I am a breakthrough specialist in results, ideas, buyers behaviour, response and making business really work.

You are here because you know you need someone and something different. What you are about to read confirms that I am not what most deliver. I deliver averages I doubt you'll have seen before.

Your marketplace has probably changed and it’s now showing in your results. Your business works or it doesn't - it's that simple. Your team cannot find their way through yet you are now desperate for a BREAKTHROUGH.

Unless you understand human behaviour during your buyers process nothing will ever change. Yet once you master that human behaviour everything can change, you can even snatch the market lead from your main competitors.

And when you read a real results like this…

"233.7% in just 23-days - Just INSANE"

... it raises the question how?

Not every business needs a massive change yet your results are telling you something has to change.


It could be your conversation to your marketplace. It could be you’ve lost the edge. It might be you are positioned wrongly. You might simply need new fresh stronger ideas to get you moving breaking through faster. It could be your images are just no longer in tune with your buyers. It could be your customer perception is all wrong.

Customer perception is everything. Get it wrong or not quite right and you’ll feel the slowdown in a higher demand marketplace. And when your sales start to slip what you are saying through perception is no longer in harmony for your customers and has created a different weaker perception.

I changed everything above for the client and their numbers were mind-blowing.

You Can Create Tomorrow Today

I know, I’ve seen it and after over three decades with my own businesses and working with clients just like you and I have seen some truly miraculous – almost biblical changes in businesses just like yours.

And I’ve consulted, worked closely with 800 plus people corporations, and listed companies, small start-ups that want to get things right from the start, some of the biggest and most famous companies in the UK and even saved and prevented other businesses from certain closure.

Here is one thing I know and have seen time and time again … you might get the right things perfect (office, systems, desk, macs etc.)  yet if you get the small and most powerful things wrong … nothing works.

I Do This and It's Powerful 

I have built, created, saved, increased and turned around businesses just like yours using only proven, fast-track, effect, momentum driven business building strategies, ideas, thoughts and perception driven vision. I usually advise the opposite to what you are probably being told by 'marketing experts' right now because most of what you're being told (social media etc) just doesn't deliver the results my clients and clients like you really want and deserve.

I will find and fix your results problems. If you have a goal I will help you hit it. If you demand more I will give you more than you can demand. I have a track record most would experts would die for. Like conversions of 63% in print, 49.2% online and work against the grain of almost everything most 'marketing experts' will tell you to do. I get it ... your business works or it fails. With me at your side it will work unless that just isn't possible.

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Genuine Enquiries ONLY. I Do Not Offer Any FREE Or Worthless Services.

The following are all real breakthrough numbers I want to share with you

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God-Father of Guerilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson

  • Turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days

  • Average spend UP by 586.3%

  • Specialist services up over 700%

  • Recruitment, management and issues solved in under 5-days

  • New business bursting with customers from opening day

  • Sales of specialist retail from UP A MASSIVE 2750%

  • More turnover increasing their turnover by 465.21%

  • New customers UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

  • From zero to a 49.2% conversion online

  • From almost bankrupt to 116% new growth in 11-months

  • From just 3 sales to 74 sales in 24-hours

  • New sales of over £42,000 in 12-hours

  • From a failed campaign to multi-million-pound success campaign (sales over £7 million)

  • From no enquiries to 17-per hour (day one of new campaign)

  • From absolute struggle to a windfall of over £200,000 in a single weekend

  • Grabbing over 5,000 potential customers using just one online tool

  • Selling out a Yoga training class in 10-days that couldn’t be sold in 3-months

  • Online sales for one client of over £5 million in a record month

  • Increased sales of 2,300% with a new direct response strategy - in just 4-days!

  • Massive leap of 900% in sales

  • Increase of sales by £74,000 from just ONE advert

  • Sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400 after I critiqued and re-wrote a simple paragraph into his final offer on his sales letter

  • Sold over a million dollars from a single webpage selling a stocks and shares program

  • Increased his sales by $2.4million from zero despite being close to bankruptcy!

  • A brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage).

  • A long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4% selling a health related product

  • Mini 4-email campaign generated over £24,000 in one week

  • Single offline campaign with a flyer boosts sales by £15,400 in one day

  • Another email campaign to sales letter generates over £100,000 in a single week

  • Over 404 new clients from a single campaign that almost crashed her business

  • A £250,000 magazine advert that made one client rich!

  • 21-sales from a magazine advert that replaced a failed advert

  • Client saved over £60,000 after a mastermind session

  • Another clients slashes his marketing budget by well over £100,000 and then goes on to generate well over one million in sales over 12 weeks

  • A website that pulled sales of over TWELVE MILLION in a single month

Over Three Decades Business Mentoring, Building, Growing, Playing, and Creating Real Businesses

I can hardly believe THE CHANGE in not only my business but in ME. Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance took my business to a 53.4% rise in one month, 116% rise in one year. Anyone thinking of working with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question

Caroline Sanderson Scottish Hairdresser of the Year and Salon Owner Ego Hair Inverness
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Hi Alan


Well, what can I say!!

We had a salon, a team,  a business – Or so we thought!!



Rich and Steph, Sage Hair Wickham

We were taking on average £2-3000 a week, it covered the bills… just! We spent A LOT of nights worrying about how we were going to pay the staff if there was money in the bank to pay the product company…. We didn’t take a wage, we didn’t have any spare cash, we thought we were doing everything like we should but we were still not seeing any increase….until we called Alan.

We spent many more nights wondering whether we should take the risk, it was a lot of money that we certainly didn’t have.

We made the jump… and it was honestly THE BEST THING WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!! Alan ripped our business apart and showed us it in a completely different light….

In 4 weeks he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS. He has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!! He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!

It’s INTENSE, ITS HARD WORK AND ITS EXTREME!! But we are ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!  The results are UNREAL….. We are 4 weeks in…..we cant for the results after 12.

Alan is fantastic, he is supportive, encouraging and he knows what he’s talking about! He is ALWAYS at the end of the phone, he keeps us focused and he gets results……it’s  just simply amazing!

I can’t wait to write about our journey after the next 4 weeks!

I Can Identify and Fix Your Business Issue In Minutes

  • You might want me to help with your Ad strategy

  • You might need to me to critique everything you are doing right now

  • You might want to know the fastest and safest way to double your business

  • You might want to reduce the risk from trying new things

  • You might need a fast-track way to save your business

  • You might simply want the safety net of having a mentor with a strong reputation and decades of experience to help you navigate the world of business safely.

Whatever the reason ...

My Priority Is Always Your Priority

When we begin working together whatever your most pressing problems are right now... I guarantee if I can fix - I will fix your problem. Where ever you are right now, facing closure, struggling, in a mess, losing money, out of profit, struggling with systems, staffing or like the idea of increasing your business by 223.7% like one of my clients did ... call me right now.



''INSANE RESULTS' Rich and Steph

'THE KEY' Jon Taylor


‘SUPERIOR’ Stuart Price

'BRILLIANT’ Gary Spinks




‘HUGE IMPACT’ Maria Bennett

‘GENIUS’ Caroline Sanderson

‘MASTERFUL’ Jason Strachan


‘MIND-BLOWING’ Stephen Georgulis

‘UNIQUE’ Sabrina Yulle

‘INTEGRITY’ Victoria Furey

‘AMAZED’ John Kappa

‘TOTAL GENIUS’ Kevin Lewis

‘AWESOME’ Vincent Wong

‘EXELLENCE’ Nick Shelton

‘LUCRATIVE’ Philip Shufflebotham

‘BRILLIANT MIND’ Jay Conrad Levinson

‘THE BEST’ Brett Mcfall


‘STUNNING’ Simon Grabowski

  • I will find and remove any problem your business is facing.

  • I will get your business working again like you'd never believe.

  • I will get you into profits that you can't even dream about right now.

  • I will stabilise your business in days not months.

When ready I will help you grow your business as much in numbers most consultants would call me a liar for saying.

Finally, I will help you innovate your business so you become the only option and leave you with a real business you'll be proud of again.

I will help you to fix everything that isn’t working and fix it very fast.

That means you’ll make more money, more profit and sleep better at night.

I can only offer a quote after a conversation and review of what you need.

Call me now and let's get your business working faster, better and bigger.

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Business Breakthrough Mentor, Alan Forrest Smith