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While urging you to buy their ineffective marketing services, top marketing executives … are at the same time avoiding the same marketing systems and strategies by doing exactly the opposite of what they tell you to do …

  • FACT: swindling marketing agencies are getting rich at your expense
  • FACT: The shockingly ugly reality of ZERO IMPACT marketing – so you buy more!
  • FACT: The number don't stack up so tey never show you the REAL numbers
  • PLUS: How to TURN THE TABLES on them: Adopt the 18% PPP System that can easily save, double, triple, quadruple or grow your business in 2018 whilst at the same time slashing your marketing budgets!

Dear Businessperson.

Consider this letter as very urgent.


The RESPECTED and ACCLAIMED  marketing mind of NON CONFORMIST marketing man Alan Forrest Smith has been responsible for over 100 Million in sales over three decades of direct marketing, business building, advising, mentoring, guiding and helping clients like yourself achieve higher results.



“Alan … you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. But the truth is that few people have the marketing insight that you demonstrate on a regular basis… ”

Jay Conrad Levinson, GMarketing.com

being involved with Alan is a smart investment”

Consultant Neil Shepard

I still consult with Alan and get his input on how to boost the conversions of any campaign I’m working on. He has played a key role in my journey

Pete Brennan

 inspired and encouraged to keep pushing the bar higher”

Consultant Gary Spinks

The results have been incredible

Troy Steine

If you are anything like most business people you want more? You deserve success, after all, you are the one with everything on the line.

The marketing swindlers don’t get that. The swindlers don’t like my opinion but I have seen enough to know the truth. You should also know the truth. 

I refuse to conform to their sheep-like COME AND GO FADS and their impending fate on your business. The very same fate they are forcing upon businesses like you as a salvation to success but sadly forcing businesses like you into failure then closure. It’s no joke – I’ve seen it!

It’s a very natural thing for you to want the best results for your business. When your business is good, your life is better and you deserve that. So you go and find people that can hopefully help you make your business results happen.

How The Swindlers Are Swindling YOU!…

Once you set up your business, these same marketing agencies get you on a daily or weekly ‘NEW BUSINESS’ list. They pay for access to those lists. They know you want help. They know you’ll be trusting and naïve.

Then they fire up their own ‘OPEN’ secret and 'PROVEN' business building system and will call you time and time again until they get an appointment with you. Once they have the appointment they will spend as long as it takes until you are convinced by their WELL-WORKED powers of persuasion.

  • THEY USE the phone
  • THEY USE carefully crafted scripted persuasion
  • THEY USE bulletproof direct mail
  • THEY USE the very human face-to-face pitch
  • THEY USE almost everything they will never show you to use

INTERESTING IS THIS: the marketing tools that ‘BUILD EMPIRES’ – their empires – are not recommended, advised or even get the slightest mention when they speak to you about business building. Shocking yet interesting at the same time right?



"Persuasive marketing men deliver and talk about current ‘STRATEGIES’


Most of these persuasive marketing men deliver and talk about current ‘STRATEGIES’ that time has shown is built on the slowly collapsing weak marketing foundations of TRENDS AND FADS AND OVER-ENTHUSIASM that directly affect your business long-term. 

That’s because trends and fads are mysterious, they are current in thinking, they sound great and have the impression that everyone is using or wanting to be part of those trends. Everyone wants new. New is deemed to be the better option. In marketing that is rarely the case. 

To a business consumer like you, they can look like PURE MAGICAL tricks. The magician rather than pull the rabbit from the hat is simply putting you on page one of Google using mostly UNETHICAL marketing practices that they would never use themselves.

However, whilst you want to and deserve to build your business they want to take money from you to falsely build an empire based on the unresponsive marketing foundation they have advised you use.

It appears the aim of most marketing salesmen is to get you on their monthly payment system rather than bring to you genuine results.

They are wrong, what they do is wrong and sadly they know it otherwise why aren’t they using the same marketing strategies in their businesses?

The End Of The Swindle Is Near.

I am no prophet but my three decades of direct response marekting and business experience tells me this POWERFUL OBSERVATION. I will share this with absolute confidence and clarity for you.

Business owners just like you come to me and repeat what I have talked about above. You might be one of them. You have the BELLS AND WHISTLES yet you still don’t have the results.


They Tell You What You Want To Hear

But what you want is RESULTS!

Like the clients I spoke to recently that had spent over one million on his new retail website and was also spending over £100k per month on social media and online Ads with – ZERO RESULTS TO SHOW!

He was promised everything – got nothing – just another victim of the ALL-TOO-COMMON MARKETING SWINDLE!

LIES: More LIKES has meant more monthly spend for you and not more sales

LIES: More investment into online placement Ads has meant slower business and low conversions

LIES: Posting endless content where the masses hang out online has made no difference to sales!

LIES: Using print marketing is expensive and costing money

LIES: Building a new website and rebranding is the only way to create new clients – You did that – nothing happened!

I KID YOU NOT – All lies and the cracks from the lies is about to blow the pot wide open.

GOOD NEWS: The Following Could Double Triple Quadruple or Make Your Response and Conversions Go Through The Roof – LITERALLY!

Here’s the good news you should know that you never get told:


"It takes a hell of a lot more than doing the same old thing to get real results!"

Alan Forrest Smith

  • FACT: 18% of marketing return still comes from print
  • FACT: 71% TV
  • FACT: 4% online video
  • FACT: 3% Radio
  • FACT: 3% Outdoor
  • FACT:  1% online placement
  • FACT: Under zero from social media
  • FACT: Branded Ads gain 60% more attention than non-branded Ads
  • FACT: Discounting doesn’t guarantee loyalty. Customers that buy from discounts of 30% or more are less likely to buy again!
  • FACT: The subscription economy (rather than just buy outright) has almost tripled in the past year.
  • FACT: Mobile sites that load in less than 5 seconds take twice as much as site that load over 10 seconds
  • FACT: whilst one in ten marketers are planning on spending over £100k on influencer marketing over 61% of those following influencers can see through influencer marketing and are happy to unfollow
  • FACT: While 82% of marketers believe they have a deep understanding of the customer only 23% of the customers agree!
  • FACT: 63% of users don’t trust social media advertising
  • FACT: One in five digital marketers have no idea what you Ad spend is doing
  • FACT: 44% of Brits say they first noticed new products on TV where only 12% on social media.
  • FACT: CTR averages around 0.7%

Sources: Thinkbox, Ebiquity and Gain Theory

Have you been advised to use any of the above to build your business?


PayPal New Money In Town Great Ads.jpg



•    ON TV: Facebook
•    ON TV: Paypal
•    ON TV: eBay
•    ON TV: Google
•    ON TV: Amazon
•    ON TV: Netflix


OLD SCHOOL DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING: - And they are now using direct mail. And they are using postcards. And they are using vouchers. And some of them are doing truly cool things like using 100 ft. by 60 ft. walls to advertise their products like APPLE.

  • NO trends
  • NO fads
  • NO latest and greatest

Just CLASSIC MEME direct response marketing ideas that CAREFULLY PLACES your product or service in front of your customers. It's classic, it's direct, it's powerful and it works time and time again. That's EXACTLY why they are doing it.

THE GREAT MARKETING SWINDLERS KNOW THIS: You see they know what you have not been told and it is this.

YOU CAN sell a ton from your website but you have to create a 'SCIENCE LIKE' marketing sequence. The sequence drives the traffic but like all traffic, it has to start somewhere.

  • Traffic has to be sourced
  • Message and words have to be thought and created
  • Conversations have to be joined revealed and joined
  • Images have to take buyers somewhere have to match mind images
  • AND

1,2,3 ... You'd Better Be Good Because There's No Second Chance!


It’s a 3-SECOND choice

It’s a 3-SECOND decision to buy

It’s just 3-SECONDS to get your buyers attention

And once you have the traffic that traffic must be converted

  • Multi-Testing has to take place
  • That means small SNAPSHOT headlines
  • That means smarter-than-smart WORD CHOICE
  • Conversation moments IN PRINT

The tide isn’t just running it has turned. The tide is way out for marketing men and once the next fad arrives they will sell that to you.

Don’t get me wrong I gave clients a CONVERSION OF 49.2% using a clever online strategy that delivered sales of over £300 every month and growing.

I also helped a new start-up hit HIS FIRST MILLION ONLINE with all sales taken from the first point of contact on his website. But I will tell you how that one million has now hit twelve million.

Once the traffic arrives we push through Live Chat, we push through the telephone, we push through mailers, we push through TV ads, we push through follow-up calls.

Every point of contact is scripted, practised and measured for conversion. If we simply posted endless content on Facebook or LinkedIn this project would have never gotten off the ground that’s for sure.



These are exciting times if you want to POWER-UP your marketing strategies. Exciting because during uncertainty your buyers want certainty. This is the perfect ground to plant seeds of certainty for you and your brand. This is the time when fads and trends (they can be good in limited usage) supported with time-tested, battle-proven, rock-solid marketing strategies have never been so important.

•    WHAT IF you discovered the secret of 49.2% conversions?
•    BOOST SALES: using the PPP SYSTEM that had created response rates of 47%
•    SHARPEN: Get your message and conversation so RAZOR-SHARP your buyers want what you sell and want it now
•    DISCOVER: How one secretive marketing technique that everyone knows rebuilt one businesses campaigns from a standing start to 53.4%



How to

The secret ofWhy

What you must do


47 reasons

seven little known

Is social media the best right? WRONG – DEAD WRONG

WARNING Avoid these

Are you and your team

The amazing ‘Stop Her Leaving’ technique

Fact is the truth BOUT

Simple strategy’


In all my three decades of business, I have seen some incredible numbers and results that have been so scandalously high they have actually deprived me of sleep through sheer excitement.

I was recently reminded of one thing and it is this. I am sharing this because it affects you.

The reason for almost all of my successes for myself and for my clients isn’t FADS, was never the LATEST but was always this.

Giving your buyer exactly what they want to read, what they want to hear, what they want to see and put it all together


it has to be a big idea to get a bigger result, it's the simple truth of higher response marketing


They all have just a handful of things in common yet they are the most powerfully explosive secret that you can put into your business right now.

So secretive … everyone know s them they just don’t know they know them.


Let me throw this at you.

If I give you what you want, need and really would love to see what will you give me in return?

If I give you your first 500k turnovers what will you give me?

If I give you your first million what will you give me?

If I increase your sales and results by ten million what will you give me?

I know what I want. I always know what I want.

I know what clients like you want.

I also know mostly how to GIVE YOU what you want.

  • Like the client that got his £300k a month and finally bought his Rolls Royce
  • Like the client that got his 47% response and managed to stop his wife leaving
  • Like the client that hit 12 million online and finally bought his home for cash
  • Like the client that got his first sale and then torrent of sales online after 2.5 years of trying
  • Like the client that jumped from one lead per day to seventeen leads per hour

None of that happened by using FAKE SWINDLING MARKETING.

All of that happened by using what I have seen working with business for over thirty years.

I’M TALKING: Powerful, profitable, revolutionary, bankable results that make a business worth having. You know the type of business that can be sold or even left as the perfect inheritance. The same business that makes competitors shine green with envy!


… get ready because this is THE KEY … to the future of your marketing results …

If you are sick and tired of being absolutely sick and tired of poor results we should at least have a no-obligation conversation.

I won't try and persuade you on anything. If you are happy to carry on playing marketing oblivion I won't try and change that. I only want to work alongside clients that become partners. I give you what you want. You give me what I want.

By the way and THIS IS CRITICAL. 

I can see change and I have seen changes that for most businesses are pretty terrifying. Not for you, not for my clients. This is one business storm I am more than happy to sail through with you because not only have I done it all before I know exactly what will and will not work

  • NO MARKETING PLAYING with your business.

I am urging you to CALL ME right now.

And don’t forget, I am a direct response marketing expert, advisor, consultant, creator and writer of over 30-years with over 20 of those years online. I guarantee whatever the issue is right now with your marketing I can get it fixed, on track and creating the results you deserve.

CALL ME RIGHT NOW ON 0161 929 6902


You want to harness the power of marketing strategies that deliver

You need changes in your results fast

MUST HAVE progress right away

You believe you deserve more than the cheats that have spent your hard earned profits on NOTHING MARKETING.

I’m excited. You should be too.

If you take your results seriously – we MUST TALK. If not and you are happy with mediocre it’s better we don’t speak.

THE BEST WAY TO GET ME RIGHT NOW IS TEXT… Like most people, I don’t even shower without my phone close by.

TEXT: OUTSIDE UK 00 44 7793069486

TEXT 07793069486 and I will personally call you back right away.

Yours in non conformist direct marketing.

Alan Forrest Smith

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