campaign conversions and results - and fast!

  1. Book your slot
  2. Send me your problem
  3. I'll identify the issue and show you the fix within 24-hours

From failing campaigns to fixed breakthrough campaigns

Here's my promise to you.

  • Guaranteed to find the problem with your campaign in a single day or less.
  • Get solutions and easy to apply suggestions based on 32- years making direct response marketing campaigns work
  • Over three decades marketing businesses and my own businesses have taught me this... almost 99% of campaign issues can be resolved and if not the campaign should be scrapped.
  • Fast track tricks
  • Guaranteed to get your fix back to you within 24-hours
  • FASTER? Any faster service add 50% to the fee

Will Campaign Fixer work for you and why should you use this breakthrough service?

Right now you probably have two options.

OPTION 1. Pay your team that keeps failing to try once again to fix it. As you know the expense in staff and all the other costs - including lost sales is absolutely huge.

OPTION 2. Or ask an expert - a real expert with 32-years business, direct response marketing and front-line experience that has a huge track record of huge success in fixing conversions and response issues!

  • Fixed in 12-hours - results over £42,000 in sales
  • Fixed after 6-hours - result over £35,000 in sales
  • Fixed in 24 hours - result in over $84,000 in sales
  • Fixed in 60-minutes - results from instant campaign savings of over £100,000
  • Fixed over 24-hours - result over £200,000 in sales
  • Website conversions - fixed
  • Direct mail conversion - fixed
  • Email conversion - fixed
  • Strategy conversion - fixed
  • Brand conversion - fixed

Now ask once more - why should you use my campaign fix service?

If your campaigns are failing you’d be crazy not to.

Here is what happens when you book your campaign fix.

  • I will review everything you are using right now in your campaign.
  • There are times when we will need to speak over the phone to clarify certain things (not always)
  • I will identify the issues
  • I will then create a short impactful report with easy to apply solutions.
  • NOTE: Campaign Fixer does not include extra works like writing copy, creating new strategies etc. This is a report yo identify and offer easy fixes.

Clearly, this is not a full campaign fix and rebuild but it is a perfect way to reboot your campaign with the tweaks and fixes you will be needing.


Finally,  I cannot guarantee any level of response after the campaign fix but I can guarantee you will be booking a conversion and response expert that has been turning campaigns around for myself and clients for over 32-years. You are also hiring a man that has generated literally tens of millions in sales during campaigns for my clients.

You are not hiring anyone outsourced or employed - you do get a highly respected, switched on a veteran of direct response marketing.

Order Campaign Fixer right now below.

Once you order online I will personally call you so make sure you leave a direct line and country code.

Or speak and book over the phone or Skype first.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 161 929 6902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486
  • Skype: orangebeetle

Price from £4,995 - to be quoted

I look forward to fixing your campaign faster than you'd ever thought possible.

Before I go here is a wonderful note from one of my wonderful clients.

£26,000 Increase

“Alan I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

I was introduced to Alan by a friend. My business is based on the creative industries and it took hard work, determination, blood sweat and tears to establish my business, as the leading creative market leader in the UK. I have clients travelling from all over the world for my training courses and it’s amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that I can service my clients from the rich and famous, TV shows, celebrities and billionaires.

Of course bringing in high-end clients take a lot of time and effort and it got to a stage where I needed to get back to my goal of reducing my working hours and increasing my family time and that’s exactly what Alan has helped me to do.

I’ve worked with Alan on his VIP mentoring day on a one to one basis, great lunch and company for sure. From my investment of £10,000 and the amazing copy provided by Alan, I’ve confirmed a £12,000 client, two £7,000 clients in one month, that’s a total £26,000 in one month, so I’ve already got my investment back! And the beauty is I can use the same strategy over and over again to bring in new high-end clients.

Alan is very strategic about packaging and leveraging your existing skills and services. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business there is always room for growth and expansion. I love the fact Alan is so down to earth, listen, guys, his clients are turning over millions of pounds however Alan is so open and honest with the truth, makes you feel so comfortable, he gives so much thought and care to your business.

If you are ready to grow your business, first you need to step out of your comfort zone about investing money into your business, I can assure you if you follow his recommendations you will not be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going, however, you can make your journey easier by working with experts and Alan is an expert in his field so go ahead and make your decision to have a chat with Alan today.

Alan, I would like to thank you for being so open and supportive in the next step of my business, it’s going to an even more amazing journey than it has been so far. Thank you again.”

Neelam Meetcha Author, TV Host, Creative Expert

Neelam Meetcha – Fabulous Gift Wrapping Expert TV Host, Author and Speaker, 01902 628014 | 07931 805198 |

NOTE: Permission given to share her name and details. Most of my clients like to remain private.

Your campaign Fixer

Alan Forrest Smith