Every Direct Response Marketing and Business Services I Offer WILL Help You Thrive During an UNCERTAIN 2019

This year I am cutting everything marketing service back to the core. During UNCERTAIN TIMES I know you’ll need BIG Ideas, proven and tested strategies. This isn’t a year of high-risk, this is a year of thriving despite the uncertain economies.

Working with me you get over THREE decades of business and marketing experience. Over 100 million in client sales. Record beating direct response campaigns. Sales letter campaigns with huge conversions of 47%. Facebook campaigns of 49.2%. Sales of over £7 million, emails that convert 100% of leads, and advice that saved one client over £100,000 in 30-minutes.

And in 2018 I generated over one million, one hundred and four thousand in sales for just three small businesses using exactly what I have mentioned above.



One client recently increased his business by 233.7% in just 23-days. This is an example of a breakthrough rather than just a service.

Another client had a 47% response rate to a direct mailer.

Yet another increased his business turnover by over £300,000 per month.

Another client saw response rates go from zero to 83%.

One of my clients experienced over $7 million in sales from one single direct marketing campaign I created for him.

And finally, after just one face-to-face meeting yet another client increased her consulting business by £35,000 in a month.


This is the only kind of non-negotiable breakthrough direct response services I offer.

  • Breakthrough Phone Consulting - From £500 per hour

  • Breakthrough Face-to-face Consulting - £2,495 per two hour session (travel and accommodation to be covered if needed)

  • Breakthrough Critique - From £500 per hour

  • Breakthrough Strategy Development - Price per job

  • Million Dollar Breakthrough Copy and Strategy - From £25,000

  • Speaking, Keynote, Lecturing - Terms To Be Agreed


Right now you probably have three options.

OPTION 1. Pay your team that keeps failing to try once again to fix it. As you know the expense in staff and all the other costs - including lost sales is absolutely huge.

OPTION 2. Hire yet another ‘expert’ based on their fee just knowing that you’ll be faced with the same disappointment once again.

OPTION 3. Or ask an actual expert - a real expert with over three decades of business, direct response marketing and front-line experience that has a huge track record of huge success in fixing conversions and response issues!

  • Fixed in 12-hours - results over £42,000 in sales

  • Fixed after 6-hours - result over £35,000 in sales

  • Fixed in 24 hours - result in over $84,000 in sales

  • Fixed in 60-minutes - results from instant campaign savings of over £100,000

  • Fixed over 24-hours - result over £200,000 in sales

  • Website conversions - fixed

  • Direct mail conversion - fixed

  • Email conversion - fixed

  • Strategy conversion - fixed

  • Brand conversion - fixed


'One of the most brilliant minds on the planet' … Jay Conrad Levinson

  • One client flew from Finland to consult with Alan

  • Another client flew Alan to Switzerland for 4 days to consult and advise.

  • Yet another flew Alan to Melbourne to his jewellery business.

  • And another flew Alan to Scotland to consult for two days.

  • Alan once saved a young girls life with his strategies

  • Alan generated $71,000 single handedly for an Amazon campaign.

  • 47% response sales letter

  • $485,000 in sales from a website

  • Steady 6.4% conversion from zero

  • 53.4% increase in just 4 weeks

  • 10% in sales from one direct mail

  • Training company increase of 2,300% in sales using the web

  • 900% increase in book sales using web strategy

  • £24,500 in sales from one email

  • £42,000 in sales from a single email

  • $90,000 in sales from a web page and emails

  • From 3 leads to 73 leads changing a dozen words

Would you like me to help you make sure your current campaign, next campaign, sales letters, advertising materials

All you have to do is get in touch.

Go to my contact page or grab hold of me right now by sending a message to

  • WhatsApp: 07793069486

  • iMessenger: alan@orangebeetle.com

In your dedicated service,

Direct Marketing and Breakthrough Business Consultant,

Alan Forrest Smith