From: UK Copywriter Alan Forrest Smith

expert Alan forrest smith, writing copy over three-decades

expert Alan forrest smith, writing copy over three-decades

Over three-decades of diverse, interesting and mind-blowing career as the best UK copywriter.

Not only have I written sales machines for possibly over 400 companies of all sizes I have also given them rates of response, conversions and sales that I know you would want. Would you like me to create some real magic for you?

Let me be blunt: Online or offline, corporate or new ups, I am and have been a time and and time again, proven higher direct response copywriter that has delivered multi-million best-selling copywriting year after year for my clients and my own projects.

The following page as long as it is will explain more.

This is a true story from a real copywriter.

I’ll add all the details and more as you read through.

I have to protect my copywriting client's name for obvious reasons yet it is all true.

Also, this story (one of very many) shares with you why I am not only highly sought after as a copywriter but also offered incredible deals and fees to write by businesses just like yours.

This is the story of how a copywriter created a very simple direct mail campaign that saved a marriage, made a millionaire, prevented a bankruptcy, home loss and more.

One day a guy walked into my office. His name was Jon. Jon obviously wanted to know if I could help him. He had heard about my work as a higher response copywriter from another copywriting client.

Jon had a huge problem. He had spent a fortune trying to market his business with as good as no results worth talking about using direct mail.

He had used investors cash of around a million UK pounds or so to create his product and launch his business. His business was a niche beauty product. It was also very high-end and hence priced high in the marketplace.

So I asked him what he had been doing with his marketing so far to let his customers know that he was there and ready to deliver? (Continues after the images below)

IMAGES: A small snapshot of an interesting direct response campaign that included over 150 Ads and sales letters, scripts, radio ads for online and offline and of course print and direct mail. This project included the tagline and a brand overhaul and website layout, copy, design. Some of the images below are NOT finals and are taken from my own project files rather than TO-PRINT files. The results were phenomenal.

This is almost exactly what he told me.

‘I bought a database and list of around 10,000 businesses. Every month or more I send a direct mail letter to the list with an offer. The offer is simple. It’s a presentation in a local hotel where I tell them the benefits and features of my products. I put my products on the tables for them to see. I get around 2-4 potential clients turn up. I rarely sell anything unless I give it the very hard sell - which I don’t like doing’.

I asked him if it is working so far and his answer was obviously… ‘NO!’

I then asked him what he would like to happen? He replied he just wants this business to be a success so that in 3-years it could be sold into the beauty industry.

I agreed to take on his business and work with him.

Before I tell you what took place it's important I share also how I like to work as a copywriter before I write the direct response sales copy and create the strategy for the copy.

It takes me around 3-4 weeks to think and research any copywriting project and how to create a strategy and tactics to solve the problem.

Around 6-weeks after this I get started and write notes - lots of notes.

My notes as a copywriter usually include changes that are needed like

  • The angle

  • The story

  • The headline

  • The 3-second A.T.F

  • The critical opening

  • The conversation

  • The irresistible offer

  • The flag

  • The neuro pathway

  • The Mindset

  • The Newsworthiness

  • The cliches

  • Emotional triggers

  • The brand

  • The promise and more

And then and only then will I write down at least 20-headlines until I get that single most powerful headline that does the following...

... Reveals the product or service and tells you what it is all about.

Once I have that headline I go through a process of elimination. This process removes words until I finally break a large headline into as few words as possible - sometimes cutting back 12-words right down to just one!

I probably put 97% of my time as a copywriter into the above. Why? Because I can tell you this...

...97% of your readers WILL NOT read past your headline. Now you can see why it has to be a stroke of genius.

And then next and critically, is the opening paragraph in your copy. If this part fails all the hard work of the headline has been a waste of effort.

  • It has to get to the point

  • Avoid generalities

  • Be filled with passion

  • Have genuine enthusiasm

  • Feed the thought

  • Follow the mind pathway

  • Be honest and interesting

  • Tell stories

  • Be conversational

  • Have the 1-1 element

  • There is more.

This all takes time - real time, real expertise and real experience. This is just the start of the higher-response copywriting process for me.

Around 12-weeks later the copy is delivered to my client - if it's ready!

So back to Jon’s story.

Finally, and we agreed to a new  simplified and more direct approach that would be bespoke for his business.

The pressure was on as he had also now told me if this next campaign fails his wife has told him she is leaving (no pressure)!

Now before he was direct mailing 5,000 pieces each campaign. The cost was around £6-7,000 per campaign (not including time).

I have over three decades experience copywriting so I created a strategy that I insisted he stick to. I insisted we do this.

  • Pull out just 200 of his must have or ideal accounts from his database

  • Create specialist and highly targeted copywriting for a direct mailer for those two hundred

  • This was a specialist sequence mailer with finely honed copywriting I have tested and worked for decades

  • Then mail just one hundred on the prospects

  • The cost would be around £200 per campaign

  • The time was fast and limited

The direct mail sales letter sequence would be sent as follows.

  • Direct mailer sales letter No.1 to be sent.

  • Direct mailer sales letter No.2 is sent to those that didn’t respond to No.1. (sent 7-days after the first)

  • Direct mailer sales letter No.3 is sent to those that failed to respond to No.1 and No.2. (sent 10-days after the first)

There are mindset reasons for sticking to the well tested copywriting formula that I can't share here but it works and has worked time and time again for businesses like yours over the past 3-decades.

The copy written mailer was a simple invite with an offer that would read so irresistible the buyer would say yes.

Now here is what you need to know about this particular copywriting project.

My client usually had 2-4 responses after all 0.2 is average where 2% is acceptable.

He would give presentations to just 2-people on a regular basis.

We now had 47 people that had booked into his presentation (a 47% response) from this low-cost campaign.

His presentation took place. I created and wrote the copy in detail in a script for him. I also created and wrote a strong special, front-end offer for the evening that I knew would be irresistible. I also wrote the power point for my client.

All of the product to be sold on the evening would be less than breakeven or he would sell his stock at an initial loss - after all he had tons of the stuff stacked in his garage.

Once his client had the product a system was in place to re-order.


And now the back-end or re-ordering was where his money would be made. He could easily afford to give away product at a loss-leading offer and make his sales and profits on all future orders.


61 Things Including Tons of Copy I Did To Create £300k Every Month For This Client

Powerful, clever, well thought out and targeted copywriting changed everything for this client.

  • His wife stayed with him.

  • His first year working with myself gave him a healthy turnover of around £800,000.

  • His business thrived and used time and time again a system I put in place for him.

  • Despite paying me just once for his system and copy he used the same process and letters over the next 3-years.

Finally, he sold the company for a very healthy few million. Everyone was happy. To celebrate he even had a new (unexpected) child.

  • The fact is I, undercharged him.

  • The fact is I undercharge most of my clients.

  • The fact is if we work together I will probably undercharge you.

You pay me once for copywriting that can be used for year after year

  • You get a system you can use for life

  • You get a system that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your business

And this is just one story from very many over the past couple of decades.

Would you like me to do some stuff - powerful response pulling copywriting for you?

Before you decide you do have options.

When I first started writing copywriting for clients like yourself in the late 90s there was literally one or two of us around. Google copywriter todays and it brings up millions of new or wanna-be copywriters. Some are good, most are terrible from what I see going into businesses like yours.

You can either hire a copywriter that will give you a pile of words on a page that will read fine and give you something. Some of these guys deliver good copy in days - never mind 12-weeks.

But maybe you’ve had that over the years and you are now coming to realise that there is more to a good copywriter than just words? You must have the copywriter's edge or something special truly to happen? That can only happen when you have a copywriter built on experience, based on time and seeing what does and doesn't work.

It's always been interesting for me that one or two words can make such a massive difference.

I once got sent an advert from an expert named Jay Abraham. He was coming into the UK to speak. This short sales letter had taken just 3-sales. I took a headline of 7 words and wrote a new headline of 12 words. I also changed the offer very slightly with some magic copywriting tricks I've learnt over the years.

  • The original advert took just 3-sales.

  • My new advert with 12-words pulled in 73 sales!

That's the power of copywriting when done by a time-tested and very respected copywriter.

Or the change of offer on a long sales letter I did for Greg. He sent his letter and apart from a few changes it read strong. I changed the offer - that was it!

His sales letter then went from NO sales to sales of just over $84,000 from a single email blast.

Or the car company in Wigan, U.K that I wrote a sales letter sequence for. Their own attempts had pulled no interest. The campaign I created from scratch from them using some very well tested copywriting tricks pulled in £1.2 million in new car sales.

Or how about Mark's campaign that I re-wrote from scratch. His camping went from no sales to ... wait for it ... £485,000 in just three weeks. That campaign built into sales from that same letter I write to over £7 million in sales at the last report.


Her new Copy Generated $117,000 in Sales From The First Campaign

She’s been using the same copy to pack out her business 7-years later …

Or how about Linda the Yogi. I wrote a sales letter for Linda's yoga retreat that went from 1 potential sale to a fully sold out retreat. Her total sales were $117,000. Linda has been using the same copy now for over 7-years and it still fills her retreats.

I could go on telling you what great results I have had from my copywriting and my skills as a copywriter but I don't really want to try and persuade you. At this stage you'll know if I am the copywriter for you or not.

And by the way...

I have been hired by some of the worlds biggest and best marketers to write copy for them. I have been hired to write responsive copywriting for huge corporations when their own copywriters fail to get it right. i have been asked to fix underperforming copy for old businesses, new businesses and even for copywriters that cannot get it right.

I was even at the heart of one campaign I wrote a powerful sequence for that pulled in sales of over £50 million.

That is the power of a good copywriting.

That is the power of a good copywriter.

Based on over three decades as a copywriter writing higher response copy I can probably help you.

I no longer take copywriting jobs from anyone and anything. My prices are high as is the craftsmanship and results of my copywriting.

If you want me to create some incredible higher response copywriting for you it will have to be an offer that is so irresistible I will spend my valuable time taking on your project and creating strong sales copy, strategy and all of what I mentioned above for you.

All fees to be quoted. Below is a guide.

  • LONG FORMAT: Minimum fee from £25,000

  • Up to 100 pages of copy (based on the longest letter I wrote of 132 pages). The BIG angle. The fresh idea. The customers conversation. The research (can take weeks). The main letter. The supporting letter. Any lift or other letter for the package. The envelope copy. The irresistible offer. Expert advice that has written over a dozen million plus letters online and offline. Fro m start to finish you need to allocate 12-weeks. This means if you want to roll-out in March you need to start the project around December. I do offer emergency services but this means I have to sideline most of my other projects to get your project done as fast as possible. This is do-able but carries an extra charge of 50% on top of your invoice. Unlike most copywriters you get a 100% bespoke project, no top-drawer templates and a higher response rate from a copywriter that wrote his first sales copy over three-decades ago.

    Is £25,00 high? Ask the car showroom that paid me if their their windfall of £1.2 Million was worth the investment? Ask the cosmetic company that landed over £800,000 from a single campaign. Ask the Trading company that had their very first million pound campaign from the long format copy I created for them.

    If you want the same copywriter that Jay Conrad Levinson said is “GENIUS” lets talk. IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not - I DO NOT - create these kind of sales masterpieces on the basis that you will pay me when you get sales. Life isn’t like that. I will be offended if you even ask me that.

    I’d love to help you create some real powerful response grabbing magic, Super-higher conversions and increased response. Just ask me and lets take it from there.

    WhatsApp me on: +44 7793069486 and I will get back to you within 10-minutes (unless we are a big distance time zone)

Copywriting client space is always limited

I don't talk a lot of clients on these days due to my own ongoing projects and businesses. I don't have juniors doing my work for me. You get me and me only. You get a highly skilled very well respected best UK copywriter that has global clients lining up for my writing.

You should plan ahead if you'd like my copywriting skills. I cannot take on any projects that need to be started within hours unless it’s an offer I simply cannot refuse and even then - it better be a good offer with a good advance to lock me in.

I should tell you this.

My No.1 focus in my life is spending my time wisely. I don’t like to waste time or through time away. This means I take my responsibility of working with clients that more response that and want to honour that. This also means I don’t do cafe meetings or chit-chats about how I can build your business for free.

20-MINUTES FREE: If you’d like my time I have a set initial fee or we can kick-start a conversation over Skype or the phone for 20-minutes absolutely free.

If you’d like to meet face-to-face there is an upfront fee of £1,995. First class travel or accommodation is also charged. If we work together after that your initial meeting fee will be removed from a future invoice.

And if we do have to meet in a public place it will have to be a place that inspires, motivates, heightens and inspires our thinking to do greater things together. Please NEVER invite me to a meeting in Starbucks or the likes of - I just won’t come!

So as you can see I take my results for you very seriously.

I only partner with copywriting clients that demand results.

  • YOU MUST BE totally committed to making this project work

  • YOU MUST BE a good client that takes my extremely experienced directions very seriously and does as they are directed.

  • YOU MUST BE clear on your budget for this campaign and have the ability to finance a program that will you are wanting to deliver big results.

  • YOU MUST UNDERSTAND this kind of project isn’t quick fix but takes time and careful strategy including testing and ongoing testing.

  • YOU MUST UNDERSTAND this is a project designed to give you not just higher response but to deliver for you bigger results based on a future vision.

  • ARE YOU finally ready for a new direction with your copywriting campaign?

  • ARE YOU absolutely ready for bigger, better results?

  • ARE YOU screaming for more creativity for response in your copywriter and want it right now?

  • ARE YOU sick to the teeth of lacklustre results from failed copy?

  • ARE YOU fed up of inexperienced writers playing with your business?

  • You demand the greatest, most experienced thinker and writer and are firm you want the only best only to write your sales copy?

  • I am ready to write for you and deliver enhanced, improved, stronger and more results grabbing copywriting that will change results for you as fast as we can go.

2018: By the way this year I created a small campaign for a client that generated just over £1,104,000.

Of course - we should talk.

“Alan, how do we get started with creating a strong strong strategic direct response copywriting systems with you?”

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If you like me and I like you we can start working on your new project in detail and a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward for your business.

  • Text: +44 7793069486 With the word TALK

  • WhatsApp: +44 7793069486

  • Viber: +44 7793069486

  • Email:

  • SkypePhone: +44 161 8186010

Remember, I guarantee to offer a powerful copywriting solution that will fix your dismal response results 99% of the time. The unusual 1% my advice would probably be close the business! I doubt you are one of them.

'Alan ... you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. But the truth is that few people have the marketing insight that you demonstrate on a regular basis...

Jay Conrad Levinson,'

Would you like what Jay Conrad Levinson called a 'brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet' to help you create, a powerful that takes your marketing to the 'EDGE'?



Are you ready to raise your bar?

Direct Response Specialist, Alan Forrest Smith

Below are just a handful of partial screenshots from over the past THREE-DECADES. They range from short magazine Ads to long format sales letters. I do not send over full examples on request.


Some words from actual copywriting clients

"Alan you have a brilliant marketing mind which is constantly thinking about how to make your clients look different from their competitors. Which means any marketing that you create 'cuts through' and has massive impact.

I would recommend any business owner use your mind ... take your advice ... and do anything they can to work with you because you will make them a lot of money - fast.

You are without doubt THE best direct-response copywriter/consultants in the UK and I'm proud to work with you."

Brett Mc Fall,

Alan, The copy you have written for us is absolutely stunning! You definitely have a fantastic way with words. I can't wait to work with you in the future and I will wholeheartedly recommend you to my clients.

Simon Grabowski

Alan, my head was buzzing with idea's, things to do, ways to increase my business and more after we talked. During those 3 hours, it was so packed with ideas ... it felt like only 25 minutes had gone by. My business just got a lot clearer when you were talking it over with me. I also realized that's the problem, finding the RIGHT person to talk to. You are that person, no question!

I am so glad I found you to talk things over with, share idea's with and grow my business with. I just can't see what you shared not working for me.

Mark Daniels, Leeds.

Hi Alan,

Mate what day with you. Totally blew my mind how you walked in and just knew exactly what it was we needed.

You know the web back to front, you know exactly how to increase retail sales and you knew how to create some very fast profits and turnover for use using the warehouse sale.

Thanks mate, can't wait to spend a few more days with you in the new year. Amazing value for money!

Alex Modestou"

Professor Manfred Rimpler of The Medical Academy in Hanover and Head of The Beauty Standards Commission in The EU told me this... "... you are without doubt one of the greatest and most highly motivating public speakers I have EVER come across ... !" Andrey Andreeyey Chief Consultant from Russia and Europe said... " you my friend are a superstar, look at them, they love you and what you say to them, fantastic!"

Chief Editor of Les Nouvelles Estique Elena Marekov in Latvia and Baltic states said this... " they loved you! Look at the reaction, I have seen nothing like this over here before please, please, please come again soon"

... Alan is one of the most exciting motivational speakers we have worked with. We have paid thousands for professional speakers to come and talk for us. After their talk I have totally forgotten them and their presentations.

You don't and wont forget Alan in a hurry. He is loud, mad, eccentric, different but best of all, the information he gives is practical, cutting-edge and to be honest ... mind-blowing.

If you are looking for a top-end motivational public speaker that will show your guests how to develop and increase their business, hire Alan you will not be disappointed... "

CEO Jay Abraham Group Europe


its not your first time to write something like this. The email is fantastic ... Wow

James Beattie

... sales results - That's the only true measure of success for direct response copywriting. That's the only reason you should listen to any sales copywriter, isn't it? In fact, Alan writes with so much positive, raw courage and power, his writing leads prospects to the edge and then over. His copy is so downright contagious, your order page will catch fire from his energetic approach.

Your page will be so "amped", your prospects don't stand a chance at getting out of your sales page without handing you money. He's got the solid, time-tested track record to prove just exactly that.

Peter Stone

The copy you have delivered at this point has been amazing. In the past I have dealt with copywriters that charge double your fee...and they provided dull lifeless copy. Your copy should convert like crazy. You are my new secret weapon. I want to keep you all to myself.

Jonathon Page

"I don't dispense compliments easily. But I must admit that Alan is one of those rare copywriters who truly 'get it.' Copywriting in the direct response industry is an art, a science and a challenge. It takes more than mere words to make one's copy work hard. But Alan knows that. Well. I've referred clients to him for a while now, and his copy is absolutely fabulous -- with startling results, too!

If you need killer copy that kicks, I recommend Alan, hands down."

Copywriter Michel Fortin

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. As you know I spent over two months trying to find the right copywriter to work with and it was two months well spent.

I can’t imagine anyone giving more than you. I’m possibly not the easiest person to work with, I don’t know, but still you go out of your way to get things right, to keep me happy, to get results. Your patience and understanding are remarkable as is your passion for your writing.

But you don’t just write, you advise, you give ideas, insights, quite simply you’re passionate about helping other people. The effectiveness of your copy was immediately obvious.

Orders came in so quickly after the first mailing that I was completely caught out! Long may it continue. Thanks again Alan. I truly appreciate you.

Steve Goudy

Alan, after speaking with many people within the direct marketing industry, many of whom left me unimpressed, it was an absolute joy to find Alan.

He has a passion for his and it not only shows - it jumps of the page at you. His talent for writing has been confirmed by all those I showed his work to, colleagues, copywriters and clients alike.

I look forward to working with Alan again already."

Adam Hamilton-Fletcher