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Explosive & Thought Provoking 2019 Mastermind




Dear Friend,

You are invited to join me at my home for what could be the most explosive and powerful start to your new year ever!

Let me explain.

2018 for me has been a triumph at many levels.

  • I was able to stop almost everything for 5-months whilst in Tbilisi Georgia looking after our property business.

  • I helped three small business generate over £1,104,000 using proven direct response.

  • I saved two business from closure.

  • I spent time revisiting my joinery skills and building skills.

  • I rediscovered direct mail to an astonishing effect.

  • I resurrected a ton of old school guerrilla marketing for my clients with incredible results.

  • I did some stuff online that created windfalls that were unexpected that went into the tens of thousands for my clients.

  • I helped one guy move his career in a safe transition into his new consultancy business.

  • And of course the best bit … we flew to Georgia as two on May 24th 2018 and came home as three to be on October 24th 2018.

The above might sound random but as always it is carefully thought out and planned. Not in absolute detail but planned all the same. If there is no planning in my opinion - nothing happens. Random is over-rated and rarely brings results.

And this week I began doing what I do every year to get my new year ready for action. For me, it’s not just the details but it’s the preparing of my mind for a new year. I’m not a fan of new years resolutions simply because they don’t work. For me, it’s a bigger process that is unique to me (I think) and delivers for me very well as far as goals and outcomes.

Anyway, Tamuna said to me you really should be showing others how you do this. For 9-years I have watched you do this and you always get what you set out to get.”

Honestly, that’s true I do always get whatever I set out to achieve in my year – always.

I replied to her, “ I am not sure if that’s what you’ll be interested in knowing” She replied, OMG are you crazy”

So …

You're invited to kick-start 2019 with me, in my home, in the lounge, at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, tea, and eating some nice clean foods whilst we spend a day planning and hammering out what you need to achieve in 2019.

I will share the details of what I do and how I always hit my goals but we will go through the details you also need to know on how to hit whatever it is you need to hit.

For example every year I start with a loose and flexible and changeable plan but it is a plan all the same. I embed the plan into my mind and commit to it subconsciously. After I have done that I do something almost every day to make sure that plan is on track. That thing I do makes sure that I hit what I need to hit.

EXAMPLE: I wanted to start my year with one big paying client but of course to have a big paying client I have to over-deliver in my returns. This means if he gives me a grand I have to give him at least 10k on return. So I set my mind on that one big client. The year started this year with the actual client I had in my mind and we killed it for him and for me. I will share the case study with you if you like. His payment set me up for my whole year!

But it isn’t all about the money.

I don’t like doing more than 3-short days a week (although there are times when I do 7-days but very rare). I like to start after 10 am and a coffee or two. I like to be able to spend time with my family. I like to be able to take time out (like 5-months in Georgia this year) and so on.

NONE OF THAT happens by accident – it all has to be part of your plan.

Now …

If you are the kind of person that has goals they would love to hit you need a plan that is loose, flexible and doable so you will hit those goals.

Example: It is ok saying I want a million but in reality that is £20k per week or £2,857 per day. I had a client this year that wanted to hit a million. He ended up hitting just over £2 million. The reality was it could only be done with a firm vision planted in his subconscious so his strategies, tactics and actions were all in harmony with his desired outcome.

How about you? Your invite is waiting to be claimed!

Will 2019 be the same as 2018, 2017, 2016 and before or will it be the year you start your year differently?

I am willing to open a day with myself at my home. This is NOT a seminar but an informal discussion based on what I do, what I have done, what will actually work for you, how to put your new plans and goals into action and more.

It’ll be an eye-opener that’s for sure.

As you know MENTOR with me is a £10k ticket at least. An hour with me for breakthrough consulting can be as much as £1,200.

You can spend this ground-breaking day with me for just £1,495

For your tiny investment you will get insight and thinking a whole other level I guarantee that.

You will also get solutions and directions on what will work for you.

The date: January 13th.

Location: My home in Bowden, Cheshire.

Time: 9:30 - 4:00-ish

This is an outrageously low investment with me and I promise you it’ll be the best start to your new year you’ll ever have.

Bring all of your own materials and lets make sure we create a plan for you that is a fit for you.

EXAMPLE: I have a copywriter that wanted to charge £4,000 for a letter rather than £400. He now charges £4,000

I have a consultant that was charging just £45 per hour. Now he charges £250 per hour

I have a client that wanted to start selling online so he could leave his job. Now he sells over $12 million per year online.

If you want to know how I will show you the details.

ALSO … I am going to share some mind-blowing research that affects all business results that will blow your mind. It’s something I have been doing over the past year and frankly once you are aware of this how you run your business, how you start your new business will change forever for the better. 

NO ONE I know is aware this stuff and it is breakthrough at the highest level.

Finally, when you arrive you will also meet my wonderful wife Tamuna. She will be very pregnant at that stage so if you have tips, gifts or beautiful advice or baby chat for her I know she’d love to share it with you.

I can’t wait to speak with you. Don’t forget this invite has gone to a special list of like-minded people just like yourself.

I have guessed at just 5-seats but if it's only you that comes - even better!

And finally, the reduced price ends at midnight this coming Monday (12th November)

Text me or call me on 07793069486 to arrange your payment option.

This is very off the cuff. I simply want to share the power of what I do with you. I am convinced you will feel and see the changes for yourself by starting your year like this.

See you on Sunday, January 13th

IMPORTANT: I don't live in a mansion, places are very limited so please act quickly. We are just 20 minutes from the airport and motorways, access is very easy. There are cool places to stay close-by if you need to know also.


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