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One Hundred Million Reasons Why You Should Partner With THE BUSINESS BUILDER

Dear Partner in Wealth

I am Alan Forrest Smith. I live in one of the U.K.s wealthiest areas in Cheshires Golden Triangle. I’m not telling you that to show off, life is good. As you know that doesn’t happen by accident.

I’ve seen what looks like brilliant business fail. I’ve also seen ok business make millions. I’ve

In 1985 I officially registered my first real business. I was a hairdresser. Over three decades later … by the year 2019 … not only have I worked with over 400 industries, created and been involved in generating well over one hundred million in sales, creating from scratch well over a dozen multi-million best-selling direct response campaigns, created letters that converted as high as 47% and sold over £800,000.

And... I've taught all over the globe to well over 25,000 individuals from both live and private events, consulted with global companies, the biggest real estate company in the U.K., the 2nd biggest security company in the U.K, the biggest direct mailer in the U.K. and so many others it's hard for me to write them all here.

Today, I am a published author of business, philosophy and storybooks, a teacher a mentor an active businessman with my own businesses, and a choice alliance partner for the smart and wise partners.



one hundred million plus in extra sales …

My partnerships are built around bigger, longer wealth creation and a bigger result for both myself and my partners of choice.

This is bespoke alliance partnership to be agreed only by conversation and I am very picky who I partner with.

If you are like most of my clients and don’t get the big results you really want you should read this page. It will give you an opportunity to work with a real results driven expert in a business partnership for massive results.

After advising, consulting, guiding and mentoring others for almost three decades.

After working with over 400 industries and creating twenty multi-million campaigns.

After quadrupling businesses, saving businesses and building businesses I realised this.

There are some things you cannot teach a client. There are also some things a client just won’t do.

Do you have everything in place but are just not getting the results you need because you don’t know how to get the results or it just isn’t happening despite trying everything?

It could be your brand, your position, your targeting, your ads, your conversions and more. All you know is something is wrong and you want it fixed fast?

My new BUSINESS BUILDERS partnership is open.


OVER 400

industries twenty million plus campaigns

This means I am looking for long term partners to help build businesses with and it could be almost any kind of business. Whether you are selling clothing, cars, services, products or whatever. I would love to hear from you and start some kind of conversation.

All I need from you at this stage is to know you are wanting changes and are open-minded to a real expert with over three decades of experience helping you.

What is this for us both?

You will experience massive changes in your business and results. This will mean a stronger outcome for yourself and your profits.

I am looking for a person or company that is open to change, new ideas and a more radical yet proven approach.

This could be something tiny that will change the results we get together yet it can be the small things that deliver the huge results. This could also be something much bigger. Either way, we’ll make this happen.

Clearly, this is for those that understand something isn’t working in your business. That will be you if you’ve read this far.

This is a legal business partnership alliance.

This affects results and can affect results, big time.

Yet there are clients that will listen to every word I say and do every last thing I show them. The results can be as much as a 223.7% increase in sales, specialist sales up 2750%, and campaigns with 63% conversion rates. And dramatic campaigns online that have generated well over £300k a month for one client.


UP 223.7%

in just 23-days is undeniable proof of an expert…

This is an incredible opportunity for you if you are in the right place. If you can detach yourself from the lack of or fear mentality and take a leap into something better. The risk for you is as good as zero. In fact, the only risk is we don’t like each other and can’t work together.

This is for any size of company. The biggest most recent company I worked with is an 8000 staff international haulage firm.

Another recent client is a single person business. I am open to all ideas as long as we can both make healthy wealth accumulation from our partnership.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Hit reply right now or call me/WhatsApp me on +44 7793069486

Alan Forrest Smith Orange Beetle The Business Builders

From The Desk Of: Direct Response Marketing Consultant and Expert Strategist For Fast Growth Alan Forrest Smith

This Page Is Strictly For A - Very Special, Super Smart, Ultra Savvy Success-Minded-Individual That Will Accept Nothing But the Absolute Best

The Short Version Of This Offer.

I currently have space open for new business partners - is this you?

I am always on the lookout for bigger thinkers - those driven by a much bigger picture than simply earning a living. I will give you everything in my power to make that happen.

In return I will create systematic breakthrough strategies, result delivering tools, converting funnels, proven tactics, mind trigger messages, unforgettable branding, premium positioning and more that will help you hit a number we agree on for your business. If you need to hit £5 million - that's what we will work towards.

My terms are easy-to-understand.

This is best suited for you if ...

  1. Entrepreneur already hitting £500k but want to hit their first few million plus!

  2. Organisation that needs their team to be kicked up the backside and sued into a direction that delivers results!

Can you answer YES to the following?

  • Do you understand that marketing is a process NOT a instant fix? Yes/No?

  • You have researched demand for your product? Yes/No?

  • You have a list of hungry buyers? Yes/No?

  • You have a great product that won't demand refunds? Yes/No?

  • Does it look good, packaged and packed well? Yes/No?

  • Is it well made? Yes/No?

  • You have your sales systems in place? Yes/No?

  • You have a support system in place? Yes/No?

  • You have well planned strategies in place? Yes/No?

  • You have at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics? Yes/No?

  • Can you back-up great copy with great service? Yes/No?

  • Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you! Yes/No?

  • Do you need You need more sales Yes/No?

  • You need more customers Yes/No?

  • You need more profits Yes/No?

  • You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment. Yes/No?

  • You are happy to work on a 12-month contract? Yes/No?

You get your result - I get my reward



Your EMPIRE Partner and Direct Response Marketing Consultant and Expert Strategist For Fast Growth.

Alan Forrest Smith

Lets start this with a quick conversation.

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